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 The Butterfly Inn- Part 2 [Gabe/Deshi]

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PostSubject: Re: The Butterfly Inn- Part 2 [Gabe/Deshi]   Sat Jun 18, 2016 5:12 pm

The reasoning behind why Calabus had given such a bell to Gabriel was indeed a mystery and probably one that wouldn’t be answered even if she was asked directly. What was known was this: The item was indeed a special case, but perhaps something that Calabus used as a game changer rather than actually giving it to someone she liked or care for. Did this mean that the woman held ill will towards the man? No. Not at all. She actually enjoyed the other’s company greatly; however, being only acquaintances allowed her to test the water in ways she normally wouldn't had they been closer. At this stage, she liked to see what drove a person to do what they did and how far they would go when placed in unfavorable situations. She loved these sort of games and so to get the best results, she often took a chance by gambling with their very lives without permission. Though how far she let these sort of games go had yet to be revealed. Though that hardly mattered when a creature such as Sphinx was eyeing you as dinner.

“Only for me?” the creature would repeat as he heard the words spoken taking note of the tension there as the male’s attitude seemed to shift. It seemed the other was taking this rather seriously now. Well then that just place the stakes on a different level, didn’t it? Still remaining moody and hard to read, Sphinx would listen to the others words as he remained in his chilled position in the chair.

“Yes, fish. They are quite elusive and hard to catch. Not like normal prey at all. Humans are much the same way. Their cleverness making them a delight to hunt,” he would say and then hearing the mention of flavors he would grin. “Oho? Tell me then, what flavors do you think would compliment you if I were to toss you in a stew?” the creature would ask, the eyes dancing with a strange mischievous light, but not hostility. It seemed that something in what Gabe was saying or doing was turning the sour mood of the creature to a different one. Though under such pressure, Sphinx wondered how he long he would last.

“So it seems you have, but I wonder if you really called me here to fulfill the deal or for lunch,” the creature would say seeming quite amused at the prospect. He loved a good meal, but even more than that a good game. And would look at that? This one was sealing this deal up quite nicely with his words.

“You most certainly will be if you bore me, Mr. Gatsby,” the demon would say as his eyes narrow with delight for a few seconds before he raised an eyebrow at his words. “You seem quite confident in your skills. That is a good start,” Sphinx would say and then blinking he would sigh. “It is nothing to be impressed about, Mr. Gatsby. It shows how ancient I really am despite my looks,” he would say as he looked off to the side for a moment with a laid back expression; however, strange colored eyes would come back to the table as he saw the cards being drawn out.

He would watch the other’s hands carefully and when handed a card, he would take it and then studying it, he would nod as he memorized the card before allowing it to be taken back. He watched the shuffle and observe the cards…they seemed normal enough….

The cards would be swept up again and five cards drawn. The rest he would cut as the other spoke. To his words Sphinx would listen for the time being not answering until the trick had ended. With the card from before shown to him, his eyes would narrow a bit as he looked from the card to the other. Cute. Very cute. He would give the other a small grin o amusement.

“Many things are forgotten, but lost they never are. As long as they reside in your Heart they always come back to the surface to haunt you or reward you depending on what said thing is. The cards are much the same way,” he would say as he reached out for the card that was his (it was the Ace of Spades). If he was allowed to take it, he would twirl it about in his hand like a pro as he observed it with a casual expression.

“Tell me something, Gabe. Would you lie to entertain someone? Would you play chance with death to entertain another? How far are you willing to go to entertain?” he would ask as he continued his observation, his words seeming casual and harmless as his eyes slid back to the other as he sat down the card between them.

Entertainment Meter:


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PostSubject: Re: The Butterfly Inn- Part 2 [Gabe/Deshi]   Sun Jun 19, 2016 4:11 pm

' "I'm not much of a chef but a touch of old bay seasoning works wonders on anything you put it on. " With the basic skills that he has, the only thing that he can do is hold a prayer towards the fact that old bay seasoning tasted good, and with it , he would make a meal. "Considering that you are treating me as a fish dish..." Go figure. "When the other took the ace of spades, Gabe remained composed as he listened to his words. "hm.." That was somethijgn to think about, How far would Gabe actually go?" Lie? well, it depends on the lie. There s such a thing as an indrect lie. You serve as staff ina regular attire, and now i see you in this "experience" of a bubble, more feral or demonic as you say, than usual. The "lie" here could of been that you was just an average human being, who just needed someone to give him a chance for others to understand him better. You dont care, that much is show, not about what they thing... but you care about her, calabus, which measn you are capable of caring about people. But getting off topic, we do "lie" This bell did call you, even though it was a bell with no ball. You came, but not in the way that i expected to."

It was amusing to think about. " Im already playng a game of death, i was playing it for five years now, the great game... it still never ended. " The russian roulette with unknown, it was something Gabe would never forget. " I am willng to go as far as i can. For enterainment, there is a sense of urgency, a sense of duty, a sense of fulfillment, and then there is the sense of bordeom you try to fend off. Right now this is the ultimate show of espoinage, you had me fooled, i never guessed." Gabe's eyes would then light up. "Though, i guess youre sayng this because you have something in mind?
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PostSubject: Re: The Butterfly Inn- Part 2 [Gabe/Deshi]   Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:46 pm

Sphinx’s eyes would narrow with delight, the food topic becoming quite amusing for the rather moody creature. He found it interesting how well this human could play his cards even if the circumstances were far from friendly. Even so the amusement was tilting the scale slightly in the man’s favor as the creature closed his eyes and ponder what was said.

“Old Bay, hmmm? I’ve heard of it, but wonder if that is best for fish,” he would say and then opening only his red eye he would look at the other as the playfulness ended and shifted into curiosity as he tilted his head at the other. “Are you offended I would openly consider eating you? Do you feel used considering you have been nothing, but kind to me and in turn should not be treated this way?” the creature would ask his tones hard to read as he watched the other with an observant stare, quite curious about this answer considering he was only feeding the man hard times without rhyme or reason.

The situation would only become stranger as Sphinx was allowed to take the Ace of Spade and toy with it. He took note of the other’s behavior, but did not react to it outwardly as he continued to twirl the card a bit before stopping the action as he caught the card carefully between his thumb and index finger. His strange eyes were locked on the other now as he posed something of interest.

“You are a curious creature. Your words remain fluent words even under pressure and negativity. Very curious for a human and yet you pose interesting points. Yes. I am a lie of a sort. A contradiction to the very world I exist in to be exact. I often keep myself…mmm…decent. Easy on the eyes, otherwise all the customers would run, but a summoning bell opens doors that invites the caller elsewhere. Thus why you are here, even though you are not the guest I had been expecting. Even so you are more tolerable than most, so perhaps I won’t eat you after all. Maybe instead I’ll see what letting you live does,” he would say rubbing his chin as he thought for a moment. He wouldn't respond to the care part the other had mention not exactly wanting to dive into that personal matter with someone that barely knew either of them. Even so the demon would continue to think before becoming still as he heard the words of the other.

“Is that so? Who are playing with then?” the creature would ask as he watched the other for a bit and then hearing the rest of his words, the demon would smile slightly. “You and Calabus seem to like big risks. An appreciative trait; however, what you seem to lack is her love trickery. Not the magical sort, but the sort that simply gets one into trouble without fail,” he would say and then shaking his head he would continue as he place the card on the table. “I do not show myself willingly to others because it is more of a pain in the ass than anything else for all parties involved; however, you got help with that bell. This place it creates forces me more or less into the open whether I want to be shown or not. As for fooling people, my intent is not to make it a game, but rather it is beneficial if people simply didn’t know. I know this and she knows this…so I wonder why she thought it wise to show you, so soon the truth. She can be baffling at times, but I digress.”

Sphinx would chuckle lightly as he looked up at the other as he gave him a smirk. “Sorry to disappoint, Gabe, but I asked because I was curious more so than plotting anything. After all, let's not forget the rules of the deal. You are suppose to entertain me. Not the other way around dearie,” the creature would say as he leaned back in his chair and crossed his legs. He would watch the other with a smirk as he tapped the side of his head waiting for the other to continue to entertain him. So far it looked like the man was pulling himself into a safe zone....


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PostSubject: Re: The Butterfly Inn- Part 2 [Gabe/Deshi]   Tue Jun 21, 2016 3:00 pm

Offended? Well for a first time meet and you indirectly saying that you wanted me inside of you does come off rather vulgar, i can't help but to be flattered at the same time. Just by the looks of you, i could tell that you are a picky eater, not everything ends up on your menu perhaps. " Gabe would then shake his head. "That's how it is, nothing but kindness to be shown, and someone fully takes advantage of that, up to the point that it can cost your life. Isnt that how it is in the real world? What you give isn't necessarily returned in the same value or same light. It's a leap of faith to believe that Karma exists, because all men aren't created equally. However, thats just an opinion spinx. "

Gabe would then push his finger towards his eyes, but suck his teeth once he noticed that he left his glasses. Instead, he started to shuffle again. "Well then, i'd like to say that i am in fact full of surprises. So thank you for sparing me..." Though, Gabe would then get quiet when it as asked of him, remembering the illusion that was choking him. "A woman, with yellow eyes and green hair, well.. i dont know what she is....but she called it Russian roulette. I'll tell you more about it sometime...." Maybe thats saved till later, he doubt a demon would go around spilling his secret of being mindfucked by a witch. "Love of trickery you mean? Or did you mean love trickery as it is, toying with hearts?" Could be both

Anyway, lets get back to the show. " Gabe Shuffled the deck good, holding the deck in his left hand. Then, with the right hand, he did a Double Lift to get the first two cards of the deck. Gabe made sure that spinx only got to see the second card face. As a matter of fact, Gabe showed the face of the seconds card by holding the cards up to spinx."Every purpose is matched with some form of reasoning." Gabe bend the cards in two, then released them, making a small curve in the card and will be use as a mark for Spinx. "the reason she gave me this bell perhaps.... that too has its reason." Gabe the put back the two cards on top of the deck that he was still holding in his left hand. He made sure to hold down the two cards on the deck by placing the thumb and the middle finger of his left hand on the the middle of the cards. "Maybe finding it out isnt the point?" Gabe then pulled off the top card with his right hand showing that it is still the bended card that they saw earlier, but he did not show the face of the card this time. He put the card in the middle of the deck.

With the index of his right hand point the bottom of the deck going up slowly, as if Gabe pushed the card to the top, when he arrived to the top of the deck; Gabe released the top card, the chosen one that was shown, by lightly releasing the thumb and the middle finger of his left hand. His movements were small and percise . To Spinx, with index of his right hand, Gabe pointed the bottom of the deck going up slowly. After reaching the top of the deck, the bended card jumps out of the deck and revealed itself to be the ace of spades again. " It's the suspension of disblief to believe that by chance, there is another human besides calabus that could interest you. Maybe it was a gamble of chance to change your outlook? "
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PostSubject: Re: The Butterfly Inn- Part 2 [Gabe/Deshi]   Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:58 pm

Sphinx would let out a strange, yet soft sound that was something between a purr and growl. It was nothing hostile as the creature simply watched the other before him with a curious eye listening to what he said. To his words, the creature’s eyes would close as he nodded.

“I can see your point. Perhaps I do not understand humans quite that well yet, even so I am not going to apologize for it. You are still food for my kind. As for being a picky eater, not really. Human flesh is just a delicacy I haven’t indulged in for a while,” he would say his tone somewhat gentle despite the subject matter. He was just being honest in the end and not trying to harm. Maybe all he really needed was someone to teach him the way of humans a bit more, so he was doing more than simply mimicking their behavior. Regardless of this, he would eventually reopen his eyes and look over at the other.

To his next set of words, the creature would give him a light frown of thought.

“The world is quite cruel. We can agree, but you seem persistent enough with the kindness, so maybe it will be a weakness that is actually a strength. Kindness might be able to melt some of the coldest of hearts…however, this is too is just an opinion, Gabe,” the creature said as he watched the other with a calm expression that made it hard to understand exactly what the creature meant or was suggesting by the words.

Regardless, the creature didn’t seem to be willing to explain without prying as he watched the other’s odd action as his hand went to his face. He began wondering for a moment why the man seemed to be a bit annoyed with the end result. Was he expecting something to greet his fingers when there was nothing on his face to fulfill such a desire? How strange…and trivial when cards were in motion.

Strange eyes would watch the cards move only lifting when the other spoke. To his thank you, the demon would smirk seeming quite please with the behavior. “Mmm. Don’t let me regret doing so,” the creature would say the smirk on his face becoming slightly gentler suggesting that despite the rough nature of the creature, he could be slightly kind…if one could handle his rather rude nature.

To his question about who Gabe was playing games with, the demon took note of the silence, his head tilting to the left as he waited for a response. When he finally got one, the demon would frown at the other a bit as he considered the words. This lady....why was what he saying pulling at something a bit uncomfortable in the demon's mind? Could this be...?

“…I see. Forgive me for prying then. You may tell me about the woman at your own pace," he would say surprisingly considerate of the other for once, but then just a quickly, he would shift his attitude once more as the other questioned his wording. To this, the demon would smirk.

“Prehaps a bit of both in her case. She loves to play a good trick, but she loves toying with emotions even more. You should be careful of the little siren, dearie. Very, very careful. She bites all in the end….even me,” he would say as he looked at the other. Was that a warning or a playful poke? The creature left the other to figure that out on his own.

Regardless of what either beings thought, the demon focused back on the cards in the other’s hand, leaning forward to watch the trick. As he watched, he would listen to the words spoken. He heard him speak of reason, but for the moment, he did not answer as he watched the card trick, the transfixed expression changing to mild surprise as he saw the card that pop was the same one from earlier, he had been shown. Whether he was truly amazed or just easily amused, the end result of the little trick seemed to end the hostility Sphinx held for the other.

Eyeing the card that had popped up, the demon would lean back in his chair as the bubble around them began to melt. As it melted and the normal world came back into view, Sphinx's form would change back into that of the pale, but still human looking young man from earlier. As the people resumed their business, Sphinx would look over at Gabe with a thoughtful expression.

“Maybe there was a reason for it after all. Though I don’t know how this will change my outlook on humans as whole. Even so Lady Luck is on your side today. We shall see what sort of dance Chance will perform for us then,” he would say and then getting up from his chair, he would pause to lean against the table a bit.

“Gabriel, if you really are here to change my perspective on this race of yours, then perhaps we will meet again. For now, I’ll leave you with your life since you have not only entertained me, but have given me something to ponder a bit,” he would say and then pushing off the table he would turn to walk away.

“Enjoy the rest of your afternoon,”
the young man would say and then waving slightly he disappear into the shifting crowds that did not seem to acknowledge anything that had occurred, leaving the man to himself for now.

~Le Exit~

End Reult:


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PostSubject: Re: The Butterfly Inn- Part 2 [Gabe/Deshi]   Tue Jun 28, 2016 10:21 pm

Gabe and Calabus' social link has ranked up...


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PostSubject: Re: The Butterfly Inn- Part 2 [Gabe/Deshi]   

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The Butterfly Inn- Part 2 [Gabe/Deshi]
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