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 Afternoon Clean Up (Sharaku)

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PostSubject: Re: Afternoon Clean Up (Sharaku)   Tue Jun 07, 2016 9:33 am

“Mmm,” Alec would close his eyes for a bit as small smile played across his lips, he didn’t seem to be phased by the sneer or baring of fangs as he let himself fall into thought for a moment. He would remain quiet and calm until he found an answer and in turn would reopen his eyes and continue. “Said fool, may be stubborn, but stupid the fool is not. If the bites are wrong-harmful – then the fool sees no point inflicting such pain upon itself. It adapts and tries betters path. After all, the fool sees no point in destroying itself for nothing nor does it wish to destroy itself for gain. The game is only fun and challenging until it becomes a poisonous thing in the fool’s life.”

He would say the words and let them sit there. The other could interpret them the way he saw fit, but in the end Alec had not lied. Yes, he could pursue things that he found challenging and fun, but if it was something that was hurting or killing him, then he would back off and try another path. The point here wasn’t to take the beating and end up miserable, it was to take a beating and find something rewarding at the end. The challenges were lessons and things to pocket for later use, but if said things were useless then they were only things that made one fall into the same traps over and over again. The same regret. The same hell.

Riddles and odd wording aside, Alec’s attitude would mellow out a bit as the subject switched to idea of dating and love or something along the lines. To the other’s reaction and words, Alec would absorb what was said before nodding silently in understanding. The pain of always ending in misery was enough to persuade most away from certain paths and maybe even make some jaded, so he could understand the other well enough there. Even so he wouldn’t verbalize the understanding. He didn’t see the need to especially when the one he was with seemed perceptive enough to read the silence.

The silence would come and then it would go as a blank stare was given in exchange for some odd words. To the other’s question, Alec would let out a small hum of thought.

“Maybe you got nothing to worry about at all. As for the situation as a whole being awkward? No not everything, but I think there is enough moments along the way to add to experience scale,” he would tell the other honestly enough. Maybe the other was more comfortable in certain arenas them himself and so the word awkward couldn’t really be slapped on him; however, for Alec he had his moments of being awkward around this guy. Falling into unexpected hole and then trying to get out of them seemed to most common opening for such situations and already he had kind of lost count of the moments that occurred in the time period given. Besides, the comment wasn’t really aimed at Mr. Smooth over there, but rather the road he had feeling he himself was going to be on the longer he stayed in this guy’s presence.

Heh. It didn’t look like he was too far off either. You see that face Sharaku was making to his last set of words? Yeah that. Those were the moments that made that awkward meter on Alec’s side just go up. To the words, he heard he would simply scratch his head as he frowned a bit. Yeah, okay he got some of what the other meant and maybe on the surface he seemed rather dumb, but the question was: was he really dumb or did it just take a moment for him to figure the meaning out? Whatever the case was, the young man would eventually shake his head at the other.

“Maybe I missed the point, then again maybe I didn’t,” he would begin before letting out a light sigh as his eyes moved to focus on a weed growing between the pavements cracks. “As for the rest, I dunno how useful that or any bit of knowledge gained here will be. Just gotta keep walking to unveil the truths covered there.”

He would fall silent from there and let the other take that as he would. Awkward communicator much, Alec? Perhaps so. He definitely wouldn’t lose points in the confuse your companion by not explaining yourself well department at the rate he was going, but then again he didn’t take back what was said or tried to correct the badly placed words either….

As for what happened after that little event well….

“…” Alec was quiet in his odd state of mind as he watched the other carefully. He took note of the expression and could read the pain there and when he received the answer his attitude soften a bit.

“No…I suppose I don’t say everything on my mind either, but even so if I need to vent or say something to release whatever misery is tormenting me, I do. I was offering you the same outlet; however, if it is something that personal then I’ll leave it be,” he would say his tone still dry and crackly, but not in a hostile way. It seemed this was simply how he spoke when his mood was unpredictible, yet serious all the same. In any case, it seemed he had taken the warning and what was said well enough for the time being. Maybe in the end, it wasn’t full explanations he was looking for. Maybe he just need small ones here and there to clear vagueness. Even so he wouldn’t go any further with this as it seemed he might be running into something bad….and quite frankly bad wouldn’t have set well with his current state. So he remained quiet…for both of their sakes. He wasn’t looking for burns or misery at the moment. Not when he was this flammable.

The moment would come and go, being exchanged for short answers, commands and then….

Alec heard the growl given and for the first time since being around the guy, his expression was unreadable as his weight shifted back away from the guy and a hand went to his hip, his violet eyes never leaving the other as he watched what occurred. He wasn’t sure if it was tone or something else, but the guy seemed to be struggling with something for a while. Struggling to the point that whatever made him growl in the first place made him draw blood from his lip when he bit it. Even so the other would eventually calm and speak. To what was heard, Alec would give the other a small smile that once again did not touch his eyes that remained serious.

“Do you prefer pretty please instead?” he would ask, his tones semi-playful, but the meaning behind them clear enough. He understood his error and so in the future would watch his step. Regardless, he would jerk his head lightly in the path they were to take.

“Come on,” he would say this times the words more of a suggestion rather than an actual command. From here, he would begin to walk only pausing to look back at the other if he did not follow...

~Alec is exiting the thread. Will continue the shopping bit in another.~
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PostSubject: Re: Afternoon Clean Up (Sharaku)   Tue Jun 28, 2016 10:19 pm

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Afternoon Clean Up (Sharaku)
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