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 George Touzaki

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PostSubject: George Touzaki   Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:52 pm

George Touzaki
"I have work to do."

The Biography

Birth Name: George Touzaki
Aliases: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birth Day: 4/18
Arcana: Magician
Place of Residence: Little Tokyo
Academy Semester: N/A
Class: Zero

Sorority: N/A

Part/Full Time Job: Weapons Developer and Researcher.

Appearance: A young man reaching the height of six feet and the weight of 178 pounds in total. George has distinct Asian features, but most Asian will be able to tell that he was raised outside of his home country. There are specific nuances in his behavior and countenance that gives them such an idea. The Touzaki heir tends to wear formal attire and yet has been seen without it.

His facial expression are notably soft, yet capable of sternness which grants him an air of seriousness when needed. His eyes are great evidence of his mixed blood as he inherited gentle blue eyes from his American mother.


Personality: Quiet and reserved, George is a well-collected young man. Yet, beneath his silence is an anxiety stemming from his lack of experience in conversing with people outside of his work. He can seem very amicable and serious to everyone when business is at stake. Which, of course, when it comes to work he functions at his best due to his rigorous background. Other than that, he is genuinely noted to be a moral and kind person despite his negative traits.

The Potential


Strength Name: Weapons Developer and Researcher
Description: With his background from a family that handles the creation of supernatural weaponry, George has had some experience and knowledge on how to create and even modify some of them. The experience and knowledge comes from George being familiar with traditional Touzaki smithing techniques and also using modern technologies to perfect his creations. This allows him to make or modify soulbounds for his own specific service. A 1000 word count is needed for this kind of action, but when Demon Shards or Masks are offered for the creation, the word count can be cut down to 500.

Strength Name: Subconscious Charmer
Description: George has a very special charm to him, greatly enhanced by his appearance. He accompanied his father to many business transactions and had a significant hand in convincing potential clients towards better arrangements where both sides are modestly satisfied. Of course, sometimes he does make some blunders as he is still somewhat socially awkward, but he is still learning. Of course, part of that charm comes from his ability to play the violin at times. This grants him Rank 2 in Expression.

Strength Name: Has A Brain Cell
Description: Given that his work with supernatural and mundane weaponry, he has shown some level of intelligence. His knowledge on them are substantially vast for his age, especially when it comes to handling demons that are related to his job. This grants him Rank 2 in Intelligence.

Strength Name: Touzaki Style Kenjutsu
Description: The family sword style of the Touzaki's. It is a style that comes from a culmination of creating blades for various clients and as well as examining their styles. The Touzaki Style is a conservative style that relies on the use of timing and distance to counter with refined finesse without losing footing and decreases the chances of providing a vulnerable opening to the enemy. It allows George the ability counter and parry exceedingly well and to move fluidly without stopping.

Strength Name: Touzaki Nito Ryu
Description: The two sword application of the Touzaki Style. It grants him the ability to double the capacity of his counter-focused swordsmanship, thus allowing him to better parry especially against multiple opponents. In PvS, he can attack twice with his soulbound.

((A floating Strength is a strength you've gained inRP. For example, if you were on a Kendo team for some time, you'd naturally know Kendo which is where this strength would come in. However, be aware, it will not be as strong as any of your actual strengths and is a small plus)

Floating Strength Name:


Weakness Name: Whimpy
Description: While undergoing some swordsmanship training and the rigors of working with weapons, George hasn't gone through the heavy endurance conditioning that barehanded martial artists devote themselves to. In fact, his body was only made to wield a sword and tools for creating such weapons. Hence, he isn't capable of taking hits for long.

Weakness Name: Poor Shot
Description: Since George has had a focus on swordsmanship, his aim is relatively poor. Thus the accuracy benefit he gets from using the pistol is halved.

Weakness Name: Limited Knowledge
Description: Because George is limited in his specialties of weaponcrafting and anything related to it, he suffers in other kind of knowledge at first. Understanding needs to be ranked up twice to rank up to the second level.

Weakness Name: Overly Cautious
Description: Because of his upbringing, George can hesitate at times when he needs to act immediately. From a conservative background, it also meant in some way a conservative means of acting. Courage needs to be ranked up twice to rank up to the second level.

Weakness Name: Defender
Description: As someone who cares deeply to those he opens up to, he makes a commitment to defend them. Meaning that he won't ever abandon them willingly. In PvS, he will not escape if someone close to him cannot.

((A floating weakness is one gained in RP. It could be a fear you inherited during RP, or an injury that hinders your character. Some can be temporary while others can be permanent.)

Floating Weakness Name:

Soul Bound Weapon:

Weapon Name: Daisho
Weapon Description: A katana and wakizashi pair. Katana reaching 65 cm in length and wakizashi with 45 cm.
Weapon Image: (Not necessary)
Weapon Attack Type: Slash
Weapon Element: N/A

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: Colt Single Action Army
Side-Arm Description: A normal six-round revolver that can be holstered in a holster under his coat.
Side-Arm Image: Image.
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style:

Revolver - Single Shot - Accuracy is increased by 20%. Consumes only one type of ammo per use. Can shoot only one enemy at a time.

The Background

History: The Touzaki family has been a few centuries old family of blacksmiths. They were notable for creating works of art from the metal they were able to procure. But their craving to perfect their art surpassed mundane means when they began to have interest in supernatural resources. With the coming of the modern age, they slowly began to decline as their wares were no longer desired or needed by society. Yet, they kept afloat with the occasional curious customer.

George Touzaki was born as the soon-to-be successor to the Touzaki legacy. Like many children in this clan, they were taught anachronistic and modern techniques in crafting weapon. However, unlike many of the Touzaki children, he was raised with higher expectations. Because of this, he was kept secluded from society for quite some time until at middle of his teenage years. Because of this, he is well awkward in his ability to communicate with others and finding himself reserved for most of the time. But in return, his skills were satisfactory refined for the Touzaki Head.

With the Eternal Divide, the Touzaki's were given an opportunity to expand their craft and earn some funding for their projects. Thus they were well working with the government in their own specialties. With George as the soon-to-be Head, it comes to little surprise that he has been suggested to become a Cadet to curry more favor from the Queen.


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PostSubject: Re: George Touzaki   Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:30 pm

Ready for grading.


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PostSubject: Re: George Touzaki   Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:22 pm

Balance out those social quality strengths by making a weakness where you have to go through the remaining two twice to rank up. Once more, the Swordless weakness isn't exactly a weakness if you can just recall your Soulbound at will. Also add your weight. Everything else is fine.


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PostSubject: Re: George Touzaki   Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:15 am

Hopefully this is good.


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PostSubject: Re: George Touzaki   Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:33 am



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PostSubject: Re: George Touzaki   

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George Touzaki
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