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 Mandatory Open Day Committee #1 [Invite]

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PostSubject: Mandatory Open Day Committee #1 [Invite]   Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:17 pm

Day 5
VC Whoring

Esra knew her name would be put forwards, it always was for this things. She was just enough trouble that teachers wanted to keep an eye on her while being a model student for the most part. At her old school she had done stuff like this all the time, it seemed that sort of reputation carried over, or maybe she just had an air of responsibility. She had heard a teacher talking about the student open day already and had made sure to let a few names drop here and there. It would get them out of normal classes while at the same time give them an excuse to talk to each other. It wouldn’t be weird to be seen outside of school together with something important like this in the works. Mattson, she just wanted him to suffer for that boring story that morning and to round out numbers.

She entered the room first and smiled at Ms Chasalow as she look at seat in the cluster that had been pushed together at the front of the room. Ms Chasalow was a Chemistry Teacher who Esra liked well enough, as much as she liked any teacher. It was only a few seconds before the others turned up, there wasn’t much choice after all.


“Now, I’m sure you are aware this event is important. The principal wants a small open day event after school in the next few weeks. He wants to leave it up to you to what you put on but remember, you are representing the school. To show parents what a good school they are sending their students to. It is a big chance for all of you so, do your best. Let me know how things are going at the end of each day, it needs to be your work though. Any questions?” She stood in a cream, green and brown sweater and slacks, brown hair loose as she looked over them all in the room. It was certainly an interesting collection of students but none of them were really troublemakers.


Esra didn’t have any questions per say but she didn’t actually have much idea as to what they should do. It should have something to do with school, also being something interesting enough for an open day. That was tough, maybe that was why there weren’t any guidelines. Other than Pendleton being a writer, she didn’t really know what any of them had going on, maybe she should have thought this through a little more before dropping them all in on it. Shifting in her seat she looked mildly concerned at them all, there was no way they would know that she was behind this?


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PostSubject: Re: Mandatory Open Day Committee #1 [Invite]   Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:29 pm

Pen shifted a little in his seat, feeling slightly uncomfortable. Why had HE been chosen for this? He thought he was doing an alright job of flying under the radar, at least. And he hadn't gotten into any trouble, besides a trip to the nurse after falling down the stairs...that still stung, at least a bit. He had never been asked to participate like this before, at any school. Even back home. He bit his lip, and started thinking, quietly, scribbling down notes on a piece of paper. This was sudden, but he would manage. He always found a way when it came to school work. An open day...he could think of something. He jotted down 'haunted house/' with a few doodles of skulls and spiders. "Well...I guess it's nice that someone felt we were qualified for this?" He offered, simply. He would accept it gracefully on the surface, hoping it hid the pit of dread in his stomach. "I'll do my best not to disappoint." Well, he could really only speak for himself...he didn't even KNOW one of the others in the room. At best they had passed each other in the hall once, and even then Pen didn't remember.

He sat back in his chair, as he continued thinking. Fake blood was overrated. It was a cheap scare, unless used very effectively. No, Pen would not be stooping to such a level, unless convinced. Besides, there were easier ways to scare someone that didn't require the possibility of staining one of his shirts red. His LEAST favorite color. He also wanted to see what the others could come up with, before even putting his idea out there. He wasn't desperate to take full responsibility for any potential failures. He was also just a bit curious who had put his name forward for this. He didn't really have any friends he could think of...who attended school. Lui and Esra were FINE but he wouldn't exactly call them friends. At least not yet. Another mystery to solve...yay.
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PostSubject: Re: Mandatory Open Day Committee #1 [Invite]   Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:49 pm

James was sitting in his chair. Ya know what, he was actually kind of excited for this! After all, he would be able to show off what he was actually okay at, Cooking! At least... He hoped he would be able to. They could do a Cafe! Or a Barbacue! Or... Uhh... A sandwich parlor? No not that last one.... James sat back and thought.... "Oh, by the way, thanks for nominating me Esra. I'm actually excited for this!" He said with a half smile, looking at Esra and... Kind of waving at her... Before looking at the other guy, some Pendleton? Eh. Didn't really matter too much. "But yeah... I can cook so.. we could do like a Barbacue or a bake sale or something." He said, looking... Or at least trying to look calm and chilled.


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PostSubject: Re: Mandatory Open Day Committee #1 [Invite]   

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Mandatory Open Day Committee #1 [Invite]
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