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 Pest Control [Investigation]

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Sheepzami Sheephara


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PostSubject: Pest Control [Investigation]   Fri Apr 21, 2017 4:06 am

Among all the lowly creatures in the world, among the myriad of disgusting rodents and insects which existed purely to spite mankind, Cecilia was certain beyond a doubt that demons were the most pathetic. Demons had made their entrance into the world with a bang when they appeared on that night five years ago and eagerly began ravaging the Earth. They had taken no time to negotiate or communicate with the humans who ruled the planet and instead took to terrorizing and devouring them as if they were but mere playthings. At the time, it had been horrifying. For a species that had never seen anything so monstrous, demons were unstoppable foes, predator kings that heralded the end of all things. During those nights, Cecilia herself knew fear well, and in the years that followed demons continued to remain one of her greatest fears. However, over the course of time that horror faded away, disappearing alongside the chaos as Isla's rightful rule brought order and prosperity back to the city. It didn't take long for the demons to be revealed as nothing more than playground bullies, children picking on those weaker than themselves until the vengeful slap of an adult's hand taught them their place in the world.

It was honestly, truthfully, pitiable. The demons had managed to do a number to the world, but in the end, they were no match for the power of the humans they sought to oppress and were driven from the streets into the shadows where they belonged. As sad as it was for them, Cecilia held no sympathy for such vile abominations; she was thoroughly convinced that they deserved their current treatment and not even her respect for the sanctity of life could keep her from sometimes dreaming of a world free of their filth. Nevertheless, just because demons were no longer as much of a concern as they were before didn't mean they could be left unchecked. The Cadets had a duty to protect the populace from any potential supernatural threats and that included the beasts. While they were no longer any sort of threat to humanity at large (at least at the moment), they still could pose a threat to individual civilians, and as she saw last night in the Dragon's Maw they weren't above aiding Psyche Terrorists in their misguided endeavors.

It was with this in mind that Cecilia found herself looking into this case. She still could recall the news report from earlier in the day, the one detailing the gruesome attack on a resident of the district. While there wasn't necessarily any evidence to point to a correlation between the two, she still couldn't just dismiss the possibility, nor did the lack of a connection in any way matter; even if it wasn't the demon from that specific case, the murder itself was proof enough of the dangers of letting one of the pests walk free among the masses.

Dressed in her casual clothing to avoid standing out, Cecilia roamed through the streets munching on a bag full of chocolate candy, her eyes searching for her destination. While there were many places in Suzie Q that the demon could theoretically be found at (this was an entertainment district after all), one of the first that came to mind for her was House of Cards. It wasn't a place that the young Cadet had visited often during her time living in this part of the city, but that didn't matter; everyone in the city knew that the club was the heart and soul of the district. With that in mind, it only made sense to start her investigation there.

After a few more of minutes of wandering, she'd arrive on the scene and enter through the door. It was a prestigious nightclub but it wasn't off-limits to the general public to her knowledge. And if someone tried to stop her from entering? Well, there was no harm in mentioning your status as a Cadet every now and then...


"We lose what is certain when we seek what is uncertain."
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PostSubject: Re: Pest Control [Investigation]   Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:51 pm

While indeed the House of Cards was the ideal spot for indulging oneself in the entertainment of others, but there was nothing of interest to be noticed. But Cecilia did have the entire night to enjoy the House's evening activities if she so wished to do so...


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Sheepzami Sheephara


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PostSubject: Re: Pest Control [Investigation]   Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:16 pm

"What a waste of time..."

After poking around and questioning a few of the clubgoers, it became evident that her "investigation" was going nowhere. If there was a demon lurking among the population then she certainly wasn't going to find it here. Still, things weren't completely terrible. House of Cards had a pretty nice atmosphere and despite its popularity there seemed to be a few rooms in it where one could find some privacy. Maybe if she brought it up to the others then they could start meeting up here; if Class Zero truly had a leak as had been suggested during the debriefing then casually discussing Cadet business in the classroom would just be playing into the enemy's hands.

Time passed and eventually Cecilia made her way home. Between the disturbing revelations earlier in the day and the recent failure to locate or learn about her target, today had been pretty shitty. She could only hope that a good night's rest would put her mind at ease.


"We lose what is certain when we seek what is uncertain."
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PostSubject: Re: Pest Control [Investigation]   

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Pest Control [Investigation]
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