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 A walk by the gardens [moonie]

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PostSubject: Re: A walk by the gardens [moonie]   Sat May 28, 2016 3:49 am

"I see..."

Selenus was pretty sure at this point that this kid suffered from triple personality disorder, or at the very least a very weird form of disphoria. Either way he refrained from commenting further on that subject because he knew he'd do nothing but offend her if he said anything else. That's why she got an "I see" instead of one of the long, complex replies Selenus usually delivers at this point in a conversation.

"Regarding the whole guardian thing..." Selenus brought up "Keep in mind that this is a mutual agreement that we're undertaking simply because it benefits us both. I am not your pet, and I'd really, really not have you refer to me as such. Don't take it personally, it's about pride and dignity. Deal?"


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PostSubject: Re: A walk by the gardens [moonie]   Sat May 28, 2016 4:06 am

it sounded as though this time she properly explained herself to him and she nodded a bit, her expression not changing from the lack of one she always seemed to have, and she listened to him apparently clarifying the whole arrangement, it seemed he wanted to remind her that he wouldn't be a pet, and she nodded a bit, she hadn't considered him to be a pet, she wanted to help him though and the pet Idea was one way to convince her parents to let him live at home, as both a pet and a guardian, that meant while in view of their parents the parts would have to be played, perhaps she should point this out? However he seemed smart enough, and she had no reason to call him a pet, but she wondered if she could call him something else? Her head tilted as she thought this and she looked at him with that unblinking expressionless gaze.

Though she felt she should correct something he mentioned and so after he was done talking she began "We do not expect you to guard us if you do not wish to, that is simply the reasoning we will give our parents when they ask about the reason we....acquired you, if you do not wish to guard us I will not force you too, We are not giving you shelter because Nola expects compensation, we are offering aid because you are in need of it and we have the means to help, Alister doesn't wish to put you into any position where you feel the need to repay us, we give this aid freely and without any expectation of Recompense" she looked to him and nodded a bit as she finished off her snack and then put her phone away, she then looked back to him hoping he understood that she wished nothing in return for the help she was giving him.
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PostSubject: Re: A walk by the gardens [moonie]   Sat May 28, 2016 4:17 am

Selenus's tail swiped across the garden path floor. "That's... very selfless of you all. I wasn't implying that I would refuse my part of the agreement though, I was just asking that you refrain from calling me a pet. I can understand calling me a pet in front of your parents as an excus to house me, but when talking to me... how about "Friend"?"

Probably the cheesiest line he'd ever said in his entire life, but he felt as if it was well timed and well executed. It felt a bit sudden, finding a new home like this, but in his current state of both body and mind he really could not afford to be picky. Besides, Nola seemed like a very nice and well-educated girl, even if she was a bit on the creepy side with her perpetuously emotionless expression. Not like Selenus could complain about that however, seeing as his face wasn't even capable of making facial expressions.

"Very well then. If you just show me where on the map your house is, I'll come around sometime around midnight. I'd come earlier, but I'm going to be... busy. Would that be alright with you?"


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PostSubject: Re: A walk by the gardens [moonie]   Sat May 28, 2016 4:31 am

She listened to him once more and she nodded a bit when he mentioned it was selfless, it wasn't that she was trying to be selfless she just seen someone that needed help and she wasn't going to offer help and then simply add strings to it, that wasn't proper, she also didn't expect him to help protect her if he didn't feel like it or had other things to do, so she doubted she would call him for his assistance unless it was dire, but even then she would more then likely warn him if it was and let him choose to come and help if he wished. She then listened to him asking if calling him friend would work and she nodded once more. "We were going to ask if you would accept that title, we didn't wish to force it on you but we are glad you wish to be called so" she did that gentle little neutral huff she did as her basically only expression as she sat there and listened to the rest of what he said.

Honestly she was very glad he would accept being called friend, she had very little of those, most people who knew her were fans, and she had to be one of the three for them, one of her stage representations of them to be more specific, but he was only really aware of the real her and she felt a little glad inside that he allowed her to call him friend.

When he mentioned he would be there later that night she nodded a bit it would make more sense and it would allow her to inform her parents of her purchase, or at least that's what she was going to call it since it was meant to give the Idea that he was her guardian legally, and they wouldn't question to much, besides they had wanted her to get something to protect herself and this should work just fine. So as she took out her map again she unfolded it carefully and showed it to him pointing to the area her home was in and exactly where it was in the sunlake palms district "We live around here....and we will tell our parents you are to be delivered later tonight, more then likely you will have to stay in our room, but there should be ample room for you, I will ask further about any amenities you need once you arrive...".

She looked at the time and simply sent him the address by text from her phone, and then she stood up [color]"We hope Myrna can be helpful to you, and will wait for you to arrive later tonight, please message us when your on your way, for now we must go home and practice our singing"[/color] she bowed to him and started to leave, inside feeling happy that she could help someone out.

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PostSubject: Re: A walk by the gardens [moonie]   Sat May 28, 2016 4:42 am

Selenus simply nodded and stayed behind to continue admiring the flowers.

[Le thread end]


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PostSubject: Re: A walk by the gardens [moonie]   Sat May 28, 2016 1:41 pm

Nola Allaway of the Lovers and Selenus of the Moon have formed a Social Link...


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PostSubject: Re: A walk by the gardens [moonie]   

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A walk by the gardens [moonie]
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