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 Francis // Morningstar

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Azami Aihara


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PostSubject: Francis // Morningstar   Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:15 am

Francis Felipe Fell
"Were it not for devils, angels would no doubt be feared in their place."

The Biography

Birth Name: Francis Felipe Fell
Aliases: Morningstar
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birth Day: April 13th
Arcana: Hierophant
Place of Residence: Vista Square
Evoker: Mental Shackles
Academy Semester: N/A
Class: N/A

Sorority: N/A

Part/Full Time Job: Francis is a popular columnist for SMILE. While he covers a variety of subjects, he's most well known for his outspoken and vitriolic opinion articles, which primarily tend to focus on Psyche Terrorists and the risks their actions pose to society.


Francis takes good care of himself and this shows in his appearance. Out in public he's never seen with anything less than the finest clothes he can afford, typically donning a white designer suit with the cross of Saint Peter sewn into the left and right sides of the collar. His hair is long and wavy, his eyes glistening blue like the ocean, and his skin displaying a light, barely noticeable tan that he claims to be working on. He's somewhat short standing at 5'6 and he weighs only about 132 pounds, but nevertheless, he is a little toned and muscular as the result of casual adherence to his daily routine.

Alternate Appearance:

Morningstar's body becomes adorned with red tattoos and markings which seem to emit a slight shine whenever he strikes an opponent. His hair becomes shorter than normal and slightly darkens in color, his normally blue eyes being overtaken by a golden glow reminiscent of the kind that Cadets display whenever they call upon their Persona. When it comes to his mask, it's a clear allusion to stereotypical demons and devils right down to having a small pair of horns protruding from the top.

Personality: Mr. Fell is a hotbed of dualities perhaps unlike any other. He is courteous yet vindictive, professional yet casual, egocentric yet humble. Though in his articles and among his co-workers he may be spirited and passionate about his beliefs, he's quite soft-spoken outside of work and rarely comes to blows (figuratively or literally) with those who would challenge him. Some might mistake this as cowardice, though it's much more comparable to conceitedness; the black sheep of society can yell and scream at him all they want, but in the end there's no point in engaging them, for in the war of ideas he's already won.

There's a calmness that follows him everywhere he goes. Regardless of the direness of the situation or the atmosphere surrounding it, Francis displays an almost eery lack of concern. Anything short of someone suddenly shooting themselves right in front of him would likely receive a slight frown and a shrug of the shoulders at most. Ultimately this translates to him being a very laidback individual. He possesses little stress or worry (on the surface) and more often than not ends up consoling and easing the worries of those who do, though not always in healthy ways (unless you count going out drinking as a valid solution to life's problems).

When it comes to religion, he's a devout believer in Isla's divinity much like the rest of the populace. The Goddess of Endymion holds a special place in his life though he rarely visits the church in Sunlake Palms due to its at least ostensible Christian influence. While he holds no ill will toward those who have incorporated the queen into their already existing beliefs and while it's true that he continues to make use of Catholic iconography long after abandoning his former faith, Francis is nevertheless rigid in his stance that the queen is the one and only deity, so much so that he refuses to visit a place that venerates any other but her. This hardline stance is part of what caused his rise to fame in the first place. In one of his first articles a few years after the divide, he publicly renounced Catholicism in favor and support of the new theocracy, an act which sparked controversy and made him into a minor figurehead of nationalism for the recovering city.

Of course, as mentioned before, Francis is a rather laidback person around others. He may be fervent in his beliefs, but he doesn't try to force them onto others in broad daylight, nor does he embrace his inner Jehovah's Witness and go banging on every door in Sunlake Palms trying to convert all the residents of the district at 4 AM in the morning. However, it was mentioned before that he is a man of dualities, a creature of opposing traits and beliefs. This truth is best exemplified not by an overall analysis of his day-to-day behavior, but instead by a look at who he is after the sun sets and the mask comes on: a look not at Francis, but at Morningstar.

As a terrorist, Francis might as well be an entirely different person. He is a man who walks not with sheep, but with wolves. There is no semblance of respect for the queen in his brutal, downright sadistic assaults on the city, its protectors, and even its inhabitants. Morningstar likens himself to demons and is prideful and foolish enough to take his name after their Biblical ruler without the slightest ounce of hesitation; he is unrestrained in his appetites just as they are and will do as he pleases without regard for the chains others would place upon him, be they moral or legal shackles. Indeed, there is no crime too horrific for him to commit, no sin too vile or monstrous for him to stain his hands with. Morningstar is everything that Francis's articles make terrorists out to be; he is a cartoon villain with a twirly mustache as large his body count, a cackling maniac who revels in destruction as an end unto itself and won't hesitate to burn anything (or anyone) in his path to cinders.

If you haven't guessed already, this is all intentional.

As much as he would have you believe otherwise, there is a reason to his rhyme, an ideal he seeks beyond some sort of base, impish delight in hurting those who devote their lives to shielding the innocent. By donning the mask, Francis becomes what he sees as just another necessary evil. Influenced by a childhood full of abuse and a warped view of modern society, he believes it's his goddess's will that he use his Persona to commit acts of Psyche Terrorism. According to his perspective, those in Endymion without the potential would have turned on Persona Users long ago were it not for Isla's intervention. By forcing those with the potential to submit to and serve the new government, the queen created a societal line between "good" Persona Users and "bad" Persona Users—i.e., Cadets and Psyche Terrorists. The public became convinced that they needed the former to hunt down the latter and keep order in the city, hence allowing a peaceful coexistence between the awakened and the masses so long as some run free to perpetuate fear among the masses.

So, in essence, Francis is thoroughly convinced that the conflict between the forces of Law and Chaos in the city is a necessary factor in maintaining order. He believes that in this situation the only way to have peace is to wage war, that a Cadet cannot continue to live among the sheep as their shepherd unless there is a clear wolf on the horizon. Because of this he has no qualms with "playing his part" and will destroy with seemingly little remorse or regret. Some might call it an elaborate excuse, and perhaps they're correct to an extent, but it doesn't matter; Francis holds true to his beliefs for now and until convinced otherwise he'll run free with the demons and let loose upon the city.

The Potential


Strength Name: Deus Vult
Description: For those with extreme beliefs and mindsets there is little room for persuasion. Believing himself to be on a divine mission from Isla herself, Francis sees little point in negotiating with his would-be foes, let alone aiding them. Charm skills have 10% less of a chance of success than they would normally on him.

Strength Name: Silver Tongued
Description: Francis knows just the right words to say to a person. He's able to easily get people riled up and can convince most weak-willed people to follow him without a second thought. Mechanically this means that he gains Charisma points at double the rate than normal.

Strength Name: Minor Celebrity
Description: He isn't an idol or some kind of famous actor, but Francis has his following nevertheless. Those who read the news often tend to know his name and few will find someone who praises Isla so passionately in his articles to be suspicious. If caught up in crime then normal authorities such as the police may give him a pass depending on the severity of it and even if they don't they're almost guaranteed to treat him with more respect than they would some mere common thug.

Strength Name: Citing Scripture for His Purpose
Description: Though he has long since abandoned the faith, Francis retains a basic understanding of Catholic theology and is familiar with many parts and verses of the Bible. He can pick up on Judeo-Christian symbolism with more ease than others and cite dramatically relevant verses whenever Azami feels the need to act pretentious.

Strength Name: Self-Proclaimed Demon King
Description: Many people tend to associate demons and hell with flames. As Morningstar Francis plays to this myth by displaying a natural proficiency in fire skills, an innate talent with Agi that causes the fires he creates to invoke the concept of hellfire and create fear in the hearts of his enemies. Mechanically this means that he does 10% more damage to enemies than normal when attacking with fire skills.

((A floating Strength is a strength you've gained inRP. For example, if you were on a Kendo team for some time, you'd naturally know Kendo which is where this strength would come in. However, be aware, it will not be as strong as any of your actual strengths and is a small plus)

Floating Strength Name:


Weakness Name: Shattered Mind
Description: Needless to say, Francis has had a bit of a troubled past and he's far from having recovered from it. With his mind in such a damaged and fragile state, those who feast on the sanity of others will no doubt found him to be easy prey. The duration of Psychosis's health drain effect is doubled for him.

Weakness Name: Conviction
Description: Francis is so set in his beliefs that he has trouble seeing the world from any other perspective than his own. He must rank up Understanding an extra time before he can bypass the first level of it.

Weakness Name: The Perils of Fame
Description: As mentioned before, Francis is a minor celebrity. This confers to him many benefits but it also comes with its fair share of downsides. If caught doing something scandalous than word will travel much faster and it'll likely have more far-reaching effects on his life than it would for others. Additionally, it's hard to blend into crowds on the spot and it's likely that people with negative opinions of the government will avoid him while he's not dressed as a terrorist.

Weakness Name: Apostate
Description: Due to his renunciation of the Catholic faith, Francis is officially an apostate. While this isn't a major problem in Endymion as the populace mostly worships the queen, it can pose some difficulties for him in certain situations and it's unlikely he'd be considered welcome in the church over at Sunlake Palms.

Weakness Name: Exorcised
Description: Light skills do 10% more damage to Francis. In PvS where most of them are instakills they instead have a 5% extra chance of success than normal. When it comes to Kouha and other light-based damage skills they experience a similar but diminished increase in power to the one in PvP; they deal 5% additional damage when used on him in PvS.

((A floating weakness is one gained in RP. It could be a fear you inherited during RP, or an injury that hinders your character. Some can be temporary while others can be permanent.)

Floating Weakness Name:

Soul Bound Weapon:

Weapon Name: Ezekiel 25:17
Weapon Description: A giant silver cross which Morningstar throws around like a paperweight and bludgeons enemies to death with. It's around six feet tall with a width of three feet, although despite its large size he has little trouble wielding it due to the weightless nature of soulbound weapons. Like Francis himself, it is born of duality: there is a certain poeticness to a man who'd willingly proclaim himself a demon wielding a holy symbol as his weapon of choice.
Weapon Image:
Weapon Attack Type: Strike
Weapon Element:

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: Devil's Advocate
Side-Arm Description A standard issue light machine gun save for its unique design. Its length as a whole is about forty inches and the barrel specifically is twenty one inches long.
Side-Arm Image:
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style: Machine Gun - Muti-Round - Accuracy is decreased by 30%. Consumes 3 types of ammo at once to fire -must be same type of ammo.)

The Background

History: Francis was a son born not from love but from passion. He was the product of an unlikely union between a deeply religious Catholic mother and an influential, womanizing businessman of a father. He was not intentionally conceived and rather was an accident, a child created in a brief act of pleasure that meant much to his mom and little to the would-be dad. When it was discovered that the intercourse had resulted in a pregnancy, she was swiftly abandoned and left alone with the child, the man leaving Endymion quickly and returning home without another word. His mother, needless to say, was devastated. Though she despised the child as a reminder of her abandonment, conflicting feelings of maternity and years of teachings from the church kept her from aborting it, leading to her raising Francis on her own despite her economic situation at the time.

At first, things went rather well. They were able to live a normal family life for the most part and until around age six Francis didn't have much in the way in his troubles, his mother managing to scrap by and provide for the two of them on her own. As time went on though, pressure and stress from an endless routine and a life of backbreaking labor took a toll on the woman. She slowly became more and more frustrated; first with the world, then with herself, and lastly with her child. The woman lashed out at him and blamed him as the source of her troubles screaming that Francis was the reason why she was faced with such hardship, that he was the reason why she was abandoned. He became a scapegoat for her and suffered verbal and physical abuse being taught that he was a demon child spawned outside of wedlock, that he was the source of all her ails and problems, all the evils in her world. It broke him down bit by bit and eventually he himself became convinced that this was the case. He felt a great deal of guilt for his very existence and did whatever he could for her in spite of the harsh treatment he received.

When the Eternal Divide struck, however, everything changed. Demons ravaged the Earth, monstrous creatures who brought only pain and misery to those around them. Having lived within the city all their lives, Francis and his mother were caught right in the heart of the storm and were forced out from their home into the streets. Eventually a hungry demon chased them down and lunged at the woman devouring her right in front of the man's very eyes. It tore her to bits viciously without concern for anything other than its own appetite and, when it was full, it turned to Francis and looked down at him. He stared up at it in fear for a few seconds thinking his life would be the next to be claimed, but no such thing happened. Rather the demon, hungry no more after gorging on its meal, walked right past him without a second thought. It paid him no mind whatsoever leaving him to sit in the dirt and muck, wallowing in his incompetence and mourning over the loss of his family.

It was around this time that the doubts in his faith began to surface. Coincidentally, Isla began restoring order to the city simultaneously, proclaiming herself a goddess and returning prosperity to a home consumed by madness. She founded the Cadets and set them against the terrorists: an act which, though seemingly divisive on its surface, Francis saw as uniting the city further and preventing the masses from turning on those with supernatural powers after the demon threat was no longer an issue.

Inspired and unsure of what else to do with himself, he set out to spread her message far and wide across the city. Francis became a columnist for SMILE and slowly rose to prominence due to the unique and passionate ways in which he got his point across. Now in the peaceful city of Endymion, Francis clings to the queen as his hope, holding true to his own warped vision of her desires and acting as he believes she wills for him. In a twisted way, the queen has replaced not just his God, but his late mother too.

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Finished and ready for grading.


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Francis // Morningstar
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