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 A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)

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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:20 am

"Fucking hell..." There was nothing they could do against Yufosa? What a load of bullshit, they got so far to end like that how pathetic. It made him angry, beyond mad to be in such situation. "Taking away their powers? I guess you're too afraid they will kick your old ass?" At the moment that was the best way of letting his anger out, punching the damn old bag would just result in him getting hurt. "You're two years too late to convince me of abandoning my world, old geezer." He'd glare at Yufosa with anger, if this was his end he was going down with pride.

He did throw his insults, but he also payed attention to what the others were saying, Raina considering to join Yufosa just revolted him, Oki did tried to talk some sense into the woman... If she would listen, that was a different matter. Meanwhile Clarita was requesting help from Angela, he decided to let the girl solve this, Blaez is not a good diplomat.
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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:05 pm

It seemed Yufosa had turned the tides around, disabling what Dio and co appeared to be capable of, everyone hurled their insults and words at the man, but admist the tide something clicked in Nozomi's mind to be honest. It was like he was tired of all of this shit, tired of everything just throwing him around as if he was not in control of his destiny. Before he told Yufosa how much of a normie he was though, nozomi would speak to Raina directly. Hey. Wait!Nozomi did not hesitate to interrupt her in the middle of what she was saying to Yufosa. I don't care if you like me or not, and I know you probably talked badly of me while I was gone, but listen to me atleast. He was direct and confident in what he was saying, as if the boy had some self assured confidence that things would work out, no matter how bleak they were. Do you think this is a world your son would want to come back too?Before you say anything. Yeah, I don't know what it's like to be a mother, yeah. I don't know what its like to lose a son, or to lose any part of my family for that matter.Nozomi paused for a minute, if Raina was actually listening to what he was saying. She would be able to tell he wasn't joking around, and unlike most people his age Nozomi was speaking with great brevity and tension in his voice. But that doesn't mean I don't know what its like to lose people. That doesn't mean other people here may or may not know what it's like to lose people they care about, and if this gets worse. We all lose everything. I know this deal sounds amazing, the possibility of having your son back, but if he's not able to live a free life. A life free of all of this, and the danger all of our worlds are in right now. Would it even be worth it? With this guy Yufosa, who wants to recreate the world entirley, how do you even know this will go the way you want it too? I get it, I don't know what your son wanted, I don't know him, I never did know him, and I'm not gonna act like I magically know you, and your family and your entire history, but that doesn't mean I can't at the least try to understand you. If your going to dismiss me, fine. But atleast consider what I just said.  He wasn't playing games anymore, if Raina genuinely didnt' care to listen to him, Nozomi would no longer make any form of an effort torwards her.

With that, Nozomi would face Yufosa. YUFOSA!NO!The boy would yell. He was getting tired of this. What the hell!I'm not playing a part in screwing everyone over!Can't you take a goddamn look around at what your causing!?Nozomi would gesture to everyone who was around them at the moment, clearly aggravated. I'm no hero, I'm one guy, but even you know this isn't right. Claiming to save the day, like your gonna promise everyone some sort of demented heaven. When in reality you just wanna come out on top like some kind of Kingpin!I'm not gonna just fall head over heels for your Ponzi Scheme damnit!

As he was speaking, Nozomi would quickly point to Eunomia while he was still talking to Yufosa. She may not have any of her power, but she's kicking your ass verbally worse than Dio would physically if you weren't cowardly enough to disable his capabilities. Deep down, you know Yufosa. You fear what he can do, and the possibility of fighting him . Otherwise you wouldn't settle for a cheap gambit that called upon you siphoning someone elses power in the first place!Is this all you can do!Lure everyone in when their desperate, afraid, defensive and try to act like the messiah!?He was pissed and mad, he couldn't stand this injustice anymore. He was sick and tired of it all now, and watching all of this unfold was like an unholy nightmare.

ALL YOU'VE DONE!IS ROPE RANDOM PEOPLE INTO THIS GODDAMN MESS!ADMIT IT YUFOSA!YOU FEAR THE COMBINED MIGHT OF EVERYONE HERE!YOU KNOW FOR A FACT IF WE ALL HAD OUR SHIT, WE'D KICK YOUR ASS! You know. This girl took it away earlier, she was right. I had no obligation to help her world, and she didn't have any to help mine either, but your so much of a fuckboy I wouldn't be surprised if every world wanted to kill you.

Your nothing more than a scared man, who saw an opportunity to exploit those stronger than him. You fear the true power of this woman and dio, and I know just by the look on your face your giving me.

He was boiling in utter anger and rage. And now was his final line before his likely death, or whatever the fuck happened.


With that, Nozomi unleashed the most rage provoking word in his vocabulary.

YOU'RE A NORMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:42 pm

These people....

To be frank, Samael still understood next to nothing about this situation clearly, since everything was in some sort of mess, and everyone was advocating their own problems in the mix. Apparently he couldn’t do anything right now though, and he was wondering just why had he and Danielle even been brought here to begin with. It appeared as if they were just going to be the spectators to some sort of bad event at this rate. Were they needed here in any way...? He was confused, seeing as before they had wanted him for something, but right now no one was caring anymore and just trying to go at each other and pointing out who is wrong and why. He would stay silent still though, as he didn’t know the situation and world enough to actually put in a word in the argument that would matter. If this ended in a battle eventually however, he would most likely pick to side afainst Yufosa as is, due to all the revelations. It seemed like the best bet here....


Meanwhile, Sharaku was starting to get really tired of this whole thing. Whether this could be classified as in-fighting or not didn’t even matter. Semantics weren’t something he was interested in bothering with at this point. What mattered was the fact that everyone was focusing more on their own goals than on the fact that they were about to cease to exist soon, probably. How long did they even have before the world turned into void? Apparently, everyone was under the impression that they had long enough for them to bring out all their personal issues and yell about, argue and whatnot. They would need to pull their shit together soon, or accept the fact that they were going to be done for at this pace. However, when does a huge group manage to actually agree on a solid decision anyway...? Probably never, so he wasn’t sure how much faith could he even have in this situation anymore.

More and more people dropping in didn’t help the situation either, as the crowd kept thickening and drawing in more trouble than worth. Moreover, it appeared that Yufosa was pulling everyone’s strings after all, but that wasn’t even surprising after all the evidence that had been pointing against him the whole time. He would frown at the whole mess at first not engaging in it, until he was suddenly approached by Oki, at which point he would turn his head to look at the newest newcomer.

‘’I almost wish I hadn’t been, since the fact is not helping this situation at all.’’

On one hand, it’s great to be right, but not exactly at the stake of everything going to hell. Which right now, was exactly what was happening.

…and for all that was worth, Nozomi’s yelling rants were not making it any better. As much as he was displeased over the Yufosa matter himself, he was really starting to want to punch Nozomi in the face so that he would either shut up or at least chill out. Yelling like a dolt is not going to save anyone’s ass at this point, and he was fairly certain that Yufosa wouldn’t go down on his knees simply because someone was trying too hard to be insulting.

He would roll his eyes as he looked towards the ‘raging’ Wild Card.

‘’Are you done wasting time yelling yet? I’m pretty sure no one is going to just bow down and declare their defeat thanks to some insults thrown at them. Aren’t you the one who needs to prove something here? Because to me it sounds like you’re trying too hard to make it seem like you aren’t the one who is scared here. Tell me, what is your supreme brilliant plan then? If you want to make never-ending insulting claims about someone, then say how can you solve this situation better or something that is relevant, otherwise you’re the one slowly making yourself into a joke here. I don’t agree with Yufosa’s way either, but I would like to think that we need to decide how to act somehow, not spend time trying to sound righteous. And if you really need to, you could at least try being civil instead of spewing mean comments. That won't make people want to change their mind.’’

If you’re so pissed, then maybe you should just try to fight and prove you’re better instead of standing there and insinuating someone is technically a scaredy cat. What does that do? Make you feel better about yourself?

‘’How much time do we even have left before the worlds go bye-bye alongside us, while we stand here pointing fingers at each other? I would say it’s important we start doing something soon, because complaints and anger outbursts full of yelling aren’t going to save anyone’s ass, outside of turning this all into an even bigger mess than it has already become.’’

That’s something he would like to know. Because all this would turn utterly pointless if they end up getting erased due to not taking any decisive action before it’s too late. But what else was new anyway? Briefly, he considered speaking to the lady trying to join Yufosa too, but eventually decided not to involve in that yet. He heard Oki addressing her, so perhaps she would at least listen to that, if not to Nozomi’s words. He wasn’t good at convincing people when it came to emotional matters anyway….



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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   Thu Oct 20, 2016 10:06 pm

Angela looked at Raina. "I used to be human. Much of my angelic power is gone. But this Core controls and records everything. We could go deep into it and look for records of your son. It won't be easy, but do you think it's wise to avoid this conflict?" Bringing her son back not impossible, but it would not be a simple task. Her son died, and nothing could take that back, not without a miracle, and a great cost.

YuFoSa looked to the group and sighed at Nozomi. Whether he was truly afraid of the taunts or the fact that they could overpower him did not matter in the end. He need not say his true feelings when their motives were made clear. "You disappoint me. Perhaps you were the wrong choice. So be it. Aldred, Irina, and...." He noticed Oki arrive and nodded. "My plan is more than just domination. It is the preservation of all worlds by any means necessary. All of you. Kill Nozomi."

" . . . . . . . . "

" . . . !"

The command brought a look of dread to Irina's face, and even Aldred turned back to him, his face hardened. "You told us to protect him, he is vital to our world, you would have him killed?" As Aldred spoke, unlike the strange aura felt before, a new light seemed to take shape. It seemed more serene, not gaining power per se, just changing to something else. The elder nodded. "We still have one last hope with Azami, if it comes down to it, and one can never help, cutting ties with them is the right thing to do, for the sake of all worlds. Even if one world has to suffer for it." Though his command was final, both of them looked to Nozomi, and it was clear that they were hesitant to strike him. They were truly a group that while they did not get along well, they knew they were made to protect the Cosmos that they all shared. Could they truly throw that away when a chance to save another world existed in front of them? Irina grimaced at him. "What d-do we....ergh......" she clutched her hands into fists so hard you could see the white in her knuckles. She did not want to be in this standstill, and yet if Aldred decided to go for Nozomi, she could never betray the man that she called her brother.

However, as this cold war raged, something seemed to change in the realm. The ripples in the sky while slowing in its advance seemed to shake the ground they stood on. While Erisia's Wild Cards may appear to have nothing for their strength, the power that fueled Dio and them alike was never far away...


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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   Thu Oct 20, 2016 10:25 pm

She'd stay silent, waiting for the man to speak. It figured he'd ignore her... And she expected the ridicule she was harassed with. These people didn't know what she had been through... What she had done since her son's death to try and find a way to find him. It was an addiction, a terrifying need to bring her son back to her. She'd sacrifice everything she owned, ever her own life just to see his face one more time. Just to touch his cheek or hold his hand. She had gone to the end's of the earth to find a way and even if the literal worlds were about to cease... She didn't care. All she wanted was her son back...

"No, you don't know what I've been through. What I've strived for not even why I came on this cursed journey to the end of literal worlds! None of you know me, that's why I can simply walk forward and do whatever I want without feeling bad... I came here for one reason and one reason only, to find a way to see my son just one last time. None of you know what its like to loose a child, a person that grew inside of you. You don't know a mother's pain, and I expect none of you to understand the pain I've felt since his death at the hands of that cursed angel. I couldn't care less if these worlds die, if I die. None of that matters anymore, nothing matters anymore. The only thing I care about is seeing my son... And if there's the faintest chance, I'll take whatever risk is necessary." she didn't care anymore. That was clear in her voice. There was a chance for her to see her son just one last time, and she was going to take it. With a turn away from YuFoSa, she'd walk towards Angela, a stiffly determined look on her face.

"Avoid? I'm not involving myself in something that has nothing to do with me. I've lived a long enough life and if I'm going to die, it's going to be for my son. You sent him to his death... It's time you repay me for what you've done." she'd say, looking at Angelica with cold eyes. She didn't know if she hated this angel... But she knew whatever she felt wasn't good. Disgusted possibly... Seeing her so thin and weak though brought the smallest twinge of sympathy from her heart... Maybe she should be kinder...

"Whatever happens... I do forgive you, Angelica... And if you're going to help me find my son, I can't thank you enough. But this battle doesn't concern me, and it doesn't concern an angel like yourself." she'd say simply, looking over to a solemn looking Clarita. She'd put on a small smile, though, she didn't know what to feel. Hearing Raina's true feelings... It hurt. It hurt knowing she felt so alone in this world even though she and Jack had been there for her for so long.

"You should have told me, Raina... Or Jack or someone! Y-You... You really feel that way...?" the doll maker would ask with a stunned look on her face. If she could cry, she probably would. Those words, so full of the despair Raina felt... It hurt... It hurt beyond words could describe.

"I've been living a fantasy for so long, Clarita... And now that fantasy, that impossibility can become a reality... I know Jack wouldn't approve, I know you don't... But this is my cursed life to live... And if Death finally wants me, he can take me on my last effort to save my son." she'd say, looking at her cherished friend with a sad smile. There wasn't even a guarantee she was going to die... But she had seen death so many times, and she had felt that lingering dread right when those cops had knocked at her door. He was so young back then... And only too few years later it had happened again...

"I told him that I would always be there for him... And I know why he left that day and never came back... He wanted to save me..." she'd say with a sob, wiping her eyes before shaking her head. She'd sniff before looking at Angelica with a morbid face. "It's time for me to save him now... Understood?" the widow would say with a solemn nod of her head, Clarita walking beside her. She wouldn't allow her friend to face death on her own... She too had lived a long life full of emptiness... The least she could do would be to help someone feel fulfilled... A sacrifice that would possibly cost the doll maker's life.

The widow would smile though, her hand crushing the persona card as she looked at Angelica. It was time to see her son again or die trying. No more holding back and no more feigning cooperation... These worlds meant nothing to her now and she had chosen her fate. It was an all or nothing gambit to find her lost son.

"I'm sealing my fate, Angelica. Let us go now."


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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   Fri Oct 21, 2016 11:23 am

...and far away was where it least wanted to be. While YuFoSa's Antiverse had succeeded in sealing their powers, it awoke something old in a very far away place. It awoke something ancient, and worst of all, angered it. Even from the Core, the ensuing event could be seen plain as day in the skies of Erisia, as a large beam of light erupted from the planet's surface, deep below the Sea of Death, and pierced just next to the floating continents. Luckily for the residents of the world, this wouldn't harm them, and would only cause a simple earthquake before fading away without a trace...

And so would the world's projection fade from the sky, hidden from view as its source left its wrongful place. A rift appeared behind YuFoSa, and mere seconds later, a pair of footsteps on the Core's floor, calm as could be. One of them, one of the Erisian Wild Cards could recognize immediately, with his blonde hair, red jacket and... strange lacking of his personal red sword. By his side stood an unknown figure, dressed in crimson and black garbs that contrasted perfectly against his snowy white hair and eyes. This... person, if you could call them that, looked around.

"Calculating... Current coordinates: 0,0, the Origin."

The person emitted a power not unlike the very thing they were standing on, their mere presence enough to make them noticeable to all standing in their presence. Danielle, Samael and Dio would feel a kind of familiarity from the person, their serene smile serving to calm them with but a glance. This smile, however, vanished easily under what they heard.

"This feeling... I see." They crouched down, placing their hand over the Core's surface. For some reason or another, the two beings resonated with each other. "Salutations. I am glad to see that you all are gathered in the same place." His voice sounded at least somewhat masculine, as did his body, and his smile returned as he stood up to look at a few select people. First, the being turned to Sharaku with a hint of disappointment. "Please don't attack your own. Your true enemy is he who hurt your home, petty squabbling will do no good for your cause." Maybe he was being conceited, but to him who saw all and knew all, it was superfluous.

"Enough of that." Kalyan's voice sounded... different from before. The young man turned around and stood next to the strange being, his arms crossed as a frown framed his golden eyes. "Report, what is this place? I know you separated my world from the others, but this isn't anything like you calculated would happen."

"Indeed. It seems this is what they call the Core. I have spoken to it, it has said we're very similar beings, it and us." Even with its fairly monotone voice, the being hinted at a tinge of amusement.

"That doesn't explain why my parts are being suppressed. My Monado, I command you to solve this." Kalyan(?)'s command went through flawlessly, as the being bowed and closed his eyes.

"All that is, is unto me. All that will be, is made from me. All that was, I know now. Return to me what you have taken."

The Monado:

The three beings made from Zant's soul would feel a development in their mind, as their powers returned as easily as they went. This Universe of theirs, it perfectly matched YuFoSa's own. This Monado of theirs, able to break the chains of a tyrant and reclaim the power they had thought lost...

~Danielle has received the Monado Yumi~

~Samael has received the Monado Ken~

Monado Duo:
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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   Sat Oct 22, 2016 9:28 pm

Huh, so, Nozomi has the power to stop all of this? Ok. I honestly don't know how I am so blasé about this. Maybe I'm just numb. Though I honestly don't know what the hell to think about this situation. I guess I'll just watch and see how things go. Looks like that man already answered it for me, oh well. Wait what? He drained that green-haired girl's powers? Wow, this guy sounds quite evil the way he is asking Nozomi to join him. Woah, the girl is being violent, very violent. ...... I pale to the extreme. This fucker, who took Nozomi away, destroyed an entire UNIVERSE!? And he is saying that this, Yufosa guy is acting exactly like him? Oh dear, imminent universal destruction maybe? Holy shit, what's happening? Hmm..... why the fuck is Nozomi's body becoming transparent? Ok now he is going full evil overlord. Holy shit, what is happening to that Angela girl? So Yufosa damaged the core? It looks like everyone from Erisia lost their powers. Tch, damnit, I hate how this is going. I don't see how I'm going to be able to do any good in a fight like this, which is definently imminent. But I should at least show that I defy what he is doing. "You do realize that no rational person would accept what you are offering correct? Destroy our homes, our lives, our entire bloody universe? You're a madman." Looks like that woman was thinking of accepting that offer, she did seem abit unhinged and all that. And Nozomi is giving him a shouting denouncing lecture, good on him. .....where the hell did this talk of normies come from? I look uncomphrehendingly at Nozomi because of that. Normie? What even is a Normie? He seems to consider it something worse than cancer, so what the hell is this 'Normie'?

....What the fuck, is wrong with that man? He was the one who killed BEEP wasn't he? Hmm, looks like Mr. Overlord is disappointed in Nozomi.... WHAT!? He just flat out ordered his subordinates to kill him? Jesus this man is ruthless. But, looks like they are in a standstill of uncertainty. "What the hell lady!?" I exclaim. She is literally willing to sacrifice the multiverse to just see her son? She is fucking mad. I draw my soulbound. "I don't know how the hell I can stop you from this course of action lady, but you are literally begging for the end of all to see your son. You would be responsible for the tragedies of an infinite amount of people, mothers, daughters, sons, fathers. All dead and damning you for going against what is meant to be." RGGGHHH, I hate to do this, but saying what I did might bring her back to her senses, if she still has any left. I walk directly up to her. "Lady, you may think that you are the only one wanting to get back a loved one, but you know nothing. Your son is dead, like I killed my girlfriend in some fit of psychotic rage or some shit. I obviously wish I could have her back, wish I could turn back time, but no, that would be wrong. She is likely in peace knowing that I am committing the rest of my rotten life to atone for what I had done, and I am not going to allow you to undo what I have tried to accomplish, and what many other people have gone through, their suffering, happiness, lives, and deaths. You have ignored what literally everyone else in the world, dead or alive wants. You are even ignoring the wishes of your son, attempting to bring him back to life after destroying the universe. So, if you are resurrecting a dead son who doesn't want to be brought back, then what are you? A selfish psychopath? No mother would ever wish to be like you, wanting their child back by destroying the universe." I rant. I said it now. Heh, once a murderer, always a murderer, but at least I can deter someone from a vaguely similar path. Hmm? What the hell is that rift behind Yufosa? Who the hell are those two men? Wait, his monado? Is that blonde guy Kalyan? What is even going on? 0_0 Wow, so those three weapons are monado? I wonder how this is going to play out now that people can combat Yufosa? Well, I'll likely be just a spectator, so might as well hope that our side wins.


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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:11 pm

Eunomia's teeth were grit after Yufosa spoke. So he was just going to ignore her accusations? Disregard her words completely? The former Goddess wanted to spring at his throat, but a pat to her head had her stay in place. Dio looked down at her and smiled slyly, then brought his index finger to his lips. Euny's eyes widened as she witnessed the event that just went on in her home. That light... it couldn't possibly mean---

"Oh it does." The Devil smirked with just a little hint of rage in his eyes. He was pissed. More than that, he wasn't happy at all that this had to happen. As the portal opened and the two saw who appeared before them, Dio laughed under his breath. "What kind of joke is this... being saved by him." His personal skill was gone, and he was sure that, until this old man was put to death, it wouldn't come back... but that didn't stop him from being utterly, and completely, engulfed in rage at who his would-be saviors were.

//"Zant..?!"// It seemed Eunomia recognized that presence as well. The one inhabiting Kalyan's body, it was none other than Erisia's creator, bearer of the Universe, destroyer of the Universe, creator of the Universe. The fact that he had showed up himself... the fact that he had considered the situation bad enough for even he to step in... was absolutely terrifying.

Their presence did not escape the God, especially when Dio had apparently attained a new power much unlike the one he held before... his Megalovania may be sealed, still, but his own Monado had given him something new, something that allowed him to overcome any obstacle thrown at him nevertheless, through skill this time, instead of trickery.

~Dio has attained the Monado--~

"i'm deciding what i call this thing! my own weapon, the shin monado tensei!"


Zant's eyes glanced over at this strange part of himself. He couldn't believe such a degenerate could have ever gained the most important and powerful fragment of his soul, but somehow, the God couldn't help but be amused. When they returned to Erisia, inevitable as it was, he would need to make sure such a mistake was rectified. Nevertheless, the God in a human body's amusement shifted to his former ruling companion.

"Oh, Eunomia... how low you've come to fall. You allowed this man to take your powers? The powers even I didn't manage to strip from you?" The cocky tone in his voice was plainly obvious, and only earned him a glare from the still powerless ancient. "Well, it matters not. You." Zant turned his gaze towards Yufosa, a murderous intent in the golden of Kalyan's eyes... yet, despite that, that confident smirk never left the God's lips.

"This is your first and final warning, old man. You have stolen a power that is my rightful property. Return it to me, lest I make your death slower and even more miserable than my parts ever could."


//"Ambition, desire, determination... Only power may change this world of ours."//

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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   Wed Oct 26, 2016 3:49 pm

Danielle's eyes widened at the Sight of Kalyan. He was here! Her long thought lost friend had finally showed up! She was beyond delighted to see him again. She wanted to hug him. Tell him how much she had missed him over all this time! She wanted to call out his name in delight. But... something was off... This wasn't the Kalyan she had known all these years. Something was different about him. And this other god... who was he? And why was he with Kalyan? Zant...? "Kalyan... You..." She started, looking at her friend with a faint smile. "I'm glad to see you're still in one piece."

As Zant Spoke, and bestowed her, Dio and Samael with the true parts of the Monado, Danielle gasped lightly at the sudden surge of strength that coursed through her body and soul alike. A New persona, and a new weapon had manifested themselves within her... Her old bow, Triumph, had merged with the power of Kalyan's Monado, a part of the god standing before her, and turned into the Monado Yumi... While her new Persona had simply awoken inside her. She felt much stronger than before, and what was even more suprising was... that YuFoSa's Anti-verse's hold of her powers ceased. It was almost as if... she had been enlightened. Enlightened of her role in this whole ordeal. Her, Samael and Dio had all a connection together with Zant, and it was their job to stop YuFoSa. Whatever fate had in store for Nozomi, she'd never know.

When Clarita, Angela and Raina left for the core, all Danielle had to say to the widow was one thing. "Do what you must, Raina. I wish you good luck in finding your son." She didn't even look at the woman, her piercing gaze being focused on YuFoSa. "You're not ending any worlds today, YuFoSa. Look, even your own pawns are hesitant to attack us. They know what you're doing is inherently selfish and wrong. Every world is equal in value. That includes where you come from, and where they do." She looked at the rest of the Azoreans with a light smile.

"A True Savior fights for everyone's sake, not just your own home. That's where you differ from us. I've seen just how much damage the Core's causing, and I'm not gonna let it happen to any other world. Samael. Dio. Let's teach this old man how worlds are truly SAVED!"

Danielle Brooks:


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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:15 pm

This was a bit on the sad side really. The creature didn’t think it was incompetent or anything of that sort, so why was it that this was all so fucking confusing? Honestly, what was the point here? Was it to stand around throwing out taunts to a man that could probably destroy them all if he wanted to? He did have the power to take people’s ability away from another world, so what did that mean of the others here, or even worse those who were tied to him via the Zodiac power? Did those here not take this seriously or were they all stalling for some unplanned reason someone forgot to include the creature and apparently Sharaku in the memo?

The whole matter of taunts was baffling enough, but what followed after that simply had the creature a bit floored as one thing after another just collided with each other. First was Nozomi. Now the creature knew he was a big talker and his whole deal was all about well talking and being able convincing to others. No problem considering his talking had gotten them out of a jam in the past. And maybe just maybe things would’ve been fine...if he hadn’t gone and done what everyone else was doing...which was pretty much taunting Yusofa and calling him a coward. Now...Oki was not in complete agreement with the older gent, but at the same time he it didn’t think him a coward either. He probably could very well wipe them out if he wanted to, but instead he choose not too. Did no one ever stop to consider why that was? Why he was even tolerating this so calmly? So the whole point of the taunting was just baffling on its own. And that statement at the end? What the hell was a normie and why did it just sound so not cool?

The creatures left eye visibly narrowed as it gave a face of utter confusion and a bit of disgust. It honestly didn’t understand this or why such things were being thrown around when the worlds were collapsing or something like that. It just didn’t make a lick of sense. Oki did not comprehend this.

While it was baffled by this turn of events it would look up at Sharaku when he spoke and perhaps would’ve spoken if it hadn’t gotten distracted by Riana replying back to the comments she heard. To what was said, the creature’s expression softened a bit. It...understood her in a different fashion. Even if it wasn’t a mother it still knew what it was like to want someone lost back so badly you would give everything for just one more chance to be with them. It understood her well and maybe that is why despite it all, it was able to defend her as Tremora decided to attack her for her actions.

Green eyes would go from to the kid that tried to call her out on her decision.

“Oi, Just let her go. She ain’t even going with Yusofa’s offer anyway. She going out on her on her own path to find her son. She doesn’t want to be involved, so let her go. It’s not like the world will collapse because she decides to pursue her dreams, so just let her be. If you are honestly worried about the worlds collapsing, then perhaps you should be focusing on the problem over here rather than her. I don’t know if you heard this guy here,” it would point to Sharaku next to itself. “But we don’t exactly have time to be worrying about personal agendas of others. We kind of need to be on the same page here, you know?”

The creature would give the other a frown before its eyes turned back to the matter at hand. They needed a damn plan….but how the hell did one plan when more things came in like folk stormed a store on Black Friday? So like those folk that had their power stolen? Yeah them. They were given weapons by this white haired gent that came in with a blonde fellow and now they could fight again? The words passed didn’t make sense and why these two others were here didn’t make any sense either. Becoming confused again, Oki’s shoulders visibly slumped as it looked up at Sharaku as its mind finally came back to what he had said earlier.

“I suppose we are both at a lost then. What is even helpful at this point?” it would say shaking its head. If there were all these power cards here...then what was the point of having itself or the other Zodiacs here? What was power did it really have? Did it have any at all or was this all some elaborate joke? The creature’s frown would deepen even more as it scratched its head perplexed by all that was happening. What was it even supposed to do at this rate? Could it do something? Or should it just sit back and let these power cards and whatever this new guy demanding stuff from Yusofa was take care of it all?

They did seem to have it under control and look. Danielle was even asking them to pull together and fight back - this everyone being Dio and Samuel that is. So what? Did she wanted them all to chill and let three of them take care of it all when everyone’s worlds was at stake?

The being would watch her with an unreadable expression her words seeming not to do anything to inspire the creature to place its faith in her as the unreadable expression turned to Yusofa as he command the “pawns” to kill Nozomi.

“Pawns huh? Oh that’s cute,” Oki would grumble loud enough for only Sharaku to hear since he was closer. The creature was clearly not pleased with the wording, but at the same the creature wasn’t exactly trying to start internal strife. Its eyes would turn to the two that hesitated as it spoke.

“What to do? Well that is simple enough. Don’t kill him. Sure he isn’t the best example Azores has to offer, but if he has some power that is supposed to help us all in the end, wouldn’t it be a bit silly to nip whatever potential he has to do said thing by killing him? And even if he didn’t have some special power, why waste another life? Aren’t too many already dead in the wake of all these wars? Also how can we be sure wiping him out is good? Sure there is another out there, but what if said other doesn’t cooperate either?” it would look towards Yusofa at this point. “Would you have us wipe them out too?”

Yeah it understood there was a potential fight about to happen, but at the same time it wasn’t throwing its money into the same pot. No if there was some way to resolve this without anymore killing then, it wanted to know that path and if all else failed? would have to cross that bridge when the time came.
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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   Thu Oct 27, 2016 12:20 am

Angela nodded. In the midst of their arguing, she would grab Raina's hand and begin to flee the area. YuFoSa himself had little to say in the matter and cared more about the Monado. A staff she was carrying glowed as she spun it in her one hand. "I can open up a gate to get you to the Core. But it's going to be dangerous, and a wrong step could cause more damage to it even further." As long as she understood, she would kneel down and reach her hand into the floor, which would almost be sucked in. Angela had lost much of her Angelic power when Gonea left, leaving her little more than a weaker metahuman. But she still had power; much of it would just be used getting them there. She would pull Raina through the floor, and they would be out of sight assuming none got in their way.


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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:47 am

It seemed everyone was throwing their own opinions out, Sharaku did what his main talent appeared to be, criticizing other people. However Nozomi wasn't really gonna say much to him beyond the following. Sharaku, your in as much danger as we all are. I think you should attempt to contribute something to the current situation. Excuse me for having emotions, but your about to see a good damn reason for what I am doing.Nozomi would look around him, and notice Raina running off with the woman that apparently had some power left, however he realized how much of a suicide gambit this was and in fact, Raina could actually benefit from her assisting them. Wait!Nozomi would call out to Raina. Don't you get it?You have as much reason to care about this battle as the rest of everyone else here does!Its clear someone or something has sabotaged the core, and when this battle is over we can get rid of what is on there too. I'm not going to try to force you to help us, but you would benefit and be alot liklier to see your son again if you sided with us, we just want to stop this.If we stop this even, your friend might actually live to the end of this as well and not fall!Out of everyone there, Nozomi did not get why nobody thought of saying this, the woman truly wanted to see her son again and frankly the emotion was rather clear from everything she had said. Did everyone else fail to realize EVERYONE there had a reason to be in this battle?She could understood some parties simply did not care about her and that was fine however. If you truly want to continue, I'm not gonna stop you, but atleast thing how this entire battle effects you. This may truly improve your chances of succeeding greatly, I don't know what generated this weird distortion all over the place, but if we settle this. We can get rid of it.Nozomi wasn't much of a lier, and what he was saying was kind of accurate. It was not like most of these people had any alterior goals or anything to be honest.Though if you truly want to take this risk...Be my guest, atleast I tried.Nozomi had a more pressing concern with Yufosa however, but he did what he could for the time being. However, upon YUFOSA saying for them to kill him, Nozomi would strike back.

I don't think you get it Yufosa, our worlds. We had people try to come in here and rule and proclaim themselves as a possible savior when there was a crisis before, those people were the angels. They tried to get people to side with their ideals and promised balance and even change depending on what their sort of "wish" was. Your repeating the exact same thing those beings did,a nd all those beings did was try to turn people against each other and rally us under them instead of us being independent ourselves. Myself, nor Azami, nor anyone else here wants to experience that. The others had attempted their "reasoning", but nozomi knew it wouldn't work at all. You two.Nozomi would address directly to Aldred and Irina. Your in the same position as us, you want your world to not die no?Thats the same as everyone here, we aren't trying to take over the worlds, proclaim ourselves as rulers or anything of the like. Side with us, for your benefit. Can you honestly tell me you agree with what Yufosa is saying right now? Do you think the people of your world let alone yourselves would want this man to rule on top and be in control of everything?With the fact that Yufosa had practically pissed off some form of elder god with a gigantic presence, had only attested to the following fact.

It was at that moment, Yufosa had actually fucked up.

Yufosa, you can see for yourself the consequences of your actions. I don't doubt even you can see how wrong this is, or maybe this is exactly what you intended hm? I find it strange, for someone who wanted myself and azami here, you never dispatched anyone to retrieve us despite having agents that could literally travel all over the place. I saw a few of them myself as I travelled all the way over here, and I do not doubt Azami had encountered them either. I wonder why is that Yufosa?Nozomi would sort of chuckle a bit.

In fact, you were perfectly fine with allowing dio to come torwards me, who tried to kill me. How do we all know this isn't a power gambit preformed by you? Purposfully misleading people around, not just bringing us here, stealing a goddess from another universes power, does any of this sound good to you?Or even remotely trustworthy?Nozomi would then, go back to addressing Irina and Aldred. Did you ever consider whats stopping this guy from stealing your power as well, or manipulating you around?How do you know he hasn't been doing that the entire time?I'm apparently vital to your world, help me help you. You don't have to do this. You two seem to be some of the most level headed I have seen come from this guys "agents" as well. With all that is in front of you, do you really still support this guys agenda?Is it truly what should actually happen in your opinion?

Yufosa drop the act, if you've been here the entire time. With all of your agents you could probably send off, refusing to retrieve the people that you needed for your plan, and so willing to rob power from others. Its rather clear what your true intentions are isn't it? The fact that the core iss completley messed up, while you seem to have been directly next to it for what may have been the entire time does not add up.This last part was meant torwards everybody near Nozomi. If anyone had been questioning their allegiance or even thinking of supporting him (Yufosa), this would probably be the ultimate red pill unleashed that would have stirred them away hopefully.

Nozomi did what he did best that day, talk competently.
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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:44 pm

"... What a pain." The situation was already confusing to him, now with everything that was going on and with all those people talking so much in his head, it just became much worse, it went from confusing to annoying really quickly. So for now he'd just stand behind the group once again, waiting for when he was actually needed.
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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   Sat Nov 05, 2016 5:05 pm

The arrival of Zant was something he did not plan for. He figured that that world would merely stay out of it due to their lack of placement in the Universe, but now everyone had shown up, and now he actually began to feel agitation, almost anger at this turn of events. It was meant to go his way. He sighed and whispered a few things. Meanwhile, he held out a hand, and pillars of light that seemed to come almost from the golden orbs themselves would fire down at instant speeds towards Zant, like a God who would smite their enemies. As he did that attack however, his skin began to flake, and were one to look upon him, his face would be cracking on one side of his temples, like it was being eroded away. Nozomi himself seemed to feel the same sensation, though while his body remained as intact as it was, he felt the same crackle upon his face. Around him the spheres of golden began to shift to YuFoSa's movement like they were one and the same. Nozomi could see in the rift in the sky three orbs that seemed so far off and yet so close. To him they looked to be the size of moons, but they were much more than that. There were three worlds, calling for help. He was a thorn that needed to be plucked; even YuFoSa knew of his apparent thread. "I will require assistance, Enoch." He spoke, as almost as soon as he called, a familiar man began to walk into frame, out of nowhere through a small tear in space.

Enoch stepped forward brandishing a long blade. "It seems my master has called upon me to do his dirty work. So be it. I will not allow you to harm him; not without dealing with me." He said, pulling out his blade, and it glowing a strange blue color as it dripped water. It then made a puddle, which raised behind him, morphing and changing into what appeared to be a dragon.

Aldred and Irina looked at Enoch. They couldn't simply attack Nozomi and the group, not without doubt. But to turn against him and Enoch? That is arguably even more treacherous. They stood there, unaffected. Irina attempted to run towards the fray before Aldred held her arm in protest. What could they do but await for the victor to be decided? And Aldred hardly wanted Irina to be thrust into something that could lead to her death. They could only wait...right?

YuFoSa remained in contemplation while Enoch stood menacingly waiting for them to attack. He would simply stop them if they went straight for YuFoSa. It was all he needed to do while he was busy with Zant.




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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   Sat Nov 05, 2016 5:33 pm

Zant almost wanted to laugh, really. He did, it was hilarious what was happening. An old man, threatened from so many sides, trying to pull the rug out from under him... how foolish. Kalyan's body stood unflinchingly as the attack came for him, but at the last split second, the Monado's body warped and became transparent, spreading as a shield of energy positioned right in front of the God-inhabited human's body. Yufosa's attack would make no dent whatsoever in face of this impenetrable shield, as if the Universe itself declared that he wasn't allowed to touch this person.

And so, Kalyan's body shook his head.

"I was hoping you would have an inkling of intelligence in your old mind, but it appears I was wrong. Very well." He closed his eyes, and suddenly Kalyan's body slumped to the ground and was suddenly transported near Danielle by an unseen force, presumably the Monado. What stood in its place was something far more radiant than Yufosa's form, holding Kalyan's blade, albeit shifted in form, in his hands.

"You're amusing, but not enough that I shall keep you as a personal jester. If you wish to challenge a TRUE God, then let me show you that honor."

He didn't have to move. Zant outstretched his hand, and Yufosa would feel his entire body being pulled towards the God. In a matter of milliseconds, the duo would disappear into a newly created rift, only telegraphed by a slight movement of Zant's other hand and the Monado tearing through the fabric of the universe itself. However, even with Zant gone, the people at the Core would still hear a few words of departure to them...

"I will show this man what a True God does with his powers. My parts, tear down his empire, for I tire of letting him have even a simple pleasure in his existence."


Eunomia stared in aggravation at Zant's display of theatrics. He had always been that way, even when he was still her follower... even when they fought, that long ago. Even when he pulled his trump card on her. He pissed her off so much, but in a way, they were on the same side now. And she wished to keep that up.

//"Dio..."// The rule breaker turned his head towards his powerless master. //"Listen to what Zant said. This once, we agree..."// Her green eyes displayed what could only amount to an immeasurable feeling of anger. Dio, to this, only smirked.

"obviously, sweet cheeks. you think i ain't mad at yufosa-chan too? psshh. but hey, this dude will be some pretty nice warm-up, right? maybe i can get my power back if i defeat him... eeh, prolly not, the pens wouldn't let that happen." For some reason, there was a simple black pen in his hand, as he twirled it around between his fingers. "or maybe i'll have my wish granted. kehehehe!"

Eunomia... had no comment.


//"Ambition, desire, determination... Only power may change this world of ours."//

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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)   

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A Familiar Face (Eunomia ~ Samael)
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