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 Symphonic sanctuary now open (Morning work thread)

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PostSubject: Symphonic sanctuary now open (Morning work thread)   Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:30 pm

Got permission to do my morning thread by Godai

Trinity was just finishing making sure that everything in the shop was in place before she walked to the front and unlocked the door, though as she moved the shutter away from the door she was a bit surprised to see there was already a long line of people ready to come in, it was a good thing she was on time for opening, but the news had barely been out for a day that she had her own store, but here there was a massive amount of people already wanting to get in.

With a slow breath she let herself slip into the background and let Myrna take control for now, after all that's who was on the schedule, and as that motherly smile grew on her face she unlocked the door fully and opened it, taking a moment to stand in the doorway she smiled to the crowd "Welcome to our shop, I hope you enjoy your time here and thank you for your patronage" she then gave a bow to the gathered people before walking back into the shop, several of the people in line where blushing by this point, and one man tried to push forward before he was stopped and a small comment was made about having manners in front of Myrna.

Myrna only smiled a little as she moved to the till, she didn't know why but it was always a bit funny that people acted that way around her, meanwhile they acted so different around Nola or Alister, but in the end she didn't mind. turning back to the door she seen people calmly walking in and not shoving, and they all dispersed through the shop, one gaggle of girls going all over the place taking pictures of the decorations and no doubt sharing them with others. "seems the shop will do well if this is how things are going to be everyday...though I do sell things that are a bit old fashioned, and more then likely people are coming to just check it out, but at least they seem to like the look of the place...I will have to thank Selenus later for his help" she though before her eyes flashed pink for a moment and another voice, Yuuko's popped into her mind "With a Kiss unless he wants more then that, then he can have it!".

This got Myrna Blushing a bit as she sat at the till. Though it didn't stop her from preforming her job, she took the items being bought and scanned and had the people pay for them, several even asked her to autograph some of the things they bought, which she luckily already had planned for, and only charged an extra dollar, after all why make it cost so much more?

Though she did find it rather entertaining that one of the biggest sellers was the Waddle-dee merchandise, Those wonderful little luck spirits apparently caught the hearts of everyone that seen them and she giggled a bit as a little girl walked up with all the entire Waddle-dee selection of items and asked to purchase them all.

"Well my my someone wants to have great luck from now on don't they?" she said with that motherly tone, unaware that a group of people near the till where now blushing at the rather cute scene and motherly ways of Myrna.

"Yeah I love these cute little things but I could never find anything like this before! I was so happy when I heard that you sold them here, I am gonna tell all my friends about this!! oh oh oh oh oh Do you have any anime or Manga with them in it?!" the little girl asked as she looked up at her with big cute hopeful eyes.

Myrna giggled as she passed the things through the scan and patted the girl on the head "not yet, but if they make it you can be sure we will stock them as soon as possible okay?" she then noticed the girl looking at the total and she seemed to slump a bit.

" comes up to seventy five? but..I only have this much..." the little girl emptied her little change purse onto the counter a bit sadly.

Myrna looked at the money and the girl was twenty short and with a little smile she gave her a discount on one of the items "Here you go, this one if free, after all you obviously love these little guys and who am I to stop them from spreading happiness and joy" she giggled a bit as the girls face lit up and she gave the cutest squee of joy ever as she hopped up and hugged Myrna. Making Myrna smile even more as she hugged her back before letting her go "Okay now have a good day okay?" she patted the girl on the head who nodded and ran off giving little cheers.

After that she found that quite a number of people where ether smiling a great deal, or blushing in the case of some of the guys, and a few girls, she even got a few phone numbers which she didn't understand to much why they would give them to her, but she kindly kept them for the time being.

Eventually the massive wave of people subsided and Myrna smiled as she looked at the time, another worker would be coming in later to take their shift, which was good because she had a concert to get to in the afternoon, but she had to admit that the first shift was definitely a success as she put away the autograph pricing sign.

She then started to clean up a bit, after all she couldn't leave the place dirty for the next worker, on top of that she needed to move some of the merchandise to the shelf's from the back, all in all she finished doing the end of shift chores just as the one of her new hires walked in to do her shift.

The girl was actually about as short as her and she had done herself up to look a bit like Nola, which kind of struck Myrna as a bit odd as she changed the look by making it a tad punky, "Interesting choice for work clothing....but I guess I can't really say that can I?" she giggled as she herself was dressed in a full komono.

The girl blushed a bit "Sorry just...t..that well I really like Nola's look for that one concert and I bought the whole set....and I figured if there was anyplace to wear it it would be here, I hope I wasn't wrong?" she asked a bit worried.

Myrna smiled that same motherly smile she always gave and gently placed a hand on the girls shoulder "Do not worry, I don't mind, it's good to know you like the shows, it's your shift now, so do your best, We need to go get ready for the concert, we will give you a free DVD of it as well as one of the gift bags as a special gift since you can't be there, okay?" she smiled to her.

the girl nodded eagerly as she took her post "thank you, I promise I won't let you down".

With a nod to the Girl Myrna went to the back and got her things before heading out, "then have a good shift".
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PostSubject: Re: Symphonic sanctuary now open (Morning work thread)   Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:08 pm

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Symphonic sanctuary now open (Morning work thread)
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