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 Traveling Parlor - Themed to Succeed [Afternoon :: Work Thread]

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PostSubject: Traveling Parlor - Themed to Succeed [Afternoon :: Work Thread]   Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:02 pm

With a sigh and an agitated stare towards the mirror in her bathroom, the Parlor Ghost would put her hat on and spin out of her bathroom. She'd spin towards the back door and promptly exit her small abode. She never used the front door... And when she was asked about that she simply said it was better to keep it locked and barricaded in case demons came around. She had seem movies, yo, and if zombies were smart enough to do it demons totally were!

The Parlor Ghost would step into the pleasant Spring Afternoon, tucking her hands carefully into her trench coat's pockets. She'd walk down the street towards Sunlake Palms, eager to start another shift of the Traveling Parlor! It was important to make sure she moved the location of her parlor every morning, afternoon, and night! Why one might ask? It's so it stayed an exotic venue. Sunlake Palms was huge and the places she could set up shop were vast! Plus, why not have an easy excuse to spy on people while working!

It didn't take long to get to her parlor, neatly parked at the back of a park. She'd make sure the parlor door was still locked before unlocking her truck and hopping in. She was careful to only take back roads as anything else meant people would know where she'd show up! Or, at least, where she was currently at. It was best to keep her venue as secretive as possible, if she did so, it meant people were most likely to come to her parlor out of curiosity. After all, the Ghost didn't know of any other shops that did exactly what her's did.

Riding down back roads was unbearably dull though. There was rarely anyone worth spying on or even considering stalking. Old couples had their occasional perks, but there was no real challenge in stalking them unless they were super aware ninjas! That happened once, actually... Terrifying night... But the Parlor Ghost would heave a happy sigh as she found the perfect location. An abandoned lot with a somewhat torn down house. What would make a better view from inside the parlor?

With a grunt, she'd park the parlor inside of the lot, quickly hopping out of the truck to open shop. How did she do that? Well, she unlocked the door, put a small sigh in front saying "The Traveling Parlor" and waited inside with undying excitement. Nothing was better than putting on a show and completely embracing her weird personality! People expected it from her! Well, they expected it and wanted it in the parlor... When she was just on the streets it caused problems... But now it was anxious anticipation! And a few minutes later, a very careful knock came a knockin at her parlor door.

With an eccentric look on her face, she'd rush towards the front door, a smile across her face and a tablet in her hand as she pushed the door open with gusto! She'd spin as she looked at the usually shocked look on the faces of her guests. It was obvious that this was their first time (that and she didn't recognize the young couple.) at her fine establishment.

"Welcome to the Traveling Parlor! I am the Wandering Parlor Ghost here to serve your every parlor associated need!" she'd say with an eccentric look on her face. The young couple would cry out in shock as they witnessed the pale woman flamboyantly extend her arms too the two.

"U-Uh... Hello! Um... So, this is the super special venue, right?" the young man would ask as his girlfriend half hid behind him. They had heard the rumors, and had no idea they'd get this lucky to just stumble across the Traveling Parlor! Most people just thought it was an urban legend... And yet here they were!

"Yes it is! Now, walk right this waaaaay ah ah, payment is up front!" she'd say as the young man took out his wallet and handed over a credit card, the Ghost eagerly taking it and sliding it across one of those nifty card payer things that attached to the tablets! Yeah, whatever they were called...

With a swipe and a flick of her wrist tossing the card right back at the young man, she'd usher them inside the hall way and to one of the three rooms available. With a bow towards the two of them, she'd carefully open the first door.

"I title today's venue 'cozy.' I hope that you find your stay here pleasurable. You have the afternoon to yourselves, if you require me, ring the bell in your room." she'd say as the couple entered their room for the afternoon. It was up to them what they did in there, but the view was why most people came. The room looked like a living room, wooden floors with a carpet in the middle of the room. Two couches sat on either side of a coffee table that had a small cloth on it with an orchid blooming brilliantly. Where a fire place would be sat a small, old fashioned oven with a pleasant flame glowing inside of it. The temperature was turned down cold enough to cause the couple to want to snuggle up on the couches with one of the blankets neatly folded on them. Though, the most important and best part of the room was the window with its black blinds parted to show the scene the Parlor Ghost had expertly shown. Sitting off too the side and looking out the window at the old lot with over grown grass and the remains of a building made it feel as if they were living in some pristine future room looking through a window into the far off past.

The Wandering Parlor Ghost would smile as she heard a gasp of surprise coming from the two. It was great that she had made yet another couple amazed at her handy work. Stalking people had its perks, as gathering information meant she could easily pick what type of room was most popular in the time. Did people like cabins? Oriental styled rooms? Maybe something Western or Spanish? She utilized her stalking skills to make the perfect parlor for her guests and make her reputation even better!

The Parlor Ghost would happily sit down on her little seat, flipping through apps as she waited for another guest to show up. Sadly, no one else ever did. She hadn't had anyone book an appointment, so it didn't surprise her. People rarely just walked up to a mobile home that just showed up in a blink of an eye! Actually, it was kinda confusing that no one did that... Hm...

With a shrug though, the woman would quietly await for the couple's time to be up. She was content to have an afternoon off... It meant she'd be energized enough to stalk someone for tonight! Best day ever, in her opinion!

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Traveling Parlor - Themed to Succeed [Afternoon :: Work Thread]
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