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 A Fencing Frog? (Froger)

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Captain Caliber


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PostSubject: A Fencing Frog? (Froger)   Fri May 19, 2017 8:28 am

It had been quite a while since Frogerio and Lui had last spoken. While Frog had mentioned swinging by the club on the call-out date, but it was becoming apparent that he really wasn't too eager to see the club. Lui quietly sighed as he figured he should at least try to see if he was interested in coming by. A simple no would be all that Lui needed to hear at this point.
"Frog, it's Lui. Not wanting to bother you, but are you actually coming by the club any time soon? Just let me know if you're not interested in coming/ busy with stuff."

Send. Now all Lui needed to do at this point was expect a response. As he waited, the redheaded senior member Erin plopped down beside Lui.

"Expecting someone, Captain? Another potential member, mayhaps?"

"That remains to be seen. He seems pretty bored with the idea, so he might not even be coming."

"Well, in the meantime, care for a match? I'm on a bit of a hot streak today, and I'd like to test my skills on you today."

"You're on, Erin. Let me just grab my stuff and we can begin."

By the time Frogerio would enter the clubroom, the sound of excited cheering and shouting was apparent. Two suited and masked fencers were dueling with incredible speed and ferocity, the other members cheering them on.
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PostSubject: Re: A Fencing Frog? (Froger)   Sat May 20, 2017 5:12 pm

"Oh, a text."

Frog opened his phone quickly. It was rather out of the ordinary for him to receive a text so it's no surprise he was excited over it. When he saw it, his face dropped. He wasn't sure what he was expecting, certainly wasn't a reminder of something he promised to someone he'd do. But anyways, he had no choice now, because he had nothing else to fill his time with and, well, he wasn't comfortable lying.

"I'm coming."
He typed before picking his backpack and going towards where he assumed he'd find the club rooms.

It took him a while to locate and then navigate this part of the school he hardly knew or cared about its existence. Because he really gave barely half a shit about it. On the other hand, fencing seemed like fun. Except the stupid looking uniforms. So he stood in front of the fencing club room for a moment when he arrived at it before pushing it open.


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Captain Caliber


Posts : 226
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Age : 19
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PostSubject: Re: A Fencing Frog? (Froger)   Sun May 21, 2017 10:27 pm

As the fierce battle between Lui and Erin pressed on, Arthur heard Lui's phone buzz and read Frog's response. Realizing that he may be coming soon, Arthur would open the door just as Frog would push the door open. The blond first year would flinch for a moment as Frog almost slammed the door on him before introducing himself, the cheering and clanging of blades growing stronger in the background.

"W-welcome to Fencing Club. Are you... interested in joining? Our Captain's finishing up a match, so he should be with you in a minute. Come on, everyone's d-down this way."

As Arthur escorted Frog over to the matted area, the other members along with Ms. Kamizura looked in his direction for a moment. While they would quickly return to focus on the match, one sandy-brown haired student was shooting daggers in Frogerio's direction. Instructor Kamizura got up from her seat and welcomed the student.

"Ah, another new recruit? Or are you just here to watch the matches? You'll have to give us a minute; our Captain is currently in the middle of a match. It shouldn't take long, though. Seems he aims to end this quickly."

Should Frogerio looked toward the fight, it was clear one fencer was gaining ground on the other. Every offensive strike the taller swordsman made was quickly deflected by the fencer around Lui's height. Both moved with such speed and skill that the sabers seemed to cut through the wind itself. Nevertheless, it only took a moment for the taller member to meet defeat as one final deflection of the saber left an opening for the captain to land a point on his exposed chest. Both contenders removed their masks, a panting Lui being declare the victor. Turning to see Frogerio, Lui patted Erin on the shoulder before wandering over to Frog.

"Huh, you came after all. So, how was that? That's the kind of skill you'll be taught in here, Frog. So, how can I help?"
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PostSubject: Re: A Fencing Frog? (Froger)   Yesterday at 5:48 pm

"Huh?" Frog stood dumbstruck by everything that was going on inside the room. Not only did some guy randomly almost stand in front of the door he was about to open into his face, but the rest of the club was in some state of perpetual cacophony focused somewhere deeper he couldn't yet see nor was his attention divided towards it as this guy was standing in his face.

"Captain..?" He looked at the guy whose nose he almost broke. He was escorting him into the room...and honestly, he was feeling a bit overwhelmed. His face swiveled and he crossed his hands, looking around. He barely noticed when his feet struck something a bit softer than the hard floor of the hall. When he looked up, he quickly took notice of some people who were glancing his way. What was the deal with that? It was like he could feel some animosity...but he'd never even seen the people. Whatever...if they were gonna treat him like that, then he didn't have a decision to make at all, which just made stuff easier.

"Oh, I'm just here because Lui invited me." He answered the woman. "Like, Iunno..." He looked down, kinda shying away from it all. The lack of anything else to look at directed him towards the match itself.

The match, on the other hand...there was grace in those movements. Like a series of still frames, the motions were hardly noticeable yet very much there. It was truly a display of the simplest approach-straightforwardness, without unnecessary action. And it was Lui, apparently. As he took the mask off and walked his way, Frog blinked and took a step back.

"L-Lui!" Frog said, looking surprised. "Mmm...Iunno what I'm even here for..." He added, looking away. There was clear unease on his face and the way he crossed his hands around his torso. He could never put his will into words. He wasn't comfortable telling people what he wanted, like he felt it'd be wrong or something...


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PostSubject: Re: A Fencing Frog? (Froger)   

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A Fencing Frog? (Froger)
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