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 Trinity's second Holographic concert (Gabe)

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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's second Holographic concert (Gabe)   Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:00 pm

"Oh, well..there's one that is something that i hold my heart close to. One punch frost! It's great so...." Gabe caught himself acting like an excited child and decided to turn it down a notch, he didn't want to be too embarrassing with all things considered. "Sorry, but yea..i'm sure you'll like all of them or at least that one." Listening to Nola's claims about fame, it made Gabe wonder. "Did you have any sort of trouble with these persistent fans? Like stalkers or anything? I just hope that you have alot of bodyguards with you at time, the world is a scary place fully of crazy people. Or hey, there could be a demon that's a fan of your singing. It sucks that we can't see them since that night, would of liked to know if they had good taste in music. "  Thankfully, none were there, Gabe wasn't going to let some sort of monster assault a little girl, people need to have a conscience
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's second Holographic concert (Gabe)   Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:48 pm

Trinity looked a bit confused as to Gabe mentioning demons, but as he talked about crazy people she simply assumed he meant them, Though she then remembered Tatsui and Selenus mentioning a Gabe, could they have meant Gabriel? it wasn't safe to ask the man at the moment, but she would have to ask Tatsui and Selenus later on when she was alone with one of them. Considering the fact that Selenus lived in the same home and room as she did he would probably be the first one she could ask this question of when the time was best, but for now she kept her question in her mind and simply thought about the other parts of his question to her.

"We have had trouble with a few fans, and even some people that worked for us tried to take advantage of their position, but we had people that protected us and where earnest in their wanting to protect. Though Maybe We make it to easy to get close to us, we have been called to trusting by others before, but I think everyone should be trusted unless they give reason to not" she then thought of his comment on his works and she nodded a bit "Well We will give it a look over when We visit your shop, you may never know what you will luck and not like if you do not look at new things isn't that true?" she nodded a bit, then there was a knock at the door and the guard looked in a moment.

"Sorry to interrupt but Miss Nola you have a signing in ten minutes, just reminding you" the large guard said looking to the two of them.

Trinity had instantly slipped back into her stage expression the moment the knocking happened and she looked at the man at the door waving to him "Thank you Derrick, I'll make sure to not be late, you know how I am....well I guess that would explain why your reminding me though wouldn't it? Any way I will be there in a bit I am just visiting with my friend is all okay?" she said with a giggle and a smile.

The man seemed to nod before slipping the door closed once more and return to guarding outside. Trinity instantly letting her face relax into that unblinking, expressionless gaze once more as she looked back to Gabe "Well then Is there anything else to talk about....Also the Constraints on time would be another factor at times, and that to changes with what kind of fame you have acquired" she added on back to her monotone.
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's second Holographic concert (Gabe)   Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:38 pm

"That's definitely true, you'll never know until you try. However, id like to reserve that notion for strange looking foods, that's something i won't be trying anytime soon. " Though, it seems that the time was running short, and Gabe didn't want to hold her. "I'll go head then..i'd like to get my autograph from you, so i'll definitely see you there. Didn't i tell you? Today is too have the full experience of being an actual fan for somebody, and i'm enjoying myself very much so far. "This was definitely fun for Gabe, he was having quite a good time. "See you later then? "Gabe said before he walked out, half way outside the door.
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's second Holographic concert (Gabe)   Tue Oct 11, 2016 7:47 am

Tilting her head to the side at his odd comment about food and the notion of trying new things she had to wonder if that was indeed the only exception he would make, then again it's not like people made a comprehensive list of all the things they wouldn't apply such a thing to on the spot, though it made her wonder if she should make a list like that to avoid having to think it up on the spot at some point, no doubt there would be some interviews that would have that as a question...but at the same time it seemed to be something that would take up far to much time to bother with at the moment, or rather something that she would want to look into things first before crossing them off said list if she made one.

Hearing he would be in the autograph line she nodded to him and let him leave for the time being, she then left to her changing room and then she slipped out of her clothing and into the new set of clothing set up for her to wear for the autograph signing, and with a quick redo of her hair and a bit of fussing over by some people who wanted to make sure she looked perfect she finally got up and headed to the autograph area.

As she walked out she smiled at everyone, fully in the Nola persona now as she waved to them and got a massive response of applause and the like and she started to sign autographs, she was quite fast at it, but also was taking time to talk to every person, and to Gabe who was in the line up it quickly came to his turn to get his signed.
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's second Holographic concert (Gabe)   Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:57 pm

When it was Gabe's turn, he then hand over a poster to her with a smile. It was a trinity poster with Nola in front. "Can you sign this for me please?"  Gabe would say as he placed the poster on the table and took a quick selfie with nola in the background while she was distracted. " I'm always going to remember this awesome day! Wow, i can't believe i used the word "Awesome", how quaint. "Gabe always had a knack of surprising himself, this was one f those cases when he used vocabulary that he wasn't all to familiar with. It was like saying a dirty word.
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's second Holographic concert (Gabe)   Wed Oct 12, 2016 12:16 am

Trinity took her time with each person but not to long and once Gabe placed the Poster in front of her she smiled up at him "Of course I can sign it for you, that's what this whole line is for" she giggled a bit as she signed it Nola and the flash of his camera made her look up and smile even more at his oddly excited attitude, rolling the poster up carefully and putting it in a poster roll she handed it back to him "Take good care of it now okay? and I hope you put that picture up somewhere I can see it too like on the fan club website. Thank you again for coming" she smiled to him once more and waved to him as he was guided out of line and she finished signing the next persons but she did lean over to call to Gabe.

"Oh and I Can't wait to visit your book store sometime!" she waved to him, and the line broke out in a bit of commotion at this as gossip started immediately, some people assuming it was code for something else, others wondering what kind of book store, even more discussing what kind of relationship the two had.

And so this was how Trinity needed to end the meeting since she still had to go through signing people's pictures and the like and she did so smiling as she continued, making sure to afford Gabe one last wave which only fed the rumor mill that had already started up.

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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's second Holographic concert (Gabe)   Wed Oct 12, 2016 5:42 pm

The Fisher of Souls observes the growth of the fish he has caught. They are familiar and after gauging their worth he places them back into sea, with a pleased grin.

Trinity of the Lovers Arcana and Gabe of the Magician Arcana have ranked up with one another.


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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's second Holographic concert (Gabe)   

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Trinity's second Holographic concert (Gabe)
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