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 Casino Royale [Daichi]

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PostSubject: Casino Royale [Daichi]   Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:19 pm

It was quite the booming night at the lucky clover, the place was especially busy tonight in order to prepare for a fund raiser that going to happen in a few days from now. With that being said, those who occasionally attended the casino was attending more often, and those who didn't usually go was trying to become a blimp on the radar for the casino owner. Kwak Heung Sam was here tonight, and everyone was trying to impress him. The oriental business man circled around the casino, and occasionally would give a nod to each dealer.

However, he stopped at Gabe's table, which got many of the people getting up to try to start a conversation with him to shake his hand. "Gabriel......come."

Gabe nodded and made a hand gesture to the table. "A replacement dealer will be here shortly to start your game."

A middle-aged woman would sigh deeply. "Aww Hueng Sama, you know that Gabe is my favorite...will he be back soon? " Hueng Sam gave off a charming smile as he nodded. "All in due time Miss Krofksey. " With that, Gabe followed behind the casino owner and his security detail. " I need you to screen the talent for tonight. All in preparation for the fundraiser of course. Can you do that for me?"

"Of course..."

Apparently, there seemed to be a few musicians at the back entrance of the casino with a few security. Gabe was to interview them, and if they passed the initial interview, they were to play at least one song in the casino for tonight.
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PostSubject: Re: Casino Royale [Daichi]   Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:39 pm

"The hell do you mean this doesn't pay!?"

"Yeah! It's a charity fundraiser! Did you read the text I sent you?"

"...I'm going to kill you. It will be excruciating."

"Ha ha, come on, lighten up! You're doing a good thing here, Ritz!"

"Calm down, lass. If anythin' it's exposure. Good fer gettin' more gigs."

"You didn't need to take the spot, it's not like you answer any of your texts most of the time anyway. We can do without a bassist."

"Wow Kai, harsh much? We're gonna need all the help we can get tonight, I think I saw Lying Love here."

"C'mon, you're already here! It's one little song, what could it possibly hurt?"

"What? I'm just saying what we're all thinking, she's not Roddy. I find it a little insulting, to be honest."

"Uuuugh! You people suck! ...fine. Fine! But I want compensation for this or I walk."

"That's the spirit, ha ha! Just try to have fun, it'll be a blast! When else are you gonna be here on stage?"

It was a rare sight indeed, Ritsuko surrounded by people she actually knows. Well, sort of. She didn't go out of her way to interact with any of them, she couldn't really stand them all. Except for Nack, maybe. Nack was pretty cool. And so there she was, surrounded by other punks like her, all thanks to answering her phone for once. Well, not quite like her, but still. Lion's Heart was a pretty gregarious bunch for being a rock group, somewhere Ritz didn't exactly fit into other than appearance. She was told to "dress the scene" and was a little more composed than usual. The theme was black on white, of course, and she chose to fit the mood with some dark jeans with a black military jacket, frayed and covered in several curious patches with a white v-neck underneath. To stand out she completed the look with a buckled choker and a black cadet cap with some buttons to make it "pop". Everyone around her matched in a similar fashion, of course, with Kyle taking it over-the-top as usual with some less than subtle eye liner and leather pants, which you think'd be pretty strange for a guy but he somehow pulled it off.

"I don't know about you guys, but this is pretty crazy when you think about it. One big step to the big time!" crooned the pretty boy.
"Dude, Lying Love though. Like, you think we can get the spot?"
Sure, maybe if you took backup and let me shred.
Ritsuko rolled her eyes with a slight rumbling sigh. Between Roddy off with his family and Francis and his week timing she didn't think they stood a chance. Lying Love was pretty crowd requested, she'd have to "cheat" to give them the spot and she wasn't sure if she wanted to if she wasn't making any money off it. It was the entire reason she was here.
"I'm not worried about them, I'm worried about us. Roddy had the set down to a science, you better do a good job, Ritz."
"Pffft, then you better cover me being here or I'll fuck it up for all of you," snapped the tiny little woman. Kaylee, keyboardist and group diva, everyone. Little blonde bitch was gonna kill the band, she could sense it. Ritz had a little more insight into it than most, she knew she was "playing duets" with both Nack and Francis. It was only a matter of time...

"I'm sure she'll do fine! Ritz is pretty good, I'm feelin' pretty confident," Kyle grinned at the antisocialite. Ritsuko gave him an ugly look, his chipper attitude gave her a fucking headache.
"Oi, I'm jus' lookin' ta get pissed after all this's over," lamented the cretin with the mohawk. Which gave the troubled musician an idea.
"...I want my tab covered or there's no show. Take it or leave it."
"We don't need a bassist, Ritz, and we're not making any money either. Just go ahead and leave if you don't want to be here."
"Relax, will ya? I got this," interrupted the gregarious singer, stooping down to wrap his lithe arms around each shoulder of the two ladies he found himself between.
"Drinks are on me tonight, and every other night if we score the big time! And even if we don't get it we'll need the drinks anyway, right?" Ritsuko winced at him and peeled his arm off while Kai rolled her eyes. His stupid grin was making her feel sick to her stomach, no one should be that perky all the damn time. Jesus, he was like a dumb little puppy or something! But she tolerated him, Kyle wasn't bad people. Normally when hanging around Lion's Heart they gelled a lot smoother, Ritsuko normally kept to herself and stayed her distance while everyone else talked and Kyle tried to be friendly and inclusive because he's too nice for his own good. But tonight was different. Whether it was Kai acting like a bitch or being surrounded by security that set her on edge she wasn't sure, it could've been something else. It was a pretty shitty morning and not an all-around great day, but there was something about tonight that just felt... off.

...whatever. Could be the oh so strange sensation of getting something done for a damn change.
"Alriiiiiiight, looks like someone's coming. Judging by the escort party this looks like it's it! Everyone amped? Ha haaaaaaaaa!" The optimist would clap has hand and shake his arms out to loosen up as the rest of the crew prepared in their own little way. Ritsuko took this moment to fade into the background and distance herself. She pulled her cap lower over her eyes to make her seem a bit more unimportant. This wasn't her scene or anywhere inside her comfort zone, she'd let everyone else handle the talking. Ritz was just there to make everyone else sound good.
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PostSubject: Re: Casino Royale [Daichi]   Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:02 pm

The line was moving every five minutes or so, Gabriel was sitting in a large vip room in the upper floors of the Lucky clover, a nice and spacious place.  If anything it was intimidating that the players who didn't make the cut were sent out through another door. They weren't even allowed in the casino if they weren't dressed appropriately, they were simply sent home.  Some people did make it though, so there were a few musical performances, about three in total. Pressing an intercom to connect with the security down the stairs, Gabe called up the next group of people.

Outside, one of the security guards  put his hand to his ears as if he was receiving instructions. After that, he sent up the band that ritsuko was with. Once they were escorted up, Gabe noticed Ritsuko immediately. Of course, why wouldnt he notice the girl who called him a pervert and tried to injure his shoulder. "My name is Gabriel, I work for the Lucky clover as one of  Kwak Heung Sam's most trusted assistants, since i was a child. So, you understand, im very thorough about my job.

Gabe started shuffling his deck of cards, but he wasn't going to show a trick. He was slightly annoyed, and he was trying to calm himself. "Two songs for the night. One is the audition to play at the charity. After your rounds you are free to stick around and  network, maybe you'll get signed on the spot by some executive of a record label that appears there. The autition song is for me of course, the first, but the second is the catch. You have to  play a completely different song downstairs in front of all the patrons. What's impressive for me, has to reflect upon the guests of the establishment as well. Even if i like you, what if no one else does? Understand?

Gabe was instructed to give compensation for the second song. Kwak gave him 20 grand, and he was to split it among 4 musical guests. If this is the last one he sees for the night and they pass, they get it.  However, he didn't let them know that, Gabe wanted to test them.  How well will they do if they feel as if they will gain nothing for it.

" Any Questions for me? Or would you like to ask your companion over there?" Gabe would say as he singled out Ritsuko. The look on his face said it all.
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PostSubject: Re: Casino Royale [Daichi]   Sun Mar 26, 2017 1:36 pm

Jesus Christ, fucking finally!

It had taken quite a while and a few hours of wasted time but soon Lion's Heart would get their moment in the sun. Not as if Ritsuko really cared, she was there for drinks now that she knew she wasn't getting paid. Anything to kill the night, it was boring sitting in her hotel room, people-watching at night was creepy as hell, and going places and doing things cost money. Free drinks was a good alternative and she'd already said she'd do it, not as if anything more exciting was going to happen. Her group was abuzz with hushed chatter and anticipation as they were escorted in, talking away their nerves or letting their eagerness shine. The bassist for this evening hung back and away, trailing like a ghost. This wasn't her show, they'd let them take center stage. They would need to if they continued to do this in the future, Ritz was an inconsequential figure in this grand equation. That is, up until they had managed to actually enter their auditioning room.

The antisocial upstart wasn't as concerned as everyone else had been, she knew that they would do just fine. Aoide would make certain of that. Even without her power over song the woman was no slouch when it came to shredding riffs and Lion's Roar was probably the closest she knew to an indie rock crew that had a chance at making the big time. 'Cept for Gravelpath. She really missed out by ditching that one. It wouldn't have ever worried the musician in the slightest, she'd do well and so would they. At least she wouldn't have if not for who greeted them. Ritsuko locked eyes with the their "audience" and her face grew pale.

HIM!? What the fuck!?

He'd faded away from memory until just that moment, just another bothersome person she had to deal with in the masses of bothersome people she interacted with throughout her day... but she recognized him. The creep. The one who tried to "hire her for the night" at the gas station. Ritz's face flared from ghostly white to a fiery red and the punk grit her teeth in a scowl and drew the brim of her cap well over her eyes. That's what felt off about tonight. She was doing well and succeeding at things and nothing bad was happening. Well now, can't have that can we! It didn't take a psychiatrist to decipher his curt tone and wooden neutral stare. They'd just lost and it was all her fault. Be careful who you scorn applied very directly here. It made her want to cry. Not only was she absolutely livid at him, she was furious that the fact that someone so morally bankrupt could do this much better than her, she was dreading how her bandmates were about to turn on her like she knew they would, and she was upset with herself for screwing her performance over by being in the right place at the wrong time. It was unknown to her whether it took every ounce of courage within her spirit to keep herself from darting the other direction or she was too afraid to draw even more attention to herself than what was already coming her way.

Of course, Kyle would take the lead on the introductions, being the band's de-facto leader and overall the most excited to interact with new people.
"Most definitely! It's nice to meet you, Gabriel! Thank you for taking the time to hear us tonight," the singer crooned with an extended hand to shake and a genuine, electric smile plastered on his face.
"I'm Kyle Young and I'll be singing, that Georgia peach over there and the only one probably dressed nice enough to be here, ha ha, is Kaylee, our keyboardist."
"It's a pleasure."
"This here's my best mate and drummer Nick, but everyone calls'im Nacker."
"'S'good to meetcha."
"This ferocious shredder's Francis..."
"'Sup? ...I-I mean hey... hey there."
"And that wallflower aaaaaall the way in the back is Ritz subbing in for our bassist tonight."
Ritsuko shrunk even farther away, further shielding her face with her headgear. The heat radiating from her skin was hot enough to boil an egg and her jaw clenched tight enough to threaten cracking her teeth open, chest constricting with embarrassment and sorrow and anger.

"...and we're Lion's Heart! We've got a wicked new sound for you tonight, it's awesome, you'll love it I swear! I wrote this one up just for this occasion!" sang Kyle in his eager tone. And just has Ritsuko had predicted she burst into flames as the spotlight the freak had placed on her seared her ego with his subtle nod. All eyes were on her in a sea of incredulous gazes. All save for one.
"You know Ritz? Ha ha, well alright! We've got the inside track!" The band lead gave an excited clap, the only one to take this turn of events any kind of positive. The others descended upon her like a pack of ravenous wolves.
"Ooh fer fook's sake, lass!" "Ngggggh, Damnit Ritz..." "Maaaaan, come on!"
"So what's the deal with him? An ex of yours? Didn't sound like he wanted to know you."
"Duuuuude, how'd you get on this guy's bad side?"
"Alright, so what's the damage? Who is he, how bad do we have it?"
The rest of the band was more than familiar with Ritsuko's attitude problems and tendency to alienate people. They'd assumed the worst and assumed right. The abrasive guitarist clenched her shaking fists as she tried to control her own boiling rage and not scream inside the packed room.

"How the hell should I know? I don't know'im!" she defended with a cracking voice.
"Suuuuure. As if we believe that."
"You didn't, like, punch this guy did you?"
"Yeah Francis, that guy's twice my size and I beat his ass with one hand tied behind my back..."
"*sigh*...yeah Francis, and I'm the lost princess of Endymion."
"Don't make fun of me, dude! It was a legitimate question!"
"And you are a legitimate idiot."
The chagrined musician managed to sneak away while her two band mates were distracted calling each other names. Nacker looked like he hadn't cared in the first place, setting up his drum set with a deep frown. With everyone focusing on their own problems it was quite easy for Ritsuko to make her way across the room toward their "audience" unassaulted... which was far less than she could say for the VIP. Kyle was busy schmoozing it up with him or bothering him like he did everyone with his chipper outlook, it was hard to tell when one ended and the other began. Ritz was certain that nothing she could say or do would change anything. It didn't matter how well she played or what she said, her band would never take her word over his and he would fail them either way. In essence there was nothing she could do to make the situation worse, so anything was worth a shot at this point.

"Can't thank you enough for having us here! Really appreciate it, y'know?" the singer would gush with a friendly grin, "It's so hard to make it out in Suzie Q, you've really given us our chance of the year! Seriously, it's a real privilege to be here!"
The positive young man would glance over his shoulder as a tiny hand tapped it firmly.
"Oh hey, Ritz! So how'd you and Gabriel meet?"
"Kyle, Francis and Kai are arguing and I really really think you should go talk to them."
"Wha...? OH, oh, hey thanks for talkin' to me Gabe, be right back!" The rising star scrambled off to calm his friends. The antisocial woman watched him leave for a few moments before turning to the one that would be judging their performance that evening, unfairly no doubt.
"I swear to fuckin' god...!" Ritsuko hissed at him in a harsh whisper, outside the ears of everyone else as she narrowed her eyes. She didn't elaborate but didn't feel she needed to. The meaning was already there plain enough.
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PostSubject: Re: Casino Royale [Daichi]   Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:45 pm

Gabe kept his professional demeanor, hiding his disdain for the woman by keeping his hands busy. However, he was able to put on a nice smile and nod at the introduction of Lion’s heart. However, Gabe was mostly silent for the altercation, wondering how he would judge them. He didn’t believe in being petty enough to judge them more harshly than anyone else because of pone member, they all seemed lively and probably loved music as much as the next.

When they left, Gabe was alone with the woman for e brief moment. He decided to break the ice by saying something. “If you are worried that this will affect me judging your performance, don’t worry. I don’t let my personal feelings dictate how well I do my job. I mean, I ended up being right anyway, and you ended up here anyway. I’d say it’s fate, but considering how our last altercation went down.” Gabe basically continued to shuffle his playing cards, stopping midway to put the cards away. “I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be involved in it anyway, you certainly didn’t want to hear what I had to say. Question is, can you put it aside and just play your best? Or will it affect your performance?


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PostSubject: Re: Casino Royale [Daichi]   

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Casino Royale [Daichi]
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