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 Before the Night: (For Ritsuko):

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PostSubject: Before the Night: (For Ritsuko):   Tue Nov 15, 2016 3:13 pm

Axel usually didn't go drinking much, but today was an exception. Today, He Was Joining the cadets. Which called for a small celebration.
Which called for a trip to Salamander's.
At this time of day, not many would have started drinking yet..
Unless you were like Axel, and just wanted some quiet time.
"Bartender, gimme a Cuba Libre." Axel said, and was soon passed one.


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PostSubject: Re: Before the Night: (For Ritsuko):   Wed Nov 16, 2016 8:59 pm

The air inside the bar hung thick with sorrow, a sort of radiating melancholy that gathered thick like fog. The Red Salamander certainly wasn't a place for celebrating, that was for certain. It was a solemn and unspoken designated meeting place for the dregs of society, those that have been wrought down and kicked in the ribs. It was the kind of place you'd go to nurse a heartache from a bad breakup or being fired from your job and get sucked into the abyss of an alluring bottle. The regulars were already starting to pile in for the night, as every other night. Kano already knew most of them by name, what they'd order, where'd they'd sit... Not even the oriental décor could detract from the sullen atmosphere, the shiisha dog statues and wall scrolls serving as more of a parody than anything else. Which is why the bartender's face lit up when he encountered his new blond customer.

"Hey, welcome to Salamander's," Kano would call out casually with a knowing smirk, "Take a seat anywhere ya want, if you get hungry grab a menu and Midori'll be with you as soon as she can." At no surprise to the barkeep, the swaggering gentleman sidled right up to the bar. He looked like a talker, a little to extroverted to be in a place like this. In any case, Kano was satisfied to possibly have someone less than depressing to speak to.
"One rum and coke..." the gruff, well-dressed gentleman trailed off, grabbing a drink glass from the side of the bar and plunking a few cubes of ice in it with his fingers.
"So you from around here, pal?" the burly gent inquired, mixing the dark rum with some cola from the soda sprayer and fishing out a lime from his ice box as he made a shot at conversation.
"Never seen you around her before. Most folks 'round these parts don't call it a Cuba Libre, either." No sooner did the glass touch the table than it was scooped up by a small, pale hand. Ritsuko threw the drink back as she glided her way down the bar to her miserable little corner, slamming the drink down on the bartop somewhere down the line.

"Whiskey sour, Kano," she more or less demanded in an angry, slightly shaky voice.
"Weeeeeeelcome back, Ris..." the burly barman commented in a less than enthused voice, turning to make his original customer his mixed drink. Ritsuko was sitting low in her seat with her elbows propped up on the counter, her hands covering her nose and mouth with her guitar case in her lap. Her cheeks were puffy from crying, her eyes still noticeably wet, and her small frame was rocking slightly with gasping shudders. A rum and coke still found its way in front of the athlete, fairly quickly at that.
"Try not to take that personal, aright?" the bearded barkeep rumbled in a sympathetic tone, not even bothering to quiet his voice out of earshot of the small Japanese woman. "She's like that to everyone, but if you ignore'er she tends to keep to herself and doesn't cause any problems." With that, Kano would turn to his cocktail mix for the young lady with the attitude problem, leaving his new patron to nurse his own assumed sorrows whatever they may be.
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PostSubject: Re: Before the Night: (For Ritsuko):   Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:07 pm

Yup. Typical bar scene.
"Yeah. I am." He answered. Then there was the girl who practically snatched up the glass the second it hit the counter. Oh well. At least he still got the drink in the end...
"Thanks." He said.
"Although what's with her? Honestly, I'm curious. She deprrssed?" He asked as he drank it. Maybe he could put his talent to use today...


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PostSubject: Re: Before the Night: (For Ritsuko):   Thu Nov 17, 2016 4:23 pm

The barman gave a small shrug as he stretched out to grab the glass she had just plunked down.
"No idea, but she's here near every night. Sometimes she's a little hellion and other times..." The gruff, well-dressed barman gestured half-heartedly to the sulking musician huddling at her end of the bar. The burly gentleman scratched at his beard with a thoughtful look, choosing his words carefully.
"From what I've paid attention to she's never had it easy, but she doesn't like to talk about it. Until she's had a few and starts bitching about it." Kano whispered those last words under his breath to avoid his more sensitive, aggressive customer from picking up on it. Truth be told he knew a lot more about Ris's situation than he'd let on, but it wasn't any business for strangers and even himself. By what he'd gathered she was abused in foster care, was institutionalized at some point for what he had no idea and didn't dare ask, and the Eternal Divide affected her a lot more deeply than anyone else he'd met. At least she spoke of it that way. But she'd speak about it when she was ready to and he wasn't going to press the issue.

Kano's stony face frowned for a moment and then scrunched up as he shrugged, taking a washcloth to the empty glass. There were two types of people in the world as far as he considered: ya got the types that had to do something and get involved, and the types that liked to weigh their options or not do anything at all. The blond man certainly looked to be the former. He could tell what was comin' from a mile off.
"Approach at your own risk, pal," he casually cautioned, "If she throws your drink in your face ya still gotta pay for it. So you wanna pay right now or open a tab for the night? There's a $15 minimum for tabs here, Cuba Libre's gonna cost ya 6," the barman explained, smoothly transitioning to the topic of business as he shook up bourbon and lemon juice in a shaker. The tab was in there for walk-outs and not all bars approached it the same way, but six dollars for a rum and coke was a lot better than the nine he could get away with. Keeping an ear open and staying approachable, Kano clomped down the bar to serve his mor insufferable customer her drink.

Ritsuko was completely self-absorbed sulking at her end of the bar, rocking in the seas of her own turbulent grief. She felt the dull, thudding ache of anguish slowly rapping against her skull. It was hard not to start crying again, but she managed. Raising her expectations with people like that only to be stabbed through chest was traumatic, and the rejection was still rattling through her insides like a ricocheting gunshot. She felt worthless, unwanted, as if everyone saw her for what she was made into and not how she wanted to be. It was difficult to accept the fact that she was the problem, that she was a fundamentally unlovable human being. She knew she was broken. It consumed her life. But it wasn't her fault and having that ground in her face opened oozing sores and scars. Ritz didn't want to face that pain, she'd run away from it instead. There was no one that she could speak to without letting them into her walls to kick her while she's down, drinking was the only thing that made it disappear for a few hours.

"Hey Ris." Kano introduced himself by pouring her sweet, alcoholic beverage before her in a crystal glass. She didn't look up to him, but her stillness showed that she acknowledged his presence. The barkeep frowned. He knew she wouldn't want to talk about her problems, she never did, and she looked a lot worse off tonight.
"Opening a tab?" he asked softly with concern in his tone.
"...yeah..." Her response was barely above a whisper to his question. Sorrow radiated off the young woman as she buried her face further into her arms on the bartop, a signal the barman would receive and respect.
"Hmm... m'kay..." he didn't press, "We can talk money later. Just... let me know if you need anything, aright?" Her silence was his answer, not even deigning to touch her drink yet. With a sigh, the barkeep would give her the space she wanted, turning to clean out his shaker to occupy himself.
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PostSubject: Re: Before the Night: (For Ritsuko):   Thu Nov 17, 2016 8:49 pm

Axel nodded at his words. Looks like he would have to get her to loosen up... and though part of his concience wanted to say otherwise, he ignored it with the slight amount of alcohol he drank.
Although the barman's word would have otherwise been ignored, the bit on the tab was important. He could reasonably go for one, and risk getting a huge hole in his wallet in the time it would take to get her drunk.

Or he could pay now, leave, and come back when she was in one of her better moods. He thought about it as the barman served her a drink on a tab.
This was the event horizon for the point of no return. What would he do?

Answer: Leave.

As he was about to call for a tab, a sudden flashback surged through his head, dredged up by the alcohol.
It was from back in his drinking days post-divide. He remembered how Paolo told him that the first few times he tried talking to Axel, he wouldn't respond. Paolo had to wait until Axel was in a sober state for them to talk with any meaningful impact. Drunk, he was chattable, but practically incomprehensive from all the slurring.
In other words, if he wanted to show her the kindness Paolo had shown him...
He'd have to be here earlier next time. Before she started drinking.
Besides, there was something he had to do tonight.
"Bartender! I'm gonna pay!" Axel called out to him. Once he came there, he spoke again.
"I'm gonna leave for now. Changed my mind. If I'm going to talk to her while having any meaning, it'll be when she's sober. I should know. I used to be quite the drinker myself." He said, getting out the six dollars before leaving.
There would be time to talk later between.
Tonight... he had other, important things he needed to do. Besides, the last thing Paolo would want is for him to enter a relapse into rehab for alcohol.
They had gone through all that to get Axel's life together.
He wasn't gonna waste it, and just like Paolo, he was gonna help someone get back up on their feet.
Someday soon.
He held that resolve as he left the bar.
Exit. Soundtrack is in signature now. Progress Report: Stable.


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PostSubject: Re: Before the Night: (For Ritsuko):   Thu Nov 17, 2016 9:01 pm

Social Link could not be formed...


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PostSubject: Re: Before the Night: (For Ritsuko):   

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Before the Night: (For Ritsuko):
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