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 Afternoon:: Work Thread with Trinity:: Back on Stage (Sos)

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PostSubject: Afternoon:: Work Thread with Trinity:: Back on Stage (Sos)   Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:19 am

While he had managed to spend most of his morning free, when the idol returned home he was able to get about 20 minutes of peace before Lisa arrived a minute before the light beep of a reminder on his phone went off to retrieve him for the prep that came before any form of performance.

Prep work. The idol did not exactly mind this for he could easily work through the more tedious things such as make-up and costuming on his own while being forced to listen to the word “perfect” being repeated about five million times by his panicked mother as she lingered for a while around the dressing room. The idol weather the torture as he went through the actions of transforming himself from ordinary to some perfect vision for the stage. He did not have many assistants on hand. In fact, once his mother left he only had two people with him. One was Lisa who he allowed to assist with some of the more challenging things when it came to his looks and the other was his father who had replaced his mother’s squawking with his calmer droning over what was planned for the show.

Listening to this while getting the last of his costume to behave itself was easy enough and when the idol was finally left alone, he took the moment to simply breathe and relax himself before the show.

While he did this, everyone else scrambled to get the last few things for the show prepared. From there, the clock counted down the time. First there was a calm and then the people began to pour in to fill up the space around the stage area. As the people poured in and the area became more and more noisy. The backstage people would become even more panicked as people made a mad dash to get the last minutes things ready as Mother cracked the whip on anyone she found out line or lacking. The air became tensed as pressure all around began to build back stage and the clock continued its count down.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

The announcer and her twin dressed perfectly as little dolls would grace the stage to many cheering and screaming fans as the curtain rose a bit to let them free. Unphased by the sound, the pair would begin their act using body language and their way of speaking to make themselves as cute as possible for the adoring fans.

As the one in white spoke English, the one in black would follow behind her repeating what was being said in Japanese.

“Beautiful people of Endyimon welcome, welcome and thank you all for making time in your busy schedules to make it here today!” the announcers would begin in a bubbly fashion before pausing to let a wave of cheers pass by. As it simmered down, they would continue. “Now I know that you all are very eager to see the show; however, I do have a very exciting announcement for you all. Today you'll not be getting one, but two shows for the price of one!”

The crowd would murmur a bit at this as they listened excitedly.
This was something unexpected for the ticket buyers, but that did not change the vibe of the place as they waited on pins and needles to hear the rest.

“That’s right folk you heard right! Today not only will you have your favorite idol performing, but all of you Trinity fans will also have something to look forwards as the artists have decided to collaborated together to bring this show to you!" The crowd exploded at this point making the pair have to stop speaking once more to wait for the screams to die down again.

"To top it off this is also Lucky Show 13! For those not in the know, this means that within the crowd there are four special visitors that if you are lucky they may choose you to come backstage after the show to meet the idols themselves! However, to make it fun, we won’t tell you who those visitors are, so stay on your toes, okay?”

The twin announcers would pause for effect as the fans cheered and some even looked like they were about to cry due to how excited they. It wasn't frequent, but at random surprises like these did popped up making the fans always eager to come not only to hear the music, but also to see if maybe they would get lucky to catch a random select show and in turn meet the elusive idol that had captured many hearts and eyes for years now, but now having another popular group performing with said idol on top of this wonderful thing? That was almost too much for some in the crowd to bare. Letting the crowd cheer on a bit more, the announcers would continue on once the crowd had settled again, finishing their bit by letting the crowd know that the show would begin shortly before blowing kisses to the people and taking their signature poses. That only made the insane crowd grow wilder. Once all that was done, they would hold hands and retreat back stage once more.

With the excited crowd chattering and whispering the clock ticked closer and closer to the show’s beginning. The clock ticked on as the idol behind the scenes waited until the time was right. Unfolding himself from the chair he was in he would exit the dressing room, giving the blood in his legs some time to circulate a bit before having to head out onto stage. Soon. Very soon the real show would begin, but for now the clock just ticked on.

Tick-tock. Tick tock.

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PostSubject: Re: Afternoon:: Work Thread with Trinity:: Back on Stage (Sos)   Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:20 am

Trinity was in her own dressing room, the situation had been handled by her mother and father as well as her agent, they would have a separate room and two of the siblings would be gone to do other things and would send in holograms of themselves for the show, the fans of her group would already know this about them, and it would be explained by the two announcers that Haru seemed to have hired, or someone in his crew hired anyway.

For her part Trinity was going out as Nola once more, and the songs she would play with her siblings would be like before, but this time any songs that were live with Haru would be with him and Nola only since it would give him less competition on stage, It being Nola on stage was a request from his mother, Whether it was with his knowledge or not Trinity wasn't sure, but it seemed she hadn't wanted Alister on stage with him to keep the competition as "male lead" down as much as possible, and she didn't seem to think Myrna was a good fit to go on stage with him, or at least that's the feeling Trinity had gotten off her when she had come to talk to her parents before to set this all up.

Ether way it was decided to be Nola, and concessions had been made on both sides, So here she was in her Stage outfit making sure everything was on properly, she did her own preparation since there wasn't much for her to do really she always preferred that people get to see her as she was, and her siblings for what they were rather then putting on makeup or overly elaborate styles, though Myrna did like to wear make up regardless.

Ether way her hair was done in a simple long loose style, and she was currently trying to tame the massive cowlick that always popped up above her head whenever she was out, but it just never stayed down. Finally she simply left it, though it stood up so much that it nearly doubled her height, it was already on all the posters of her anyway so it was best to just leave it as it was "You win this round cowlick..." Nola said with a little silly pout in the mirror as she got up hearing the announcers and actually quite surprised to hear that a lot of people in the crowed where fans of her group as well as Haru. it was a strange bit of overlap after all.

But as it sounded more and more like the crowd was pumped up to hear both she nodded to herself "That's good I was worried that it would be people that were not interested in our music, but sounds like everyone will enjoy themselves..." she couldn't help but smile a bit, everyone in the place was getting a little swag bag of simple fan things from both the Trinity group and Haru, that was one of the things that they expressly asked for since it was what Trinity did at every concert so that everyone that attended got a little something.

As she waited for the cue to go to the stage she waited by simply doing little games in her head, really she wanted to head on up but she had to abide by the time table set by Haru's manager and so she waited, it wasn't something she was use to, when everyone was in the seats she did her own announcing and then the show would start immediately, this whole making the audience wait a bit longer was odd to her, but she guessed they had a reason to to it this way. She did however make sure to go over the songs they would be doing as well as what dance steps she would be doing with her siblings, and the few with Haru, apparently not much dancing was scheduled for them both to do, more then likely another thing from his manager, well...she was never told to NOT dance....after all her just standing there would look quite odd especially if Haru was going to be dancing.

With a smile on her face she decided that she would dance when he was, but she follow the outline and just not dance WITH him since she didn't like standing still to much at a concert anyway, she was there to entertain after all. It shouldn't be a problem to simply match Haru or dance in a complimentary way anyway. SO with that decided she got up and started to do some simple stretching, she needed to be warmed up for the time on stage after all.

She wasn't sure how active on stage Haru was, she hadn't seen any of his concerts until the request to team up was made, then she simply looked at his most recent stuff, and most seemed to just be him singing, but looking at the program he was an entertainer alright, and so she assumed there was going to be some dancing, if not her group could handle that with the songs that they took the lead in, and hopefully Haru could keep up with the dance steps they had sent to him to study.

Though as she thought about it she knew he would have memorized them, after all he seemed to take his work seriously, so he probably committed them to heart much the same way she did her lyrics and dance routines, she just hoped he took as much enjoyment out of doing the shows as she did, from the last talk they had she wasn't entirely sure but he also seemed to enjoy it, so in the end it was hard to say.

With the clock ticking down the time she headed to the stairs so that once time was upon them she could get onto the stage quickly to start the show that everyone was waiting for.

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PostSubject: Re: Afternoon:: Work Thread with Trinity:: Back on Stage (Sos)   Wed Oct 19, 2016 2:46 am

Perfection and money.

That was the only thing that seemed to matter to Haru’s mother, who waddled around backstage overly dressed and made up as usual as she kept an eye on everything to insure this show would proceed without a hiccup in sight. She was usually strict with the backstage workers today making some wonder just what had the woman so riled up. Had she woken up on the wrong side of the bed? No not really. She was actually mostly pleased today despite her snaps and snarls.

What had her baring fangs so to speak was actually her son. You see, the chunky woman was always used to having the upperhand when it came to how shows were handled and how surprises were dealt out to the masses. She who was the one to chose the details without the consent of her child because he was expected to accept whatever was dealt to him and make it work without a hitch.

Become a woman for a play? Done.
Do that challenging acrobatic flip? Done.
Wear that humiliating clown suit and act like you loved it? Done.
Done. Done. Done.

Every string was delicately pulled by this money hungry woman who thought she had control over everything, but quite suddenly found she had nothing in under her control. Oh, her lovely child had indeed played his cards well being submissive and obedient every time. He let her believe she was indeed the Queen until finally he revealed who was playing who.

You see, Mother had been working pretty hard on her next scheme, planning a joint concert with some other big star that was out there just to gain more income and to see how well Haru could handle another male on stage with him. How well he handled direct competition. She wanted to stir the pot and make her kid go beyond his limits. Make him into someone that stomped out those in the way and in turn become bigger and much, much more profitable than what he currently was. Oh yes, she had a plan indeed, but just before she could pull a fast one, something unexpected happen.

Haru, who usually asked for nothing, actually approached her and ask if for the next show if she could find a way to get some group named Trinity on stage with him. Not exactly sure who this was she had done her research and after seeing what Trinity was she became quite baffled. Why would her son pick such group to be on stage with him? They were children and nothing that could make him sore beyond his limits.

So naturally she tried to talk him out of this; however, the young man was quite firm in his standing and refused to budge from the idea….and when she asked what would happen if she didn’t do as he asked and got someone else instead, the idol simply told her that he wouldn’t allow it and she had one of two choices in the matter since a solo act was not an option in this game: Attempt to get Trinity or cancel the show. End of story.

The whole thing only made her jaw drop, but after considering how much money would be lost if she didn’t get this thing to work, she eventually bowed and did what she did best - pulling strings to get this whole thing to work. The task was by no means easy, but the woman had made the thing a reality and so Trinity would be able to perform with Haru.

Just reflecting on the matter made her steam and nothing since then had made anything better as all her plans were being shifted about to accommodate the other and their ways. She wanted to rebel, but could not afford that when her prized cash cow was likely not to behave if she did not cooperate. So she would instead take her frustration out on the staff whenever she could as she shifted around in the background to make sure that the show was still perfect despite what had happened or how she got to this point in the first place..

Still steaming, she would cross paths with Haru as he exited his dressing room. She would try to give the idol a heated look, but upon seeing how perfect he looked in his first outfit for the show, the woman would find herself reluctantly giving him a nod of approval before she went off to do something else. As for Haru well, he was quite pleased with the situation.

While it was true he did not know Trinity well, he didn’t have an issue with teaming up with the younger idol. In fact, the reason he had requested the group was because they were different than the usuals he saw. Their way of doing things was odd to say the least, but he was curious to test how the fans would react to change. He was usually a lone performer that sung mostly Japanese songs that ranged between rock, pop, and some other less defined genre. His fan base was a mixed bag of various types that enjoyed the niche sound; however, for the first time in a long while, he was bringing another on stage with him and one that did not sing Japanese songs, but English ones instead and also had a much different style than his own.

It would be interesting to see how the crowds would react to this particular surprise and the idol had to admit he was at first a bit worried. He wasn’t sure when he came up with the plan how it would all turn out or even if Trinity would accept. However, between not only beating Mother at her own and the others actually saying yes, the idol found himself quite confident and unafraid of what happened next. In comparison to what had occurred to get here in the first place, the rest should be cake walk provided nothing got messed up along the way.

And would you listen to that? The idol would pause to listen to cheers the crowd gave when Mimi and Amy made the announcement about Trinity. That open mindedness and love even for something different. That was one of the reason Haru loved his fan base. They never judged and even when they weren’t getting everything on the ticket, they were happy to just come to a show. These were the dedicated and true fans out there this afternoon and while the fake were probably in the mix, at least for now they did not rear their ugly heads.

Resuming his walk the idol would go over the plan in his head. He was to kick off the show with three songs. Then Trinity would perform four songs. For the final act, he would perform one last song on the stage on his own and then from there Nola would be signalled to come out to perform the songs they were to sing together for the last part of the show. He was kind of nervous considering he would have to deal with the challenge of actually singing in English for once and even in a style he was not used to, but at the same time he did not mind. The discomfort was nice and the challenge kept moving forward and improving. After the singing there would be after show work for the fans chosen to come back, and after that the gig would be completed.

WIth the plan set in his mind, he would take a second to greet Nola before the show started. After the greeting he would linger by the smaller idol’s side until the two announcers would take their leave from the stage. As they came back stage chatting and fussing with each other, Haru would give Nola a light nod before shifting in his spot and making his way to the spot where he was suppose to be when that curtain rose.

The time would tick down. The crowds would cheer, the hidden announcers would announce who was first to come on stage in Japanese and English, and then everything would fade into oblivion as Haru’s mind shifted from his personal self to his on stage persona Faces. With no fear, he would move forward as the curtain rose and the music began. Each step and action tempered to perfection.

The show would start off with an energetic rock song that would show anyone who thought he stayed still on a stage that was far from the truth.

His movements shifted with the music easily enough at first smooth, but as soon as the bridge came in he would cut loose and dance with the chaos of the beat as he let himself get lost in the music. He would keep up the pace all way through to the end of the song and when the music ended, he would finish the act with ease. The crowd went wild with the energy screaming and shouting like maniacs, but the idol was not bother as he absorbed their energy for his next song.

Unlike the first, this song still had energy yes, but not quite as much and did not require the same dance moves from earlier, but even so the idol would still move with the flow of the beat, the moves smooth and appropriate for each part of the song. And when that one had passed, the stage would become quiet as time was given for the fans to cheer and scream.

As they did, the hidden announcers would speak.

“Want another song folks?”
the announcers would be ask. The crowds would shout and cheer.

“I can’t hear you,” the announcers teased getting even more screams and shouts from the crowd. Smiling gently at the play, the idol would give the final reply.


That was all he had to say to please the screaming fans and give the cue to those playing the the instruments for him. This next song was way more calmer than the beginning piece or the one that had followed as the music started, the idol would take the mic from the stand as he walked closer to the edge of the stage bringing himself closer to the front row fans that were about to lose their minds from the action; however, security was well prepared for those who would try to get to out of hand. As he began to sing, the crowd would quiet down a bit as they listen to the song.

The idol would begin the song calmly enough as he stayed in his spot on stage safe from reaching hands until a small ways into the song there would come a small pause in the singing for the instruments to play. It was during this time the idol had enough time to chose one fan at random to allow closer to stage. This signal was given by the most subtle of nods to the security personnel closest to him.

Understanding what she had to do, the female security guard would let a female fan closest to where the idol was located to “slip past” her and while before the girl had been quite determined to break through to get closer to the idol, now that she had actually gotten her wish, she froze. Even so this did not cause the idol to falter as he continued to sing right on cue. As he sung, he would move closer to the edge of the stage his eye focused on the woman watching him with wide eyes.

Never faltering in his singing, the idol would gracefully lower himself to his knees and ever so carefully hold out his hand to the girl. Her eyes only widened more as she hesitated for a moment and then shakily she forced herself to move closer and grab hold of the idol’s offered hand. Keeping his himself braced against pulling in subtle fashion, the idol would hold the girl’s trembling hand gently in his own as he sung directly to her for a small frame of time. The whole while the girl would stare at him in a trance oblivious to the hoots, hollers, and even some jealous glares. For her this was an eternity spent in a dream she had never thought would come true. She didn’t want it to end, but like all good things this dream would be broken all too soon as one of the staff came to take her way. Good thing the guy was slightly behind her for as soon as she was touched by the staff member and her hand left the idol’s, her legs would give out on her causing her to collapse against the larger male for support.

Collapsing was not unusual for fans at times and in even worse cases they even passed out; however, this one stayed conscious. Even with that happening, the idol kept right on singing as he got back to his feet and retreated back to the mic stand never missing a beat in the song even when he went to place the mic back in its holder. He would complete the song becoming quiet at the end as he took in the screams and cheers that came in the wake of it all. Remaining humble, he would bow to the audience and thank them in Japanese his on stage act never breaking as he turned to leave the stage as the curtain lowered and the announcers took over to begin announcing the next performer.

As he moved passed her, Haru would wish Nola luck before retreating to the dressing room for the moment to prep for the next round. He wouldn’t take long doing this though only staying in the room long enough to change and make get that one stubborn fly away in his hair back in check, but still he made sure to have enough time to hear Trinity perform. He wondered as he stayed hidden what sort of songs they would sing this time. As he watched and waited, Lisa would come join him to watch the next show.

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PostSubject: Re: Afternoon:: Work Thread with Trinity:: Back on Stage (Sos)   Wed Oct 19, 2016 6:00 pm

Trinity watched from her place off stage to see Haru Burst out with energy it was nice to see since it showed he did more then just sing, she was aware he played some instruments, but she was also well aware that he wasn't used to singing in English, which her group tended to use, though they also sang in other languages but primarily English. She wondered if it would be best to have asked for a Japanese song to sing together....but in the end it was decided what song they would play as a group so the best they could do was make do, she just hoped he could do well with it. But once more she did know he seemed professional.

As she watched his show she nodded a bit to herself, a smile on her face as she watched his sound was good, though she did notice that before the curtain went up he put on a face, for her it was more letting a personality take more control, for this man, she could see and remember what he told her, it was somewhat of an act, but she could understand that. She felt more comfortable as Trinity when it came to things, after all it was the best way for her to represent all three of her siblings for so long, but now she had a lot more to think about, thankfully Unity and the pawns seemed to have the night, letting the others rest so she gave a nod to herself for that at least.

It was about that time that Trinity spotted the woman that was working as a supervisor to get everyone working, but the way she acted to everyone it was something Trinity wasn't a fan of she snapped at people, she yelled, she found fault in everything it seemed, and Trinity had to wonder if she was always like this? She remembered the way the Woman reacted when her parents negotiated to have Trinity preform Four songs after Haru's Three, One song for each member then a group song as was normal of the group. And the Woman's reaction was something that quite puzzled Trinity, it had started a massive rant from the woman, but when her parents mentioned that it was that or nothing the woman seemed to seethe with rage as she apparently wasn't willing to take the nothing option.

At least she seemed set on making a show happen, that much was true it was dedication she could at least agree to, maybe it was just a case of being overly passionate? if so then Trinity would have to remember to not fall into the same issue as she continued her own performances and career for as long as she could have one.

Looking back to the show though it seemed that Haru had slipped to his second song and it seemed to be about the same as the first but with a different feel to it, she stood there her Syntaur in hand as she listened, her fingers gently going over the dials and switches on her instrument as she was also doing once last check to make sure it was set, already she knew they would be starting with an energetic song with her as the lead, then moving to a gentle one with Myrna, then going to a slightly more soft but deep one with Alister, but it wouldn't be the same type of energy, and then finally they would be sliding into a trio song that should do quite well to keep the crowds attention.

Speaking of the crowd though she had to wonder how many where actually going to enjoy her music, the response was good but they hadn't heard her music before from what she knew, the sounds were far different then Haru's and she had to wonder how many where only cheering to keep their own favored star Haru from being disappointed? Maybe even some only clapping and cheering because it was ether a team up or no show and they wanted the show?

In the end though Trinity decided that this question was one that didn't even merit thought, if they didn't like it then that was their choice, she would still put on the best show she could and she would enjoy it all, and that should make it's way to the crowd once it was her turn to start her section of the show.

With that all squared away she focused back on the show and watched the last act that Haru was putting on, it was a slow song, and as she listened she seen people...women..trying to get to the stage and touch him, she never really got that reaction but she supposed it might have been a good thing, since it meant she never needed as much security as Haru seemed to need. But then as the song continued Trinity noticed something, the one of the guards seemed to be keeping her eyes on Haru instead of the crowd she was supposed to hold back, and then she seen her nod to Haru.

As she continued to watch she seen the guard let one woman get past her on purpose but making it look like it was an accident, Trinity stood there, she wasn't sure how to feel about the deceptive nature of the interaction between Haru and his audience, it was a calculated move and as it went on Trinity could see Jealousy in the eyes of many of the members of the audience. For Trinity it wasn't something she would do, it fostered a bit of animosity in the crowd when the girl got back into it, some would feel that way she assumed, that's why she held interactions till the end of the show after people left for the most part, it was more honest she felt, and it was able to be longer, at the same time it felt like Haru was slightly using that girl to enhance the performance. But in the end the way he conducted his concerts wasn't really her business since they were both professionals here, he just happened to do things in a way she didn't is all.

As his song ended and he made his way past her she nodded a bit to him and smiled before heading up onto the stage waving to everyone, some of the cheers actually almost completely died as the slightly averagely older audience seen the young girl walk on stage joined quickly by a second girl and a boy, all three carrying rather interesting instruments.

"Hello all and thank you for coming to the Concert!! now then We are Trinity, I'm Nola...This is my Brother Alister" she gestured to her brother who gave a bow, and she actually heard a few whistles, a reaction to Alister she hadn't heard before. "And this is my sister Myrna" she would then gesture to her more decorated sister who actually got quite the response as she waved and flashed that rather motherly smile, though she did dress a bit more mature then Nola did which might have gotten her the larger response she wasn't sure.

"Now then...I believe we are supposed to preform, so lets get to IT!!!" as she gave her little cheer she looked to the audience who reacted slowly at first, before Nola smiled to them and looked to her sister and brother nodding to each in turn before all three raised their hands before bringing them down on their instruments to begin the first song for Nola. It started up rather rapid but repeating before suddenly dropping and Nola talking to Alister, before Myrna joined in with a Violin sound.

As the song went on the lights where matching the music as Nola danced with her siblings on the stage, the music traveling as she smiled and kept her energy up the whole time a big smile on her face, even as her and her siblings played there music, and at first, the audience was quite, as they watched them play, some knew the group and how they worked, others hadn't seen three people play such complicated instruments and meld them together so seamlessly even as they danced and sang.

Then the music slowly died down as Myrna started her slower song, her voice ringing out like silk as she sang. The music had changed dramatically as Myrna preformed what would sound like perhaps a Celtic Ballad, Nola and Alister joining in as back up vocals but the range and operatic voice of Myrna rang out wonderfully with the song, the crowd seemed to be catching up now as they where started to cheer more as they seen the skills the three had from jumping from one genre to another so fluidly. Even their dancing hand changed to match the music, rather then the high energy club dancing, it had changed to a more classical almost waltz like that played counter point to their musical nearly Celtic Rock opera like music.

Then as the song slowly died it was Alister's turn as he stepped forward and started to play his song, Myrna and Nola letting him play as it was slow, another genre change without missing a beat as they also altered their dancing, and then came Alister's actually slower music then Myrna's which was a major change, less rebellious and more a love song something Alister wasn't known for, but it worked as the three played, the dancing changing as well to more slow graceful moves, Alister playing to the crowd as they preformed, putting himself into the song, with Nola and Myrna on occasion providing backup vocals where needed. but it was like the others, mostly meant for the main singer.

Finally the three stepped into a line and started to play once more, it was steady and sure as they played, Myrna starting out singing, before Nola took over, then all three started to sing, Alister, Myrna and Nola's voices melding together into perfect harmony as they played and danced with the crowd, Nola even started to clap and the crowd the whole crowd joining in and Nola nodding and smiling even more as they clapped along to the beat as the three of them played and sang.

Finally the song ended and they bowed, now if she recalled they would take rear stage as Haru did a few songs before the group of them all did a few together, so they stepped back, Nola smiling and waving to the audience as she did, and they waited for the arrival of Haru, she was glad that their style seemed to have gotten the crowd going, at first the silence had worried her in that she thought it was due to them not liking the music, but she had to play on, even if they hadn't liked it she would have played on, she tended to like to do these shows for her own enjoyment as well which made them so much more for her then just a show, and so she would put her all into it even if people didn't like it, even if only a few showed up, she would always give her all, like when she had first started out.

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PostSubject: Re: Afternoon:: Work Thread with Trinity:: Back on Stage (Sos)   Sat Oct 22, 2016 7:36 pm

The chaos back stage would remain hidden from the world as the workers did everything they could to not get their heads bitten off by the agitated woman who ran everything. To say she was passionate about this whole thing was a bit of an understatement. The woman was particularly obsessed with making things work going so far at times that some had to wonder if the woman was actually possessed by a real demon. All she seemed to care about was the business and the money it brought her to spend on her luxurious life. It made many wonder how such a woman could have a child and in turn what she did to make said child so obedient. As for her husband, he didn’t really seem to impact much at all outside o acting as some sort of small business man that kept other things going. It was honestly questionable what sort of life this family had if having a show made things this insane; however, no one dared to ask as they simply theorized as they worked double time for their money today.

While all that happened, the idol himself ignored it quite use to this behavior from his mother when it came to anything that did not go her way. As much as she got on his nerves for various reasons, she was in the end a very good task master and business woman. Her strength being in how well she could get things under control and make the worse into something wonderful. He could give her and Father credit for their talents, even if in the end they were not in agreement with each other. It was a strange world that the idol lived in that he both despised and loved. He hated his life with his parents, but loved being before others performing and moving them according to what was being presented. He liked the energy and loved the people that supported him. Even if they were strangers or truly did not care, he didn’t mind for in that one moment he was free and happy making the shit he had to put up with off stage just a tiny bit more bearable until he could finally figure out a way away from all of it and be truly free.

Despite that running in the back of his mind, the idol would pull himself out of his thoughts as the performance by Trinity began. Their music was odd to him as usual, but also intriguing. Half the reason he had even wanted them to come to begin with was to see how they worked and in turn learn something from them. He was still curious about the other two siblings, but for the most part he wanted to observe how they worked the stage and owned it. The other half of this collaboration was experimental to be honest. He wasn’t sure why, but after going to one concert and actually speaking with Nola, he had often wondered how well his own audience would handle new music and so had taken a gamble that his Mother who preferred to play it safe did not like.

If this did flop there was a chance of heavy backlash on all sides, but on the other hand if it all worked this could turn into something even more exciting and a new way of entertaining could be gained. It was a definitely a nice perk, but would mean nothing if the audience walled the group off. So it was with high nerves that the older idol watched and listened to the show. He took note of the hush as the older audience took in the younger performers. It was worrisome for sure, but the idol kept his hope as he observed the situation intentently. It started off quiet, but as the crowd took in and accepted this new style, they finally began to loosen up, cheer, and enjoy what they were given.

“Oh wow. Where have they been hiding all this time?” Lisa would ask in quiet tones as she watched the show with him, quite impressed.

“I don’t know,”
Haru would respond back with a smile. It was kind of odd how some talent remained hidden in the sea of the business and then by chance suddenly made itself known. This group while younger than him was indeed talented and while vastly different than his own style, they had a way of capturing the audience and getting them to have fun anyway. Even when faced with a tougher crowd, they managed to break them in. What was even more amazing was watching the most hardcore of fans that had been eyeing them skeptically or becoming a little antsy due to not having their “prince” on stage actually go from frowns and grumbles to genuine cheers and grins as they got absorb into the music. To put icing on this beautiful cake though was Mother’s reaction.

While she had been a hellhound during this whole process, for the first time in a long time, the plump woman would waddle over coming to a stop next to her son as she watched in shock as these “brats” as she had so lovingly called them swept the crowd off their feet. She couldn’t believe it and in turn would have to admit that she was wrong. Something she loathed to do, but instead of giving looks of contempt or agitation, she would look over at her son who met her gaze with a calm one of his own, waiting for whatever she was going to say.

She appeared at first a lost for words, but then unexpectedly she would give him a smirk he hadn’t seen in forever as she spoke.

“Hmph. I guess they’ll do after all, my dear,” she would say before tilting her nose in the air slightly. A move that on the surface seemed like arrogance, but for Haru meant something so much more as saw the mother he used to love so much, show up for just a moment. As the idol saw this, he gave her the first genuine smile he had given her in a long while as his arms crossed and his eyes returned to the stage.

“Yes. They will definitely do,” he would respond back easily enough as he watched the woman from the corner of his eye. She would give an amused snort before patting him gently on the shoulder and waddling alot more calmer back to work. The interaction was brief, but for the idol that was okay because that action wasn’t fake. Even if it was brief, Mother showed that maybe somewhere within her she still had a heart that actually saw him for him and actually cared. It wasn’t enough proof to solidify the hope, but the action did clear a small portion of negative air for the moment so that was good and the action made it that much easier for the idol to believe that in the end things would be okay no matter what.

Happy moments aside though, things would turn back to business as the trio he had been watching wrapped up their songs and once more he was called back to the stage. Once more pulling his stage face on, he would go back out into the cheers and once more let himself fall into the embrace of the act.

The crowds cheering would intensify as the music began to play and his long time fans recognized the beat of his current most popular song. Even with Trinity playing the instruments this round, the song was not messed up showing the idol that they had practiced and memorized the high energy song well. The music sounded great and the perfectionist inside him did not spot flaws in the dance moves given either. Oh nice. Very nice. It looked like Trinity took the business seriously as well. He could respect that. In any case, the song would go well enough ending with even more screaming and sound than the idol could hope for as he kept his back to them for a moment giving Nola a light smirk and wink of approval before shifting in his spot to take the elegant black and white electric guitar from a stand near by and place the strap over his shoulder. The crowds watched on, their excitement never dying down, but only increased as they took note of the idol taking the instrument in hand. They knew from experience that the idol could wield any form of guitar or play any form of piano. Much like his singing he took great pride in his practices with his choice of instruments perfecting his work on a select few. So the crowd nor the idol was concerned about this. Whatever came out of the next round would be fine with the idol playing an instrument and acting as backup singer/dancer right? Well you see, that was the catch. This wasn’t as simple as that.  This next round would indeed pull them all together, but the uncertainty came due to the last of what was being asked of the idol: the singing portion.  Could he do actually pull this portion off? The nerves were undeniably there both for the idol on the stage and those backstage.

As Lisa watched on she was surprised when both Haru’s parents joined her to watch what would occur their expressions ones she had never seen on the pair before. They were genuinely nervous and excited for their son. After all, while the idol could speak both his native language and English well and even take on an English part in a performance that did not require him to sing without a hitch, this did not mean that singing in English would go as well. Sometimes foreigners had issues with pitch, pronunciation, and even accent when it came to trying to sing in English. Slow songs and nicely paced ones were one thing and maybe wouldn’t have been so worrisome. The idol could probably play those off well enough and maybe even softer rock songs that required less on the scream side could work too, but this next song?

This next song was a quite a wild one. Not only was it English, but it would require the idol to sing in a fashion he had never done before. On top of that his audience had never heard him sing in English before, so there was the worry there of how they would take to this. It was the first time that everyone across the board had no idea what would happen here, but the show had to go on.

Regardless of this, the pause on stage was brief as the idol took his place and after a light nod at Nola the music would begin  with everyone on pins and needles as the music jumped into lyric immediately. As the music began at first the crowd would continue to cheer as all the combined voices and melodies melded beautifully with one another creating a nice start before the female vocalist took the spotlight and Haru fell to working the guitar and keeping in sync with the dance moves. Everything was going smoothly, the idol falling easily into the music and the crowds loving it and then the moment of truth came as the vocals required a male voice.

Still playing the instrument and not faltering in his steps, the idol stepped up to the plate and without missing a beat opened his mouth and sung what he was he was meant to sing. As soon as the first few words left his mouth, there was an audible pause as the screams died down a bit as everyone in the audience and backstage took in the sound.

Even Mimi and Amy who had been reclining in the back room poked their heads out to ask a stunned stage worker if that was Haru singing and to the nod received they looked at each other and then began to grin like kids at the candy store. Meanwhile the audience stayed stunned for only a few seconds before exploding with so much screaming, hooting, and whistling that it was amazing the ones on stage could still perform under the sound. No show had ever gotten that sort of reaction and the success only made Lisa beam with pride as Haru’s parents literally jumped for joy before settling as Mother had to pay Father for betting against this being a success. Haru was good, but no one ever knew he could actually change his voice in song just as well as he could in a non-singing role. He truly did live up to his name as “The Prince of Many Faces” or just Faces for short. It was quite amazing and blew away any doubts as the song continued on. The music and dance remaining upbeat and the crowd crazy as hell as the two main vocalist switched between each other with ease and the backup came in as if they had always sung together. It was truly a delightful surprise.

And that energy only gave the idol more confidence and strength as he put everything he had into the performance no longer afraid since the first hurdle had been climbed over. The song would continue with the audience even joining at near the end  as they caught onto the “I wish I had an angel” lyrics and sung along until the song ended, leaving in its wake much screaming and cheers and if one listened hard enough there were calls of “ Faces” and “I love you Trinity” scattered throughout the screaming, but the performance wasn’t done as the idol easily handed the instrument off to the woman that worked as his guitarist when he wasn’t playing said instrument.

He had matched the challenge handed to him by his Father (and probably won him a pretty penny now that he thought on it), so he wouldn’t need an instrument for this last round and now would only have to focus on the matter of tackling this new song that had a very different vibe from the more chaotic one just performed. It would would only take a second for this all to occur and then the music would begin.

To change up in song, the crowd would become quieter to listen some still screaming and whistling as it all began. Haru would move with the music as he just as he had practiced and when it was his turn to sing, he’d give it his all. The crowd would share their approval via sound volume that remained moderate during the song, but went back to deafening once it all ended.

Relieved in more ways than he could show, the smile the idle gave was a natural one as he bowed to crowd thanking them in his native language first and then turning to Nola and her siblings, he would give them a graceful and respectful bow as he thanked them to in English. Only causing the crowds to go even crazier.

Well now they ones on the music front knew he was bi-lingual too. Even so, the action wasn’t used to gained attention, but rather a genuine heartfelt thanks to the group. Without them none of this could’ve happened.

Regardless of how that was taken, in time the idol would exit the stage with Trinity and then go through one more round of clothes changing so that he could be ready for the meet and greet that was soon to follow.

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PostSubject: Re: Afternoon:: Work Thread with Trinity:: Back on Stage (Sos)   Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:25 pm

Trinity was a bit worried for Haru as he got on stage and they got ready to sing the first song, Usually Alister did the Vocals for this one, And it was quite the song to sing for it, but it seemed that Haru knew what he was doing for the most part the song sounded different with Haru singing, and Trinity's trained ear could detect a bit of warble in his singing but then again the man didn't preform in English which is probably what was causing that, as the song came to its end it seemed the fans enjoyed the music. Which was a good thing really since Trinity didn't want to be the cause of Haru getting booed or causing his career to be damaged in some way.

Thankfully it seemed everything was going well and as they moved into the next song she knew he could handle it since it was far slower and more regular then the first, Really they should have started with this one, but in the end it seemed like the first choice was the best one as it seemed to relax Haru to have done the technically hard one first. As the second song played Trinity watched the crowd to see their reactions, and sure enough they seemed to be having fun Apparently surprised that the person they have listened to for so long in one language could sing well in another.

Though finally the show came to an end and all that remained was the meet and greet that Trinity had said she would be doing, Whether Haru was going to do the same was only a guess at best but he seemed the type to do so. Moving down to the back stage area Trinity went to her dressing room and slipped out of her stage clothes, she had already decided on an outfit to wear and so it was waiting for her all well laid out and ready for her to change into.

Before Slipping into the new clothing she looked around to make sure everything was ready to go for after the show, sure she had people to do that but she felt that any help she gave was nice since it meant they took less time to pack up and leave and so the next event could be done here without issue, though at the same time she also did it because then she could be sure everything was here. It's not that she didn't trust people but she knew some people had taken things from her dressing room before and then sold it to fans, and so she wanted to make sure nothing was taken that meant something to her, those she would keep safe and on her since most were small items.

After making sure everything was in place she finally slipped into the little shower she had there then put the new clothing on, before walking out to meet with Haru and do the meet and greet to end the afternoon of work, for her it was a simple thing, signing autographs and the like, best of all it was all previously planned so that everything was set up and that everyone who still had there ticket also had their spot in line, it streamlined the process and thankfully it seemed the people had told the audience about the numbers on their tickets since they were all lined up and there seemed to be no pushing or crowding.

Maybe her fans had told Haru's how this usually worked? or maybe they just didn't want to mess things up for others? Or it might have just been that apparently security had been hired to watch the line and to check the ticket numbers before allowing the person to proceed to meet them. Ether way it seemed nice and orderly, though the added security was not needed at least as far as Trinity was concerned, it was doubtful that anyone was going to try and cut the line since they would have a lot of people to go through, and the ones that had been to her concerts before would know how the ticket numbers worked.

Taking her seat next to Haru she looked to him and smiled "Seems everything worked out didn't it? I hope you enjoyed putting on the show with me and my siblings, I know it's not quite what your used to but I am glad we got the chance to try this Idea out and see if it would all work, and it seems like your fans liked it a lot to. You should consider making a few English versions of your biggest songs I bet they would do GREAT!" she was hyper and energetic at the moment after such a great show. Or at least Nola was, the other two where busy thinking about what else to do for the day but more then likely it would be nothing compared to what was going to happen tonight.

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PostSubject: Re: Afternoon:: Work Thread with Trinity:: Back on Stage (Sos)   Thu Nov 03, 2016 9:14 am

With the stage performance completed more successfully than anyone presence could’ve imagined, Haru would leave the stage with Trinity and then make his way to his own dressing room to get changed one more time for the last part of the event. Thankfully, due to time restraints he wasn’t smothered by Mother’s hugs on his way to the room, though the amount of chatter back stage told him that the people behind the curtains were just as pleased as the fans. All around the feeling was good placing the idol in a state of ease as he closed the door to the dressing room and leaned against it for a few seconds, his eyes closed as he took a few seconds to recover both from performance, but mainly from relief. He had been very concerned about the last part, but for it to go get off the ground so well? That...That was more than he could’ve prayed for.

The fact he had succeed to cross the hurdle placed before him brought a smile to his lips as his eyes reopened and he moved across the room to get ready. It took him a few moments to clean up and slip into the more casual clothing chosen for the signing. The signing had already been planned before Trinity had been brought into the deal, but like everything else it was tweaked so she could join in too. Between mimicking what he saw from her last concert and getting a little help from others, he was able to come up with a rather balanced system for this event. The signing wouldn’t be anything long, each fan chosen only having an allotted time to spend with the performers before having to move off. It was nothing unusual for the older male and just like when he got out on the stage, he had another “face” for this situation too.

As he was doing one last check in the mirror, and making sure that one stray hair was wrestle back into place, the idol would give his reflection a nod before exiting the room and making his way to the meeting area. He would arrive there first with Nola joining him a few seconds later. To what he heard he would give the other a small smile.

“It went better than we all could have imagined, so I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to work with you. As for the show I did enjoy putting it on and hope you did too,” he would say his words sincere. As for that last part, the idol would chuckle softly. "Maybe so and maybe you’ll be seeing some songs from me in English in the future.” Yeah there was no way of escaping that one. Once Mother saw success she just ran with it; however, if she ran with this one, the idol wouldn’t mind too much. At least he would have something different to practice outside the norm. Regardless of the though, the small chatter between the idol’s would end as the fans were allowed to enter in an orderly fashion. As the signing got underway, the idol would focus on maintaining his act of being friendly, charming and confident to those that approached with nervous glee or uncontained excitement. He endured the babble and if a fan wanted a picture he allowed it to be taken.

The signing would last until the last fan was gone. Once done with that and alone with Nola and one security guard again, the idol would sigh lightly as he stood from his chair and then pushed it back under the table.

“Ms. Nola. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I hope that somewhere down the line we can do this again. Until next time, I wish you the best of luck and farewell,” he would say giving the other a bow before taking the leave of the area.

From the signing room, the idol would drift off to help with cleaning up everything from the show and once that task was done, he would leave the area with his own group, wondering what sort of future this had unlocked for him and the Trinity in the business.

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PostSubject: Re: Afternoon:: Work Thread with Trinity:: Back on Stage (Sos)   Sat Nov 05, 2016 11:03 am

Work thread completed!

5000 VC gained and divided by those in thread:

2500 VC - To Trinity
2500 VC - To Hatsuharu
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Afternoon:: Work Thread with Trinity:: Back on Stage (Sos)
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