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 A Lazy Morning Clean :: Morning Work Thread

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PostSubject: A Lazy Morning Clean :: Morning Work Thread   Sat Oct 08, 2016 11:19 am

Yesterday had been quite the eventful day. So much had happened in such little time that the poor girl had quite a hard time actually remembering it all! She would remember something in the morning of her and 8D calling up Zavie to talk about what they were planning to do on 8D's super cool phone shoe! None of what they actually had set out to plan for that day ended up strictly happening though, it was a kinda back and forth sorta deal where no one really knew what they were doing until they were kinda knee deep in doing whatever it was they did end up doing! At least it turned out to be a lot of fun, plus she still got to hang out with 8D and Zavie all night! So she wasn't upset with how anything went, it was a lot of fun getting to play with Terra properly again too! She really hopped they could do something like that again sometime.

Aside from the phone call though, she remembered that at one point in the day she went off looking for a pet store. Not that she really had any money to actually buy a pet, nor would Kay or J be too happy with her if she did end up turning up at the bar with an unannounced new member of the family. No, she merely wanted to see all the cute little animals! Maybe have the nice pet owner let her stroke one of the bunnies or something cool! Although she did end up getting lost on the way there and found herself surrounded with music, she had never seen a place like it before. A boy there ended up talking to her about the music, he seemed quite nice and even told her he might teach her how to play that piano thingy he was playing too someday! That would be a cool thing to try! Not that she thought she'd be any good at it, it looked way too complicated for her. Regardless, it would still be a massive lot of fun to try it out!

Speaking of turning up at the house with an unannounced member of the family though... There was a point in the day where she met up with Zavie in the forests of East Eden. It wasn't any kind of planned meet up, or really a very positive meet up at all. They had both been attracted to the sound of an injured animal, a fox cub that was seemingly abandoned by its mother and unable to move due to a broken leg. The poor little thing was wailing out little cries for help and the girl couldn't simply leave it there in that state! Even if Zavie didn't seem too keen on the idea of taking it with them, she had to make sure to get it home safe so that they could fix it up and make it all better! Once its leg was healed she'd come back to the place she found it and let it go back to live in the wild, but as it was right now it wouldn't of survived another few hours if she hadn't came along. Luckily Kay let her keep the little fox, which ended up being named Muffins. Hopefully she would take a look at him at some point and see if there was a way to ease his pain!

Hmm, thinking about animals though. She did remember one other person she met that day, at home with 8D in fact! They had came looking for us, saying they needed J to look them over cause they were falling apart or something terrible. The awesome little robot doggie seemed like he knew all of us already, honestly she was fairly sure she recognized him from before too! Y-yet that memory was a very long time ago and quite honestly she couldn't remember much of that day what so ever. It had been a very bad day and Callie never did spend much time thinking about anything bad... So the memory just kinda faded away over time. It was good that the robo pooch found them though! Hopefully once he gets all fixed up they can be friends! If they're anywhere near as cool as 8D, she was sure they could have a whole load of fun together!

Oh! She almost forgot! There was this one other man she met at her super secret, pretty, magical flower meadow! They had been taken there by following a clever little birdy who clearly knew all the best spots of the forest to come to! They had quite a weird conversation about parades and the likes, although she was still a strong believer that it would be absolutely amazing to see something like that in town some day! She really hoped that would happen someday, it would be so much fun to take 8D and Zavie along to see it! She'd want to take the guy she met too! Yet he kinda ended up having to leave in a hurry. Hopefully they could meet again some day and get to know each other better! That way she could invite him to any future parades!

As great and eventful her day had been yesterday, it was really when night time came that everything got super fun and exciting! At first Grins told them that they were just going to do some training that night, which sounded like a real blast! They had to do lots of cool little challenges that Kay and J had set up for them, encouraging them to think outside the box and work as a team to learn how to be better prepared for when something serious happens! Confidence is always super important when it comes to these things Kay told her, and practicing them hundreds of times over and over, even in a safe environment, helps you keep your calm when something needs to be done quick and precisely in the heat of the moment!... Whatever that means... The challenges were lots of fun though! They had a few different ones such as trying to get everyone across a sky high wall that was covered in all this slimy, slippy stuff! Cals managed to figure out a way to get over this one, much to the discomfort of Terra for the methods she used. Yet it still managed to get everyone over in one piece!... W-well aside from 8D... He kinda got his body left behind! Yet it still counted as us succeeding so it didn't matter, he'd be able to still help without a body in the later challenges, probably! The challenge after that involved someone guiding two people through a giiaaannntt maze! Yet the people in the maze couldn't see a thing so it was super hard! The rest of the training session was super fun too, Kay and J really know how to make training fun!

Oh but it was the last thing they did that night that was the most fun! After their long training session the trio went out to go and get ice cream as a little treat! Yet then we found this thingy telling us that the owner of the arcade was asking for help! Saying that the arcade was in trouble and in serious need of someone to go and help it out and such! Clearly Callie wasn't going to just stand by knowing this information, she loved the arcade! It was basically her home away from home, or used to be the home right next to home... She'd go there all the time just to watch the other kids play the game machines and laugh and play! It was so much fun to see so many people so happy, she couldn't bare the thought of such a happy place being in need of help! Luckily for her, her friends decided to tag along. She knew a short cut through the back alleys to get there a whole lot faster than taking the streets! She even passed by her old home on the way.

Once at the arcade, they met up with this older guy. He seemed kinda weird, he didn't really talk all that much or contribute to the celebration of a victory well earned! Yet it was still nice to have someone else along to give a helping hand. They got to fight so many weird and interesting bad guys, but in the end they had to send all of them to the respawn zone! Except the little fluffy bats they met! Those all ended up flying off, one of them Zavie even managed to tame and get to help us for a little while which was super cool! (And I super wasn't jealous of... Seriously, I wasn't... Stop looking at me like that!) That fight was kinda hazy though. Something bad happened that fight and she was a little scared. Luckily her friends knew what to do and kept her safe, she owned everything to her friends. Nothing would ever be fun or exciting without them! And as long as they stuck together, she knew that they could accomplish anything! The real great thing with how active her day had been though... Was how easy it was for her to fall asleep for once!


The little fox shadow Terra would stur in his sleep, rolling over away from his host and ending u-THUD-...p... On the floor... "Oww... Son of a b--iscuit... Neheh." The shadow fox would yawn and stretch on the ground of the young vixens room. It was quite fortunate for him that she had actually semi-what tidied her room the day before. At least there wasn't any small toys laying about under her bed anymore, that would of been the worst to fall onto anything like that! The floor was bad enough without him catching his shoulder on a lego brick or something awful like that. "Yaawwnn... What time is it?" He'd mutter to himself as he leapt his way back onto the bed beside his host. He'd turn to look at the little alarm clock that sat next to the bed. It surly couldn't be too late, that stupid loud thing hadn't gone of yet... U-unless...

"Cals! Cals come on! Wake up!" The shadow fox would shout in an attempt to wake the girl up whom still seemed deep in sleep, dreaming about everything that had happened yesterday. However it was way past what time they should of started getting the bar ready for the day. Terra knew that was meant to be Callie's job today, Kay had been telling her what she had to and not have to do yesterday before Zavie came over. It seemed as if with how tired the poor girl had been when they got home last night she forgot to actually set her alarm to go off, they were already forty minutes behind when they were meant to start!... Not that he liked watching his host do boring chores. Yet he knew if she didn't do them in time, she'd end up in trouble. And that could mean double the amount of work time for another day! He couldn't bare that, he needed to get her up so they could get everything done pronto!

"Come on, wakey, wakey Cals!" The fox would end up pacing back and forth down the bed until he finally had enough with his unresponsive host. Whatever magical thing she was dreaming about could wait for now, he didn't want her to get into trouble! With one quick action, Terra would pounce onto the girls chest, knocking her into semi-consciousness. "Oh! Good! You're awake! How was ye sleep Cals? I know mine was great, but we kinda need to get up now ya know. Alarm didn't go off and all, we need to get the bar ready for when it opens up remember? Ya even listening to me...?"

"Nyeehh...? F-five more minutes Terra..." Would be Callie's initial reaction, rolling so that she faced the wall of the bed away from Terra. She'd lie there for a few moments trying to fall back to sleep before what Terra had said to her finally sunk in and clicked with her brain. "Oh, shoot!" The sudden realization caused the girl to instantly roll back over and throw herself out of bed, sending the poor fox shadow flying without any warning across the room. "I need to get ready! We need to get the bar ready! Everything has to be done quickly! Oh god, oh god, oh god! Right! Where to start, where to start... Uhm, oh! Right, clothes!"

"Ooof..." Terra would have to take a moment to get to his senses after being launched like that, he knew she didn't do that on purpose, or at least hoped she didn't, but a little warning first would still be nice! "A little warning next time maybe, Cals? Neheh. I'm not a huge fan of flying, especially in door flying." The shadow fox would shake his head, finally coming to his senses as he saw his host throwing things about the room. "Cals, calm yer self. We may not have much time but you still have to actually do a good job! Yer wont be able to do anything properly when you're freaking out like this!" He'd pause to look away as the girl changed from her pajama's to her work clothes, only looking back once she was all done, tail and ears hidden and all. "You know what jobs you've gotta be doing right, Cals?"

"Uh huh! I know what needs to be done, don't worry Terra! We'll get this done faster than you can sing the alphabet!

"The alphabet...?" The shadow fox would ask curiously as he jumped onto the girls shoulder before she had a chance to run out of the room and leave him behind. "What do you even mean by that? Isn't that to do with letters and stuff? Why would you sing it? I'm pretty sure even you don't know anything about those kinds of things. Nehehe!" He'd say jokingly to the girl as he watched he stare around the room, clearly looking for something that she couldn't quite spot anywhere. "Say, Cals. What'cher looking for? I thought we had a chore that needed to be doing! Ya all ready, aren't 'cha?"

"Uhh... Yeah, I'm ready. I just can't quite find something..." The young vixen would stare around the room, clearly upset about the fact she couldn't see what she was looking for. In fact, she didn't seem to remember seeing it all day yesterday either... How... How did she not realize that until now? "Uhm... Well, never mind. I'll find it later, don't worry. It's nothing important to do with work anyway! What do ya say we get ourselves into the action Terra!" The girl would say in a much more upbeat tone before spinning around to head for the door to her room, heading off down the corridor towards the kitchen. "Also, of course I know the alphabet! It's the whole A, B... C...? Uh, the rest! Ya know?" She'd say in response, getting an amused chuckle out of Terra for her clear expertise of this so called alphabet.

"Right then! What's first on the to do list I wonder." The girl would say aloud as she entered into the kitchen, she was wondering if it was worth cleaning up in here first or doing the bar itself. She'd usually start with the kitchen just cause its on the way and that made sense to her, yet with the lack of time she had today. It would probably be best to get the place the costumers see all spick and span first! It wouldn't matter as much if she went a little over when she was meant to be done if it was just kitchen work that was left to do. "Okay, I got it! Most important thing is that when people arrive they can actually order their drinks, so let's go put all the clean glasses behind the bar!"

Quickly grabbing her little tray that she used to transfer the glasses with, Callie would stack up a large pile of glasses and mugs delicately to ensure both she could carry as many as possible whilst still having it be stable so they wouldn't all go crashing down! It was fortunate for her that they had cleaned all these glasses at the end of the day yesterday. They didn't always do that, usually she'd have to get some glasses cleaned a prepared before sending them out for use in the mornings. At least luck was shining in her favour on this particular day! Carefully, she'd open up the door from the kitchen to the bar with her foot. Making sure not to tilt her tray at all so that the glasses all stayed perfectly balanced. Once inside, she'd head for behind the bar's counter and place down the tray. "Phew! That's always the scary bit!" With the tray on solid ground, she'd carefully take each and every glass or mug off of the pile and sort them all to their allocated spots underneath the counter for easy access. "There we go, that should be enough for the start of the day. We're never normally that busy until later in the afternoon anyway!"

"Do you really have no easier way of moving all those glasses back and forth from here and the kitchen? You make my fur stand up on end each time you have to do that. I have no idea how you manage to balance that many glasses like that each time! Maybe you should join the circus with your clown friend! Nehehe!" Terra would chuckle at his own joke whilst Callie put the last of the glasses into their own space under the counter. That girl truly did have a weird knack for being able to do some very strange things efficiently. Honestly he'd never understand it himself. How to balance things that is. He can hardly hold something, all he has is four little paws! Regardless of his own knowledge on the subject, he still knew some of the things his young host did were very impressive. Especially for someone so young and with the background she had to grow up in for most of her life.

"Weellll..." The tailed girl would take a moment to try and think of any other possible way she could get that many glasses through that quickly. There wasn't really many other alternatives she could think of really. I mean sure she could just bring less per tray full then she could walk faster, but that would mean she would have to take multiple trips and that would in the end take longer! Even if she only took one or two at a time and ran it would end up being way slower in the long run, plus it would tire her out much faster and she needed the energy to do the rest of her chores! "Nope!" She'd finally say as she jumped back up to her feet with the last glass placed. "This is the most time saving way of doing it! It doesn't take much energy to do either so its quite a good way of doing it. I just have to be careful is all, and that's not too hard! I've only dropped them once or twice back when I first started working. Haven't done anything like that for years at this point though! Don't worry Terra, I'm only exaggerating when I say its real scary!"

"Anyway, with that done what's next?" She'd take a moment to stare around the bar to see if there was anything noticeably bad that she had to deal with. As far as she could see, there were a few spills still lying here and there on the ground as well as some messes left on a few of the table tops. Nothing that would be too hard to deal with in no time! U-unless one of those tables wanted to act like that spot from yesterday... Maybe she'd turn that table over at some point to say hello. She'd doubt that it would of just left all on its own! It was so reluctant to leave yesterday that it had to still be there now, no doubt about it! "Okay, let's sort out these floors first me thinks!" She'd finally decide, heading back into the kitchen with her tray in hand to place back down on the side before searching the cleaning cupboard for their trusty mop. "Ah! Here you are! Come on Madam Mop, we've got some cleaning to do and you're the star of the show!"

"You really are crazy, ya know that Cals? Nehehe." The fox would say with jokingly with a light hearted laugh. He would still be perched on the girls shoulder, he didn't massively like having to be hidden away in his blade form. It just wasn't as comfortable, so he'd stay like this for as long as he could. It wasn't like there was anyone around at this time of day that didn't already know about his existence. He enjoyed watching the girl throughout her day from this position, she was always such a joy to observe how she interacted with everything. Even the most basic boring chores she'd find some silly way in making it more entertaining and less of just a pure bore. Even if that did include talking to all the equipment you used to get the job done!

"Hehe, where's the harm in making it all fun and games, huh? Madam Mop is very offended that you'd call her existence crazy! Hehehe." The girl would reply, playing along with the joke as she begun mopping up all the lost spills and stains that carpeted the bars wood floors. Ensuring that there wasn't a single speck of grim left for the visible eye. She enjoyed this part of her chores, it was always super easy just to run Madam Mop around the place! Plus it was super satisfying to see the improvements to the general look of the place it really gave once it was all cleaned and done! This was definitely one of Callie's favourite chores to do, alongside cleaning off the tables. That was always fun too, although it was often a bit more of a struggle and required her to really scrub them down sometimes! Cleaning the floors was just super easy! "Madam Mop is a very highly thought of mistress where she comes from ya know! I wouldn't want to upset her incase she tells on you!~"

"Oh no! I wouldn't want the royal cleaning cupboard kingdom to be mad at me! Please accept my forgiveness Madam Mop, clearly I wasn't thinking about what I was saying! Nehehe!" Terra would almost fall off of the girls shoulder with how much he was laughing, he loved these ridiculous conversations he shared with his host sometimes. She was such better company that he could ever share back before he was fused to her. Everyone was so horrid and boring back then, but this was exactly what he loved. Complete and utter happy nonsense. He was just so glad how quickly the two of them clicked back together as friends after so many years of them not being together, it was exactly like those old times nearly eight years ago! The little fox shadow couldn't of asked for a better result in all this, it was as if he had never left her side. Which he never tried to do in the first place.

"Well now, I guess that's quite all right dear Terra hum de dum.~" Callie would say, putting on a slight accent and pretending as if the mop was talking instead of her. She'd giggle alongside her already laughing companion as she finished cleaning off the last of the floor boards. Taking a quick routine check of the area to ensure she hadn't missed anything, nodding in approval that her job was a job well done. "Okay Madam Mop, I think its time for you to go back to your kingdom! We'll talk again another day, okay~!" She'd say cheerfully, placing the mop back where she found it and instead taking out her small cloth she used to clean the table tops. "Right! Come on Terra, we're nearly all finished! This didn't take any time at all, look! We're going to still be done before time is up easy! Maybe not with all the kitchen stuff but still! All the important stuff will be done and dusted!"

"Nehehe! Then let's get it done shall we? Not that I'm really doing much to help, so I don't really know why you keep saying "we're" doing the work! But I appreciate the thanks for doing nothing! Nehehe!" It wasn't like he could help much even if he wanted to (which he really didn't want to), he couldn't really hold anything to clean stuff and as much as he could technically go fetch stuff for Cals he couldn't reach up anywhere high that things were kept, plus he couldn't carry much in his mouth at once. PLUS he couldn't actually get too far away from the girl without feeling super weak and weird anyway, so it was kinda just better for him to sit and watch. It wasn't like the girl needed much help anyway, she had done this routine so many times now she practically blitzed through it all on her own!

"Hey, hey! That isn't true! You're a big help when I'm working! Even if ya not directly helping me clean up or what not, your company is super appreciated! I would just get super bored and take forever if you weren't here to keep me entertained and make all my chores a whole lot of fun! Ya a real help you little fuzz ball!" The young girl would smile and pet the little bundle of fluff that sat on her shoulder before placing the small cloth on top of his head and laughing. "There! You can help out by carrying that for me, hehe." She'd giggle to herself as she once again left the kitchen and entered the main part of the bar, taking the cloth back off the confused foxes head and starting to clean the nearest table. "See? You're super helpful! Hehehe."

"Mwar! Who turned out the lights!" The confused little shadow fox would turn his head around in confusion as the cloth was placed over his head and obstructed his vision, he wouldn't know what to do as he couldn't exactly throw it off using his paws, he was already using them to hold on to Cals with! Although it didn't take him long to realize what was actually happening so it wasn't like he was freaking out about it or anything. "Neheh, that's very sweet of you to say Cals! Glad I could be of help in some way, it's fun talking to you anyway. You always say the most crazy things!" Terra would reply as the cloth was taken off of his head, he was glad Callie enjoyed having him around just as much as he enjoyed having her around. He felt like out of anyone he could of been paired with, Cals was definitely the perfect pick for him one hundred percent!

"You're a little crazy yourself ya know, hehe." Callie would reply as she got finished removing all the muck from the first table in question and moving on to the next, she really hoped there wouldn't be anymore stubborn stains like there was yesterday. She really didn't have time for them right now! Fortunately for her though, every table came and went by with ease, none of the lingering stains making any kind of resistance in trying to hang on to the table for dear life. Nope! All the tables were clean as a whistle in no time at all, in fact like she had hoped, they even have time to spare to go start on the kitchen stuff before they even opened their doors! N-not that anyone actually comes in at this time of day, aside from that one guy on Thursdays, but the doors are opened nether the less! "Looks like we're all done here Terra, we best go get started on the kitchen stuff now before Kay wakes up! O-oh, thanks for waking me up by the way. I don't think I thanked you for that yet!"

"Not a problem at all Cals. Although you were mighty hard to wake up ya know! You sleep like a rock! A baby rock at that! Plus the initial thank you of sending me flying across the room was thanks enough. Nehehe!" Terra would laugh once more as he'd watch his little host enter the kitchen and start work on everything she needed to do there. Honestly with how bad her memory is with most things he was surprised how many little details she remembered about what she had to do at work, whether it be where everything goes, how to stack everything properly or merely just knowing all fifth teen hundred chores she had to actually be doing! Regardless, the rest of the work seemed to just fly by as he sat and watched. Occasionally jumping down onto the counter whilst she was washing up, taking the opportunity to stretch whilst she was standing still. Which didn't seem to happen very often!

With a large yawn, Callie put down the final reserved glass down that she had been washing. "Phew. I think that's everything!" Again, as she usually would, the girl would look around the area to make sure nothing was out of place. Eventually nodding to herself that her job here was done. "And with two minutes to spare... W-we did it..." The now exhausted girl would start heading back towards her room, initially with the intention of taking her work clothes off. She'd nod and smile weakly to Kay who was just coming out of her room as she walked past and entered her room. With very, very little debate on what was the best course of action to do next. Callie would fall face first into her pillow on her bed, her work clothes still on and drift back off to sleep. "Let's just call this... Five more minutes..."

~Work Complete~

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A Lazy Morning Clean :: Morning Work Thread
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