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 A Friendly Visit [Zavie Bryce]

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Princess Jerry

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PostSubject: A Friendly Visit [Zavie Bryce]   Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:20 pm

A Friendly Visit

:: Social Link Topic ::

"Hrm... It should be aroun d here somewhere..." Batilde looked at her notes once again with a slightly troubled look on her face. The Heartfelt Bakery should be around here... so why wasn't it? Had she taken a wrong turn somewhere? She had gotten used to the central part of Little Tokyo by now, but this... was outside of the area she was confident in... Not that this part of Little Tokyo was shady by any means. It was just a portion of it left unexplored to her for some unknown reason. After spending at least 10 minutes trying to understand where she had walked wrong, she eventually just gave up, and asked a random passerby the way. Fortunately enough for her, he was kind enough to give her the proper directions from where she was, and that she had only been a few turns away from her destination. And now she felt stupid. Like, really stupid. She did her best to rid herself of that feeling before finally trotting towards the bakery.

And there she was, standing outside the door... and for some odd reason, bits and pieces of a crushed tomato littered the streets... Had something happened? Regardless, Batilde took a deep breath, and opened the door to the bakery.


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PostSubject: Re: A Friendly Visit [Zavie Bryce]   Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:35 pm

The Heartfelt Bakery sat within the shopping district of Little Tokyo. An oriental exterior with a traditional bakery interior. It was widely popular within Little Tokyo and its fame had even reached out into other reaches of Endymion. A budding business famous for its sweets and baked goods and its wonderful atmosphere and customer service.

Today, the boy was slightly confused and a little annoyed. He hadn't really been 'stood up' before, but he felt like he had been today. His mom seemed to be in an excellent mood though, which was nice to see though. He didn't really care... It felt good that he could keep all his secrets hidden away from someone as weird as Takeru... Were they friends? He didn't think so... Not yet, at least.

He had slipped into something else after his mom had called him down to help at the register. He didn't really like the idea of wearing a yukata just to sit at the counter... So he put on a black button down, black pants, and a matching hat. The yellow tie was a last minute decision... He still didn't know if it really matched the clothes he had decided on.

Proxy hummed gently within the boy's mind, also seeming to be in a good mood. Why wouldn't she? A possible threat was now effectively out of the boy's life now, and it was absolutely amazing. Goodness, being stood up was possibly the best feeling ever! The bead chain would shimmer gently though, causing the boy to look up. Someone was here, and the boy definitely knew who they were!

"Oh oh! Hello! You actually came!" he'd say with a happy smile and glint in his eyes. The explanation caused his mother to quite quickly exit the kitchen and look at the person. She'd sigh heavily at the realization that it wasn't that boy... She didn't know what she'd do if that had been the case.
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Princess Jerry

Posts : 2656
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Age : 22
Location : Sweden. Undisclosed Apartment

PostSubject: Re: A Friendly Visit [Zavie Bryce]   Fri Oct 21, 2016 1:25 pm

The moment Batilde opened the door, the scent of freshly baked bread filled her nostrils. A smell she could probably never get tired of. It had this special feel to it that put her at ease, and if exposed to it long enough, hungry. And there the kid was, sitting behind the counter responsibly. It was endearing in a way, to see such a young boy work to help his parents willingly. (or at least she assumed it was willingly). "Hihi, of course I did, Zavie! A Promise is a promise, y'know?" Batilde replied cheerfully to the young boy, giving him a warm smile as she approached the counter. Not long afterwards, an older woman entered the scene from somewhere inside the house. For what reason she sighed so heavily at what she was seeing, she had no idea. This could only be one person. Zavie's mother, or at least, so she assumed it to be. Batilde turned to face her. "Bonjour, Madame!" The girl said to Ms. Bryce with a small curtsy like a prim and proper lady. "You must be Ms. Bryce, yes? I'm Batilde Gagnon. I met your son out in Sunlake Palms yesterday while he was selling some Sakura flavored Mochi balls. They were delicious, by the way, so I had to go here for a second filling. Besides... I had a promise to keep. Hehe."


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PostSubject: Re: A Friendly Visit [Zavie Bryce]   Fri Oct 21, 2016 2:18 pm

The boy would smile at Batilde, a happy silly smile. It was nice knowing someone kept their promise! Plus, she was so pretty! It was hard to not look at her hair! It was, like, shiny black! That was a color, right? He didn't really know... But she was just really pretty!

"Yup! A promise is a promise! It is so great to see you again!" he'd say as if they were old friends or something. He was good at that, making people feel like they had been friends for a while. He didn't really know why he was so good at being a social butterfly, but he just was! It brought his mother quite the bit of worry, but sometimes it wasn't all bad...

"Oh, do you speak French as well?"

Mother Bryce would say with a small smile. She hadn't heard her native tongue on another person's voice other than her husband's in a very long time. Even if it was just "Hello miss," it sounded so pleasant to hear and... It brought back good memories from her past.

"Ah, I see... Our sakura sweets are quite popular during the Spring months. It's a miracle we haven't already sold out! Though, I'm afraid we are indeed lacking in mochi... We do still have some sakura cookies though." she'd say with a pleasant nod of her head as she looked at the young lady. She seemed much more pleasant and nice than that horrid boy... Plus, a proper introduction that didn't require her to ask! Manners as well, goodness.

"The sakura cookies are absolutely delicious, you know! They have little bits of sakura in them like chocolate chip cookies!" the boy would chime in with a happy smile. He loved sakura! But it was like pumpkin spice, it only came around once a year or it didn't taste nearly as good!
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PostSubject: Re: A Friendly Visit [Zavie Bryce]   

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A Friendly Visit [Zavie Bryce]
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