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 First Watch (Callie)

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PostSubject: Re: First Watch (Callie)   Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:38 am

As her hair was ruffled, Callie would smile gently. She still didn't fully understand although she kinda accepted that she probably never would, these kinda things always just confused the girl greatly. Yet, as weird as the whole topic was and how much she didn't understand about it, something about knowing that everyone had another version of them and it wasn't just a thing that applied to her made her feel better somewhat. Meant it wasn't a thing that was just a concern for her, it was more of a normal thing? She guessed. It sorta made it better, right?

"Mountains and deep jungle jungles?" The girl would repeat, her eyes widening with curiosity. She'd never seen anything like that, in fact she could hardly remember anything outside of the city of Endymion at all. She knew she came from somewhere else other than here, but practically all memories of that were gone from her head. "What were they like? Were they a lot different from here? I think I've seen them in picture books before, but never seen them for real myself! A-are the jungles like the woods in East Eden?" The young vixen would question curiously, glad of the change of subject to something more light hearted. "What about the people? Were there any super cool guys? Ones that were really funny or friendly or something cool?"

"And I missed you every day too! This place just isn't the same at all without you!" She'd say with a light-hearted smile, it had been difficult for the girl to find fun things to do whilst 8D had been away, after getting used to his company so much for four years, suddenly having him no where around at all for a full year had really sucked! She'd giggle lightly as she slowly inched her way out from under her covers, careful to not disturb Terra in anyway before going to find 8D's spare head. "Hehe, I'll HEAD off to get it real fast, don't you go anywhere. I'll be right back~!"


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PostSubject: Re: First Watch (Callie)   Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:19 am

"Ehehe! I'm glad you asked there Callie!" 8D's disembodied voice brightened significantly as his headless body hopped up onto the bed and struck an adventurous pose "There I was! Climbing the great mountains of madness after just escaping the dread city of R'lyeh, ya noticing the bit yet? Tired and hungry I pressed on through the bitter cold, mildly salty snow, and the umami rocks! Ehehehe. You see, I had heard that a great sage had lived at the top of the mountain who could answer any question posed to her... Yes! The Great Queen of Ice-and I swear if you start singing "Let it go" I'll bap you gently on the head you little so and so-" 8D clearly said to Callie, but in his blind headlessness pointed to Crusader and the Mayan-Ya forgot about Chuck didn't ya? Yeah so did I... Sorry Chuck!- who were absorbed in their own Social Link and had stopped paying attention to the pair of actual Player Characters around post 6.

"Anyway Where was I?... OH YEAH! Ice Queen, well to make a long story short,
I made it to the top of the mountain and asked her where the nearest Arbys was sense I was just CRAVING some roast beef and she pointed me to one halfway down the other side of the moutnain. Nice lady... In hind sight I should have asked her about the whole replacement thing... But that's neither here nor there Ehehehehe!"
8D nearly fell off the bed from the force of his laughter at not only his own pointless story but at Callie's head pun... Sigh... That girl just keeps maken this old robot proud..."Ehehe! With puns like that you'll be aHEAD of me in comedy in no time Callie! Ehehehe!"


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PostSubject: Re: First Watch (Callie)   Yesterday at 6:57 am

Callie would be practically staring at 8D with wide eyes as he told her all about one of his many adventures whilst he was away, her extremely active imagination painting a constantly developing picture of the area he was explaining within her head. Trying her hardest to include every little detail that he explained to her in the mental image, even if it was kinda hard not really knowing what some of these people or places looked like at all after never seeing anywhere other than this city. She still think she did an awesome job of getting the image in her head though, she felt like she could basically see the silly clown prancing about down below as she watched the scene from above! It was just like how she imagined the stories they made up together, she always seemed to imagine them from above for some reason instead of from the eyes of the character that totally wasn't meant to be her. Maybe it was just easier to imagine it that way? The girl would giggle lightly as Grins pointed off in the wrong direction and startled the other two present in the room who'd gotten bored of their conversation and were just doing their own thing.

Callie would giggle lightly again when 8D explained what he went up to ask this Great Ice Queen for. "Hehe, that sounds like you had lots of fun exploring about the place! I really wish I could of been there to see it too, it sounds really awesome! And of course it would be like you to ask for such a silly thing instead of the real important questions, hehe, you coulda been home way sooner if you'd asked and she knew the answer silly!" The girl would tease before getting up to go and grab 8D's spare head, returning about a minute later after finally finding it amongst the clutter of stuff that was the unending mess of her big brothers room. "Here ya go! With this you'll be able to HEAD deeper into your story!" She'd laugh as she handed the headless clown his replacement head, it was strange how many times this had happened in the past that this wasn't a weird thing to do anymore. "Now then, my other questions... Uhh..." The vixen would scratch the back of her head lightly as she crawled back into bed, trying to remember all the questions she had thought of earlier. See this is why she always just shouted them all at once! Now she couldn't remember any of them! "Oh! Did you make any cool friends or something? And did you find any cool souvenirs or something like that aside from the main thing you were looking for?"


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PostSubject: Re: First Watch (Callie)   

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First Watch (Callie)
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