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 See Where My Demons Hide :: Morning Work Thread (Red)

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PostSubject: See Where My Demons Hide :: Morning Work Thread (Red)   Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:15 am

With a light sigh and a quick flick of her head to get her stray hairs out of her eyes, Red would wrap the strap of her guitar across her shoulders and place the now empty case on the ground in front of her hanging open. She'd lean back against the wall she was by for a moment as she thought about everything she'd been through recently. She didn't like playing in front of others, but she had done this in Sunlake Palms before and it didn't bother her that much around here... That wasn't really the problem right now anyway. With a quick stretch she'd un-pocket her guitar pick and start tuning her guitar. "Well, no time like the present..."

"~ When the days grow old
All the cards unfold
And the saints we see
Are still made of gold

When my dreams all fail
And the ones I hail
Are the worst of all
Leaving my blood running stale ~"

This morning hadn't really been much different from most others before it, Red woke up to still find herself breathing in her own bed. She'd of gotten up, brushed her teeth, ate breakfast and got herself prepared for everything she wanted to do that day. The night before had been a seriously weird experience to go through, and something the red hooded girl wouldn't get over quickly. But just like how she dealt with most problems that caused her stress or worry, she had packed up her guitar and set off to the streets to play as to not bother her mum so early in the morning.

"~ I want to hide the truth
I want to shelter you
But with my beast inside
There’s nowhere I can hide

No matter what they breed
They're still all made of greed
Now that my curse has come
Now that my curse has come ~"

It wasn't like she hadn't expected hardships from all this. She expected nothing less when joining up with the cadets. It was obvious it was going to be a challenging task with all kinds of problems she'd have to overcome, yet nothing she ever imagined could compare to what truly went down when she had joined. She would of liked to have been warned how drastic joining the cadets could of changed her life. Not just for what she'd have to put herself through, but like, what would of happened to her physically and mentally. She had done all this in the first place to help keep her sister feeling safe and protected... But now Red felt scared of herself...

"~ When I feel my feat
Look into my own eyes
I see where my demons hide
See where my demons hide

Don’t get too close
I'm scared of what's inside
It’s where my demons hide
It’s where my demons hide ~"

How could she feel good about all this... Everything she had put herself through to get this far was all for Raine. All the time and effort she had put in to keep her safe, keep her out of harms way, make sure no one bullied her, no one abused her... No one let her feel sad. The silver iris girl would close her eyes as she continued playing, people who passed her by would often leave the girl completely unnoticed of take by a few seconds out of their days to stop and listen before throwing some money into the red hoods guitar case. No one would listen to her lyrics for what they meant, lyrics were just lyrics anyway. A collection of words all put together to a rhythm that follow a set tune and tell a story via rhymes and melodies.

"~ My final call
Will be when I fall
When all lights fade out
All my sins will crawl

So they've dug my grave
And the masquerade
Will be drawing me out
At the mess I've made ~"

None of this was how she expected this to go, she wanted to help protect the city in any way that she could. She'd always said that, that's what she had told the Prince when they met. Although she never expected to be thrown right into the middle of the mess right off the bat, doing that to anyone seemed cruel, but especially to someone young. There were hopes that it would at least have some kind of training or period of time to prepare for all the hardships the cadets planned to put their pupils through. Just unleashing a dark rage inside of her and being forced to fight for life or death... She could remember the pain she had felt throughout that fight, remembered how exhausted she was by the end of it all... If that beast had held out much longer, she surely wouldn't of been able to hold out. They'd probably had protected her if that situation had arrived, but what if she was on her own? She could of died right then and there, right off the bat before she had even begun to learn how to protect. Then what. She'd of just sacrificed herself. Given herself up for no reason. Paining her sister further and leaving her with no one to watch out for her...

"~ Don't want to let you down
Even if my soul is bound
Though this is all for you
Don't want you to know the truth

No matter what they breed
They're still all made of greed
Now that my curse has come
Now that my curse has come ~"

There was no way she'd let that happen. No matter what happened to her, what she would force her way through. Anything that was thrown her way she'd take on with everything she had. She'd overpower any obstacle, grow stronger each and everyday. None of this was how she expected this to go. But it was a waste of time to complain about it now. She had one goal in life, and she wasn't going to let any demon scum stand in her way of keeping up her promise to herself. Raine was far too important in her life, they had already lost their younger sister last year and with how stressed out their mum had been with work it had been left to Red to protect her little sister. She may be corrupted inside, but she wasn't a heartless monster. Slowly the girl would reopen her eyes to see the small crowd that had built up around her whilst she was playing and whom were taking it in turns to walk up and place money in her case. Red was too preoccupied with her thoughts to care to be embarrassed, she was singing from the depth of her soul and wasn't going to stop for these petty people.

"~ When I feel my feat
Look into my own eyes
I see where my demons hide
See where my demons hide

Don’t get too close
I'm scared of what's inside
It’s where my demons hide
It’s where my demons hide ~"

The young red hooded girl would continue playing for the duration of the early morning. Crowds came and went, some people would mumble words behind her back about how she was changing the lyrics of songs they liked. Although Red took no notice, she'd stay within her own thoughts throughout the duration of her singing. She always felt she learned the most about herself from the lyrics that would just form as she played. It helped her distress... Helped her collect her thoughts together. And once she finally felt as if she could muster the strength to return home, she'd collect the money from her case and replace it with her guitar before slinging it over her shoulder. She knew what she had to do now. Her original goal would be left unaltered.

~Work Thread Complete~

Word Count:
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PostSubject: Re: See Where My Demons Hide :: Morning Work Thread (Red)   Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:43 pm

Sure, have a 3600 VC.


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See Where My Demons Hide :: Morning Work Thread (Red)
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