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 Late Afternoon/Early Evening: The Librarian and the Performer (Phoenix)

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PostSubject: Late Afternoon/Early Evening: The Librarian and the Performer (Phoenix)    Sun Nov 13, 2016 11:49 am

The BackLight. Haru had only heard about the place from the odd guy he had met in the garden back at Sunlake Palms named Grins. He was told this was where his bar was located, but at a glance the place was not to be found; however, this was okay for the young man had some time to spare despite work eating his whole afternoon placing the time now somewhere around early evening. Despite how late it was in the day, the sun was still out and the weather still nice. On top of this, he was finally free to do as he pleased. Sure he could’ve gone to the after party to celebrate the success of the concrete he had with Trinity, but he wasn’t looking to drink and party. No. He honestly just wanted to get to some place quiet, but did not have the time needed to catch a train to East Eden to relax if he wanted to be around to do his other job.

Donning his typical disguise, the idol would leave the Suzie Q and come to the BackLight more out of curiosity rather than having any particular goal in mind outside of exploring something new. Moving amongst the people at a casual pace, his blue contact covered eyes would scan the area taking in all the businesses around the huge building that dominated the area and seemed to hold even more. He would keep himself busy checking out various stores and sampling some food in the area to see what the place had to offer. In his exploring, he did eventually find Grins hole in the wall bar, but for today did not drop in as he instead paused for a moment just to mentally lock in where it was before moving on.

He would pause by the window of a pet store as the little excited fluff ball in the window caught his eye and was honestly too cute not to pay attention to. As he watched the happy pup climb over the others to get to the window, he found himself smiling a bit as he debated about actually buying the pup not for himself, but Lisa. She had mentioned she wanted a pup of her own, but just didn’t have enough time to go choose one. Hmm. He would back track a bit to go into the store to speak with the owner about the pup and even meet the little one to make sure it was the right one. When he was sure, he would place a hold on it and let the shop owner know he would come back for the little guy when he was done with some other errands. Pleased the little guy was getting home, the owner just had him sign some paper work to make the deal official. He’d pay and get the little guy when he returned later. With that task done and feeling pretty good about it all, he would exit the store pausing off to the side of the entrance to get his phone and set a reminder for himself. Once that was done, he would tuck away the phone in his jacket and glance across the street only for his eyes to land on the word library on a sign. Huh. How did he miss that?

Curious and being reminded he actually needed to find a book about something anyhow, the idol would cross the street and go into the library that looked not too big from the outside, but once inside proved to be more spacious than he thought. There were two floors packed with books meaning he had a variety to keep him busy and distracted. Though to stay somewhat on task, he probably should go to the section he needed to be in first and find the book or books he needed before exploring other books. If he let himself get sidetracked there was no turning back. So focusing on his task he would look at the various shelves from his position a bit off to the side of the entrance wondering where in this place was the section on gardening and plants. Hrmm... He would blink a bit as he shifted in his spot and did the only thing that was natural in the situation where on needed to stay focus on the task at hand: try to find the librarian for guidance….

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PostSubject: Re: Late Afternoon/Early Evening: The Librarian and the Performer (Phoenix)    Wed Nov 16, 2016 6:44 pm

This happened far too often than he would like to admit. One would think that the people that came to a library would possess enough common sense to not make a librarian's work harder than it needs to be, but sometimes expectations really fall short. In all honesty, he would very much prefer to spend his time at his desk, and read something during the times there was no customer in the need of assistance, but circumstances were hardly ever so pleasing. Cleaning up the messes left by not very thoughtful customers was always the least fun of it all. Not that Phoenix would normally bother complaining about it aloud. Just occasional internal disappointments when it came to considering the general happenings during his shifts at this place. Maybe they should put up some disclaimers, reminding people to not put picked up books down at random places instead of where they originally belonged? He was kind of skeptical of the effectiveness of such, but one can never know. Even a few people taking it in mind would make this work less tedious to complete. So many books he had to move around to make it easier for incoming customer to find whatever they needed.

In fact, he had spent a decent amount of time rearranging the top shelf of books about history before the newest customer poked their head in. Thankfully, he was just about done, or so he assumed. He would probably need to check the book database at the computer to make sure of that, but it would appear there was no time for that. Typically, he did not approach incoming people right away unless they were obviously lost as he preferred they come to him when they themselves needed assistance of any kind, but since he was already on the move instead of sitting at his front desk, he figured he may as well do what his job dictates and be welcoming. Sort of. It wasn't necessarily required for him to go out of his way like that, but he had nothing better to do at the moment anyway.

He would stop on his way to his work desk to glance at the young man who was standing near the entrance and apparently not moving anywhere just yet.

''Do you need help with something?''


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PostSubject: Re: Late Afternoon/Early Evening: The Librarian and the Performer (Phoenix)    Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:12 pm

His eyes would look over the library automatically locking on the empty front desk. He supposed the librarian was hidden somewhere...and that meant he would have to do the very thing he wanted to avoid for the moment -pass by all those other random books and get off task.

Heh. Welp.

More amused than upset by the matter, the idol smiled lightly as he shook his head and turned his eyes towards the vast amount of books in front of him. Well, he supposed wandering was okay though some sections would get him in trouble time wise. Even so, he did have a reminder on his phone and he was not in a particular rush to do anything, so maybe this was okay. Regardless of that though, standing here wasn’t going to solve neither his problem of finding said books he was after or determine how long he would spend here. Nope all this was going to do was give him an estimate of how long he could ponder random things before actually refocusing on what he was to do. See? Already a wonderful start to not doing what he was suppose to be doing. Ah well.

In any case, his light smile would fade as he pulled himself out of his thoughts and actually prepared himself to move; however, before he could do anything this guy came from out of those rows of books and as he was going by he would pause and asked him a question. A question that took the idol a few seconds to answer as his mind took in what was before him.

There was nothing unusual per-se about the guy. His style of dress was laid back and his hair quite wild. He had red eyes, but what caught the idol off guard more than that was the expression of boredom that the guy seemed to wear. He came off as just a kid that was so bored he had came in the library simply because there was nothing better to do. It was this surface impression that caused the delay as the idol tilted his head at the other slightly as he observed him with an unreadable expression and then understanding that this kid was the librarian, he would speak.

“Where would I find books on botany and gardening?” he would ask his tones soft and to the point. Welp 2 points for failed social skills. Honestly, where was hello and how are ya in this? How about an apology for the delay in answering and stare? No? Oh dear...

The idol was truly a lost case in the social arena, but would this fail hurt him now? He had answered the question, but didn't most expect pleasantries and what not beforehand? He guess he would have to wait and see what sort this guy was.
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PostSubject: Re: Late Afternoon/Early Evening: The Librarian and the Performer (Phoenix)    

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Late Afternoon/Early Evening: The Librarian and the Performer (Phoenix)
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