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 Morning: Trinity's Concert time!!! [work]

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PostSubject: Morning: Trinity's Concert time!!! [work]   Mon Oct 17, 2016 2:19 am

ooc note:

The auditorium was rather quiet at the moment as the small crew worked to set it all up, Trinity has had the plans for an early morning concert for a long while, and she was going to do it now, or rather she was doing it now a breakfast was provided for the fans outside and they could eat in the auditorium, grab bags were available as well for when they left, with extra little prizes if they brought back their paper plates and the like and left the place clean of all food stuffs and the like once they left. It was her Idea to make sure that they wouldn't be leaving a massive mess in the place once they were done.

So for the moment the massive crowd was eating and talking as the people were setting up everything, some of the crew also getting a bite to eat from the breakfast offered. Guilt free of course Trinity knew people worked best when they had something to eat and were allowed time to do the things they needed for the morning. So for the time being it was slow going for the set up of the stage, but the best thing was no one minded most seeming to want to finish eating before the actual concert so they could dance along and sing along without issue.

With that all being taken care of in the front, Trinity was in the back getting into her Myrna outfit, smiling at herself in the mirror as she brushed her hair, and giggling a bit at the cowlick that lazily stuck up from her head a bit, poking it now and again with the brush "Well I don't see why Nola doesn't like you popping out now and again..I think you look adorable" she said to it with a giggle as she continued to get ready, this show was going to be a fun one for her, Her siblings all ready to do the show as well, as usual they were doing a hologram set up but her fans were used to it as they were aware that the group was always busy.

it was something she enjoyed about the fans, they were so understanding, and as she thought about that the more and more she thought about opening a store for them were she could sell things like musical supplies and her own merchandise maybe even run it herself when she got the chance so that she could get into contact with her fan base even more, Though considering what might be her nightly activities now she would have to make sure to monitor things properly and be sure that things worked out well for the shop and herself, best to not make one work to exhaustion after all.

With that thought decided on she smiled to herself and got up going through a few of the dance steps slowly to warm up and to give the people more time for their breakfast, she herself having eaten and taken care of all her morning routine earlier then usual so she would have the time needed to get ready and be show ready once the time to start had arrived.

Looking to the clock she smiled as it was slowly approaching that time and she heard the team putting the touches on the stage and the full set up, as well as the fans starting to chant, she would give them just a bit longer, since she knew not everyone was ready, and the concert wasn't slated to start for another few minutes and she was always sure to make sure she was punctual on stage.

Out in the auditorium around the stage the people were slowly all finishing their food and setting the garbage to the side for later turning in for the extra items from the grab bag, all the while the crew was working carefully to make sure things were all properly set up. Some of the people waiting even called out thank yous to the people working, another part of Trinity's set up after all they were people who needed thanking too for all the hard work they did, as did her entire support staff and she was glad to hear that the fans appreciated them as well.

Finally with a smile on her face she looked to the clock and seen it was time to get on stage so she headed out of her room and up to the stairs to the stage, as she stepped out people where just leaving to the backstage after setting everything up, and the audience started to clap and go crazy for her, she smiled and bowed as the lights dimmed a bit and the holoprojectors turned on to have her siblings join her on the stage. with that she gave a quick bow, her siblings doing the same as they then waved to everyone.

"Thank you all for being here, we are glad to see so many of you are here to enjoy the show" Nola started as she smiled and waved to everyone. There was loud applause and they needed to wait a moment before Alister raised the mic next.

"Okay now settle down everyone, but we are glad to see you all here, Honestly I wasn't sure about this whole early morning concert thing....but I guess I underestimated a lot of things....will teach me to do that about one of Nola's Ideas huh? especially when it is Myrna making up the breakfast menu..." he smiled a bit to the crowd who went nuts hearing that and he nodded a bit clapping as well "Yeah a round of applause to her for that".

The crowd was giving a great round of it and even calling out thank yous, but Myrna lifted the mic next as she smiled and bowed a bit but once they calmed down she began to talk "Now now I may have made the menu but I didn't cook, so please everyone give a nice big round of applause for the kind people that cooked all the food and brought the supplies down to feed everyone here....Oh and a one for all the support staff and the people that were kind enough to set up everything here, they all did wonderful work" she started to clap with her siblings and so did everyone else in the place as she heard the cheers of thanks and the crowd giving their all to thank the people that made the show possible.

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PostSubject: Re: Morning: Trinity's Concert time!!! [work]   Sun Nov 06, 2016 4:16 am

With a smile Myrna waited once more for the crowd to calm down before she nodded to her siblings and the music started, rather then the usual they started with an Alister song, something energetic and lively as well which was a nice change from what he normally did, but it was still in the vein of what he wanted to do, and as the song played Nola and Myrna kept it up with their instruments, the notes and tone very carrying and energetic all the way through as they worked to keep the sound up for their brother, and even as they played they danced smiling and simply having a good time. a feeling mirrored by the audience who where dancing in their seats and simply having a great time as the triplets preformed the song and music for their enjoyment.

then as the music faded out the music changed becoming far more bass driven as they slipped into once of Nola's songs, it wasn't new but they couldn't have a new song every concert that would be insane, however it was a well loved song as they played it they continued that energy and playfulness on stage, Alister joining in as well as he let himself go seemingly. Myrna smiling as she played the more peaceful backing to the song while Alister and Nola played the mains, and did the singing except when Nola needed her to background sing. but even through all that she was quite enjoying herself. the smile growing as she gently swayed with the music and enjoyed the feeling of just playing and relaxing, she had to wonder what it would be like from now on though, and how things would change with her life taking the course that it was now on. But for now she banished those thoughts and let the music carry her away.

The final song was one of her own and so she got ready as the song they were doing slowly ended. and her own song started up, a new song, it was one she actually wrote after the breakfast earlier that day, she really didn't understand the feelings that caused her to write it but she felt it was a song that needed to be written, a lot of things slipped through her mind when she wrote it, the path things were going, the history that Selenus told her and the others, as well as Gabe's sudden change in the way he acted and how he talked to her. a lot had changed and it had made other things feel like they were a long time ago oddly enough, and she needed to get that feeling out, she needed to work it out her own way, and this song was her way in it's one right, but she made sure it didn't sound like it was related to what happened, she couldn't let it sound like it was.

And so she started to play a slow song, and her siblings started to sway and play as well, it was a slow sad song as she then started to sing, her voice carrying wonderfully through the air as she did so, she put much more of herself into the song then she normally would as she wanted to at least alleviate the feeling in her heart that things had built up for her, she wanted to have that weight lifted and this was her way to do so. and as she sang out the words she could feel the stress and the sadness leaving her. and slowly the song took on a hopeful tone.

with their songs over the triplets all bowed, it was a short show for the morning and the crowd was aware of that, but that was only so Myrna could help with the food and meet the audience, a much less formal set up then usual as they all got ready to leave the stage and people where filing out to get more food or meet Myrna.

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PostSubject: Re: Morning: Trinity's Concert time!!! [work]   Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:57 am

Trinity was at the signing and smiled to the people there, taking the time to talking to everyone and signing pictures and the like for them as she helped to serve them food and even cooked a bit on the skillet set up, she was having quite a good time, and some even asked her for advice about things, oddly she always got a TON of questions and requests for advice about relationships at least when it was Myrna, Alister got requests for dates, while Nola got people asking to be friends, though Myrna also got a lot of people boys and girls, asking her to be their girlfriend, something she always found funny.

As she waved good bye to another person that had made just that request she only let out a giggle as she gave that motherly smile to the next person that walked over to her. Honestly even when she said no most people still left smiling as with Myrna it seemed so easy to set them at ease and not feel embarrassed about being rejected. this next person though walked up and dropped to a knee, and as she reached down to help them up they raised their hands with a ring and she blinked.

"Myrna will you marry me?" the girl asked blushing deeply and looking up at her, a determined look on her face, like she wouldn't take no for an answer.

At the same time Myrna could hear people gasping and some people yelling at the girl that this wasn't fair and things like that. Myrna only gave that motherly smile, and that determined look on the girls face melted into one of embarrassment as Myrna took her hands and led her to stand "Don't you think we are a bit young for that?" she said with a giggle as she closed the ring case and gave it back to the girl, "Here....don't rush into things like this okay? think them through, I barely know me, and I don't even know your name...don't be embarrassed though okay? that took a lot of courage to do" she gently ran her fingers through the girls hair fixing it a bit as it had gotten a bid messy from the sudden movements.

The girl blushed more and more and actually pressed her head into Myrna's hand as she passed it through her hair "w...well...okay....b..but thank you for not...not laughing at me..." she said blushing even more as she looked Myrna right in the eyes.

Myrna gave that motherly smile once more, "Why would I laugh at someone willing to put everything on the line like that for a hope? don't worry okay, but don't forget to take the time to learn more about the person okay? feelings are wonderful things but we can't just let those control us okay?" the girl nodded as Myrna smiled and the event continued but she knew there would be no stopping the press from getting a hold of that one and out of the corner of her eye she could see her parents checking things about it and even entering in the actual events to stop rumors from spreding off at a far table.

Finally the event ended and Myrna and her family left after the clean up Trinity feeling a bit better having gotten to get some work done. it was always relaxing to her after all.

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PostSubject: Re: Morning: Trinity's Concert time!!! [work]   

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Morning: Trinity's Concert time!!! [work]
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