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 Party Time! [Gabe]

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PostSubject: Party Time! [Gabe]   Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:54 pm

"Lipstick, check. High heels, check. Hairstyle, check", Brittany chanted as she analyzed her own image in a small, round, pocket mirror she brought along, before returning it to her clutch. She almost never wore this puffball, yellow dress and now she had a reason to remove the dust out of it. A specific occasion demanded a special preparation after all, and she praised it so much to not try to be at least impeccable for the meeting. It's been a while since she was this excited to experience a bit of Endymion's night life with a reasonable company. Having sent a message to his cellphone, all that was left for her was waiting. She did tell him to expect a phone call, but a message was a much less...desperate type of approach. Besides, she wouldn't want the risk of calling him while he was busy or on duty.

The local for the meeting: the entrance of the Concert Hall. Brittany figured it would be easy to spot her if she chose a recognizable enough place that wasn't too "hit or miss"; one thing to avoid was the chance of mismatch. Picking a famous spot for an encounter was the safe bet, and then they could agree on somewhere else to go from there.


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PostSubject: Re: Party Time! [Gabe]   Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:28 pm

This was a bit out of the blue, leaving Gabe to feel a little bit unprepared. However, it seems as if  he was going to go out tonight with Brittany. This is something that Gabe remember talking about with her after he went over to her house. The visit was lovely, and it left Gabe to be a bit vocal on enjoying her company. He didn't expect it to be so soon, which is what surprised him. "Ok..." Gabe would stare blatantly at the mirror after taking a shower, lotioning himself and trying to figure out what he should wear.  After gathering hi thoughts, he would leave his house and head off to the meeting place.

Later that  evening, Gabe would be seen seen standing at the waiting place as well, sending Brittany a text that he's here.

"Ok, maybe i should find her as well?"

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PostSubject: Re: Party Time! [Gabe]   Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:31 pm

Took a while for Brittany to actually notice her cellphone ringing buried under the myriad of girly stuff in her clutch and if it weren't for the vibrating "buzz" (which at first she deduced to be just a fly or any other winged insect bugging her - no pun intended - at night), she would never pick it, being a natural airhead. Once she spotted it, her smile took scene and covered almost all of her face. "Gabe" was the name displayed in the screen, and the message from him was exactly what she was expecting.

It wasn't hard, after some time of walking around actually paying attention to every single guy she stumbled upon, to spot the guy in nearby distance. The meeting place was a very recognizable hot spot for encounters, yes, but her description was rather vague in regards to WHERE exactly she was supposed to meet him. Some could argue that Gabe's appearance was rather common to stand out. To Brittany, he was noticeable, distinct enough and, if she should add, equally distracted with the environment or perhaps his own thoughts. Or maybe it was just the nightlife atmosphere in Endymion. Despite all possible dangers with the demonic issues, Endymion, as the city that never sleeps, also becomes a confusion of scents and noises that could easily sway anyone, something that Brittany, as a pretty urban girl, greatly appreciated. Gabe not having noticed her meant the opportunity she was waiting for. By walking carefully behind him, making as little sound as she could and at the right moment, Gabe could feel hands enveloping his eyes and suddenly everything in sight turning black. Hands that would later reveal their identity once a merry voice announced what could be taken as a harmless threat:

"Halt! Pass the money!", the cheerful giggle would take over right after, leaving no doubts that it was Brittany all along.


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PostSubject: Re: Party Time! [Gabe]   Thu Jan 26, 2017 3:57 am

Gabe didn’t see her coming, but he did raise his hand’s as if it was an actual stickup. “Ohno! I’ve been put in to such a compromising situation. If you want my wallet, you'll have to reach into my pants. Whatever shall I do?” Gabe said jokingly. “It’s not ever day that you get a robber that smells so nice. Is it who I think it is? “ As soon as Gabe said that, he gently lifted one hand over her eyes and turned over to the right side. “Ahh, of course, Brittany! Hey, you look amazing in that outfit. I just hope you’re warm enough? Wouldn’t want you catching a cold. “ As soon as Gabe let her hand’s go, he started to fidget with his gloves, adjusting them.

“Where are we going? You haven’t really told me that part, I only agreed to come
.” What did she have planned?
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PostSubject: Re: Party Time! [Gabe]   

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Party Time! [Gabe]
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