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 Jinxed Meeting [Bruno St. Peter]

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PostSubject: Re: Jinxed Meeting [Bruno St. Peter]   Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:52 pm

The giant, unlike Zavie in front of him, had almost no idea of the dangers and troubles about the town, so he had little qualms about going out into the city. In fact, the only worry he ever really had when he went out into the town was getting home late for dinner or missing his curfew. He listened to Zavie express his opinion on how he thought Bruno would enjoy soft things. The giant began to imagine various stuffed animals and plushies neatly placed around a room, and enjoyed the thought of those stuffed cuddly plushies. "S-Soft and c-cute things a-are r-really nice..." he admitted "I-I don't r-really have m-many s-soft or cuddly th-things in my room, j-just an o-old teddy bear. N-not much, b-but it's nice e-enough for m-me." he finished.

Hearing about the Kitty Cat Mercenaries, Bruno's interest spiked. 'Were they like pirates who wander the streets taking jobs for cash?' he thought, but then mentally shook his head, he had been watching too many cartoons lately, so his imagination had grown lately. And the cats were nice, but didn't behave either, so perhaps they were like warriors for hire and such. Making a note to go on the internet to research the cat warriors, he then turned back to his new and first ever friend, resting his hands on the counter, slightly leaning on it. "I-I never r-really had any p-pets. M-My neighbor h-had a dog, b-but they moved away. B-but i-i don't th-think m-my house is r-right for a p-pet right now. I-its p-pretty cl-cluttered with supplies a-and equipment th-that I use" he smiled.
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PostSubject: Re: Jinxed Meeting [Bruno St. Peter]   Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:44 pm

Huh? Did he not customize his room at all...? That was a little strange. Maybe he wasn't aloud to spend money that way? Well, that wasn't an unreasonable idea... It wasn't like Zavie actually could do anything with his money other than spoil himself or his cats. Maybe if you actually had places to go and people to see, your parents wanted you to save money for... Whatever. That made sense, in a way...

"Oh, does the teddy bear have a name? My friend Callie has a teddy bear named! U-Um... Something... But, if you want some more soft things, I could give you some... Oh! Or I can take you to a store nearby here later. They sell all kinds of cute toys and the likes!" the boy would say with a nod of his head. He had somewhat forgot he was currently wearing a dress... He was just happy and excited to be talking to someone so nice! Plus, the hug had put him in a rather ecstatic mood.

"Huh? Heh heh, no, I wish! That would be totally cool!" the boy would say with a cheerful laugh. He could just imagine his cats wearing little pirate hats and having little boots on... Oh, it was kinda like that demon from the other night... He'd fall a little silent after remembering that battle. Nothing bad had happened but... Still...

"Huh? You have never had a pet? Mm... Well, maybe one day you could get one! Cats are my favorite! They are so super soft and nice once you get to know them! Promise!" the boy would say with a nod of his head. In all honesty, he didn't really know if he could entice one of his cats to stay at Bruno's house... In a strategic sense, it would be helpful to have an eye on him but... He didn't really know if they'd buy that.


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PostSubject: Re: Jinxed Meeting [Bruno St. Peter]   Sun Jun 26, 2016 10:50 pm

Bruno nodded his head, excited to talk some more, his confidence growing even more. "M-My bear's n-name is F-Frankie, and i've had him f-for about seven full y-years now! he exclaimed, a rather odd statement from what age he looked like he was, but Bruno didn't seem to notice or even mind what he had said. When Zavie offered to give him something or take him to a store that sells such goods, Bruno looked interested. "Y-You don't h-have to give me a-anything! B-But maybe w-we could go to that s-store sometime!" he said happily, growing even more confident

Looking a little surprised with the enthusiasm Zavie spoke of about cats, he nodded his head again. Maybe he would look into cats and the health benefits of them off the internet. "O-Ok! I r-read a lot about th-them, and w-watched a lot of I-Internet videos of them too!" he said with a happy little grin.
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PostSubject: Re: Jinxed Meeting [Bruno St. Peter]   Mon Jun 27, 2016 3:20 pm

Oh, so it did have a name! Aw, that was a really cute name! Frankie was, like, the name you gave something with a top hat and a bow tie! That made the boy smile. Well, that was nice... But, um... Wait, he was still wearing a dress... Um... He should probably go change soon before more people came...

"Frankie? Aw! That is a really cute name!" the boy would say with a smile. It was a cute name... Top hats... Tiny top hats with a little cane. It would be too cute for words at that point! However, the boy didn't really tie the seven years comment to being weird. After all, the boy didn't look that old. Seven years ago he could have easily had the teddy bear, right?

"Alright! It is a date then, okay? We can go some time after your first baking lesson tomorrow!" the boy would say with a warm smile. He didn't know what the word date meant, other than it was used in the context he had used it in. And that was really that.

"Internet videos of cats...? Oh my goodness..." the boy said, coming to a realization he had never came too before. Cat videos? Why hadn't he ever heard of them!? Ah, he was going to spend the whole afternoon in his closet watching cat videos now!

"A-Ah... Well, um, Bruno? I kind of need to go change now... I think I am going to close the shop until my parents come back as well. Do you mind if we say good bye now until tomorrow? It would be really helpful if we did! I have some school work I still need to do as well." not to mention the cats he needed to feed and the dress he needed to burn... He had a busy afternoon ahead of him, at least. Something to keep his mind focused on. Regardless, the boy would stand up behind the counter and bow to the young man before departing.

"I will see you tomorrow, friend!"



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PostSubject: Re: Jinxed Meeting [Bruno St. Peter]   Wed Jun 29, 2016 3:53 pm

Bruno nodded his head, remembering how much the bear meant to him, as well as how much he was enjoying actually talking to someone. It had been some time since he spoke to someone new. He smiled some more in agreement about the 'date' tomorrow [color=#ff33ff]"Y-Yeah! it's gonna b-be fun!"[/color] he said with excitement. With the latest comment about the cat videos, Bruno was a little surprised about how Zavie didn't really know about the cat videos, considering how popular. But then again, Bruno just recently discovered what the internet was, and still he didn't know anything about the mysterious web.

Davie then told that he had to go, saying that he had some work and stuff to do, and Bruno nodded his head again, bowing in turn. [color=#ff33ff]"O-Of course! See you tomorrow, f-friend![/color] he said, smiling happily before exiting the bakery with a large smile on his face.

(exit thread)
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PostSubject: Re: Jinxed Meeting [Bruno St. Peter]   Fri Jul 08, 2016 2:02 pm

Zavie and Bruno have established a social link...


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PostSubject: Re: Jinxed Meeting [Bruno St. Peter]   

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Jinxed Meeting [Bruno St. Peter]
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