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 How Little We Know [Side-Plot Idea]

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Sheepzami Sheephara


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PostSubject: How Little We Know [Side-Plot Idea]   Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:32 pm

It all started eight years ago in a world very different from this one. It was a world of progress and civilization founded upon the principle of pride. Humans there lacked the powers we now wield, but they were capable of marvellous things; they built clockwork towers tall enough to touch the stars, steam-powered airships which pierced through the clouds, great and powerful engines which harnessed the basic building blocks of nature itself in order to power great and terrible constructs that easily could tear the world asunder. It was a world of dreams which demanded that its inhabitants pursue their passions without restraint. And one day He did just that...

His name was Teskay Namu. He was the first and last Persona User to live in that world. A boy who wielded the power to harness and control manifestations of the collective unconsciousness, he dubbed himself the "Wild Card" and sought a way to grant everyone this strange and mysterious power. Through the guidance of a butterfly he found the means necessary to do this ---- the constructs. By absorbing all their energy into his Persona and sacrificing his life, he could turn every person in the world into his Wild Card. Naturally, people tried to stop him; they didn't understand why he sought to destroy their ancient apparatuses, and because they didn't understand they feared him. They were no match for his might though and through his unique power he managed to accomplish his goal and, on the fourth of February, split his strength amongst all of humanity just as he had intended.

A shockwave of energy blasted across the Earth, sending ripples through time and space, throwing off the balance of the world and causing other realities to bleed into ours. Mass awakenings occurred all across the world and people discovered that things would never be the same again. Our world had become twisted into something unrecognizable, a barren and desolate wasteland populated by mysterious creatures bearing the faces of characters from children's fairy tales. We dubbed these entities "Grimms" and took it upon ourselves to fight them with our newfound powers, but we were no match. Through sheer force of numbers they overwhelmed us and destroyed our great and mighty cities, plunging the world into chaos and forcing mankind back to its nomadic roots.

Now with no other choice, we fight an eternal war. We struggle to reclaim what we've lost, to restore some sort of sense to a reality that's been changed on fundamental levels. But most of all, we struggle to answer one simple question: why did Teskay do this to us?


How Little We Know is a completely serious, 100% legitimate side-plot which explores a macabre and twisted universe. It's a very unorthodox plot focused around the mystery of the first Wild Card's motives, although it does have somewhat of a competitive edge to it. The only class allowed of the standard eight is Wild Cards, but as a result there'll be no limit on the amount of them that can be made. In addition, there will be six hidden classes revealed over the course of the plot.

Can you discover what went wrong with Teskay's plan? Can you restore the world to its former glory? Only time will be able to tell...........

this is just a dumb joke in case it wasn't obvious don't take this seriously it was just a prank bro


"We lose what is certain when we seek what is uncertain."
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PostSubject: Re: How Little We Know [Side-Plot Idea]   Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:38 pm


Endymion Plot:

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PostSubject: Re: How Little We Know [Side-Plot Idea]   Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:40 pm

consider my vote yours


//"Ambition, desire, determination... Only power may change this world of ours."//

~Shiina's bonds - Jinguu-Tennou~

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Sheepzami Sheephara


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PostSubject: Re: How Little We Know [Side-Plot Idea]   Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:46 pm

Athena wrote:

plz no bully i worked very hard on this


"We lose what is certain when we seek what is uncertain."
Her Bonds // SNS
Her Strength
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PostSubject: Re: How Little We Know [Side-Plot Idea]   Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:03 pm

Assameme pls
Teskay Namu is never a joke


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PostSubject: Re: How Little We Know [Side-Plot Idea]   

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How Little We Know [Side-Plot Idea]
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