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 Shinji Akira's Persona

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PostSubject: Shinji Akira's Persona   Sat Aug 27, 2016 3:27 pm

Persona Name: ???

Persona Type: Initial Persona

Persona's Arcana: The Fool

Owner: Shinji Akira

Persona Appearance: Shinji's Persona appears as a mass of malevolent energy which barely has a physical form. Outside of the sack on its face and the weapon it wields, the rest of the persona is indistinguishable. However, the mass of energy does resemble a cloak of sorts draped over a fully concealed human form. It stands about 3.5m tall.
Persona Appearance:

Persona Background: What happens when a persona user develops without any idea of of concepts from the outside world and nothing but primitive emotions like hatred and anger? The answer is Shinji Akira's persona, which barely resembles anything of this world. Made out of the sheer will to survive and hatred of demon kind, in a way the creation of this persona was rushed to the point that it is so undeveloped that it doesn't even have a name. However, there is a lot of potential for future growth, as Shinji continues to explore the world around him maybe one day it will discard this primitive form.

Strengths: Electricity

Weaknesses: Wind

Passive Boosts: 15% boost to electricity damage.

Persona Skill List:
Skill 1: Zio
Skill 2: Hack and Slash
Skill 3: MaZio
Skill 4: Rakunda(Unlocked once forming your first Social Link or using your Persona 15 times in PvS combat; Must be Tier 2 Skill or Lower)
Skill 5: Zionga(Must have used your Persona an additional 25 times in PvS combat or completed 2 Missions; Must be a Tier 2 Skill or Lower)
Skill 6: Fatal End(Unlocked once using your Persona an additional 25 times in PvS combat or having formed three rank three or more social links; Must be a Tier 2 Skill or Lower)
Skill 7: Elec Boost(Unlocked once using your Persona an additional 25 times in combat or formed 2 rank 5 social links; Must be a Tier 2 Skill or Lower)
Skill 8: Matarukaja (Unlocked using your Persona 30 times in PvS combat or maxing a single Social Link; Must be a Tier 3 Skill or Lower)

Orgia Mode:
Each of the Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons have a overclocking ability known as "Orgia Mode." This mode lasts 3 turns and allows the Weapon to use skills without the use of HP or SP while also attacking twice per turn [PvS phase combat only for double attack. In PvP Phase combat, Orgia mode instead raises all stats by 15% and allows use of skills without use of HP or SP]. Orgia mode also allows the Android to perform superhuman feats, such as enhanced strength, flight, etc (these must be strengths listed on your application.) Once the mode is over, they over heat and must rest for 3 turns after, meaning they can not move or defend themselves in that period of time.

Soul Skill Name: Dark Energy
Persona Name: ???
Tier: Tier 1
Cost: 4 SP
Type of Damage: NA
Description: Malevolent energy swirls around Shinji's body, increasing his critical hit chance by 15% for 3 turns.

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PostSubject: Re: Shinji Akira's Persona   Sat Aug 27, 2016 3:42 pm

It can be a mass of energy, just make sure it has a height described since the description is vague. Try to give it some kind of shape that way it avoids changing periodically. Also since you are an ASSW, put in somewhere that it has Orgia mode; normally you can just cut out the info in the Fusion Attack and replace it with information regarding what Orgia mode is and does.

Orgia Mode:

That being said, your Soul Skill is a skill you can use without summoning your Persona. So you can make it some kind of utility, an attack etc. Feel free to look into ideas for it as long as it makes sense for a Tier 1 skill (Agi, Rebellion, Dia, etc.)


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PostSubject: Re: Shinji Akira's Persona   Sat Aug 27, 2016 4:38 pm

Everything is good, but again, try to give the Persona a little more shape. For example, what does it generally look like? Make sure the description of it is clear. It can look like a mass of energy, but it needs to be descriptive to make sure that the shape doesn't change from topic to topic unless you had a strength for it.


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PostSubject: Re: Shinji Akira's Persona   Sat Aug 27, 2016 5:41 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Shinji Akira's Persona   

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Shinji Akira's Persona
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