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 After School Meet Up [Frog]

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PostSubject: Re: After School Meet Up [Frog]   Wed May 25, 2016 1:53 pm

"Tell me about it." Frog shrugged as they passed by another pack of kids. "She's like... I dunno, something that doesn't ever sit still." He kept walking forwards, with no clue of Tee anywhere around yet. That little... She better come up soon, really. He was feeling super uncomfortable next to this guy...

Aaaaand, as if right on schedule to add insult to injury, he had to mention sports. It was Frog's damn fault anyways for asking a question. He should've known better than to say anything. And what was this about him mentioning hopping around..? Oh hell no he didn't just make a pun about his name. "R-riiiight. Uhm- does walking your dog every day count as a sport?" He said in a bitter tone. Like, who needed sports anyways? Trainings are always just sweatparties full of jocks who know each other but pay no damn notice of the squimish little Frog trying his best to... hop into a better life for himself and do some exercise and learn a new skill! Like archery! Or... or even whatever this guy was doing with a sword in a martial art. "And like, if you're gonna make puns about my name, sure! I'll just call you.... Liam Neeson! How'd you like that! Hey Liam, how's your daughter? She ran off with some kidnappers again!? Ha-ha! Who's laughing now!" He said and turned his head back to look anywhere but towards the redhead, when he felt something in his pocket-his phone.

Not giving a heads-up to Liam, Frog picked up the phone. It was a message displayed on the bent screen of his LB Flex. The sender was Tee... Frog skimmed over it and sighed, then turned around to show it to Liam.

"dear bro ~ <3

i'm already home, mom picked me upbut we forgot to pick u up 2 whoops but you don't have to wait for me anymore!!! yay right?  mhmhm
well, cya then, kiss kissy, bye :*+**"


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PostSubject: Re: After School Meet Up [Frog]   Wed May 25, 2016 3:32 pm

Liam was still looking at Frog when he started talking about sports. ~ Sport for your dog, yes! But you can do something for your body too, y'know. You can tag along and train together with me if you want to. ~ He detected the bitter tone and tried to turn things around with an incentive. A workout partner was always welcome even if he never had one before and wasn't used to having someone he knew personally to share that time which was a big part of his day. Luckily for him, the red-haired was trying to get more into contact with people and get out of this lone-scary-wolf archetype he put on by his last school classmates and the fact he had an weak spot for puns. The lamest, the best! ~ Hah, you got me there! But don't hop around the idea too much or you get some flies in your tongue! ~ He laughed at this one. Lame? Yes. But Fun? Surely!
He continued the search that had turned out a little more light-hearted them before (and without a lot of stares coming his way) until he heard the sigh and saw the message. ~ Oh... So there is were she went.~ He scratched his head, stopping in place. What to do know? ~ ...Can you say sorry for her to me then? ~


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PostSubject: Re: After School Meet Up [Frog]   Wed May 25, 2016 4:36 pm

A workout... partner... Frog's heart skipped a bit, but he managed to tone it down so nobody would notice him liking the idea at first glance. Still... If he did do that, he'd lose tons of free time EVERY day, which meant he wouldn't be able to fill out his daily schedule properly and would have to cut time off his sleep, which would be reasonable if that time wasn't already as limited as it was. Furthermore, if he agreed to that, he'd have to get proper equipment and all that. Besides, he only met the guy. What was up with him already proposing!!! Like, dense as all hell, aren't we, eh?

"That's a horrible, horrible idea!" He began, in a fake tone that made it sound like a big shame. "Can't you see how scrawny I am?" He waved his arm around to show that it was like, totes skin and bones, yaa-haaa. "I'm super weak. I'd prolly hold you back and-Gasp! I wouldn't want that."

He pouted again when the guy repeated his frog pun. "Didn't I tell you to stop? Gee, my knowledge on Liam Neeson ain't enough for me to keep makin' up puns. I will tell her you're sorry, though." No he wasn't gonna tell her. Heheh, no need to make up stupid meaningless apologies and tell them to his little stalker sis. Like hell would he embarrass himself like that. "This, however, means I should, uhm... Go home, yes."

Frog halted and waited for Mr. Neeson to take the clue. He had things to do, yes!!! Like play games on his emulator on the phone!!!


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PostSubject: Re: After School Meet Up [Frog]   Wed May 25, 2016 6:36 pm

~ ...Horrible? ~ He looked confused for a while before he got the idea of what the guy was saying to him about not being able to fit in with his normal routine. ~...Oh, but I can introduce you to some people who are just starting too! Anyways, give it a thought, okay? Physical activities are awesome! ~ He smiled brightly and cheered a little, moving his free arm up and down for some seconds. He knew how learning how to condition your body and the focus on the strict training could makes wonders. it did for him and not just because he got a nice body out of it, it helped his soul to get out of a loophole of sadness.
He smiled even more brightly when the subject turned to his pun. ~ But puns are always funny! ~ He laughed,winking to him before going on with the subject. ~ Thanks for that! And I'll be on my way too! See you around, hopping boy! ~ He turned on his place looking a little bit to the sides before deciding a way to go and get to the front gate faster. Before leaving he would wave to the guy and pick his backpack out of his back again, still trying to accommodate that sword in. One day it would fit eventually!
- EXIT unless stopped -


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PostSubject: Re: After School Meet Up [Frog]   Wed May 25, 2016 6:56 pm

Yeah right... Because going on practices with newbies you've never met and who're not gonna pay attention to you anyways is fun. He did sports in the past, he knew it all! They were just gonna always be dissatisified with how he fares and when he'll try to be better he's gonna just screw something up. That's how it always went. Not only in sports. He shook his head. "I'll give it a thought."

Either way, it was time for them to split paths. This twerp was still enjoying his bad puns and had the nerves to pull the same pun again!!! Holy- Hopping boy? That didn't even ring well in the ear, let alone was a good pun! It was a repeat of a repeat! "Okay then. Bye." He would say anything like 'See ya' because like, they're never gonna meet again most likely. The last Frog saw of Liam in the school that day was him trying his best to fit his big sword into his backpack...

And he couldn't keep himself from chuckling. "Tch~"

[Frog - Exit]


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PostSubject: Re: After School Meet Up [Frog]   Wed May 25, 2016 8:07 pm

"Frogerio Phillip Zander of the Jester and Liam O' Neill of the Temperance have formed a Social Link..."


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PostSubject: Re: After School Meet Up [Frog]   

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After School Meet Up [Frog]
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