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 Hitomi Watanabe (Complete)

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PostSubject: Hitomi Watanabe (Complete)   Mon Aug 29, 2016 5:29 am

Watanabe Hitomi

The Biography

Birth Name: Hitomi Watanabe
Aliases: --
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birth Day: April 5th
Arcana: Hanged man
Place of Residence: Sunlake Palms
Evoker: Mental Shackles
Academy Semester: Second year
Class: TBA

Appearance: Hitomi is small in height, measuring only 5’3”, with a scrawny, tomboyish build, about 109 pounds in weight. A brunette, her hair is cut choppy down to her shoulders, though she usually wears it up in pigtails and it is often but never seen worn down. Hitomi’s skin is a little on the paler side, and her russet brown eyes are usually accompanied by dark circles. Her resting expression could be described as one of annoyance, though she doesn't mean for it to be, this could make her hard to approach.

When not in her school uniform, Hitomi’s favors wearing a cream cardigan over a white shirt and a red and black plaid skirt. She prefers to wear shorts underneath skirts, finding herself uncomfortable without them on.

Alternate Appearance: As a psyche terrorist Hitomi’s appearance changes drastically. Her hair darkens, becoming black, and her eyes turn to a bright red. She wears a black jacket with several yellow stripes along the sleeves. She also dons a black gas-mask with red lenses that covers the lower half of her face. She wears white shorts with black leggings, silver headphones, and red sneakers.
alt apperance:

Personality:  Watanabe is what you would call ‘all bark and no bite’. Irritable, short-tempered, and possessing a caustic wit, but ultimately a coward at heart. It doesn’t take much to break the tough facade she puts on around strangers- a fierce glare or threat is enough to reduce her to a sniveling child. Hitomi is easily frightened by the occult, and quick to panic in bad situations, losing all sensibility when she feels threatened. Though, she isn’t completely hopeless in combat, corner a frightened animal long enough and they’re bound to bite back.

Watanabe is very emotional, perhaps in a different way than one would expect. Her inability to be honest with how she feels often results in her snapping at others. She often speaks without considering the feelings of others, and the consequences that come with her words. Despite the way she might treat people, Hitomi is an extremely grateful to any kindness offered to her, communicating this as best she can. She can often become frustrated at her lack of ability to protect others, envying those who are brave enough to jump head first into danger.


The Potential


Strength Name: Efficient Studier
Description: Hitomi is great when it comes to hitting the books. She is quicker to catch on and learn new things. ( Doubles the gain of intelligence. )

Strength Name: Fight or flight
Description: When in danger, Hitomi’s “fight or flight” instincts kick in, and she is more than likely to choose the latter. ( Chance to flee dungeon battles is raised by 10%. )

Strength Name: Frenzy
Description: In dire situations, bursts of adrenaline allow Watanabe to strike more than once in an attack. ( in PvS combat, Hitomi can attack twice with her soul bound weapon in one attack post. )


Floating Strength Name:


Weakness Name: Cowardice
Description: Not one to laugh in the face of danger, the young girl would rather compliment danger’s new haircut before retreating a safe distance away. It’ll take some time to teach Hitomi the first thing about bravery. ( Halfs courage gain. )

Weakness Name: Scaredy cat
Description: Hitomi is quick to panic, getting frightened by the most basic of things. ( Watanabe is 15% more susceptible to fear and panic ailments. )

Weakness Name: Maladroit
Description: Not used to wielding a weapon, Hitomi’s attacks are bound to be more clumsy than usual. ( -10% Accuracy when using soul bound weapon.)

Weakness Name: Aquaphobia
Description: Watanabe prefers to keep her distance from large bodies of water. Naturally, because of her fear of water, she cannot swim.

Floating Weakness Name:

Soul Bound Weapon:

Weapon Name: Tachi Bokken
Weapon Description: A wooden sword made to replicate a tachi. It’s handle, wrapped with white cloth, measures 6”, while the wooden ‘blade’ measures 33”.  It’s total length is approx  3’3”.
Weapon Attack Type: Strike
Weapon Element: --

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: Roscoe
Side-Arm Description: A neat little revolver, perfect for shooting things that need to be shot.
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style: Revolver - Single Shot - Accuracy is increased by 20%. Consumes only one type of ammo per use. Can shoot only one enemy at a time.

The Background

History: Hitomi Watanabe is the second born child of Masayo and Hajime Watanabe, and younger sister to Hiroshi Watanabe. Born and raised in Endymion, her early years were by all standard normal. Her mother loved to shop, and her father enjoyed watching wrestling matches on the weekends. Hitomi had a tyrant of an older brother, but that’s not to say they didn’t get along. Their middle-class house wasn’t anything special, but it was home at the time. Hitomi grew up alongside a close family friend’s daughter, Hana Oikawa. The two were inseparable throughout their early childhood.

Hitomi couldn’t recall much about the night of The Eternal Divide, her memories somewhat in a haze. She does remember that she had been unlucky enough to have been out with Hana that night, how cold the water had been, and the terror she felt as she was being pulled deeper into the ocean’s depth. Hitomi -miraculously- survived the ordeal, but her friend Hana had not.

Present day, both parents work inordinate hours due to a sudden demand in the business. With her parents gone most of the time, she falls under the care of her older brother. Hitomi attends Seven Stars Academy, where most of her daily life takes place. Study, sleep, repeat; Hitomi lives an easy and docile life, but she can't help but feel like something's off..

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PostSubject: Re: Hitomi Watanabe (Complete)   Mon Aug 29, 2016 11:47 am

Nice job. A good amount of detail and flavor added to her. I see no problems here at all. Approved~!



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Hitomi Watanabe (Complete)
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