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Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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 Wolven Justice [Work Thread :: Night] [Energy Drink Used]

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PostSubject: Wolven Justice [Work Thread :: Night] [Energy Drink Used]   Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:24 pm

When the daytime drew to a close and made way for the moon's reign over the sky as it did every day, so did the Tokyo Strip close down its door, most likely fearing the possibility of an attack on part of the demons that were known to roam unpopulated areas of night-time Endymion. The smell of traditional incenses and fish-related foods still somewhat lingered in the air, left as a reminder of the fact that traditional japanese festivities were held in this part of the district every single afternoon. Tonight, however, this part of Little Tokyo would be host to a different kind of event, an event that involved a criminal and a wolf.

"A burglar has been repeatedly breaking into our restaurant at night and stealing money from our vault. We already make little money as it is, we don't want this scoundrel leeching off of our lifeline. The police say they can't find anything, but I don't believe them, and the cadets are far too important to ask. I managed to get a glimpse of her last night: She has neck-length black hair, brown eyes and a circular burn mark right below her chin. I don't care what you do with her, just make her stop stealing our money. Payment will be handled in bitcoin, but we don't have much to offer. Contact me and I'll give you the restaurant's address."

Every day, finding vigilante work became harder and harder for Selenus, as the cadets were admittedly doing a good job of keeping more important criminals at bay. Small-time criminals, however, were still fair game, and Selenus had made a habit of getting his next target from the Deep Web. Of course, he was incredibly specific in which joobs he took, with the prime unbreakable priority being whether or not the target was a criminal. This meant that Selenus only took pleas for help from victims, not requests for an accomplice from criminals disguised as "hit jobs"; It was easy enough to convert the bitcoins into real currency.

Sure enough, a shadowy figure had been creeping its way into the previously mentioned restaurant for the past few weeks. The owner of the restaurant knew perfectly well that he couldn't stand up to a criminal, especially one that's probably armed, without throwing away his life; this is why he called for help on the deep web rather than try to confront her himself. Selenus, however, had no clear way of knowing this, which is why he would spot the target and observe it closely for proof of the crime befre actually taking any sort of irreversible action. If he did anything to an innocent person... yeesh...

Before begginning, Selenus always made it a habit to ensure that his systems were all online and fully operational. It wouldn't do to find out that a driver has been disabled this whole time and have to reboot it manually while in the middle of a fight, that would be severely atention-dividing and dangerous for the robot wolf. He would begin by checking that all his drivers were activated: check. All limb motors and extremity motors at 85% operability or higher: Check. Internal CPU operating with 60% or more free space of RAM: Check check check! Alright, everything was ready to go, now all that was left was to... well... go!

No, wait wait wait... there was one thing missing. Now that Selenus had awakened to his persona, he had an additional tool of his trade at his disposal. He invoked the chains that summoned his persona and bit down, but didn't quite summon his battlebrother Fenrir. Instead, this invocation was done so as to summon his mask, his terrorist disguise: Ragnarok. Since his line of work already involved being sneaky and remaining anonymous, Selenus AKA Ragnarok figured that a magical disguise that prevented him from being recognized would be infinitely useful. Thus, he donned it with pride, comfort and utility.

The black fiery wolf took his first step into the Little Tokyo district and basked in the relaxing sight that was a night-time district that wasn't as exaggeratedly crowded as Vista Square or Suzie Q. While he didn't mind the tinnitus - in fact, strangely enough the sounds of crowds relaxed him - the sounds of nature had always been a top favorite of his. He could listen to them all day, and he probably would if he wasn't so freaking busy trying to free his father from captive prison. Regardless, Selenus would gather his thoughts and step deeper into the Litle Tokyo district. He had a possible criminal to take care of.

As kryptobot snuck further into the core of the district, his mind wandered towards how he would go about taking care of the criminal (if she turned out to be one, mind you). As always, he would never bring himself to kill a human being unless he absolutely had to and he had no other possible choice; he'd killed too many innocents already, even if it wasn't his fault. Selenus planned to sneak into the restaurant and wait for the would-be-criminal to come by, wait until she attempts to steal money, then confront her. Unless she happened to be a terrorist herself, subduing her would prove to be fairly easy, he thought.

It was still a few ways until Selenus would reach his destination, so his mind began to wander into things other than his modus operandi for the night. He wondered if Newman would be proud of him for bringing justice to the streets, or dissapointed in him for deciding what's justice. He'd seen that kind of internal conflict before in movies, and while he thought his own justice was fairly simple (Make others suffer or break the law and you get a visit) the same could probably be said about the cadets, he thought. They enforced justice themselves, yet there were those who found it to not be justice, even if they think their justice is as basic as possible.

His thoughts about whether or not he was any better than the cadets and the very people he was trying to defeat would be interrupted by his arrival at the Tokyo Strip sub-section of the Little Tokyo district. The shops seemed to be all closed for the night, as expected, but this wouldn't stop Selenus from entering. Even if worse came to worse, he technically had the owner of the restaurant's permission to be there. After a bit of walking, he found the restaurant that had been specified in the request he read. It was a quaint and small locale, but it certainly looked cozy from the outside.


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PostSubject: Re: Wolven Justice [Work Thread :: Night] [Energy Drink Used]   Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:12 pm

Selenus made his way inside, being careful to not let the door creak any more than necessary. He doubted anybody would be inside yet, but one could never be too cautious, especially when dealing with criminals and the such. The loale was decorated with a few replicas of japanese art, which were spread throughout the walls, and the floor was made of a cheap, oaken wood that would've creaked had Selenus not been specifically designed for stealth. Barnished tables found themselves at equal distances across the restaurant floor, though they weren't exactly the cleanest things in existance. Whoever ran this restaurant needed some better clean-up staff.

Selenus made his way across the various tables, being careful not to bump into any of them and attract attention to himself through sound. He checked behind the main counter and found a cash register, but not a full-blown money vault. He searched through the various cabinets behind the counter, but only found various assorted supplies and utilities. Nothing that could indicate to the location of the vault. But then, he saw a light grey glint coming from the space behind the cabinets. He pulled the cabinets out and found a black box with a digital lockpad on it. Selenus stuck his tail into the wiring of the lockpad and was able to hack it easily. No wonder the thief was able to keep stealing money; the security was abysmal.

Luckily for whoever owned the shop, that days collected earnings were still inside of the vault. Selenus wondered why whoever ran the restaurant didn't just keep the money elsewhere if the current location was so problematic, but whatever. Selenus was sure they had their reasons. The fact that the money was still in the vault meant that the perpetrator hadn't yet come to the establishment, so Selenus was in good time. He decided to get into position as soon as possible so that he would be ready as soon as the criminal entered the premises; he was expecting them to make a quick, unpredictable entrance, so every second counted.

Selenus scanned the restaurant a little bit, looking for an appropiate place where he could remain concealed but also have a good visual on the target at the same time. Eventually, Selenus looked up and noticed the wooden ceiling joints that connected the pillars that held up the ceiling itself. Selenus figured that with the unexpected positioning, darkness of the locale at this time of night, and overall position, the top of the ceiling joint directly above the doorway would be the optimal place to strike from. Thusly, Selenus used his tail to hoist himself up unto the ceiling joint and waited for the criminal to make their appearance.

Eventually - after nearly thirty whole minutes of waiting in place - the criminal showed up to the scene of the crime. As the online description promised, the criminal was a tall, tan and muscular woman. Her curly black hair hung down up to the height of her neck, and her brown eyes were placed above a circular, marble-sized burn mark on the underside of her chin, though Selenus wouldn't be able to see this last bit of info for himself yet. She was wearing a black turtle-neck sweater, black leather gloves, brown boots and blue jeans. Selenus also noticed that she was wearing make-up and eyeliner. Either she had just come back from an event, or she took her acts of crime too seriously.

Selenus decided to simply watch and observe for now, he would not attack her until he could confirm for himself that she was truly a criminal and not just somebody being framed. Selenus watched the woman slowly approach the counter and duck in order to inspect its contents. Selenus stealthily shifted from joint to joint until he could see her from behind the counter, and lo and behold: She was retrieving money from the vault that he'd forgotten to re-lock. Selenus grimaced internally at his incompetence, but quickly regained his composure. Now that he had confirmation, it was time to take action and confront the criminal in front of him.


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Wolven Justice [Work Thread :: Night] [Energy Drink Used]
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