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 Chapter 2: Chatting thru Texting [GioGio]

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PostSubject: Chapter 2: Chatting thru Texting [GioGio]   Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:32 am

Legs up, head down. That's Brittany's current position, laying in her couch, the book she had been reading wide open covering her face. How it didn't fall to the carpet was a mystery. Her head seemed to be too good of a support for this, and yet she wasn't even trying to keep the book in perfect balance. Should anyone take the book out of the girl's face, they'd find Brittany was...snoring somewhat loud. The girl had a tiresome day and likely she had fallen asleep while reading. The chosen book is nothing less than Fables, the one a certain blond guy recommended her in a bookstore. The same blond guy to whom she has sent a text message one hour before falling into the dreamland, with one arm stretched up her head, holding said cellphone in hopes the answer would come soon. Well, it didn't, and she got tired of waiting. Actually, she was tired already for other reasons. Regardless, should Gio check the message, what would pop up in his screen would be something like this:

how r u doing?? guess who's it =p
im reading the book you told me to!
its soo cool! really check this bcuz i want some1 to talk about it and i have nobody ='( hahaha


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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2: Chatting thru Texting [GioGio]   Wed Nov 02, 2016 12:11 pm

When Brittany texted Gionatan, he wasn't with it in his possession, the young man went out with his family and left it at home which is why he took so long to reply. Once he arrived home and checked his cellphone he saw the notification on his screen, he opened it and read the message. Judging by the message's content and how it was written, he assumed it was the pink haired girl he met at the book store. GioGio would sit down in his bed and would write a reply to Brittany

I've been doing fine, Brittany, thank you.
I'm glad you liked it, i wasn't sure if it matched your tastes.
If you really want to discuss it, i'll be waiting for your reply.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2: Chatting thru Texting [GioGio]   Thu Nov 03, 2016 2:15 pm

When the message arrived, Brittany was still sleeping. Her phone, however, was unquiet in her hand as the vibrating sound resonated well in the silence of her living room. With that alone, Brittany didn't awake. She would only draw a reaction when said cellphone got tired of her hand and, with so much shaking, ended up falling to the ground, the metallic sound of its encounter against the wooden floor being enough of a nuisance to cause the girl to sit in a sudden bursting move, a sonorous and scared "AAAAAAAAAAH" crossed the apartment. She looked around, still scared in the hazy consciousness between dream and reality, searching for the source of such loud sound. Was it Bernard? Or did someone actually invade her apartment because she left the windows open for the snow owl to roam free? Now that's a more valid reason to be scared. Her first instinct would be to go to the kitchen and grab something to defend herself: anything could do. A broom, a knife, a pan... The second was to notice it was actually her cellphone in a troubling position in the ground. During the fall collision, the battery had pulled out and, while the screen itself didn't crack, the mere sight of each component of her beloved pink cellphone scattered around was enough to freak her momentarily. "Boo...", she lamented, rubbing her sleep eyes before picking the parts and, with some patience, putting her cellphone together in shape. Gladly, there were no scratches on its surface, it would be a major heartbreak if her favorite device was ruined because she was reckless like always.

Past some time (the book that also was thrown to the ground when Brittany awoke could be found back to the couch), the cellphone was turned on and the first thing that popped in the screen was the so awaited message. Gionatan was so formal with writing it almost made her feel awkward replying with such bad grammar and writing, if she weren't excited for having this talk long anticipated with him. Having someone to chat about books was far a new thrilling ride.

"hiii! you found out my secret identity >< hahaha
i feel so bad about snow white u know
i take it back everything i said about her being polyamorous
shes just my favorite character like EVER but really its so creepy what she had gone thru
and to think this also happens a lot in real life makes me feel sad
hey what is urs? and what arc did you like more?
but no spoilers!!


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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2: Chatting thru Texting [GioGio]   Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:06 am

After sending his message to Brit, GioGio would distract himself with other things while her reply didn't arrive, but he didn't had to wait for too long. After reading the message he couldn't help but chuckle, he found the way Brittany wrote her messages quite endearing, he started to write his message immediately.

"It wasn't easy, i had to call some contacts
and pull some favors to find you out.
But back at the topic Snow White is a strong person,
she went through a lot of horrible experiences
but she survived.
However this does not make
your interpretation of the fairy tale invalid,
i personally find it very amusing, hahah.
As for characters, i like Snow White and Bigby
I'll be honest you with Brit, i only read the first arc."
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2: Chatting thru Texting [GioGio]   Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:42 pm

By then, Brittany had her living room TV turned on. Some musical program aired, the kind that plays some songs and music videos at the audience's choice, but the girl, sat comfortably with the feet over her couch, hardly payed any attention to it, laughing like silly at her own cellphone's screen.

"no way!!
ive just finished the 1st arc 2!!
bigby is handsome and all
but dont u think its weird
hes in love with snow white?
theyre from different lores!!
u know, it looks like shrek all over again
but a bit different bcoz shrek was funny and fables is all dead serious
what do u think??


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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2: Chatting thru Texting [GioGio]   Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:48 pm

This time the reply didn't take as long as before, but he had to think for a moment on how to reply to it, he was a bit surprised with what Brittany written, the girl is like a pink package of laughter and surprises.

"Hahah, you caught me
i'm kind of a faker recommending something
without having read everything.
I had no idea Bigby would be his type,
although i didn't expect you take issue
with the fact they are from different lores
and not that Bigby was a former actual wolf
who did horrible things to people,
but i think they make a good couple
just because they are from different 'worlds'
it doesn't mean they can't be together, right?"
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2: Chatting thru Texting [GioGio]   Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:58 pm

he certainly doesnt look like a wolf now
thats all that matters lmao

In fact, if there was one thing she liked about Bigby, is the fact he looked nothing like the former animal self. And that's a plus! She could always use some eyecandy, even if in this case said eyecandy was too old for her tastes. Anyway, the girl's eyes glimmered at a special fragment of Gio's text. Precisely the last one.

i didnt know u were the romantic type!
r u dating?

Alright, maybe the question was a bit intrusive, but it's Brittany, she doesn't know the boundaries of personal space. That and she was the hopeless romantic kind of girl who could go on and on talking about love stories and following other people's incursion into the territory of love. Hearing about people's happiness has always been something that greatly gives her joy, even if she couldn't share said happiness on her own.


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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2: Chatting thru Texting [GioGio]   Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:30 pm

"Fair, i suppose."

He decided not to dwell on the Bigby subject too much, he was more human than wolf at that point and was more like a werewolf rather than just a wolf. Besides, the second half of her text was much more interesting, not something he was expecting but he wasn't displeased either. He wondered though, why the interest in his romantic life, if he was going to be honest he doesn't have and never had one.

"I wouldn't say i'm the romantic type, hahah
Maybe just a bit pretentious : P
and no, i'm currently single and i'm not
interested on anyone.
What about you? I bet a girl like you
has a lot of admirers? Or do you have any

Since the pink haired girl had asked about his romantic life, she gave him the same freedom to ask such questions. She appeared to be the type who would have an agitated love life, however Brittany subverted such expectations before.


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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2: Chatting thru Texting [GioGio]   

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Chapter 2: Chatting thru Texting [GioGio]
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