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 Heartfelt Bakery [Gabe Gatsby]

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PostSubject: Re: Heartfelt Bakery [Gabe Gatsby]   Thu May 12, 2016 11:41 pm

Greatest? Ahaha, well i'm not that great. "And just like that, Gabe was happy again. He only wanted to perform and Show the kid something special. "I am actually a street performer, but i do it mostly for fun and a small donation at times. Though, my reward for doing this is the interested glances and the smiles of the people i perform for. Thats all...." Gabe was atleast honest about his craft. He never asked for an arm and a leg, and he wanted to make people happy with a talent he honed.

"I see, you have a good set of parents young one! " Yea, he did, which made Gabe miss his own a little. He remembered them, and he hoped he would find them. Worse case scenario, he would find whats left of them." My name is Gabriel Gatsby, i live in sunlake palms, and i'll come by two days from now, or even tomorrow evening before you close. " Gabe wrote down the exact address and a contact number just in case.
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PostSubject: Re: Heartfelt Bakery [Gabe Gatsby]   Fri May 13, 2016 9:41 am

Huh? He did the thing adults always do! Oh, boo. Why do they always do this? Whenever he tells someone they're probably the greatest at something, they always say they probably weren't! Well, whose word was more trustworthy? Yours or this obvious expert on greatness? Hmph...

"You did the thing all adults do... Boo..."

He'd say with a light pout in his voice. He didn't like it when people made themselves down after a compliment. Hmph. Well, regardless, he'd listen to the man. It seemed he was a street magician! Oh, that was indeed interesting... But, he was really humble about it. Huh... Maybe he actually wasn't that good. It was hard to tell with how downing his words were.

"That's a noble cause, I think... But, if that's your job you should try and get all the money you can! Money is important because you can buy food, a house, and important things! Like cats and sweets!" he'd say with a nod of his head, his more childlike demeanor finally showing. He wasn't the taddest bit sleepy now, although, as soon as the man left he'd probably clonk out once more. The sun was just waaaaay to tempting.

"Yep! My parents are the greatest that ever parented!" he'd say with a happy smile. He loved his mom and dad! They took care of him, kept him safe, taught him important things, and even let him play with cats! It was great! He'd never leave them, nope, never!

"Okay... Thank you greatly, Mister Gatsby! Your cookies will be done by tomorrow evening, in case you decide to come by then. They'll be good for up to a week, but the fresher they are the tastier. Ummm... Is that all you needed today?" he'd ask with a light tilt in his head, gently ripping the page with the order on it out of the book and folding it up. He'd give this to his dad soon, but, he needed to make sure the customer was happy now.
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PostSubject: Re: Heartfelt Bakery [Gabe Gatsby]   Fri May 13, 2016 11:41 am

The thing ....adults do?" That's a thought, Gabe was an adult now. He guessed it meant that he would do more adult like things and carry him in a certain way. "Well, i think it's ok to be a little humble right? If you are good at something, and i mean..really good at something, could it really weigh over the head of others if they believe they have no talent themselves. " Gabe would then shrug. "The aftermath of always trying to be politically correct, i always feel like I'm stepping on egg shells.

Gabe would then laugh a little. "Thats true, but i dont want to feel like im robbing people. I am starting something soon though. " Gabe won't tell anyone about it just yet though. " After everything was ready, Gabe proceeded to leave. "Alright then, i'll be back tomorrow for the cookies. Thanks for being an amazing host at your facility. Till then..."

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PostSubject: Re: Heartfelt Bakery [Gabe Gatsby]   Fri May 13, 2016 1:15 pm

With a little nod, he'd continue listening to Gabe. It was only polite to do so. Though, he didn't understand all the modesty. You could be boastful! That's the best thing you could do to strengthen your confidence! Why more people didn't do it confused her. He found a good bit of boasting helped one stay confident! He wished adults would just take the praise without complaining. Hmph.

"Eh? That doesn't make a lot of sense, but whatever. I guess I understand where you're coming from, if only a little bit." he said with a nod of his head. He really didn't understand the point in all of this better than this and that talk. He really just didn't understand why people couldn't just take praise. Cats did it all the time! People should be more like cats.

"Politically correct? What? Alright, I guess... Hm..." he'd say with a gentle shrug. He didn't understand all of this. Most of it was really confusing... He didn't understand all this politic talk. It confused him...

"Eh? New? Mmn... Alright then. See you later when you come to get the cookies then!" he'd say with a wave of his arm. Well, now time for a nap again... He'd wait until the man was out of sight and out of mind, and with a yawn, he'd get comfy again. Time for bed... Again... Mm... Cat dreams...
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PostSubject: Re: Heartfelt Bakery [Gabe Gatsby]   Fri May 13, 2016 1:56 pm

Gabriel Gatsby of the Magician and Zavie of the Fool have formed a Social Link...


Phoenix : TBA : TBA : TBA
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PostSubject: Re: Heartfelt Bakery [Gabe Gatsby]   

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Heartfelt Bakery [Gabe Gatsby]
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