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 Sleepy Shift :: Night Work Thread

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PostSubject: Sleepy Shift :: Night Work Thread   Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:19 pm


Callie would rub her eyes tiredly, this day had felt so jam packed with things happening already that she was just about ready to crawl into bed and not move for the next ten or so hours. That really did sound so great right about now, yet she knew she couldn't right now, which totally sucked. Stupid work. It was fun most of the time but she was just so tired! She would of made her best effort to complain and try to get the night off, but she had technically already had time off today as the bar was closed during the afternoon due to J needing some peace and quiet. But he was done with all that now and so the bar was opened once more for any of the usual late comers who like to come drink before they go to bed. Which meant there was lots for the little vixen to be getting on with. Oh well... No point just sitting here and moaning about it all, that's just gonna make it all take way longer. Whereas if she just got on with it super fast right away then she could get it all over and done with in no time flat easy! Hopefully...

"What do ya say Terra, we got a whole lot of stuff to be getting on with today! From the cleaning, to the sweeping, to the washing, to the greeting, to the putting away, to the all the other stuff that we have to do that I can't quite remember off the top of my head but I'm sure I'll remember to do before the nights over and all that stuff~! Even if not I'm sure Kay will moan at us to do it, or we could just do it in the morning or something. Honestly I don't know why we can't do all this in the morning, that would be waaaay nicer wouldn't you think? Or maybe just not doing it at all! That'd be great. Or even we could get J to make a whole new robot like 8D but this ones made specifically for cleaning and then they can do our job forever! Ohhh, that'd be awesome! Although, I doubt Kay would give us any pocket money if we never helped out though... So I guess it's kinda a good thing that robot doesn't exist or we wouldn't have any money to spend! And we need that to be able to buy all the important stuffs for staying alive and happy. Like ice-cream! And sugar doughnuts! Ehmagawd I'd do anything for a sugar doughnut right now... Damn it why did I have to think about food! Now I'm tired and hungry! Terra help! The thought of food is making me not do work and that's totally the real reason I promise I'm not just carrying on to say words as a way to get out of it or anything don't be stupid I would never ever, ever, ever do something like that...!"

In the brief time that Terra found where the girl had to finally stop for breath from her explosive diarrhea of words. The shadow fox would butt in before she could catch her breath and continue. "Woah, woah Cal! For all things fox please just calm down for just one second!" The fox would say dizzily, literally dazed by the onslaught of words he just had to suffer through. Seriously, what kind of lungs did this girl have? She just seemed to be able to carry on talking forever! It was honestly more scary than it was impressive, he was just glad that she had finally stopped for even a moment. "Cals, we both know very well that I'm not a massive fan of this whole 'cleaning' thing you have to do most days, it's boring to watch and we could be having so much more fun doing something else. I get that, I know you get that. But we also both know we're not gonna be able to do any of that fun stuff until the work is done, Kay won't let you and even if we diiiiid sneak off then we'd just get told off later and wouldn't get any money for that sugar doughnut you really want. So come on Cals, just snap outta it and lets get started! The sooner we start, the sooner we finish. Nehehe!"

With a light hearted sigh, the girl would nod in defeat once she finally had caught her breath back again. Terra was right, there was no real way to avoid this. None that wouldn't end up with something worse happening anyway, so she might as well just get on with it here and now! "Okay Terra, I'm sorry, you're right. I know that's what we have to do, I just kinda hope that by moaning about it everything might just suddenly disappear and be instantly clean ya know? It'd be cool if it did ever happen right? Just imagine how easy it would make everything! Yet I don't think that's something either of us are able to do, huh? So we might as well start at it the old fashioned way!" The girl would say, kicking herself lightly off the wall she was leaning on and with one last big stretch she'd try her hardest to stay awake as she undressed from her usual clothes and into her work uniform. It wasn't necessary for her to do that, Kay didn't force her to, but she liked the little uniform that 8D brought for her once! It was super cute and comfortable to wear! Plus it was kinda dirty already, she tended to make a bit of a mess on her clothes whilst cleaning due to the haphazard technics she used to clean things so it was better to make her work clothes more dirty and keep her favourite clothes clean, right? That made total sense! For once...

A few moments later the young vixen had managed to put on her work attire before proceeding to ensure her ears and tail were hidden away from view. It was kinda funny how she did so in these clothes, instead of putting a hood up to cover her head she had this small bow type thing that went all the way over her head, she simply tucked her ears under this as she was pretty good at keeping her ears down flat now anyway as she's had to for so long. Even if they were to slip out a little the back of her ears were the exact same colour as her hair so they blended in pretty much perfectly anyway unless someone was REALLY paying attention. And lets be honest, no one at a bar is going to be that alert or perceptive are they? As for her tail it was kinda the same deal as she usually did, tucked it into the little dress and wrapped it carefully around her side so it didn't just leave a noticeable bump in her clothes as to where it was. It worked well enough, not as well as her usual clothes, but again drunk people didn't really seem to care. She doubted some of them would notice if she walked out there with them fully on show with how silly they ended up sometimes.

"Okay, I think I'm all set and ready to get this little cleaning sesh a going! We'll be sure to get it done as quickly as possible, yeah Terra? We might even have time to go do one last thing for fun before we have to go to bed for proper! Even if we do have to go to bed though, I had a really good idea of what we could do with 8D when we do. You probably never saw it cause you weren't here, but before he went away a year ago it used to be one of our favourite things to do at night! I bet'cha you'll love it!" The little girl would say excitedly as she remembered about SWITCH story time that she used to play with 8D, it was an awesome fun little game about making up a story together! Where one person starts and says a setting and stuffs then when you want the other person to put in some stuff you shout SWITCH! Then it's their turn to add some stuff to the story! The stupid stories the pair had come up with in the past were amazing! She couldn't wait to tell 8D that she wanted to play that again, she was sure he'd be just as excited as she was!

With new found life from the excitement of playing SWITCH stories again, the girl would walk her way out into the main part of the bar and scan around the place to see what kinda things she was needed for today. The usual, basically. She always had the same lineup of chores to do, it hardly ever changed, the only reason she had to look was to find out exactly WHERE it was she needed to do these said chores. Plus honestly sometimes some places get super bad and noticeably all messy from a mile away then she'd usually start there. That usually kept Kay happy as the smaller things she didn't really notice as often, yet if she left a big spill and Kay came out here to see she'd get shouted at! Well, not really shouted at in a bad way, more just shouted at to be told to go clear it up which was equally annoying cause Callie liked to finish the parts she started before moving onto something else! So if she was midway through cleaning a table then told she had to mop the floor, the fact she couldn't finish cleaning the table first before going to mop the floor left her feeling all annoyed and stuff! It was really annoying, so instead she liked to just start on those chores first so that Kay wouldn't make her switch halfway through something! Genius, right?

With that in mind, the blonde haired girl would pick up on a broken glass that had been dropped to the ground with all its contents still in, well were in, the liquid now covered the floor for a big old spill around the table! Whoever it was that dropped it must've just made a run for it not wanting to get in trouble or something cause there wasn't actually anyone sitting at the table where the spill was. Although this put the girl into a hard place as Kay told her never to deal with glass on her own, which meant she now had to go ask Kay for help anyway! Or she could ignore it... NO! Bad, she had to do her job properly! And as much as Kay wouldn't like being bugged, she'd be more annoyed if someone at the bar stepped on the glass and then ended up making a big scene out of it. So with a quick back step, the girl would enter the kitchen where she'd guess she'd find Kay up to doing something, sure enough she was currently mopping the floor in the kitchen after making a mess of her own when doing the washing up.

"Uhm... Kaay? I need to tell you something..." The girl would say timidly, not wanting to set Kay off into an anger bomb. She was never really sure how upset about things she was until she heard her talk, so she was always careful when she first started talking just in case. "T-there was a spill out in the main bar, someone broke their glass on the ground and then left before I noticed... You told me to always tell you before dealing with anything to do with glass. Uhm, if you want I could finish up the mopping you're doing here if you want to go see it for yourself?" The girl would suggest, hoping that would at least take a bit of tension off of Kay's reaction. She hadn't looked up at first when Callie had first called out for her, so Callie was a little scared that she wasn't in one of her best of moods. Luckily when she did raise her head to look at the girl, she didn't look like she was actually that upset, more tired than anything. Heh, seemed they both had a real busy day, that or this day was just far longer than the others. It kinda felt like it in a weird way, it just seemed to keep going and going forever!

"That'd be great Callie. Thanks, I'll go see what you're talking about and sort it out. Be back in a moment." With that, Kay would hand the mop to Callie and leave the kitchen. Leaving Callie to finish up clearing the mess that Kay herself had spilled onto the floor of the kitchen, it didn't take the girl very long to have the mess all tidied up. It wasn't like there was much left to do from what Kay had already started anyway, although just to be more helpful Callie decided it would be a good idea to start work on the washing up Kay had clearly been doing when she made the mess to give her a little less work to do when she got back. As tired as Callie was herself, she hated to see Kay all tired and wanted to give her as big a break as she could. Besides, Callie was young and full of life most of the time! She'd be able to bring back from going a little over the top with energy that Kay would be able to, so it was just a nice gesture to help out ya know? Well it didn't take Kay long to return to the kitchen and pour a dustpan of glass into a bin, sighing she'd head back over to the young girl and motion that she'd take back over with the washing up. "Thanks dear, you didn't need to do the extra work. The mess is all cleared up out there, you can go back out and finish up with everything else right? There's no more glass to be scared of for now. There's a good girl, we'll probably be closing a little early tonight anyway, I'm absolutely exhausted. She'd chuckle weakly as Callie would nod and start her way back towards the main part of the bar. "Although, that was probably pretty obvious, huh?"

"Woah... She looked just as much of a mess as this bar does right now! Nehehe!" Terra would tease, chuckling to himself before getting a firm frown from Callie to tell him she wasn't impressed by it. "Oh come on Cals, lighten up ya know I'm only joking around! I know how important these people you call 'family' are to you and what not but that doesn't mean we can't tease them right?" Terra would say, trying to get his point across to the girl that it was all in good fun, she knew it was but she was just too tired herself and knew how Kay was feeling so felt bad for her. Although she'd quickly shake her head and try to ignore the fatigue as she got back to the bar and saw all the mess she had to clear up, it was time to be fully alert, fully operational, fully cleaning powers activate! Shh, sounded cooled in her head.

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PostSubject: Re: Sleepy Shift :: Night Work Thread   Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:50 pm

"Hmm... With no noticeably huge messes about now, I think we should start with the floors, might as well wait until more people leave before we get to work on the tables!" The girl would suggest cheerily to her shadow, hopping over towards the back of the bar where the mop was kept, or at least was the place she last left it. Luckily it was still there! The girl would pick up the mop with her left hand and throw it up to catch it in her right. Right! Time to get started! Carefully yet thoroughly, the girl would walk about the bar, mopping her mop back and forth in every spot possible ensuring that she didn't miss out on any little spot that could look all dirty if it was left uncleaned compared to the cleaned clean parts! "Swish, swosh, swish, swosh, back and forth the mop must wash!" The girl would sing happily to keep her mood up. She loved to do silly things like sing about what she was doing or make jokes about it or even make a game out of it. Doing chores could be super boring, so why not do something silly in order to make it more fun? It would always make it more interesting and keep the girl more entertained whilst working, she would get bored way too easily if she didn't make it more fun by adding her own little something something to it!

Halfway done and in no time at all, the girl would slip between each of the tables and the people drinking, cleaning up all the floor space that was available, having to leave behind some small parts of where people had their feet resting and what not. Oh well, they'd be easy to fix up pretty quickly once they had left, she could still get rid of the majority of the mess that lined the place so that was good enough for now! It didn't take her much longer to get it the rest of the bar floor all spick and span, she'd mop up the last corner of the bar before looking back across the bar to inspect her work. Looks awesome! She was always proud of her cleaning after she had finished, as much as it could be hard work, that often seemed to make the whole thing that much sweeter to see the good work she did. Surprisingly, despite how bad she was at keeping concentrated on most of everything else she did she still managed to do a good job of cleaning, it was one of the things she was good at even when not paying attention! Well, yeah, she didn't pay attention to this either, she was always more focused on the game she was trying to make out of it than the cleaning part itself but the job seemed to get done well enough. So no one ever complained about how bad her work really was compared to how she saw it, n-not that it was bad! I never said that! She just over exaggerated her point of view of it a little...

With that out of the way though, Callie would lean the mop back against the back wall where she always kept it and headed over to the bar counter where she kept her duster rag thing she used to clean up the table tops. Fortunately whilst mopping around the bar, she didn't notice any of those stupid spot stains that sometimes appear on the tables, those were the worst, she didn't even know how they appeared! Yet she had many a run in with trying to deal with them, they just never seemed to disappear no matter how hard she tried to scrub them away! There was no explaining it sometimes, it could even be the tiniest piece of mess or sometimes even a small part of a bigger stain where all of the stain washes away easily yet this oonnneee itsy witsy little bit decides it wants to be a big ol' meanie face and make Callie look stupid by not going away no matter how much effort she put into it! It wasn't fair! There should be some like, special kinda stuff that comes in a bottle that you can put on a stain to make it easier to get rid of it or something! That would make this way easier, why didn't that exist. See Callie had all the real smart ideas, instead she was just left with a rag of questionable origin... Didn't this used to be apart of their carpet?

Regardless of that fact, the young vixen would quickly get to work with washing the tops of the tables that weren't being used by anyone. "One, two, three, four, five! Oh my god! New record! I knew I could beat six eventually, did ya see that Terra! I totally got it all right?" The girl would exclaim joyfully, she had managed to clean the entire table with just five swipes of her little rag! That was like a whole new record! It usually took at least six to get all of it done, most tables even more than that as she always would miss a small spot and then have to do a whole extra swipe for just a tiny piece of dirt. This was the most efficient she'd ever been cleaning one of the tables though and she was very impressed with herself! There wasn't a spot of dirt in sight! Damn! Now trying to beat her record would be even harder... Why do these things get more and more difficult every time you do better! Doing better should make it better! Not harder! That was another thing that was just totally unfair! Oh well, at least she did it this time, it had been months since she last beat her record. Now it'll probably be years until she gets down to four swipes... Maybe it'd be easier if she had a bigger rag? Oooohhhh! That might just work! Y-yet, would that be considered cheating? Probably... She didn't want to cheat to get a better score! That would be her being unfair instead of it being unfair! She didn't want to be unfair...

However she would move on to each other table, trying her best to beat her record with each table she scrubbed down yet to no avail. The best she could pull off was another six, she'd be surprised if she even got another five swipes down anytime soon! Yet she was still improving, it was always better to get more efficient at these kinds of things. Not only because it meant everything was cleaned faster. It also meant she was finished with work faster so could do more entertaining things! See, it worked out for everyone in the end! Everyone benefited from it! She got to stop working faster so she wasn't bored and could have lots more fun, Kay didn't have to do any of the work and would be proud of her being done before closing time so that was all good news! And if it was early in the shift it meant she was done cleaning each table much faster so that any new customers that come into the bar, they'd have somewhere to sit nice and fast if they were real busy without many tables free. So it was clearly beneficial for everyone! And with that thought in mind, the girl was done with the last table she was able to clean for now. When she first started working here she used to clean tables that people were drinking at, yet some people seemed to get upset about it. Plus it made it much harder so it wasn't really the best thing to do. Instead now she left them until they were gone, then she'd go to clean the tables! Much more effective. Possibly, probably, sure, why not?

Anyway. That was now both the mopping and the table scrubbing done for now! That's like, almost most of her work done for today! There were only a few little things left to do before she was done with everything for now. Obviously as said before she had to go back to certain parts like scrubbing the tables that people were still at for the moment and mop under those tables and chairs too as she couldn't do that either earlier. Yet those wouldn't take very long and she'd have to wait until they were closed before she could do them anyway, which now that she thought about it wasn't even that long away anymore! Wow, time sure did fly past when she worked, it never seemed like any time passed at all once she started to get to work properly and play all her little games she's made up to make it all much more fun! Nothing like a good bit of fun to make the time of boring stuff pass faster, that's what she always thought! She must be way over two thirds of the way through her shift already, which was fun! Meant she could do something tonight after all if she kept this pace up! Which speaking of keeping this pace up... She didn't have time to think about the fact she had to keep the pace up! That meant she wasn't keeping the pace up anymore! Now, back to it!

Placing her washing rag back behind the bar counter, Callie would stand back up holding her little tray instead that she used to carry all the glasses and mugs too and from the kitchen and bar. This was one of her least favourite jobs, not because it was boring or because it took forever. Cause really if anything this was one of the faster jobs! All she had to do was walk from one room to another, no, the thing that she didn't like about it was how scary it was. Now don't call her stupid for thinking carrying stuff was scary! They were made of glass and things that hurt when they break on your foot! T-trust me, she knows that from experience. She never used to hate this job until that happened once quite recently, yet ever since now she was a little precautious about the whole thing. It was never a good idea to be stupid with things that could hurt you! She had to be careful and look out for herself so that she or no one else in the bar would get hurt! That's what a real super hero would do! Ooohh, maybe she should put that into the SWITCH stories she planned to do with 8D later? That'd be kinda fun! Something super heroy, dunno how she'd link in the glass thing though. Hmm, she was sure she'd think of something when the time came!

With her little tray in hand, the girl would wander the bar collecting any empty cups, mugs and glasses that anyone had left on their table whether it be from a table that someone had recently left or even from the groups of being surrounding the tables. Everyone at the bar were usually regulars and had come quite accustomed to the little girls presence around the bar and were quite fond of her, each always making it easier on the young girl by handing her all the glasses she needed to take away with no fuss whenever she appeared. It was super useful! Being nice to people always had its benefits of they be nice back so she didn't have to have arguments with them or what not about why she was taking away an empty glass... Seriously, that happened once, that guy was weiiirrddd. Why would anyone get so defensive over an empty glass? It wasn't even his glass! Not only do they not own the glasses anyway, the glass in question was the one his friend had been drinking from. People who came here to drink always ended up super strange by the end of their visit than they were when they first entered. Callie had caught on by now that it was clearly the drinks fault this happened. Yet no one let her try any, except the small taste she snuck in once just to try it, although it tasted horrible! So she never did that again. Wasn't worth the stinging sensation on her tongue for any amount of silly happiness the people who drank seemed to gain, she was happy enough all by herself!

"Thank you!" The blonde girl would call out happily as the last of the tables she had to visit's customers handed her all their empty glasses. By this point her little tray was practically over flowing! A-and this was the part she wasn't too fond of, now she had to be SUUUPPEEERRR careful not to drop anything! So no games, no messing around, no having fun for just one minute! This was a time to be serious and a time to get things done right! Taking one careful step at a time, the girl would slowly inch her way across the bar, putting all of her effort into keeping the tray perfectly balanced as she inched her way towards the kitchen door. Fortunately she made it there without incident, and from opening the door, Kay would see the struggle the young Callie was going through and come over to help lighten the load. "Hehe, thanks Kay! This makes it much, much easier!" The girl would say cheerily as Kay took a handful of the glasses off of the towering mess of glass and mug that balanced precariously on top Callie's tray. It didn't take her too much longer to get the tray to the other end of the kitchen and set it aside by the sink ready to be cleaned up. Phew! That was the hard job done and done!

"There! I got most of the cleaning jobs all done out front Kay! There's only a few tables that are left to be cleaned, yet I couldn't do them yet due to the fact people were still drinking there and what not. Do you want me to help out back here? I cou-Yaaaawwwnnn-ld help ya with the glasses if ya wanted? I know you've been busy cleaning them all night." The girl would ask politely, hoping to be of some use to Kay now that she was done out front. Although she was having trouble keeping her eyes open, her tiredness from earlier was creeping back up on her and she was having difficulty staying alert. She'd burned through all her spare energy doing all the out front jobs and now she knew there was no chance she'd be able to play after work... Damn... She'd still totally be up for SWITCH stories though! That didn't take that much effort to do, plus she could be lying in bed whilst they play and fall asleep as soon as they were done! That sounded like the perfect plan for tonight!

"Heh, don't worry yourself about it Cals. Take the rest of the night off." Kay would say, forcing a weak smile on her face. She couldn't bare to see the small child so tired and didn't want to force her to do any more work than she needed to. As much as she was tired herself, she could deal with it. She was an adult after all, and she'd probably just sleep in tomorrow. She had no plans and the bar didn't open in the mornings so it all worked out. "You go rest up, I'll deal with this here, close up the bar early then finish the small cleaning that's left out front. 'Kay?"

With a sleepy smile, Callie would nod appreciatively before giving Kay a big hug. "Thanks Kay! You're the best!" With that the young vixen would turn and rush back to her room, glad that the hard work was all over. She'd quickly undress and put on her pajama's before deciding to go on the search of old 8D. He had to be around here somewhere and she was just itching to tell him that she wanted to play story time with him again! Now then... Where could he be...?

~Work Thread Complete~

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Sleepy Shift :: Night Work Thread
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