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 Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]

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PostSubject: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Mon May 23, 2016 6:06 pm

Her Parents where taking a big risk with this Holographic concert, But Trinity Didn't mind it at all, it was different then what they usually did, and that made it feel different, Currently she was finishing up recording Alister's part she only needed to act as one for the concert anyway, and they had decided she would be acting as Nola for it, so she slipped out her contacts and took her time removing her wig, to make sure she didn't mess up the wig or her own hair, after all she was going to be up soon to have herself projected onto the stage as a hologram, to stop people from trying to get closer they decided to make all three of them appear as holograms rather then have one up there live, but they did mention that one of Trinity would be available for autographs and the like after the show.

After some time she finished getting ready, She had a show to put on so she took up her mic and checked it before slipping it into position on her head and then grabbed her guitar, Nola played the lead guitar and vocals after all so she had to play, thankfully the song was well rehearsed and she already knew her drop ins and ques , Working with your others had a bonus that you always knew what they did and they knew what you did, It was a life she was accustomed to. And then the people started to be let into the concert hall, a packed place once more, she could see them on the large screen in front of her, something to give her a connection to the crowd her parents had said and it was something different then what she was used to, An inhale of breath followed by an exhale from it being her only reaction.

Then the show started and the warm up act began, it was basically a solo by Alister A song meant for him to sing alone with Nola and Myrna Playing to accompany but not to sing with him, though they did dance for the song as well, it was a more of a masculine song, to fit Alister and directed more to get the blood pumping and that was how it went, it seemed the crowed enjoyed it.

The next was a song just from Myrna with only Alister and Nola playing and dancing, This one more gentle and soothing, to Fit Myrna's voice and her temperament, careful and gentle but with a hint of longing and hope, a song that was known as a 'signature Myrna' song

Then it was her turn for her solo before the main act and she stepped forward and smiled at the crowd "Okay now...remember...each of you got a ticket number and the one with the lucky number will have a chance to hang out with one of us after the concert so keep your ticket handy okay!! Good luck!!" and with that she started her song, energetic and happy, very active dancing from her and her siblings, and most of all directed to get people in a happy and party mood. and it actually used a violin too, one of the instruments that Alistar played

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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Tue May 24, 2016 6:42 pm

The area was packed to the brim with people as usual when any form of concert was held. While the young man that was here today typically came to such events because he himself was on the stage, today he would be here to do his occasional observation work on groups and other performers that graced the stage. Half of the habit was out of respect for a performing artist while the other was simply getting to know the competition. Idols were everywhere in Endyimon, so when they popped up he typically paid attention to them simply to know his competition by name and also to see what they were doing to draw the crowds.

He was by no means a thief, but he always liked to see what the competition brought with them to keep the crowds so pleased. Besides, it was always nice to see where he needed to step up his game to survive in the cold world of show biz.

Though he left the nonsensical “This is Sparta” mentality to his parents. Yes. He liked to stay relevant and on top of his game, but he was fine not crushing everything under foot also, a thought process his parents simply did not share with him. Competition was a healthy thing in Haru’s eyes. It allowed him to grow and also gave the competition something to worry about so they could perhaps grow or sink trying. It was kind of like a game that only remained fun as long as players were still on the board.

Regardless of his views or reasons for being here, the young man would blend easily into the crowds as he wore casual clothing today. A pair of jeans with chains hanging off it, a clean white shirt, and a black leather vest he wore open was the outfit he wore today. He would complete the outfit with a pair of well worn black boots and by wearing his natural hair in a slightly punkish style of messy spikes. He finished the look off by wearing a pair of dark blue contacts to keep his mismatched eyes hidden and the simplest of jewelry – a black bracelet on his left wrist, a black choker around his neck and a simple cuff earring on his ear.

While he still had a pretty face, anyone looking at him would never guess that the guy casually moving through the crowds was in fact the very idol some loved so. Without being bothered by the crowds, he would listen to the music being played and take note that the people on stage were holograms rather than the actual performers. An interesting play on technology, but pleasing to the crowd nonetheless.

Settling in the middle of the crowd, he would listen to the music that played. He listened and watched how it impacted the crowds, keeping his own opinion of the music neutral. When there was a pause in the music, tickets were mentioned to which the young man would watch as many eager fans tightened their grip on their tickets or dug in their pockets to see if they had lost that precious item. Only Haru would remain calm through the process as he kept his hands in his pocket as his eyes drifted back to the stage as the group began to sing again. He didn’t have a ticket…making one wonder how he got into the concert in the first place.


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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Tue May 24, 2016 7:25 pm

As the concert continued they switched songs to a slower duet between Alistar and Myrna, something different from their usual fair, and it was well worded and well rehearsed, something that her parents prided their daughter on, and Trinity couldn't help but find it odd though, it was meant to convey feeling and it did or at least it seemed to in the crowd, but For her nothing really moved from it, she was great at acting though so she could do it well, maybe because to her it didn't seem to fit for her so it wasn't as personal, but maybe it fit for others? She really needed to figure that out later though, she continued to play her instrument, What she did know about the song is that at first her parents had had issues getting it approved maybe because it mentioned demons? ether way it eventually was approved as harmless.

Then they switched over to her once more since those two had the last song, and she started to preform, She had moved to a more slow sadder song, she knew the pattern and the reasoning to do so, go from high to lows, carry the crowd along to much of one got dull, and by showing a bunch of songs it made them eager for the release of the album, but she honestly thought the song was a bit to old for her, but her parents though it would do well so she started to sing her slower song, Myrna starting to play a keytaur, as she moved into the song that she was prepared for her to sing, throwing her all into it like she did every song.

Fading from that song the three started a more upbeat song, moving from sadness and fear to one of hope, again another measured move that didn't fail to move the crowed, and all three of them threw themselves into it wholeheartedly, Songs like this, this was the kinds of songs Trinity wanted to focus on, ones that lifted people up, onces that made them smile and feel calm and glad that everything wasn't so bad, to make them fell like they were not alone and really never were. That's what she wanted everyone to feel, the same lack of loneliness that she always felt, it also made her wish she was actually on the stage to walk down to sing among the crowd but her parents wouldn't allow that, so she sang as a hologram and continued this was one song that even when she recorded the other parts of it she had thrown her whole into it, and the energy she gave out from each performance couldn't help but affect the crowd.

After that it was over, a myriad of other songs played but those where all the new ones and after the next two hours they had a few secondary bands play while she got a break and got ready for the next set, but other then that it was mostly Trinity, and finally after the very last song she lifted her mic "Okay now it's time for the draw everyone get out their tickets please!!" she asked as they wheeled a machine out that would pick the winner from all the sold tickets.
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Wed May 25, 2016 3:58 pm

The concert would continue on, the music flowing through a range of genres that kept the sound interesting and the crowds enthusiastic when they needed to be and quiet and absorbed at other times. While not all the music heard was to his liking, he did appreciate what this holographic group did to the crowd and he admired the placement of each song in the show. Very nice. Someone knew what they were doing behind the scenes. He could respect that and perhaps it was respect that allowed him to stay the whole time frame of this particular concert rather than drop in for a few song and then judge from there whether the competition was worth extra effort or not.

While he did not feel threatened by this group, he was a bit curious as to who was actually behind the digital pixels, but alas he did not gain access via a ticket, so perhaps he would have to find a different way to meet the trio behind the holograms; however, as the concert began to end he figured that it would perhaps have to be done another day. It was time to hit the road before the crowd made a mad dash for the exit, so he would begin to make his way towards the exit. Once out in the entrance area, he would hear the announcement being made about the tickets. As he heard the announcement, his eyes happen to see what appeared to be a drop ticket on the ground.

Out of habit, he wandered over to the ticket and picked it up. Looking at the thin piece of paper, he would read the usual information that told him what it was for before he flipped it over and discover the ticket number that the group on stage had been speaking of. Ticket #13. Heh. What were the chances of that? He guessed its owner had dropped the ticket in their excitement to get in. How unfortunate for them…


Meanwhile, back in the area where the concert was being held, a very eager young man would be grinning from ear-to-ear as he held in his hand what he thought was the winning ticket. He would grip the paper tighter as tickets were mentioned again by the group on stage. This was it! This was the day he was going to finally meet the group he had fallen in love with face-to-face!

Please, please let me win! Were his thoughts as he stared at the wheel being spun.

Unfortunate for the young man the paper in his hand was not the ticket he hoped for, but rather the receipt for said ticket he had bought. Unaware of the loss, he would continue to hold onto the receipt as he stared intently at the stage ahead. He had to win.
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Thu May 26, 2016 2:43 am

The machine continued to spin as it started to go through the tickets and Trinity watched the machine, letting it spin and the music playing in the background continued to go as it spun and finally the machine started to slow down and She started a count down with the crowd "Okay now lets go!! one!! two!! three!!!! And out Lucky number for the night IS!!!!" she walked over to the machine, well her hologram did, in the little off stage room she was in there was a duplicate of the machine there, and it had the same numbers in it, after all no reason to cheat people right? that was bad for business and her parents were far smarter then that, they had been doing all this for so long after all, and as she took the ticket out she staled yet again to build the excitement, it was a calculated move by her parents to build the suspense, and it was also to make sure people understood the rules and remind them that even if they didn't win they got something out of it.

"Now remember if your number isn't the one chosen, you can still get a Wonderful Surprise bag at the exit as long as you have your receipt, which includes our new single CD before even the shops get it, That's right we take good care of all our supporters and fans by making sure you get your hands on some of our things first! you also get a signed poster and Four mystery prizes that can be from a selection of six additional pieces of fandom including the prototype of our new pose able models!!" with that out of the way she moved on to the main announcement.

"Now...Time to reveal the winner, Remember your number will be printed on the back of your ticket...the winning number is!......NUMBER THIRTEEN!! please come to the front of the auditorium with your Ticket your our lucky winner!!! some come on down and Present your ticket number to the people at the front gate and they will bring you to meet the Member of Trinity that is actually here to meet you!! To everyone else thank you for supporting our music and don't forget to enter your name into our two Draws to meet the with the other two members of the group at another time!!! that's right!! as long as you have the receipt you can still win a chance to hang out with one of Trinity!! So never lose hope!! And remember we will be holding another Concert sometime in the future So keep your eye on our fan site and get the latest news on Trinity there!!"

With that the projector turned off, and Trinity walked out of the little stage are she was preforming from for the projector, she then took a drink and let out her normal little neutral huff, her only expression as she relaxed a bit, she then looked at the advertisement to see which of the group she was to portray at the meeting and thankfully it was Nola which she was already dressed for, she just had to go change and shower to be perfectly clean for it. Which she headed off to do.

A few minutes later

She checked her outfit and put on her Nola smile and slipped into the stage persona they had given Nola, rather then being her normal self, they told her it was how people seen Nola all the time, and so it made sense to keep being her when in private, But to Trinity being on stage and being in person was different, on stage was easy, in person she was interacting with a person rather then acting on a stage, but she headed out in her clothing and headed to the meeting spot in the back of the auditorium and waited for the winner to arrive. the visit and hang out would of course be chaperoned.
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Thu May 26, 2016 7:05 am

Suspense was an interesting thing. For some it wasn’t a big deal, but for others - like fans for example - suspense was dangerous. As the wheel turned and the room beyond became a series of whispers and held breath, the young man in the crowd that assumed he had the winning ticket would bite his lip a bit as he watched that wheel spin and prayed with all his might that when it stopped it was be his number. When it finally did stop and that beautiful number was announced, the young man could’ve snapped some muscles in his face with the huge grin he had.

13 did he hear? Oh yes.Yes.YES!! That was his number! He knew it was and yet even grinning and excited he would check the ticket in his han—


Oh no!

That grin faded immediately as his eyes landed on what was actually in his hand. This was not his ticket. This was his receipt. Panicking,  the young man would begin to desperately search his pockets and then the floor for the ticket. Where the hell was it?! His frantic searching led him back out into the entrance way where he encountered Haru.

When the panicked fan came out of the area, Haru who had been standing off to the side debating about tossing the ticket turned to face the other and upon seeing his distress expression gave the other a questioning look. Spotting him, the young man paused in his panic and swallowed as he took in the young man that watched him.

“Umm…Hey have you seen a ticket to Trinity’s show out here? It would be a white stub with the number thirt….” he would trail off as Haru raised his left hand showing said ticket firmly between his index and middle finger. Seeing the ticket, the guy’s eye widened with at first joy, but then something close to fear as he sized up just who had the ticket. Frozen for a bit, the guy mouth moved, but no words came out as he simply looked at the ticket and then back at the man who held it.

Knowing already what this was about, Haru would keep his face neutral as he lowered his hand and held out the ticket to test just how desperate this guy was. Even if the idol was hidden under his choice of casual clothing, there was no denying the intimidating air that naturally came off of him. There were some that faced this easily, but those were few and far inbetween. He wondered, as he watched the other, just what group this guy fell into?

Well he didn’t have to wait long for an answer to that as he watched the guy’s face crumple and then in tears, he ran the opposite way. Watching him go Haru would sigh inwardly as he shook his head lightly. Typical and sad…

Well then. He had unexpectedly gained a ticket and while it he did not exactly feel proud of what had just occurred, he supposed he could use this opportunity to satisfy his earlier curiosity. Waste not right?

Instead of going back through the crowds to get to where he needed to be, Haru took the back routes quite familiar with the buildings of the entertainment district. While security tensed at first, they knew the young man traits and habits well enough that even when disguised, they knew exactly who he was by behavior alone. It was one of the few perks of his job that he used to his advantage from time to time. Getting back into the area where the concert was, he would find the right person and when he showed the ticket, said person would take him to where he needed to be.

As he was guided to the meeting spot, his guide would drop back a bit to let him approach the young idol and her chaperon alone. It was standard protocol to have guards in this business, so it was easy for Haru to relax in the situation he was pretty much bred in. Face-to-face with the younger idol, the young man would give her a small smile as he stayed a respectful distance from her.

“So you’re one of Trinity? By what name do they call you?” he would ask his tones soft and non-hostile, his attitude laid back and yet business like all at once. It was easy to tell this was not a fan, so why was this man here then?

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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Thu May 26, 2016 3:48 pm

Trinity turned around as she was told that the winner was coming, however the security for the building had also told her who the winner was, this was fairly odd. She knew the name, he was quite famous after all, but why would he have come to her concert? in the end though he won and he was coming, doing one of her little gentle neutral huffs she let herself slip into the stage face of Nola since that's who the person was meant to meet, and as she stood there she turned to look at the older male as he stopped a distance away, and she smiled, playing her part as stage Nola, and she gave a little bow as he greeted her but neglected to give his name, odd but at the same time by looking at him he seemed to be hiding who he was. so more then likely maybe he was just out to relax and just won? after all it was random chance.

After he asked her she replied her voice chipper sounding as she played the roll of stage Nola, "Nola is the name!" though she seemed to think it dishonest seeing as she was not talking to a fan but a peer, was honesty best in this situation? after all talking to a peer was to be on even grounds was it not? While at the same time she knew full well who he was thanks to the security people telling her, since it was apparently a big deal. and considering how famous the man was it apparently was and she should react as such.

The girl tilted her head out of habit as she pondered this information, the boy was well done up to try and not look like himself but it seemed that it was hard for him to do so, or he told someone, ether way she stood waiting and decided it was best to at least address him by his name and ask why he was there "So what do we owe the honor of having Hatsuharu Yoshima visit us? Though you having the wining ticket is one great coincidence, We didn't know you liked our music" she added with that same Nola stage attitude.

She couldn't helo though but have fallen into one of her normal habits, this whole time so far she had been looking at the man her eyes not blinking, her eyes fixed on him in a gaze that he was probably not used to, and she seemed totally unaffected the same way most other people were around him, she herself though simply tilted her head, another habit showing through once more as she once more pondered his reason for even being at her concert, though it was quite obvious that her parents, who were chaperoning, where incredibly surprised by his being the visitor.
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Fri May 27, 2016 10:42 pm

He heard his name come from the other’s lips and found himself giving the other that watched him a small title of his head. Well. Well. Her networks kept her well informed. No surprise though. They wouldn't be doing their job if they did something different. So kudos to them. In any case, this saved him some trouble now, didn’t it? At least with this barrier down, he didn’t have to pretend as much. Whether this was a good thing or not was yet to be seen, but the kid would have to deal with it either way. Was he planning to be hostile to his competition? No. Did he try to scare her away? No.

To be honest, he had only come to get a feel for this group that had happened to be in the same field as he was in. He heard their music, observed the show, and now he wished to know what was behind the holograms, so here he was. It was true he was upfront with his question and meant to introduce himself after getting this one's name, but instead he got something different. This one decided to address him by name and not be afraid to do so. How curious.

This was the first, he had found someone that didn’t flinch in his presence or for that matter kept up an act before him. She was either well trained or fearless, but it seemed his presence did not scare her like it did others. Finally…a little more breathing room and a different field to play on. He supposed they were on somewhat level ground for now. Good.

The young man would take note of the chaperons reactions, but not pay them too much mind as he instead focused on his main target for now as his stance relaxed. His weight went to his left leg and a hand went to his hip.

“Nola. Hmph. Charmed,” he would say his voice calm and soft as usual. He would give her a small smile before closing his eyes and shaking his head. “I am sorry to disappoint, but I am no fan. To be honest, I came here to observe and happened upon the ticket by chance,” he would pause as he pulled the ticket out of his pocket and looked at it as a small frown crossed his face for a moment. He seemed to be a bit trouble by something, but then just like that the look disappeared as he took a step towards the girl and held out the ticket to her.

“Number 13 does not belong to me. I am afraid the original owner fled when I tried to give it back. Hope you can forgive me for chasing a fan away and coming instead,” he would say to the younger girl. His words were genuine. He honestly wasn’t here to scare away fans. What happened, just happened unfortunately.

Anyway, he would attempt to return the ticket to the girl and if she took it fine and if not, he would place it back in his pocket as he took a step back to keep the distance between them respectful enough. As he settled back in his spot, he would fold his arms as a hand went to his chin. He was quiet a moment as he observed the smaller girl not flinching under her gaze. He would continue on.

“I came to finish up my observations. I was curious to see the face behind the graphics on stage, so despite how I came to be here, I am always honored to see a real face to what is on stage,” he would say and then become quiet again to let her digest all that.
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Fri May 27, 2016 11:57 pm

The man seemed to be dropping pretense, or perhaps he never meant to hold that as something to use during the meeting? She couldn't be sure but she would see him shifting his weight and getting into a more relaxed stance as she smiled up at him, her Stage personality in full swing still, but as she stood there she wondered if she should drop the pretense as well, after all it seemed he wasn't using it to serves himself. Though her saying his name rendered his ability to use any pretense at being not who he was moot, so perhaps she simply disabled his means to remain incognito? But by the way he seemed to simply let things happen that didn't seem to be the case.

This of course was all assumption from what she could see since she really had no clue what he was intending, though that was also quickly answered as he fully admitted to only having come to observe and hadn't even had the ticket in the first place, the flash of a frown on his face made her look to the ticket he removed from his pocket, apparently he may be wondering what happened to the one that had lost the ticket as no doubt they would have been rather depressed to have lost it when the number was called.

The explanation of what happened to the original owner made her nod a bit as she took the ticket gently from him and with the man being so honest she decided finally that there was no reason to hold up her stage face, and she relaxed, her eyes closing as she took the ticket and handed it to a security person "Please find out what Fan member bought this ticket...." she then looked at him as her tone slowly changed to the monotone she always had when not acting.

"Thankfully they all filled out little leaflets with their name on it..and additional information since we send out extra prizes a to a few one purchase of their tickets, they are entered in a draw, so we should have his name and address...we can arrange to meet him some other time, so he doesn't miss the chance he won, Would you like if we mentioned you had apologized for the mix up?" she asked as she slowly slipped out of her Nola role.

She relaxed fully her face slipping into it's expressionless gaze as she tilted her head as she listened to what else he had to say, her natural monotone now fully returned, as she had no reason to hold the pretense any longer as he was being fully honest with her so she would be with him. "Then let Us show you our real face....This is Nola, how we are beyond the stage" she said as she fully relaxed into just being herself, her head tilting a bit once more as she looked at the man, it seemed he disguised himself to live normally, while she disguised herself to be on was an...interesting contrast.

"Don't worry about the mix up...but thank you for being honest about it, at least now we can reschedule so the fan who won can actually get his winnings, Thank you very much for that" she gave a bow, honestly she was very glad that he had told them the truth it meant that the person that probably felt like he had just lost all the luck he had ever wished for would feel better and she knew her security would be phoning the man right away to inform him about the mix up and to set up a different time to meet.

She did wonder though if she was what he expected to see so she decided to just ask honestly as she tilted her head once more "So..What do you think of what you have found behind the stage? Are we to your expectations now that we have dropped our own pretense?" her monotone voice and expressionless face would usually unnerve others, so she did wonder if the honest man would continue to be honest to her, as she stood there looking at him with her unblinking gaze. head tilted to the side.
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Sat May 28, 2016 4:13 pm

Pretense was only needed when the disguise being worn did its job. When the disguise was broken by eyes or knowledge, there was no need to lie anymore. No. All one had to do then was simply be upfront and so Haru would do this since security had already given him away. He may hide from the world, but at the end of the day he knew how to be honest with those that saw through the cracks in his armor. Just how honest he was depended on what he was confronted with. With a fan or a stranger, the encounter might’ve turned out differently, but for a peer in the same field? He left only his business persona up front.

Regardless of his behavior, he still remained a gentlemen under it all making sure to mind his manners in the presence of the other. He would remain honest and open as he stated his reason for being here and would return the ticket to the one who had handed it out. Surprisingly, she did not flinch or try to back away as she took the ticket back in a gentle way. As the ticket was taken, he would take a small step back to give her space finding himself settling a bit easier around the child that was not afraid him. To make matters even more curious, it seemed that young lady decided to drop her act and instead become something else.

As her voice changed, Haru would tilt his head at the young lady as he watched the transformation. Was this perhaps her real self? What an interesting contrast to the behavior she had been showing a moment ago. As curious as it was, Haru would accept what had happened easily enough as he gave the other a nod.

“You are well prepared. That is impressive,” he would say with a light smile and then shaking his head continue.
“No. There is no need to mention me. It is good enough to know the rightful owner will still get his wish.“

Yeah. He didn’t need a fan of anyone knowing it was him that returned the ticket. While it wasn’t guaranteed, some people sought out those that had saved their day so to speak …and quite frankly, Haru did not want that sort of encounter. No. It was best if the guy’s energy and love was directed towards the correct person that held his admiration. Haru was not that person.

In any case, it seemed the act would fade even more as the young lady’s face became devoid of emotion and she revealed this change as herself off stage. While it was a bit uncomfortable being faced with such behavior, Haru found he was more intrigued rather than frightened by it. Interesting. She acted with emotion, but seemed to be devoid of them for real. How strange.

“Mmm, I am sure he would be thrilled for that news,” Haru would say as he continued to watch her studying the strange woman and her way of talking. She was an odd one for sure, but not in a bad way and not in a way that would make him shy away. By being up front with him the young lady had opened a door to allow himself to do the same towards her. As a result, his answer would be blunt and to the point.

“You are…an unexpected end result and not the typical idol. I would have to say I am pleasantly surprised and curious about you. Tell me, do you feel anything at all?” he would ask getting a jaw drop from a guard who found the question a bit too much. Honestly, how could he ask such a thing right up front? They were strangers were they not, so why? Why did he ask such a dangerous question? Well, the answer was simple. This girl had caught his interest in a way that most didn’t. Her behavior was perplexing and so instead of following social norms, Haru simply questioned what puzzled him for clarity. Maybe the girl would answer and maybe she would not. Regardless, this was turning out more interesting than he thought it would be.
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Sat May 28, 2016 6:16 pm

She stood there and listened to what he had to say, he first complimented and commented on their preparedness, that was nice to hear, at first her parents had said that was to many contests, but it was Trinity's own Idea to do that, she didn't want people accidentally missing things and her parents had finally relented and now it was not only paying off but she was getting praise from a Peer for the foresight and she nodded a bit to him as he continued and waived any recognition in the return of the ticket, Honestly though Trinity assumed the original owner of the ticked would be able to put two and two together, but she did nod to her security man on the phone and he nodded back as he walked off to set up the meeting for a different day.

The Idea had come to her when she herself had managed to win something, but due to her inattention at the time she had actually lost her ticket and thus couldn't get her prize, so she decided she didn't want her fans to feel that way ever so the idea was made and implemented and so far since no fan has ever missed out on wining their prize due to losing a ticket, as long as people were honest like Haru had been regarding the ticket he had with him, maybe this would inspire the man to do the same with his own contests down the road?

Getting back to what he was saying though she listened, her expressionless gaze fixed on him as she tilted her head the other way now as she listened to his words "We are sure they will be, We have felt the feeling of losing out on a win due to losing our means of collection, it is a very jarring feeling, it makes one feel like things are unfair, it is what inspired us to make our contests as they are now" she answered his comment and then listened as he continued on to ask her another question, though it was rather blunt, but better to be blunt then to beat around the bush and possibly not make it understandable, besides after hearing the question it was rather clear there was no other way to really word it.

she tilted her head a bit as he asked his question and she thought about it a bit, she did feel things, but perhaps not as strong as others? it was hard to pin point exactly how to answer that question given the introspection that such a question required for it's answer, however she felt he had earned an answer since he was being so honest with her about everything else, it took some time as she looked at him and finally after a long time she blinked...once..then she continued to simply gaze at him unblinking and expressionless as she thought on her answer to his rather blunt question.

Finally after some moments of thought she figured out an answer "We do feel, however..perhaps we feel differently then others....but we do feel, on top of that we have been told we have trouble expressing ourselves, Alister doesn't think we do, but we have taken it to heart to try to be more expressive...If we may ask a similarly personal question...What do you dream of? not while you sleep, but while you are awake...why do you do what you do and what do you work towards?" she looked at him she didn't expect an answer it was fairly personal of a question but she felt it wasn't any more personal then the one he had asked her.
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Mon May 30, 2016 7:12 pm

It seemed that things were going well enough between him and the young lady that called herself Nola. While she was indeed an odd personality to deal with, Haru found that the more time he faced it, the more he became curious rather than afraid of it. Either that or the girl’s ability to hold her ground in his own presence was canceling out the natural uncomfortableness that should’ve came out of this in the first place. It was hard to say. Whatever the case was, it seemed to work for both parties since the curiosity from Haru and fearlessness of Nola seemed to knock away any of the awkwardness that could’ve occurred otherwise. The conversation was for once normal…or rather as normal as it could get between the two idols.

The only downside to it all was the fact that without the fake emotions, he couldn’t read the other that well anymore... meaning he would have no clue if he was stepping on toes or not in the situation. An interesting dilemma, but a challenge he accepted nonetheless as he stayed where he was for the time being.

His eyes would look up from the girl as the security guard left to make the phone call he was asked to make to the fan. The dark blue contacted eyes watched him for only a second before lowering down to look at the young lady again as she spoke. To her words, he would let out a light hum of thought.

“Learning from personal experiences...” he would begin pausing a bit as he let out a light hmph. “That is a clever move to make in the long run. At least you don’t ever have to worry about disappointing with that strategy,” he would say to her in even tones.

Was he impressed by the whole process? In a way. Blown a way by it? Not by a long shot. Even so, the thought that went into this could be respected enough considering anyone else her age did not seem to make the smartest moves business wise nor fan wise. Whether that was due to poor management or something else was a mystery to the older man, but then again maybe not everyone could handle the power given to them once they had a following.

A sad case, but one he was glad this particular idol broke. As for his blunt question. Well that was an interesting one to try and gauge impact wise. While security seemed to react in a more or less appropriate manner, the girl would remain expressionless. She would only give tilts of her head, silence, and an unblinking gaze in response.

While he tried to hold that gaze, it was a bit hard to do so. It was even harder when contacts were in play and made the eye dryer even faster. So he would blink at least twice before she gave her one blink and after a moment more of silence answered.

Phew... He thought he had a mistake there with being so direct. Maybe she just needed time to think. Now about that answer...

This time around, it was his turn to be quiet for a moment as he absorbed what was said. It was a concept he was not sure if he got or not, but even so he accepted it nonetheless.

“Alistar?” he would question first and then after waiting a moment to see if she would explain, he would continue on. “In any case, maybe the other is right. If this is you, then perhaps you shouldn’t change it. Expressions are nice and makes things easier, but on the other hand they can be lies too…and quite frankly I don’t like those sort of lies,” he would say as his gaze settled back on her as a small smirk played across his lips. Ironic, this whole conversation was for he was perhaps the greatest actor there was in the pretend department, but even so honesty upfront was the best way to get the young man to drop the act and be square with another. The question from there: was could one handle his intensity and bluntness from there?

Always an amusing question to watch be answered, but for now that was trivial. There was another question at hand that made itself more pressing. It was a question that caused the young man’s smirk to fade as he closed his eyes and debated on answering that. Hmph. Well he could make an even trade he supposed.

His eyes would reopen as his hands slid into his pockets and he tilted his head to the left and back slightly.

“I am not sure if I can call what I see a dream or a version of twisted reality,” he began as he watched the other carefully. “I dream of a creature beautiful and peaceful, but quite sick. Its underbelly is twisted and the creature is in pain. I see myself fighting for that creature’s life, aiming to rid it of the sickness that plagues it; however, awake or asleep I can never see if I actually succeed in accomplishing the goal. I can see myself getting to a point where I can do something, but afterward? Nothing.”

The young man would fall silent after that to let the other absorbed what was said. After some time had passed, he would nod his head towards the other as he spoke once more. “And you? What do you see?”
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Mon May 30, 2016 8:23 pm

She slowly nodded as he commented on her strategy for keeping people from being disappointed. It was interesting to her where she even got the Idea after her own loss, She had adapted one of the strategies from the Art of War, Never lose the Moral of the people, it was always interesting to her how those rules meant for war worked so well in other endeavors. But perhaps it was that utility that had made them so popular. As she though of this she looked back at the man, he seemed to be more relaxed now, at least from what she could tell, He had seemed Intimidating for a moment when she met him, but as he showed his own reasons for being here so quickly she had calmed and slipped back into being herself rather then holding her idol persona, that had probably been the turning point, she as herself could only make the mistakes she made without harming the image of the Stage face, or so she reasoned.

The man being in the same field would probably agree, though she couldn't say that with certainty, but it seemed to be the case with how they were interacting, Maybe her normal Stoic behavior counteracted his normal presence of character? She really couldn't be sure as she hadn't met him before now, but what ever the reason the two seemed able to talk bluntly with each other with no apparent issues between them on the bluntness of the conversation. Which to Trinity was a relaxing thing to realize as it meant she didn't seem to have a need to guard her words as she would do normally.

Then the Man asked about Alister and she remembered that their were some things she couldn't share, especially with a peer, it would be risky to do so, but as she was being herself she had no reason to guard much about her Nola persona, But she had to guard the other Persona, thankfully there was nothing so far that would give away the fact that all three were her, but at the same time it was also the truth that Alister was her brother, so it wasn't truly a lie ether, so with that confidence she answered his question to the name. "Alister is our Brother" the answer was true and simple.

So with that answered she waited as his comment continued to what she had said. Though his inability to hold his gaze with her she had, to a small extent, found rather amusing, though as she looked at him she did realize his eyes were darker then they usually were shown on the pictures she had seen of him, contacts? or maybe the pictures were doctored to better fit the image they wanted to portray? She assumed the latter as it made more sense, thought she would have to check on that later, not that it would be hard as he had his information plastered nearly in every article about him, She was just curious on if his eyes were doctored now or if he wore contacts like she tended to when portraying her other siblings.

Back to the matter at hand, his comment on emotions and his personal thoughts on a element of them, specifically the one that pertained to dishonesty and fallacy, made it quite clear that the man preferred people to be honest, and upfront with him. This revelation made her note that her deciding to treat him with honesty from the beginning was the correct move as no doubt this conversation would have turned to a different direction considering the mans preference to honesty.

It was then that she seen the smirk fade from the mans face and she wondered if, in trading honesty and treating his bluntness with the same, she had uncovered something about the man, perhaps a small hypocrisy in him that perhaps he didn't wish to have challenged? that he disliked blunt questions asked of him but had no issue asking them of others?

After a moment though of the man apparently thinking and shuffling in...thought? discomfort? Trinity was unable to discern which it was that made the man shift so, his hands even moved, slipping into his pockets into a more closed up stance, Maybe it was a defensive protective stance? she wasn't entirely sure, but he did finally answer her question.

The answer though was...seemingly a puzzle..but perhaps he was answering as she did? She explained it in a way that may have been hard to understand for others, and considering they were different people she had to assume there would be feelings and thoughts that he couldn't convey clearly ether, it's just how people were in the end. and she listened to his description, and she nodded slowly as she thought on it, she think she understood what he meant. And then he asked in return what she saw and that was actually a far easier answer for her to give then it may have been for him.

First she would answer, then she would need to clarify what he described, and so she would voice her answer and hope it made sense to him "Our dream?...Our goal...What we work towards......We see people....helped by any means We can...smiling...pleased with what has and secure...Living in suffering, no hopelessness, no despair....just happiness, hope, and joy.. ...the well being of all looked after...But We do not see ourselves in that world with them...Our dream? Our goal? it is one we know we will not be a part of....but we hope we are ones that can bring it to reality" she nodded as she finished, the whole time her voice was monotone, her face expressionless, but she spoke earnestly, and once more she had yet to blink.

Then it came to the interpretation of what he explained. she wished to clarify that for herself and so she asked. "So as for your dream. We wish to ask...Are we Correct in that you see yourself Helping something that is greater then yourself...or wanting to help see what is wrong...and you know you need something to reach what you need to be able to help it...but lack knowing what it is you need to do once you achieve the means to aid?" she could only think of that interpretation maybe she was missing context? but with what he had said, that was the only way of seeing it she could see.
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:37 pm

The time would tick on with the young man observing the strange young lady before him with a studious eye as he considered the similarities between herself and him. Outside of being in the same field, it seemed the persona they put out on stage were vastly different than who they really were. For himself, his stage persona was charming and confident. No matter which character or gendered he played, he had his ways of getting the audience to feel whatever emotion he was aiming for at the time. He was persuasive. Captivating. Perfect…or at least in the eye of the viewer and critic he was. When approached by fans or newcomers he always appeared approachable and kind, but in reality? Heh. That was not the truth at all.

Once he was out of the spotlight and left to be himself, the young man was very serious and his presence intimidating due to it and the love people had for the person that wasn’t him. The typical reaction were people that flipped out or ran from him. Always they were too afraid to stand next to him. They couldn’t handle his natural intensity and maybe that was another reason he relaxed around this one. She and he were okay with bluntness and
apparently had equal amounts of intensity that when left to be themselves actually cancelled out any negative typically associated with either angle.

While she was indeed a different sort of intensity, her play seemed to be the same as his own. They both seemed to hide behind mask, but how many mask each stood behind was questionable. Could even being honest like they were now only mean a different sort of mask had been placed up? It was a strange game, but for now not harmful as Haru remained relaxed around the idol that did not express emotions. They seemed to take some form of comfort in the fact that each could handle the other…or at least that what this calm between them felt like to Haru. He could be wrong. Maybe there was something else behind it all. Or maybe this too was another act for the girl. It was hard to say and something that Haru pushed away as she answered his question.

He would give her a steady gaze, watching her eyes for lies whether than her expressions. Eyes never lied and while she seemed to be genuine in what she said. He had to wonder if maybe something else was hidden there; however, this wonder was a small one that he did not poke into further at the moment. Maybe he’d do some form of digging later to find out the truth of his hunch, but for now he simply accepted what was given and rolled with it.

“A sibling. I see. So is the last of your group a sibling too? Or is this group really just you and him despite the name you use?” Haru would ask, his tone and curiosity natural enough. From here, he would become quiet to see if she would answer and then from there fall into a staring contest with the one that did not seem to blink. Her eyes were interesting to watch, but he wondered if the eyes gazing at him were her real ones or if like himself she hid them? On that note, he began to wonder if he were to dig into articles about the girl, would he find the truth there or simply lies? For himself, the articles that were published about him weren’t exactly full truths now were they? After all, did the media not publish only what they were given? So if given a lie as a truth, did they have the ability to see it as such when said lie was so well made? It was an amusing aspect of money and popularity that the young man used to keep his mind busy until the subject of dreams came up.

He had done his thinking, not seeming to mind the study the other gave of him as he shifted about in his own internal debates before settling on a decision. He answered her question in the only way he knew how to when dealing with such topic, but wondered if she understood what he was saying. She seemed to absorb all well enough and when asked of her own dream she responded back.

To what he heard, Haru closed his eye as he let the words sink in a bit. She spoke of a world that he had often heard many speak of, but never actually achieve. There was only one thing different though. His eyes would reopen and focus on the girl.

“Your world sounds like paradise; however, you are the first speak of paradise and trying to bring it about, but ultimately exclude yourself from it. Why?” he would ask quite curious about this strangeness. Everyone wanted to make Paradise come to the tormented Earth, but also said bringers wanted to be there when Paradise came. They wanted to be there and in it, but this one only wanted to bring it about not go in? Did something in the dream bar her entrance? Or…was she just selfless like that? He would give her room to answer if she wanted, his thoughts only shifting from her back to himself when questioned about his own dream. Despite his hesitant start, he seemed to answer they pry with no qualms about.

“Your interpretation is almost spot on; however, the last part is less simple than being unsure of what to do. It’s more like….you know what to do, but don’t know if the doing is actually productive and helpful or counter-productive. Destructive. It a peculiar piece, but no amount of poking at it has made it clearer. Maybe it is something I am not supposed to see yet. Or maybe not all.”

Hmph. This dream talk. When was the last time he actually had someone that would listen to him about them? Or even attempt to try to understand them? Heh. He couldn’t remember. Regardless, this topic didn't seem to bother the young man who remained honest enough about it...
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PostSubject: Re: Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]   Fri Jun 03, 2016 8:35 pm

Trinity tilted her head as the man asked about if it was just the two of them and then shook her head "Trinity is triplets, There is Nola, Myrna, and Alister" she answered truthfully as there was all three of them in the group, and she stood there pondering on the fact that he seemed to simply relax in her presence, maybe he hadn't had many people to relax around? She didn't know, but what she did know was that he seemed to enjoy the bluntness of their conversation, if his question previous was any indication to that fact, which worked for her as well, as she always had tried to be straightforward. It was far easier to do that then the Verbal and linguistic acrobatics that other people seemed to prefer.

There was also the issue that people were not comfortable being blunt, they always were posturing in some manner, whether to get ahead or to get something out of the other, Though...This man's probing question was much the same as others, he seemed to want to know everything immediately, posting his words in a way to try and get information without thinking on what asking for it may mean, or perhaps he did and his bluntness was also him using the chance to learn more about a peer in the same field?

As she sat there she looked at him unblinking, not moving as she let him think over the answer, and then he asked yet another question, this one about her own dream, her goal, and she felt that this may be to much info to give, such info could destroy what she was working towards, and that wasn't something she was about to let happen, however he had been honest with her since she had started so she felt she owed him the same.

She bowed a moment as she replied "We are sorry, You have been very honest with us till now and so we shall do the same. The answer to that question is deeply personal, and it is not one we can give without asking the others in the group, We do hope you can understand" she hoped he did at least understand that the answer was something she couldn't share without making sure it was okay first. It was after all incredibly personal.

Though as she stood there she wondered...his question before made her think if he, like so many others before him, was going to try and look for more information, information that was all pointing towards there being Three members of Trinity, a set of identical triplets, He wouldn't have been the first to look, however she didn't think he would be one to do that, not with how blunt and honest he was being with her now, so she shooed that thought from her mind.

She then stood and listened to his critique of her explanation of his dream and she nodded slowly, understanding what he meant now as she tilted her head "Thank you for Clarifying your dream for Us. As we have not shared the deeper reasons behind our dream, we will refrain from asking about the ones behind yours. We hope that is satisfactory" she commented as she tilted her head once more.

"But may we you make it a habit to come to all the concerts on your peers?" she asked as that seemed a puzzling thing, though it was covered in the art of war she wasn't sure this man prescribed to that philosophy in his work, Perhaps he was simply curious?
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Trinity's First Holographic Concert [Deshi]
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