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 Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]

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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Sat Jun 04, 2016 10:11 pm

“I see,” he would say with a nod as he absorbed the information given. So the holograms on stage were the triplets, but he had to wonder then: why was only one present now? Did they perhaps take turns when it came to meet and greets? Or was there something else there? Whether the former or latter, the approach was indeed odd. Most of the time when there were groups, the whole group would be there to meet people unless a member was sick or could not make it for other reasons. The presentation was odd, but then again perhaps that was how things were managed by this group.

Odd or not, for now he would not question the detail as he instead stashed it away and focused on what was given. While it was true, he was trying to learn more about this person before him, on the other hand he knew not to try and take too much from the situation…even if his direct manner made it seem like this was what he was doing. To be honest, the bluntness was a result of how he knew how to act normally. Sure he could play out parts and act social enough when performing, but on a day-to-day basis? Well he wasn’t exactly the pro at being socially smooth. He was just happy that somehow this particular conversation hadn’t turned into one trying to pick apart said flaw. It was nice to simply be left alone on that front and just be allowed to talk. Now what type of impression this behavior left on the emotionless girl was hard to say, but Haru tried not think too hard on it hoping that the calm between them was a good enough sign that things were okay. Besides, if he stepped over the lines he was sure she would let him know.

And what do you know? There was wall number one. So she didn’t feel comfortable explaining the why portion of her dream? The denial to such information warranted some sort of displeasure from himself right? Well no. No it did not. While he was direct, he did not expect answers to come flowing left and right either. They were still strangers after all and so walls were expected as levels of comfort were tried.

For himself, the dream talk while a bit personal was not exactly to the point where he had anything to hide as long as the other didn't pry to deeply into general meanings and quite frankly if people made a judgment call off of simply what was said and not bother trying to figure him out fully, then said person could just go somewhere else. Yes words made an impression, but did they make a person? No if you wanted to find the truth out you had to invest the time to do such a thing. End of story.

So the older idol was not upset by the behavior as he wave the apology off and he shook his head.

“No. That is fine. I over step my boundaries, so I should be the one apologizing. Forgive me,” he would say his words sincere and honest as he took the backlash well enough. It was a honest mistake, but now that he knew where the wall was, he knew how to avoid it and adapt.

In any case with that out of the way, he would answer her question easily enough about clarifying his dream before pausing to listen to the response given. To what he heard, he would remove his hands from his pockets as his arms folded across his chest once more. He would watch the other with a calm gaze before his eyes closed and he nodded.

“That is fair enough,” he would respond back and let the subject drop for now. His eyes would reopen as the other asked another question. To this, he would let out a small hum as his left index finger moved to tap his lip in thought.

“It’s a small habit of randomness,” he would begin. “I don’t attend all concerts, but rather randomly peek in here and there to sample what is currently going on in the field,” he said with a light shrug as he gave her a partial truth. He wasn’t lying. His poking was indeed random and also for sampling, but his reasoning for doing so outside of simply being curious, he left buried. Yes. He was honest and direct, but that didn’t mean he would spill everything out to a stranger either.
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Sat Jun 04, 2016 10:53 pm

She nodded a bit as she stood there and looked at the man, it was rather nice to be able to talk to someone openly, and for so long, most people tended to shy away from her after a while, or they would not enjoy her bluntness at times, but this man seemed to be okay with her for the most part. He then apologized for pushing the boundary and she shook her head "You have no need to apologize, you had no means of knowing what we are comfortable with talking about, so no blame is given, there is no way of knowing without asking or reaching those bounds" she replied after he apologized.

She was pleased to hear that he understood her refusal to explain the dream of hers, or at least his willingness to let it stay undisclosed for the moment, despite his curiosity it seemed he knew when to stop and that was very good to know for her, it meant she didn't have to worry about him pressing her for more answers, it kept the talk relaxed and pressure-less, making it an enjoyable event overall.

He then began to answer her last question, and she listened to the answer and nodded a bit, it made sense to keep track of things like that, and going to a concert could glean more information then simply buying that groups or individuals latest CD and listening. the latter only gave you their genre, and a smattering of their songs, the former gave you much more information, how they interacted with the crowd, how their personality on the stage was like, The ways they set up their concerts, how they put together their show and finally if they use any interesting premises or tricks to the act

As he finished answering she nodded a bit "We understand, Everyone has their own hobbies...Myrna for instance liked to sing Karaoke" she replied before she was approched from behind by one of her parents who whispered into her ear about having to go and she nodded a bit. "We are sorry, but we have to you wish to have anything signed before you leave? we always try to end our meetings like well as with a signed CD added to the grab bag" she said as she was handed a bag and a pen from her other parent, and she signed the CD that was in the bag.

"Though you not being a fan We are unsure if you want the bag, but we still offer it to you and the offer to have anything else signed" she said as she held out the goodie bag, and she would also sign anything reasonable he requested her to.
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Sun Jun 05, 2016 4:29 am

A wise child or perhaps just clever. Whatever the case was Nola seemed to know just what to say to keep a situation from becoming awkward or heated for no real reason. For example that apology he gave for stepping on boundaries? Usually stuff like that was just eaten up without explanation causing the receiver to either just brush it off with a laugh, try to baby you as they tried to make one feel better, or make the situation more awkward by trying to apologize for making the one apologizing feel bad for doing said action in the first place. It was hardly ever a matter of accepting, but rather a matter of saying what the one believed was what the other wanted to hear.

It was true his own way of speaking had mimicked these lines of thinking, but the response back was a pleasant surprise. She accepted the apology while bringing out the why she had done so. He wasn’t sure what it was about the way this was worded, but he found himself nodding and feeling only at peace with the end result. Somehow her wording made everything nice and simple, a language he understood better than all the laughter and flowery words that could’ve been used in the situation. Or maybe the words only seemed that way because they were spoken in that monotone fashion of hers. Whatever it was, Haru was at ease with what had happened.

This exchange of peace between them seemed to only continue as Haru took a refusal from her easily enough even if it denied him of more information in the end. His willingness to let some things go seemed to keep the relaxed air between them alive and well. In turn, this kept his own mood relaxed and open as he found himself quite comfortable in this chat that played by rules he understood. Perhaps it was comfort that helped his responses be more natural too.

He was actually on the edge of responding back to the karaoke bit, but held his tongue as one of the adults with the child idol moved to speak with her. When they were done, the child return her attention to him announcing she had to go, but even so she still tried to hand him a goody bag with a signed copy of her CD inside before leaving. It was a cute gesture, but unfortunately had no effects on someone like Haru. Even so the older idol would give her a gentle smile as he shook his head, deciding to let her down in a gentle fashion rather than a cold one. It was the least he could do for someone that had made his life easy for once.

“Your offer is very kind, but I would suggest saving it for someone more worthy than myself to have,” he would say before tilting his head lightly at the other. “However, if our schedules permit it perhaps we can meet again along the way. Regardless if it happens or not, it was a pleasure speaking to you Nola. Thank you very much for humoring me today,” he would say before giving her a polite bow. After this was performed, he would bid the young one farewell for now and if he wasn’t stopped he would make his way out of the area.

~Haru is exiting the thread. Unless stopped of course.~
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Sun Jun 05, 2016 5:59 am

With a nod to the man as he started to leave she tilted her head a bit as he made his comment about not being worthy enough it was an odd way of saying it but she decided she wouldn't push the issue since she really didn't need to, As he mentioned meeting once more she nodded again "We would also not mind meeting once more, Talking with you was Rather relaxing" she commented and bowed to him as he left, she too required to go as her parents wanted her to work on some new songs and get a goods night rest.

[Exit and end SL]
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:20 am

Hatsuharu Yoshima of the Tower and Nola Trinity of the Lovers have formed a Social Link...


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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   

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Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]
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