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 Esra Deab [Endymion PU]

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PostSubject: Esra Deab [Endymion PU]   Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:12 am

Esra Dean
"I didn't ask you to help me, thank you."

The Biography

Birth Name: Esra Dean
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birth Day: February 3rd
Arcana: Emperor
Evoker: Chains
Place of Residence: School Dorms
School Year: Second Year
Class: (We'll fill this in once you're approved. This will be your class in school)

After School Club: Baseball

Part Time Job:

5’8” with an average figure, a larger than average bust and weighing in at 52kg physically nothing remarkable stands out about her. Her hair is a dark brown, down to her waist with a hime cut at the font, normally left loose but sometimes braided. Eyes are brown, encroaching towards red, large but stern making her seem rather cold at a neutral expression. Fake smiles come easily, just a line at her lips while real smiles show a flash of her teeth.

Her knuckles are on very close inspection covered in small white scars, she also has no toenails on her little toes meaning she rarely wears open toed shoes.

In as far as dress sense goes she tends towards black, long skirts and tights rather than trousers. It helps her go unnoticed but she doesn’t outright reject brighter colours, she just doesn’t feel comfortable wearing them. Her makeup is also low key, lipgloss, some eyeshadow, enough to go unnoticed, picking cherry scented perfume.

Alternate Appearance: A long black cotton coat stiched with golden eyes that wraps around her tightly over a long pleated black skirt and and blouse. A neon pink medical mask and black domino mask that covers her eyes. Black combat boots that made fantastic stomping sounds.

Personality: (At least a paragraph)

Esra doesn't like herself. She likes ther person she is now more than the one she thinks she would have become but only by a little. Her past haunts her, unable to let go of all the mistakes she had made as a child. Holding herself up to be some sort of twisted perfectionist she now tries her hardest at everything she does as punishment or atonement. Most people are held a distance because she is afraid they’d find out what she did, what she was. Rather than the outright aggressive person she spent some of her middle years being she has become an oddly short tempered star student.

Rather than give herself time to think about things or dwell on herself Esra fills her time from waking up to going to bed as much as she can. Baseball, studying, sewing, anything that keeps her mind focused. When pressed on the issues she is running away from she can become violent, angry or just plain distraught, giving no traction.

Most people that meet Esra get the impression that she doesn’t like them. Anyone who does get close would find that she is extremely thankful for anyone willing to fight her for her attention and maybe the most loyal friend you could make.

The Potential


Strength Name: Athletics
Description: A member of several of the sports clubs and stronger than she looks Esra is in good physical shape.

Strength Name: Lockpicking
Description: One extra level to character lockpicking skill.

Strength Name: Sewing
Description: Can easily fix tears in normal clothing and given time can make just about anything you could easily come across in a shop.

Strength Name: Calligraphy
Description: A steady hand and control has a whole host of mostly useless uses, the one time you have to forge a signature, complete a wire loop game, hotwire a car.

Strength Name: Baseball (perception)
Description: While not a heavy hitter being able to see the ball and judge how to hit it is more than enough for junior league.


Weakness Name: Mercy by Fear
Description: Hurting people, beyond a punch or knocking them down is too close to what happened before. Esra can not deliver a finishing blow or attack anyone that is unable to attack due to an effect or debuff.

Weakness Name: Emotionally Fragile
Description: Its easy to be moved to tears or anger, to become too stressed on a topic. Esra has a lot of her own internalised problems she had never dealt with.

Weakness Name: Power-hungry.
Description: Put her in a room and Esra will try to either directly or with subterfuge will try to take it over, though she tries not to be too overbearing she cashes with anyone who tells her what to do.

Weakness Name: Afraid of Dogs
Description: Dogs bark, they bite and they have pretty nasty teeth. You can never tell what dog is a good dog so she just outright avoids all of them, going as far to run from them if they are big enough.

Weakness Name: Dependent
Description: Esra struggles to do things just because she wants to, using other people namely her brother to justify doing the things she wants to do. Using other people as armour to protect herself.

Weakness Name: Fear of Introspection
Description: Feelings, those are scary, painful and terrifying. Thinking too much about how she feels, what she has done, scares her more than anything. She doesn’t look deep inside herself and the only thing scarier than what is down there is that other people might find out.

Soul Bound Weapon: Butterfly Knife

Weapon Name: Last Resort
Weapon Description: A 29cm folding knife with a black metal handle and a silver blade.
Weapon Image:
Weapon Attack Type: Pierce
Weapon Element: (Leave this blank. Only special weapons obtain an element behind its blows.)

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: Crone
Side-Arm Description: Sworn off three barrel shotgun
Side-Arm Image: (Not necessary)
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style:  Shotgun - Scatter Shot - Accuracy is decreased by 30%. Consumes 3 types of ammo at once to fire -must be same type of ammo. Can shoot all enemies with one attack.

The Background

History:(At Least 2-3 Paragraphs)

Born to an old but not very well off family, Esra was the second born after her brother. Their mother was unmarried and and not very well off. After she was born her grandmother declared her both cursed and stopped sending money. Not very long after she was born, their mother disappeared and both were placed into care. Esta never knew her mother at all, or anything about her, their grandmother wanting nothing to do with her. The only family she ever knew was her brother, someone she would stick like glue to during her early childhood.

Esra didn’t like the orphanage, the rules, the staff, the fact they didn’t have their own rooms. That friends at school could have nice things she knew were impossible, that no adults really seemed to care. It was easy to hate them, whoever their parents were and became very defensive towards anyone she saw as trying to harm the only family she had left. This easily became bullying and violent, feeling the need to establish herself as strong enough not to be messed with to those she could overpower. While at school she was a distant and somewhat scary person, studious and generally calm, she could be terrible to anyone she felt was against her. This of course did not apply to her brother who she took great pains to shield from that side of herself and used to justify all the things she felt bad about doing. They had to be done to keep them together.

All this though lead to isolation from those that were around her, getting into trouble and being told off all the time. Despite hard work at school, what was the point? A chance meeting opened up a whole new world to her, it was seedy, dark and obviously bad, yet these people were like her. They were told they couldn’t do things, didn’t get given what they wanted and what was more they didn’t seem a threat to her sibling, not if she never told them. It was friendly at first, she was funny, cheerful and found herself like a different person. It might be a gang but they weren’t bad people, they were her friends and almost every day after school and on weekends she would sneak away to spend time with them more and more. They were just that though, a gang.

Because of the lack of it elsewhere in her life, Esra strove for power and control. She was smart and even as a child surprisingly strong, it was a rough world. No one in the gang was really over sixteen but she was the youngest, having to run errands, having to establish her place in occasional fights and spats. Things would sometimes get serious though, they were hardly the only group of delinquents and it was common for them to throw abuse at each other. During the summer break though, things came to a heat and some planned, some unplanned. Her group, the Karasu hung out on Mibara Street, the arcade there along with the park and the sports center were their turf. Two streets over the Kaminari no ​​ken had their own arcade, at least until it closed, and it didn’t take long before they were at each others throats for their hangout spot. They would call each other out and bring their friends, sometimes ten, twenty people would turn up and size each other up. A few times Esra was caught up, sometimes getting the better sometimes not but with just fists it wasn’t too bad. When it really kicked off though, it was crazy, flurries of fists, brawling, screaming, blood, even a strong willed, brave eight year old would panic.

Even at seven, having been with the gang a few weeks she was part of collecting money, small scale racketeering and collecting for the grown up gangs, paying their rent as it were. Hiding those related to those bigger gangs on occasion, passing their information on.  While she never got involved in drugs, some of her friends sold them. There was certainly some illegal money passing between them, sometimes she was able to buy things for herself or her brother, from her, “Job”.

Murder was something that was joked about a lot, threats to kill frequent, however none of them had actually done it. During that brawl though, having brought a young man to his knees with a kick, Esra found herself dodging blows from a baseball bat, one catching her in the arm. In a panic, she grabbed up a tiny switchblade, from goodness knows where and he tripped. His buzzcut hair brushed against her cheek as her tiny hands pushed a blade between his ribs. Blood flowed onto her, and someone pulled her away. The next thing she remembered she had changed and was back one of the gang’s apartments. Sat on to sofa with everyone licking their wounds when the news came in. The leader of the Kaminari was dead. He was sixteen, barely going to highschool and the only one holding his gang together. He was just a kid, even if it was an accident, she was there, she was fighting for her friends. And now.

She was boss, she was a class one double down assassin, hardcore. Cheering, slaps on the back, hugs, it was a party. The fact someone had died seemed lost on them in that moment, that they could be in massive trouble. It was easier to forget about it and shrug it off, to try and ignore it. People knew that he died in a fight with their gang, even if it wasn’t known it was her by most people. They weren’t to be messed with by the lower level guys any more, they had more turf and more members than ever. Part of her died too then though, it never left her and it tainted her friendships, slowly. That wasn’t what she wanted to be, not who she wanted to be. The fear that she’d be found out grew, she wanted to get out more and more.

They were still her friends, the closest thing she had to family aside from their brother. They were the ones they would talk to about her problems, laugh with, cry if she needed to. In return she was the one that became more and more of a leader. Managing their contacts, keeping track of who might be against them, vetting new members, setting up their membership trials. Running the treasury and when the times came, judge to punishments. There was nothing too hard, no one ever knowingly betrayed them or anything, still sometimes people needed a rain of punches to remember what they should be doing and saying.

It really did become a job, one that meant a lifetime of late nights, lack of a social life outside of the gang, the violence that never far away. Those things that used to bother her, not having things, hating where she lived, as she got older those didn’t matter so much. It also became more and more apparent that the life she was leading was not the life she wanted to live. Esra loved her friends, yet she knew it had to end sooner or later. That they more than likely wouldn’t be her friends any more. Not only that but the gang was changing too. Now they were somewhat powerful, there were those that wanted to move up in the world. Beyond petty crime, just hanging out together and extorting a few people, running drugs, guns, prostitution, taking on the bigger gangs and the real Yakuza. She started to shrink back and started to step down, like a few of the others there from a few years before.

In that time her grades at school started to improve, she started to have a few friends and not be so hostile towards people. Even going as far to join a school club by the time she was fourteen, slowly she was leaving that world that had been the family she needed. It took only a few months more for her to finally make up her mind, it wasn’t exactly easy but she was far from a coward. She had to go through the same as anyone else that wanted to leave, not quite as bad as an high level gang. No weapons, she had to fight everyone until she passed out. A cutting of ties to show just how serious it was. Esra had to stay with a friend for two days before the swelling went down enough for her to at least try to hide it.

While she might run into those friends from time to time, she didn’t seek them out. They were still apart of that life, however much she liked them and she wasn’t. It’d look bad for them to hang out with her. Sticking with a small group from school she never talked about what that part of her life was like to anyone, hiding it deep away. Out of shame, regret, wanting to forget, fear. The age she committed her crimes at meant she was never going to be prosecuted for them. What she was scared of was other people finding out and treating her differently. That her brother would find out and hate her.

In the following three years she changed from a poor student to a good one, studying hard and doing better than expected on exams. Doing well with the Athletics club, taking occasional hobbies of sewing and calligraphy much more seriously.


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PostSubject: Re: Esra Deab [Endymion PU]   Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:21 pm

Quote :

—Strength Name: Lockpicking
—Description: Has a 50% chance to pick a standard every day lock with no security features without being noticed or breaking it.

Refer to actual Lockpicking seen in here.

Just know that you can use your strengths to start off with a higher Social Quality rank in a specific Social Quality or double the amount of SQ points you get for strengths. But you must take up likewise weaknesses for that too.

Also for each physical strength you take up, you need to make an equal number of physical weaknesses. I see two (Athletics and Baseball). So work on that.

History: You'd want to refer to this at least.

Also is this all taking place in Endymion? Also gang life might be a bit difficult in Endymion since they're kinda paranoid about crimes and stuff since the Eternal Divide.


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PostSubject: Re: Esra Deab [Endymion PU]   Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:53 am

Updated lockpicking,

Not sure what to do with weaknesses right now

The "Gang Stuff," Happened prior to the divide or during or did the city already exist as it is back then?

I've left out a lot of the references since I assume normal people don't know much and I haven't got a whole lot to work with, without likely causing problems.


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PostSubject: Re: Esra Deab [Endymion PU]   Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:00 pm

Updated for concerns.


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PostSubject: Re: Esra Deab [Endymion PU]   

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Esra Deab [Endymion PU]
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