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 Ren Lee's Persona [Paimon]

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PostSubject: Ren Lee's Persona [Paimon]   Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:33 am

Persona Name:Paimon

Persona Type: Initial Persona

Persona's Arcana:Hierophant

Owner: Ren Lee

Persona Appearance: Paimon+Camel would reach a height of nearly 13ft, Paimon himself would be roughly 6ft. Together they would weight 1200lb.
Paimon himself wears a checkered cloak that extends down to his knees, and dons a gnarled wooden mask that covers all of his head. In addition to that, chunks of bark protect his shoulders, forearms, and calves. His body is all yellow. Lastly, he has no footwear. 

With him at all times is a taiko drum, and always on an Andromeda Camel.
The Camel itself is colored purple with black scruff covering its neck.

Persona Background: According to the writings in The Lesser Key of Solomon, Paimon is the ninth spirit listed in the Goetia. He is a King of Hell ruling over the northwest with two hundred legions of demons under his command. He is noted to be especially loyal and obedient to Lucifer, far more than the other kings. He is depicted as a man with an effeminate face, wearing a jeweled crown and riding a dromedary camel.
He is often surrounded by his courtiers who play many musical instruments and speaks in a booming voice until the conjurer requests him to speak clearly. When summoned, unless he is first able to ask the conjurer what he wants and receive a clear answer, Paimon will not do their bidding. He is able to teach all sciences, arts and philosophy as well as speak of all the mysteries of the Earth, wind and water. He gives good familiars and can bestow and confirm dignities. He can also force any man to do the will of the conjurer.

Strengths: None

Weaknesses: None

Passive Boosts: +15% SP | +15% Luck

Persona Skill List: ((Skill List can be found here. Your skills grow in order, meaning you must unlock Skill 4 to get to Skill 5 and so on.))
Skill 1: Oracle's Blessing | User empowers their teammates with an enhancing aura right before an all out attack, causing the damage done to be doubled. | 10 SP | Tier 1

Skill 2: Growth | A skill only for strictly support characters. If supporting a team, each use and demon/shadow defeated counts towards your rank ups aswell. | Passive | Tier 1

Skill 3: Auto - Analysis | Used to detect an enemy's stats and weak points automatically at the start of battle. User decides which enemy is scanned. [PvS Phase Combat Exclusive] | Passive | Tier 2 

Skill 4: Remote View | Allows user to locate, speak with and monitor allies no matter the distance within a dungeon. User can create a virtual "phone call" with their Persona that allows everyone to talk to each other at once. With this, the user can see through their partners eyes, and scan enemies using this method even if they're not in the area.| Passive | Tier 2

Skill 5: Dungeon Scan | Allows users to sense Shadows/Persona-Users (anyone with a Persona) within twenty squares of their current location. (Dungeon Specific) When used out of a dungeon, this scan has a radius of 15 meters around the user. The range of this skill stacks the more times the user has it under their Persona. User must remain stationary when using. | 15 SP | Tier 2

Skill 6: Escape Route | Automatically exit or enter a Dungeon no matter where you. Yourself or All Allies. | SP 55 | Tier 3

Skill 7: Eternal Melody | Extend all party stat buffs for 3 more turns [cannot be stacked - 5 post cooldown] | 25 SP | Tier 3

Skill 8: Pathway of Light | Every travel turn taken within a dungeon will recover 10% of SP for each party member being supported. | Passive | Tier 3

Fusion Attack: (The Ultimate attack between you and your Persona. When using this, your Persona gifts you with the capability of performing a powerful attack. However, once this is done you can not summon your Persona again for the remainder of the topic. The attack does Tier 3 amount of damage. If you're an Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon this technique is replaced by your Orgia Mode. For more details on Orgia Mode, refer to the Character Types screen under Vital Information.)

Fusion Attack Name: [The Beat of My Heart]
Persona Name: Paimon
Type of Damage: Strike
Description: Ren cranks up the volume in his earphones, losing himself to the beat of the music. Paimon appears along with a taiko drum that grows in size. He'll begin to drum to the beat of Ren's music, causing massive shock waves to strike the foes. The attack is comparable to Akasha Arts with a chance to hit all foes twice.

Soul Skill Name: [One For All!!]
Persona Name: Paimon
Tier: Tier 1
Cost: 13 SP
Type of Damage: N/A
Description: Paimon plays a adrenaline pumping beat on the drums, encouraging all allies. At the cost of Ren's own spirit, he heals the party by 25%

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Princess Jerry

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PostSubject: Re: Ren Lee's Persona [Paimon]   Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:39 am

50% is too much for a Tier 1 skill, even with the 20 SP cost, especially since it's AoE. Even Mediarama, a Tier 2 skill, only heals for 40%. Down it to 20, maybe 25% at an SP cost of 8 or 9, depending on what you're going with.


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Posts : 16
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PostSubject: Re: Ren Lee's Persona [Paimon]   Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:41 am

Edited [Beat of my Heart] to 13SP for 25% Heal


Ren Lee : My Persona: Paimon
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Princess Jerry

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PostSubject: Re: Ren Lee's Persona [Paimon]   Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:51 am

Approved. This will be moved once you awaken. Feel free to change the Skill set however you please until then.


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Princess Jerry

Posts : 2656
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Age : 22
Location : Sweden. Undisclosed Apartment

PostSubject: Re: Ren Lee's Persona [Paimon]   Sun Oct 16, 2016 2:24 pm

Hold on. I missed that you have growth on your Skill Set. You can't have that and Me Patra on one skill-set. Sorry. That's only accessible if you have a fully tactical persona. Speaking of which, a Tactical user can use skills of 1 Tier Higher than normal, but you can only use Tactical skills on them.


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Princess Jerry

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Age : 22
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PostSubject: Re: Ren Lee's Persona [Paimon]   Sun Oct 16, 2016 7:15 pm

New Skill list Approved.


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PostSubject: Re: Ren Lee's Persona [Paimon]   

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Ren Lee's Persona [Paimon]
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