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 Father/Father/Daughter [Trinity]

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PostSubject: Father/Father/Daughter [Trinity]   Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:44 pm

Night had fallen upon the Allaway household, and Trinity’s parents were still nowhere in sight. Seeing as they had gone out on business for the night, Selenus had vowed to stay at home with Trinity until her parents returned from wherever they were before going out to do his nightly job, but… it was nearly three A.M now, and not even a call from them. Selenus was pretty sure Trinity had gone to sleep by then, but he still had to guard the house from intruders and possible curious third parties; no matter how much Trinity insisted she could take care of herself, Selenus simply didn’t have it in him to not do this for her. They were both Terrorists and partners in crime now, after all. He wasn’t about to let something happen to her out of sheer carelessness.

Initially Selenus had been content to simply roam the halls of the Allaway household, but… even for a robot, tedium was a very real issue, and one that reared its ugly head just as fast as it wore down on people’s patience. Now, the robotic canine found himself in the spacious living room, which, thanks to Trinity’s budget, looked more like a hotel lobby than it did a living room. The architecture was pleasing, but… all this empty space seemed pointless to Selenus if there was nobody to enjoy it. Sure, Trinity and he played around in it every now and then, but there was still way too much space; it was too empty. Selenus knew exactly who was missing from the equation though, it was Trinity’s parents. Always busy, always preoccupied, always more concerned with letting her survive over letting her live… that was no way for a parent to behave, he thought. Trinity had called Selenus her “first friend” on various occasions. The fact that her parents weren’t her first friends greatly upset him.

It was hard to explain why such nostalgia overcame him so suddenly, but… there was a certain inexplicable déjà vu to be had here. He could swear he’d sensed this same kind of desire before… being let out into a spacious room with someone he loved dearly… playing around for a bit whilst indulging in a feeling of joy and simultaneous shame… almost like it was repugnant to him to see himself enjoying it…. And then being told to stop playing, and being massively upset. It was… extremely weird, considering how specific the scenario was, and there was no real memory in his banks that he could recall that would instill such a sense of déjà vu, but it was still there.

Selenus sat down facing one of the less decorated walls of the room, passing by the cracked dining room table they’d yet to replace and making himself comfortable on the floor. This odd sense of nostalgia… well, he didn’t know exactly what to make of it, but there was nobody around right? There would be nothing wrong with a little self-indulgence, he thought. Thus, he turned his visual receptors into projection mode, loaded up some files from his memory banks and sat back to enjoy the show. Upon the living room wall, Selenus projected some of his favorite memories just for the sheer pleasure of reliving them. A lot of them were very simple moments, such as stumbling upon a rare species while roaming or seeing something funny happen from within his hiding places, but every now and then a certain man would appear on the projection.

Much like how Trinity considered Selenus to be her first friend and therefore someone to hold dear to her heart, Selenus considered Douglas Newman his own first friend… as well as his father. There was no real way to put what they had into words, or to explain why or how it was that their bond had come to grow so strong… but that’s one of the things Selenus liked the most about Newman: their bond hadn’t been forged out extreme similarity or a forced symbiosis, they were truly two sides of the same coin. Selenus was the moon, and Newman was the sun. From day one they’d kicked it off, and Selenus, sensitive little pup that he was, would never forget all the good times – and bad times alike - that they’d spent together following their first meeting.

Selenus’s nostalgia trip would appear to have been short-lived though, as upon hearing small footsteps resonating from the stairs to the upper floors, Selenus instinctively turned off projection mode and turned around to face the new arrival. He really thought she’d gone to sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Father/Father/Daughter [Trinity]   Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:30 pm

Trinity sat up in her room, she normally would have been asleep by this time, but at the moment the sounds of the Robotic dog downstairs kept her up, not because she didn't like the sound, but because it was comforting to her, before she met him times like this would be spent in a silent house, where Trinity would be working on songs or other things or just sleeping. Her parents always busy with making sure she could get some space somewhere to preform, and they did a very good job at it, but it always meant they were worried for her, so outings where usually frowned upon when they were not around, not till the last year or so when she was considered old enough to go out on her own.

She sat there on her bed listening to thew sounds of Selenus walking the halls, gently kicking her feet along the side of the bed for a time. The other reason she stayed up was the fact that she needed to talk to her siblings, things had changed quite a lot, the appearance of two new siblings after finding out that she had been unable to even sense nine many more could be unreachable at the moment? should she worry about them? these were questions that were being talked about in her mental construct.

"So that is the main issue here...Should we spend time looking for them...or let them come out on their own as Lilith and Yuuko have?" Trinity said to her siblings, all five of them in attendance, it would have been seven but Unison had said she wanted to spend time with the pawns.

"Well the way I see it, they will surface when they can, or when they want to...trying to force it might hurt them and us.." Alister said in a rather rare moment of thoughtfulness that seemed to take Nola and Myrna by surprise, a fact that Alister noticed rather quickly "WHAT? I can be thoughtful too you know" he said in a grumpy voice.

Myrna smiled a bit at him and nodded "That's true it's just we are not used to you being so thoughtful, sorry about the reaction, but Alister is right, we should let them come out when they are ready and able to, after all, we once assumed that Lilith and Yuuko where part of Nola..but they are far to different from her to actually be fragments of her personality...on top of that Nola hasn't changed at all after their appearance." Myrna pointed out the obvious fact to the group of them.

Nola nodded as this point was brought up "It's true, so calling them fragments doesn't seem right, they are proper siblings, and like Myrna said I haven't changed at all, besides the place feels better with more around doesn't it...though...Yuuko...can I have my Selenus Plushy back?" she said looking to her new sibling.

Yuuko sat there on the floor near the door hugging the Selenus plushy tightly "'s mine now...get your own...but..thank you guys for giving me the chance...I know I messed up big time when I first woke was a new feeling to finally be out on my own..." she said hugging the Selenus plushy tightly.

The other four nodded as then all five of them looked to Lilith, who seemed to be busy mumbling to her chibi Tatsui plushy, but as she realized they where looking at her she looked up "Sorry....I was...busy...but..yes...thank you...Though...we...have a ...lot to all..taught us a lot...thank you" she said as she looked to Nola and hugged her plushy tightly, after all it was Nola that taught her how to make it.

Trinity nodded a bit before she noticed Yuuko looking both confused and worried "What is wrong Yuuko?" she asked head tilting to the side a bit.

Yuuko looked ot the others "Selenus....he has been quite for a while now...I know he is probably fine and if something happened we would have heard quite the ruckus's's completely quite now...he's not even patroling like you think he would...we should go check".

They all nodded and with that Trinity stood up and headed for the door in her rather adorable Bunny pajamas, complete with bunny ears and little tail. and she headed down the stairs, and therre waiting for her was Selenus, "Is everything okay?" she asked as her expressionless and unblinking gaze locked onto him.
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PostSubject: Re: Father/Father/Daughter [Trinity]   Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:56 am

Turning around to look at Trinity, Selenus would sigh in very light discontent. “Yeah, everything’s fine. I was just… watching something.” He would slowly walk over to Trinity and rub his head against her belly, much like a dog would have done to greet its owner; by no means did Selenus consider Trinity her owner or feel any sort of impulse or obligation to act like a regular dog, but with his canine form this was really the only way in which he could express traditional human contact expressions to a… well, a human. Plus, it seemed like it made Trinity happy, so Selenus was more than willing to endure a little pride-cracking. It would only be short-lived though, as he’d only done it as a form of greeting before returning his head to a position in which he could look Trinity in the eye; not very hard, considering they were both roughly the same height. “Is everything okay with you? It’s pretty late in the night, what are you doing up so late? You know you should be sleeping…” She didn’t usually stay up this late unless they had Terrorist business to take care of, and even then he would advocate her going to bed as early as possible. “If you’re hungry, I could whip you up a snack. Or I could just go back to your room, if that’s the problem.”
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PostSubject: Re: Father/Father/Daughter [Trinity]   Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:47 pm

Trinity listened and nodded a bit as he mentioned he had just been watching something, and when he nuzzled her tummy she hugged him back and let out a happy little huff from her nose, but when he backed off she almost took a step forward to hold the hug, almost, but she didn't do it, it was clear he wanted to say something after all, and as she looked at him in the eyes with her unblinking ones she listened to his next question "We were up talking with our siblings, about recent events, that is all" she said tilting her head a bit.

Honestly that and she was just listening to the sound of someone being in the house, someone she trusted, again it was a nice feeling to know there was someone there, upon suggesting a snack she nodded a bit, but the moment he suggested coming back to her room her eyes turned pink and she suddenly blushed deeply, as well as started to breath heavily "YES YES that last one do that one, then we can consuma...".

immediately Trinity's eyes turned Green and a look of embarrassed anger flashed on her face as Alister took over "What the hell is wrong with you!! get back here".

Her eyes then flashed to blue as Myrna took over, a blush on her face and her hand going to her lips "Umm..p..please..i..ignore Yuuko...s...she's tired and not thinking strait...excuse me" she said before Trinity's eyes returned to the normal Trinity.

"both would be okay" she said the blush still on her expressionless face.
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PostSubject: Re: Father/Father/Daughter [Trinity]   Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:04 am

Up talking, eh? He supposed it would’ve been unfair to assume that Trinity and her siblings wouldn’t be exposed to the same kind of philosophizing the rest of the team had gotten in on. The last few days proved to be a turning point in not only their lives, but possibly the lives of many others, after all; it was only natural they’d want to talk about what’s going on. Selenus was just… a little disappointed that he wasn’t their go-to guy for that, but he figured they had each other, so, again, it made sense.

And then, Yuuko happened. Selenus didn’t even allow himself to dwell over what she said before he up and deleted his own memory of Yuuko saying that, though he did leave a notepad file reading “Speak to Yuuko about public adequacy”. He did remember the act of deleting the memory though, so it wasn’t like he’d be suddenly missing a point on time either; it was more an act of concern, done so that he could approach her honestly and unbiasedly when the time came to confront her about… their relations. “It’s fine, don’t worry about it, just… be careful with what she says, please.” A sheepish comment for a sheepish situation. “A snack it is, then. Go back to your room, I’ll be there in a second.” Selenus began to walk towards the kitchen before stopping halfway and looking back at Trinity as she walked back up the stairs. “Hey uh… do you… want to help me make it?”
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PostSubject: Re: Father/Father/Daughter [Trinity]   

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Father/Father/Daughter [Trinity]
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