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 In the name of The Queen?[Cecilia Hunt]

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PostSubject: In the name of The Queen?[Cecilia Hunt]   Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:45 pm

In the name of The Queen?


The Knight was kneeling down before the altar, holding his hands together, the prayers he muttered killed the silence that had taken over the Cathedral for a while. While many who visited the church exhibited preference for "Saint" Isla, Albrecht venerated traditional Saints and often prayed to God himself, the Lion just hadn't truly accepted Isla as a saint despite having telling others the contrary, "Better have them in the Lord's temple than involved in some pagan ritual", he told himself to come in terms with the situation.

The cathedral would be empty if it wasn't for Albrecht there. He'd often wait for when he is by himself to perform his prayers, that way he can dedicate all his attention to it. Being focused kept him from wandering off into painful memories or the darker corners of his mind.
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PostSubject: Re: In the name of The Queen?[Cecilia Hunt]   Tue May 02, 2017 2:28 pm

Worries from earlier in the day still lingered fresh in Cecilia's mind. Though talking with Maria after the debriefing had helped ease them somewhat, it hadn't cleared her head entirely of them, nor had she expected it to. The mysterious entity that seemed to be possessing Sera, the consequences of the failure of the team dispatched to deal with Alice, the demonic attack in her home district that left a civilian torn apart and mangled in the streets... All so many problems, so many terrifying incidents and implications, all piling up and resting on her shoulders. Even so, Cecilia did not resent her newfound duty as a protector of the city; she had always strived to become a Cadet, not just for the glory of it, but to help those in need as she had failed to do before. Turning her back on this path was never an option, not before and certainly not now.

Besides, though she bore a heavy burden in knowing what lurked in the shadows of the city, she wasn't without refuge. Ever since the Divide, Cecilia had been a person of great faith, and recent events only served as fuel to those flames; she had been devout before, but now that fire of belief burned even brighter inside her soul. After all, the Cadet ritual linked her to the Goddess of Endymion in a way that few could ever dream of, for it had literally infused her with a part of the queen and a portion of her power. So when faced with the concerns that haunted her mind, it only made sense that she decided to head over to the church in Sunlake Palms and spend some time praying to the goddess for strength, not just for herself but for the city as a whole.

Coming dressed in formal attire similar to what she wore when she met Maria, Cecilia would quietly enter the cathedral and make her way to the altar, the directions to it engraved in her memory from her routine and countless visits to the church in the past. Initially, she continued on her path toward the statue in the center, but she stopped as her eyes caught notice of a young man kneeling in prayer. Being careful not to make a sound, she'd wait for him to finish just as she had done a few days before for the nun-in-training, doing her best not to make a sound for fear of interrupting him mid-communion. In the meantime, she'd admire the architecture of the building, taking a moment to appreciate the thought and effort put into its design. There were many attractions in Endymion, many dazzling shops and bewitching landmarks scattered across the city, but for her the jewel of her home would always be the church in Sunlake Palms. She only wished that the tourists and foreigners who visited the city saw it the same way...


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PostSubject: Re: In the name of The Queen?[Cecilia Hunt]   Tue May 02, 2017 6:51 pm

The Knight was too focused on his prayer to take notice of the approaching cadet. Normally he wouldn't let his guard down like this, but he was in the house of the Lord, and in his mind it was one of the safest places on earth. Not that he was in any danger at the moment.

It wasn't long before Albrecht had finished his prayers. He'd carefully and slowly got up before turning around. It was only then that he noticed the pink haired girl standing behind him. The knight would be happy to see there other Christians around, but considering the situation of Endymion he had couldn't know if she was there for Jesus Christ or for the Queen. Regardless of the girl's intention, the knight would put up a smile on his face before speaking to the girl.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?"

He'd take a moment to let the girl speak, should she want to, before continuing. "Stopping by to pray for Saint Isla, i presume?"
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PostSubject: Re: In the name of The Queen?[Cecilia Hunt]   

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In the name of The Queen?[Cecilia Hunt]
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