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 Oniwaka [Lance's Initial Persona](Complete)

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Lance Lane


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PostSubject: Oniwaka [Lance's Initial Persona](Complete)   Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:23 am

Persona Name: Oniwaka

Persona Type: Initial Persona

Persona's Arcana: VII – Chariot

Owner: Lance "Crow" Lane


Persona Appearance: On the relatively small end of Personas in terms of size, Oniwaka is still tall enough to tower about six inches over Lance. He resembles a childlike red oni, with four large tusks that curve slightly outward toward the sides of his face. A wild mess of bristly black hair tops his head, held off of his forehead by an iron protector. Despite being an oni, Oniwaka bears no horns; instead this iron plate bears a pair of small, nubby spikes, between which a single line is engraved to represent the number 1. His eyes bear no irises, bulging, round, and with tiny, pinpoint pupils. He has a flattened, orc-like nose and pointed ears, and his expression is always somewhere between a gleeful grin and a monstrous snarl.

He is adorned in a bright red uwagi jacket, which is only a shade lighter than his crimson skin. His navy blue hakama pants stop just short of his feet, upon which he wears white tabi socks and straw sandals. On his wrists are large wooden prayer beads, painted a coppery red. Tucked into the belt of his uwagi is a thick, straight-edged knife made of dark-colored steel. Its hilt is plain and unadorned, much unlike the weapon that he actually uses; a naginata with a myriad of numerical kanji engraved in gold up its black shaft is carried in hand at all times. It resembles Lance’s Prime almost to the letter besides the kanji, though naturally scaled up to fit the larger oni’s form.

Persona Background: Oniwaka is the younger self of the legendary weaponsmaster, Benkei. He is said to have wrestled and killed a giant carp who had eaten his mother, and abandoned the path of the monk to focus on training martial arts. During his training, he fought several hundred opponents and went undefeated until Yoshitsune defeated him at Gojo Bridge in Kyoto. Playful and adventurous, he has not yet grown into the stalwart, loyal being that he is destined to be, as he has not yet found his ideals, and that which he feels duty-bound to protect.

Strengths: Slash/Wind

Weaknesses: Fire/Earth

Passive Boosts: Chariot – 15% Physical Damage, 15% Slash Defense

Persona Skill List:

Skill 1: Wide Sweep | Inflicts a small amount of Slash damage to all enemies with an added miss chance of 10% and added crit chance of 10% | 8% HP | Tier 1

Skill 2: Double Fangs | Inflicts a small amount of Pierce damage twice to one enemy. | 8% HP | Tier 1

Skill 3: Counter | 10% chance of repelling Physical attacks. | Passive | Tier 1

Skill 4: Luck Vigil| Higher chance of retrieving rare items from treasure boxes and shuffle times. | Passive | Tier 2
(Unlocked once forming your first Social Link or using your Persona 15 times in PvS combat.)

Skill 5: Arrow Rain | Inflicts a moderate amount of Pierce damage twice to all enemies. | 18% HP | Tier 2 (Must have used your persona an additional 25 times in PvS combat or completed 2 Missions.)

Skill 6: Cruel Attack | Inflicts a moderate amount of Pierce damage to one enemy with even greater power (30% increase) if the target is knocked “Down.” | 13% HP | Tier 2 (Unlocked once using your Persona an additional 25 times in PvS combat or having formed three rank 3 or more Social Links.)

Skill 7: Pierce Master | Increase Pierce-based Dexterity damage output by 30%. | Passive | Tier 2 (Unlocked once using your Persona an additional 25 times in PvS combat or having formed 2 rank 5 Social Links.)

Skill 8: High Counter | 20% chance of repelling Physical attacks | Passive | Tier 3 (Unlocked using your Persona 30 times in PvS combat or maxing a single Social Link.)

Fusion Attack:

Fusion Attack Name: Spirit of the Prime
Persona Name: Oniwaka
Type of Damage: Pierce
Description: Lance and Oniwaka launch their spears at a target. Oniwaka’s disintegrates into a violet, ethereal flame around Lance’s that propels the spear like a missile at the target. This skill has a 20% increased chance to critically hit the target.

Soul Skill Name: Battle Trance
Persona Name: Oniwaka
Tier: Tier 1
Cost: 4SP
Type of Damage: N/A
Description: Increases Lance's Attack by 15% for three rounds.

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PostSubject: Re: Oniwaka [Lance's Initial Persona](Complete)   Fri Oct 14, 2016 9:54 pm

Your Fusion attack is fine, but you don't need the miss target anyway. Because it makes it worse than a Deathbound, lol, since they're both T3 skills. So you can fix that if you want.

Trophy Collector, what do you mean by countering an attack with a melee weapon? In PvS perspective, do you mean if your counter skill is triggered? That's when it reflects back, not actually countering with your soulbound. This confuses me. Please explain more.


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PostSubject: Re: Oniwaka [Lance's Initial Persona](Complete)   Sat Oct 15, 2016 4:48 pm

It's honestly better to just have a mini-Tarukaja than this. Maybe about 15% boost to attacks for three turns and costing 4 SP as an active skill.


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PostSubject: Re: Oniwaka [Lance's Initial Persona](Complete)   Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:47 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Oniwaka [Lance's Initial Persona](Complete)   

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Oniwaka [Lance's Initial Persona](Complete)
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