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 Lukewarm Happenings? [Daichi]

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PostSubject: Re: Lukewarm Happenings? [Daichi]   Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:20 pm

"'ss kind of a way to ssay It'ss a pleassure to make your acquaintance and I hope to get to know you better," Ritsuko sheepishly slurred, a little more optimism creeping into her voice. The boy's cheery attitude was certainly infectious enough. It even managed to pierce her inner storm clouds, if only just so. Her expression would soften a bit but a smile was out of reach, her face more neutral and filled with interest as the blonde kid dug through his pockets although her tone of voice was friendly enough.

When he presented his gift to her, Ritz nearly turned her back to him. She didn't enjoy accepting presents, there was a certain... obligation... to it. An imbalance between two neutral parties, almost. But with his eager look, proudly leaning over the counter to grant her something special, she was loathe to turn him down. Hesitantly, Ritsuko reached a wavering hand out towards the kid to gingerly pluck the calendar from his tiny fingers... Fuck. Missed. ...Damnit, why was this so hard!? Holding her breath slightly and closing one eye for better focus, she finally managed to grab the gift from him on her third attempt. Wavering slightly on her feet, she'd bring it closer to her face to inspect it. Huh. Little adorable kitty cats. ...that was so sweet...

The slightly-tipsy young woman rubbed at her eyes a little, feeling the wetness behind them start to build as she slid the happy little calendar into her front blouse pocket. No one was ever this nice to her, not even when they were obligated to be. She hated everyone and... well... was kind of a bitch about it. And a delinquent. And a lush. So she wasn't surprised when she touched nerves wherever she so went and had since become inoculated against the judging eyes. She didn't expect kindness, ever. It shook her in a very unique way.
*sniff* "...thankss..." she spoke weakly, voice breaking for a microsecond. She smiled brightly right back at Zavie, a genuine warm smile without a hint of ice or sadness.
*sniff* "I'd love to sstay here, but I'm gonna misss my buss!" she'd chime. It was a half-lie. Ritz already missed her bus, she knew that. She was damn close to missing the second one, though.

"It'ss been good to meetcha, Zavie, but I gotta go," Ritz spoke, lurching across the counter to grab her remaining cookies. Like, two of them, but still. "I'm Ritssuko, but you can call me Ris-"


Involuntarily shuddering at the normal turn on her name, Ritsuko's smile would falter, appearing hollow.
"...R-Ritz. Everyone elsse doess." That name... there were so many terrible memories tied to that name. Stumbling a tad, Ritz hefted the strap of her guitar across her body, making her way toward the door with steady, shaky steps. As soon as reality snapped back to hit her Ritz's equilibrium flipped. It was gonna be a hell of a walk home.
"I'll ssee you later, kid! It wass good talking to ya!" The young delinquent would give the blonde boy a hearty wave before making an attempt at opening the door. Shit. Okay, second time's the charm.

As the soft pink and golden tones of the morning would strike her, Ritz would throw up a hand to shield her eyes and nearly fall off the curb. Taking her sunglasses from her shirt she slipped them up her nose as she plodded her way down the sidewalk. Macaroon in one hand, cigarette in the other, walking slightly taller than when she entered the Heartfelt Bakery, Ritz unknowingly strode away from  the highlight of her day. She'd come back to remember it in time, and hoped to soon return. That thought would drive her through the hurt. To come back to this wonderful, comfortable bakery again.
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PostSubject: Re: Lukewarm Happenings? [Daichi]   Wed Oct 19, 2016 5:13 pm

The boy would notice how she missed the first time she went to grab the small calendar, and he'd definitely hear her sniffs. But he decided to smile despite his concerns. Was she sick? It was a possibility... But he didn't want to say something to upset her further. After all, they were going to meet again sooner or later! And that would be absolutely fantastic!

"Ritz? Alright then, Ms. Ritz! I look forward to seeing you again!" he'd say with a happy smile, waving to her as she left the bakery. He was slightly concerned... But he was happy everything had turned out the way it did. With a nod of his head, he'd bend down to pick up the damp towel and head towards the washing room. It wouldn't do to leave this out in the sales floor, after all!


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PostSubject: Re: Lukewarm Happenings? [Daichi]   Sat Oct 22, 2016 12:17 am

The Fisher of Souls pulls in his net, catching a young fish and another in his net. He examines the strange fish to determine their worth; however, he pauses as he notices a tiny thread shared between them. Ah, another Lady Fate has given him to watch grow. Ah yes. This one had a good beginning, the thread between them quite nice.

Releasing this pair back into the sea to see if they will grow into something more, the Fisher goes back to examining the other fish in his net.

Zavie Bryce of the Fool Arcana and Zayasu Ritsuko of the Hermit Arcana have formed a bond with one another. Rank 1 SL gained! Keep it up and this bond may grow stronger yet!  
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PostSubject: Re: Lukewarm Happenings? [Daichi]   

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Lukewarm Happenings? [Daichi]
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