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 Can an Owl Garden[Batilde]

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PostSubject: Can an Owl Garden[Batilde]   Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:47 pm

And so, Bernard was stuck with the task of actually having to attempt to garden, a rather unbelievable feat an owl could try to do right? However that was not the case for poor bernadette who was actually incapable of holding any form of gardening tools whatsoever and as a result could not simply just "do" anything about it.

The owl had come to the local garden path in sunlake palms in order to actually try to get something, or grow something however it would look rather unusual if the owl actually tried to maneuver with any form of tools or seeds. She simply just stared around at the crops that were being grown and tended too by others but to put it plain and simple she just had no idea what on earth to do about it. It was evening and almost night. Bernard would just sit around and hoo, frustrated at this turn of events and not really capable of doing much about it.


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Princess Jerry

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PostSubject: Re: Can an Owl Garden[Batilde]   Wed Aug 10, 2016 4:11 pm

Batilde entered the Garden Path today mostly out of curiousity. With most of Sunlake Palms explored already, this was her last stop before she needed to turn back home for the day. When she first arrived, it looked just like any other garden she had visited, nevermind the fact that there were more people around here than in the gardens she had visited. Regardless, it seemed that there were more people here than perhaps needed... A garden of this size certainly didn't need 10-12 different people tending it... unless everyone here tended their own plant, and if so, that made a whole lot more sense.

Not that it was the strangest sight at all in front of her. No. A snow-white own sat (stood?) in front of a vacant lot, looking very perplexed. It didn't even bother try to take seeds or anything from the place as dinner, nor did the others really mind it's existence... meaning one of two things: A) That this was a common occurence, or B), that the owl had been sitting there long enough for the surrounding people to stop caring. How it even got in was a mystery... Regardless, seeing as she was here to try something new, she approached the little owl carefully.


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Posts : 263
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PostSubject: Re: Can an Owl Garden[Batilde]   Wed Aug 10, 2016 4:22 pm

Hoo. Hoo.Those were the only words the owl had managed to utter right now as she simply surveyed the area around her. Looking around curiously and on the look out for anyone that was really "notable" that was. She was a rather curious hoo that happened to carry alot of curiosity to the area around her. Now brit may have told her to not interact with strangers, but the minute she was gone that transformed into the very opposite. Albeit Bernard had a habit of also being rather rude depending on how you interacted with her.

As she simply continued to look around, the owl would both hear and see a young woman moving forward towards her. In the birds curiosity it would begin to flap its wings as a sort of "friendly" gesture at her. Carefully staring at her with perplexed and rather confused eyes as it moved on land in a rather adorable way. Her little feet treading across the ground.


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Princess Jerry

Posts : 2656
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Age : 22
Location : Sweden. Undisclosed Apartment

PostSubject: Re: Can an Owl Garden[Batilde]   Sat Aug 13, 2016 5:07 pm

Batilde looked curiously back at the owl, tilting her head a bit to the left, as if she was pondering on something. After standing there for a couple of seconds, the girl's mouth widened into that of a light smile as she approached the owl, sitting down next to the little thing. "Hey there, petite chouette." Batilde spoke in a soft and rather adorable tone of voice, looking at the little bird curiously.


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PostSubject: Re: Can an Owl Garden[Batilde]   

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Can an Owl Garden[Batilde]
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