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 Maria's Social Links

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PostSubject: Maria's Social Links   Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:58 am

Social Links So Far:

Nadia Marquee: Rank 1
Dozing Off: "I really need to find better places to rest. I miss that room..."

Rui Terui: Rank 1
Probation Diary: "...Someone, help me. Please..."

Susan Groves: Rank 2
Hearts And Minds: "That went well enough. I'm still getting used to all of this administration stuff... I'm glad she was reasonable."
Bowling For Seven Stars Academy: "I'm surprised she's a Cadet... Is she going to be alright?"

Aeon Link:
Athena Griva: Rank 1
Bats In The Belfry: "Another reliable member. I wasn't so sure about her capabilities, but she was able to prove herself. But that form from earlier... It was, inhuman. Yet, not so much like a demon. Is this the kind of power from Personas?"

Wheel of Fortune Link:
Wandering Parlor Ghost (Rachel Lockwood): Rank 1
Televised Drafts: "Her heart's in the right place. But I think she may need to take on a different... approach to things."

Lovers Link:
Cecilia Hunt: Rank 3
A Visitor For The Devout: "She's pretty sweet, I hope to see her again!"
Bats In The Belfry: "I'm glad we have a reliable medic on our team. It is indeed a godsend."
Omelettes And Omens: "I have to train her or she'll end up dead. But there's something up about her. Maybe I should ask Father Jorge..."

Tomomi Jomyaku: Rank 1
The Right Rites?: "Hmm... Did we always have litter boys in the city? He seemed a little shy, I hope I didn't scare him away..."

Magus Link:
Shiina Tsurinai: Rank 3
Star-Gazing: "She's really nice! But she's really rich! I hope we get to know each other more soon!"
Lucky Day!: "It's great to see her again. I'm glad she seems to be doing alright. I hope to see her again."
Reconsiderations: "There's at least someone else in Class 3 I can truly rely on. Hopefully our partnership will be meaningful."

Hanged Man Link:
Vivian Oates: Rank 2
Star-Gazing: "She's a weird one, but still really nice. But I wish she wouldn't be so touchy-feely. Is this what people call 'Stranger Danger?'"
After-Hours: "She's very kind... I won't let her die...'"

Nebula Erlang: Rank 3
Bats In The Belfry: "I am not sure what to make of this Erlang. But she has been a reliable member on the team. I shall keep an eye on her."
Aren't We All A Little Faithful When It's Convenient?: "I feel like I'm looking into a mirror..."
Leisurely Stroll: "Of all people, I never thought she has that kind of past... I'll give her time to explain herself. But I don't think she's a bad person..."

Emperor Link:
Esra Dean: Rank 1
Get Some Gains: "It's been weird, but I guess she's okay?"

Derrick Oates: Rank 2
Never Miss Lunch: "Quiet kid. I hope for the best for him. I'm glad he's in good hands right now."
We Meet Again: "I'm glad... They're all alive. They really are..."

Batilde Gagnon: Rank 1
Lunch With A Postulant: "First time meeting a real exchange student. Maybe I can learn French from her...?"

Albrecht Frost: Rank 4
The Sister And The Lion: "Another Forgotten... What is the Vatican planning?"
Avenging Angels: "I'm glad he's on my side. He also looks nice..."
A Common Stroll: "I wish I could've spent more time. But duty calls..."
Get Tipsy: "I'm not sure why he's here in Endymion, but... I'm glad he's around."

Tower Link:
Hatsuharu Yoshima: Rank 4
Fish Lenses: "He's a better person than I could ever hope for. Smart too. I hope he's alright."
The Prince And The Nun: "I'm glad he's still alive. He actually seems to be an alright guy. Maybe I'll see him more later."
The Calm Before The Storm: "I never thought he would be a Cadet too. This makes the mission more assuring."
Morning Aftermath: "Not a lot of people volunteer after school. I must've misjudged him."

Chariot Link:
Ree Claire: Rank 1
Uncertain Recruit: "A great place and a great teacher. I have nothing to complain about. I hope to start soon."

Noah Joyd: Rank 2
So You Want To Be A Cadet?: "A fellow comrade. He seems as capable as I am. I shall rely on him for now."
Nearly Home:  "Not a bad guy. I think we'll get along after all."

Eryka Eckert: Rank 1
Moving In: "A new Cadet, huh? I wonder...?"

Justice Link:
Lisa Lamecia: Rank 2
Being Late: "She seems very eager to punish herself for anything wrong, but she's a hard worker. I think it'll be nice to train with her."
Examination: "Why can't she understand that to be alone is to be even more vulnerable?"

Sun Link:
Brittany Wilson: Rank 5
Like, Oh My God!: "Brittany's a nice girl. But she really needs to learn how to calm down. I'm not sure if I really want her too meet her again or not..."
Honey: "I can't say that I'm surprised that she's a model... Can I be pretty as her?"
Gurl Workin' Dat Bootayyy : "Is this really okay...? I swore to have given up everything. But..."
Empty Wallets, Empty Purses: "Maybe it is alright... I'm just only human... Right?"
Show Me Your Moves: "No... She saw it. I... What should I do now?!"

Sumi Saito: Rank 1
This Is A Misunderstanding: "Will that girl be alright...?"

Isaac Fairweather: Rank 2
Daily Maintenance: "Another one joins the corps... How much longer do innocents have to get involved in this...?"
The River That Washes You Clean : "...He seems nice enough. Too nice."

Wheel of Fortune Link:
Jack Valentine: Rank 2
Lucky Day!: "A really weird guy. I hope I don't meet him again..."
Oh No Not You Again: "He's like a kid through and through. I doubt he'll go too far in martial arts."

Moon Link:
Selenus: Rank 1
Hey Doggie: "Robots are sort of weird. But I think this one is rather calm. Maybe it's because he's a robot? Hm."

Strength Link:
Oswald Schritt: Rank 1
Evening Reflection: "He seems like an interesting guy. Maybe I'll see more of him later."

Hierophant Link:
Takeru Kagemaru: Rank 1
Tea And Crumpets In A Police Box Anyone?: "I feel bad that I left so soon. But hopefully he might still be interested."

Temperance Link:
Liam O' Neill: Rank 1
Hajime!: "He seems awfully tired. But, I'm looking forward to learning more from him."

Judgement Link:
Soldiers of Order: Rank 4
So You Want To Be A Cadet?: "We have much to work on. Yet, we have made that important first step."
Bats In The Belfry: "This evening bodes ill. There are so many questions, but I don't think I'll have the answers soon. I hope the other teams are doing alright."
Art Gallery: "I'm pleased everything went well. But Lisa needs to..."
Masquerade Ball:     "I... What was that? It was all bloody. I could taste the flesh... How...? Why...?"

Threads Done So Far:

Star-Gazing: Maria heads to the R&D Planetarium and meets both Shiina Tsurinai and Vivian Oates.

Bad Links:

Social Qualities:

Expres​sion(Charisma/Deception) - Rank 1: 0/14

Understanding (Hot-Wiring/Pick-Pocketing/Lock-picking) - Rank 1: 9/14

Intelligence (Hacking/Creating/Dismantling Robotic instruments) - Rank 1: 6/19

Courage - Rank 1: 5/14



Acquired Badges:

Information For Me:

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PostSubject: Re: Maria's Social Links   Wed May 18, 2016 11:45 am


Mother Superior Sylvania Nikolaev

The Mother Superior of the Sunlike Palms Church, but most importantly the director of the Black Scriptures. She answers to the authority of the Vatican. She once had an impressive record as a Knight and Executor, but had effectively retired after suffering from a debilitating leg injury forever requiring a brace for the rest of her life. Her work as a researcher was more widely known within the Church’s circles helping the organization to better equip their members against their heretical enemies. But also widely criticized for her foray into the forbidden and ruthless experiments, despite being sanctioned by the Vatican. Having made several enemies and allies within the Church, Nikolaev has always stayed on her toes in the Church Militancy’s and the Inquisition’s bureaucracy for some time until recently allowed to focus on operations in Endymion. Ultimately, she saw Maria as an interesting figure in her plans to keep the Black Scriptures afloat.

Father Giorgio “Jorge” Fallaci

A former Templar Knight of renown within the Church, now on retirement from combat duty. He has been stationed here in the Sunlake Palms Church with Sister Louise to provide assistance in their research and administration. Like Louise, Jorge is also Maria's combat instructor. He has shown a rare show of kindness inside the Cathedral than most other members of the Church especially in Endymion. Most people tend to see him as a kind-hearted man of the cloth with a hint of goofiness. However, most outside of the Church don't realize the amount of blood that are on his hands. Perhaps that is why he decided to retire other than facing a rare condition requiring him to put down the gun and live the rest of his life preaching and blessing believers instead.

He was best known for effective combat knowledge rarely shown even in the ranks of the Knights and was respected as an instructor. Even with some basic knowledge in exorcism which is already impressive on top of everything else he’s capable of. But there are some rumors within the Militancy circulating about him of having inhuman cursed lineage. This may explain why he was stationed within the Black Scriptures to not only serve as a combat instructor, but he fit in well as a possible “freak” himself. Jorge was supposed to be Andraste’s recipient, but to save Maria’s life, he was able to somehow convince Sylvania to allow her to have it instead. It was reflective of the amount of respect he had within the Black Scriptures.

In many ways he is like Maria’s father figure now that her original family have passed on after the events of the Eternal Divide. For the next five years as he trained her how to fight, he tried to discourage her from pursuing her feelings for revenge against demons in fears that her hatred may lead her into a dark path. While his tutelage was to some degree “effective”, Jorge acknowledges that he has failed in his original goal to get her to live a normal life without having to be a part of the Militancy and hoped that someone else could’ve saved her instead for her sake.

Sister Diana Garin

A former Knight of the Crescent Night Maidens who is now a member of the Black Scriptures. Anyone can notice her overwhelming tall and built stature which seemed to be the testament to her toughness. She has been recently transferred to replace Sister Louise Faulkner to head and manage the remaining combat units of the Church, but most importantly their Knights. She had a rather impressive record given her young age of twenty-six in the tough wastelands of Siberia and the busy cities of China. She worked a couple of times with the Mother Superior countless times and it’s to little surprise that she now works here in Endymion.

Sister Louise Faulkner (Yagyu?)

The “head administrator” of the Church in Sunlake Palms. While she was able to keep the Church going for some time through needed paperwork and communicating with proper authorities, Louise has proven to be of little help in doing physical work of managing the facility due to her clumsy nature. Of course, when it comes to religious services, they are left to the jurisdiction of the male clergy. Despite her disheveled and reserved appearance, there may be something sinister that she maybe hiding. Not many know this fact, but she has been Maria's combat instructor during the Forgotten's Assimilation Process. Faulkner was one of the Church’s most renown swordswomen of her generation and was commonly in the front lines leading the charge against the demons and heretics of her time. Lately due to the events of the Eternal Divide, she has lost her enchanted weapon and is no longer a viable single unit against supernatural forces. This grudgingly forced her in a supporting role as an instructor for future Executors and Knights. She was also one of the people that saved Maria from the demons, but could not save her family.

As Maria’s instructor, she was significant in that she taught Maria to become fiercely loyal to the Church and most importantly, to the Government and the Queen. Nowadays she only allows Maria to train on her own since she has gotten busier with managing the Church. But at best, she manages the Cathedral as a public face while Sylvania lingers through the shadows to deal with the more troublesome elements within their organization. Rumor has it that Louise is related to the Yagyu family of the famous Yagyu Shinkage Ryu of Japanese Kenjutsu. While possessing Asian features and a style that is very reminiscent to the Art especially with the warfare form of Yagyu Shingan Ryu, it is still unknown to everyone except by the archivists whether she has any connections to the Yagyu family.

Faulkner is a no-nonsense kind of woman who doesn’t let up on her strictness and ruthlessness to get her students to reach a level of competency that she is at least remotely satisfied with to her high standards. But ends up being mostly a slob and ditz outside of work, thus requiring Maria to clean up after her at times to her chagrin. Lately she has been called back from the Vatican to begin providing her services to Germany and eventually Spain.

Sister Abigail

One of the Sisters from the Sunlake Palms Church, especially the ones trained by Father Jorge. In fact, she idolized him like many others within the establishment. She has been designated as an Exorcist under the Father’s tutelage and is one of the personnel that works in managing the Church’s affairs regarding community service. She seems to have a kind of hatred for Maria. The Cadet is commonly looked down on for having a demon, not an angel, as part of the Demon Weapon. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with Abigail as she appeared to loathe her for other reasons.

Gregory Schultz

A trainee Executor who is still in the process of becoming a full fledged Executor, an acolyte. But due to working hard and presenting results to his superiors, he was allowed to hold the Black Keys like Maria does. However, they lack the kind of power the Cadet has due to lacking supernatural potential like her. He has a kind of respect for Maria as she surpassed him in regards to combat, but also a faint kind of jealousy for being chosen to represent the Church. Despite this, he is able to maintain focus regarding any given missions and requests from his superiors.

Church Militancy

Christianity has always been an overwhelming and enduring institution for as long as many people can remember, yet with the rise of modern culture and thinking, it has increasingly lost much relevance it once had. But as a religion that existed since the coming of the first century, its secrets are deep and widely unknown. The brunt of such knowledge lay within the Church militancy and the furtive facade of the Vatican that controls them. Some claim the Militancy had always been around even before the birth of Christ, but that cannot be easily verified. However, what is apparent to some people of the supernatural side of the world is the insane amount of zealotry that members of the militancy exhibit combined with the ruthless pragmatism that caused them to be a potent force despite many of their members lacking any supernatural potential.

The Church Militancy can be reliably traced back to the beginning of the several Crusades in the Middle East to Europe and Inquisitorial witch hunts that have been prevalent from the Medieval to Reformation Periods. Yet they are kept a secret from the Public until the beginnings of the Eternal Divide. However, they are rightfully the supernatural arm of the Catholic Church that follow the will of the Lord and by extension, the whims of the Vatican. However, they have been at odds against the priesthood on several occasions and policies throughout the millennium. Ultimately, they continued to serve the Vatican throughout all this time.

Strangely enough, while faith is a characteristic that they adore, it is not necessarily required to work for the Militancy as long as orders are followed. Meaning one does not necessarily have to enter the Holy Orders to join the Militancy. This is reflected in the Church’s recruitment of former military, especially special forces groups in various countries, and even child soldiers from war-torn areas around the world. In this manner, one may question the organization of its supposed secular nature. That is, if they happen to last long enough. Nevertheless, they have been granted overwhelming authority over the non-combative branches of the Church for the most part as far as the supernatural is concerned.

The Militancy are divided between Churches that each harbor a designated brother/sisterhood, sect, or division serving as a kind of barracks and headquarters over their assigned areas. It goes without saying that the prevailing archbishop of a region has administrative authority to manage these divisions. Each member of the organization are recognize as “Agents of the Church” or “Agents” for short. These people are required to train their bodies to the peak as far as they can, given that many lack the potential to fight evenly with the enemies of God. Each Agent tend to have their own kind of specialties that are divided into three categories:

  • Knight: The main combative arm of the organization. They have a high focus on martial and military prowess above all else. Many Knights in the Order can be sent out in a variety of missions. But most importantly they are the designated guards of the Church, being the ones to defend sacred lands or even relics if need be. Their huge numbers may make them seem like fodder, but their zealotry make them fearsome to even a powerful demon if they’re not careful. They are the ones meant to “defend”, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be as reliable in dealing extraordinary damage.

  • Exorcists: The spiritual and holy tools of the Militancy. Whereas the Knight may focus on direct combat, the Exorcists tend to do the thing they do best: to expel demons from an unfortunate victim or even from our World. It is not required for them to specialize in combat prowess as much as a Knight does, but any competent mastery in it makes them a special unit which can be said for vice versa. The Knights tend to bring demons’ attention away from the Exorcists so that their chanting comrades can finish their holy Rites. However, no matter how powerful an Exorcist if they lack any true supernatural potential, they tend to require several teams to effectively subdue tougher demons. They are said to be the ones that “save” rather “defend” like the Knights.

  • Executor: The inquisitorial aspect of the Militancy which oversees the rest of their colleagues and even their superiors if need be. The Inquisition keeps the Militancy in check just as it does to the rest of the Church. However, to make their power felt throughout every organ of the religious establishment, they required a potent strength and thus the Executors were made for this purpose as they tended to be called “God’s Devils”. It wouldn’t be uncommon for an Executor to be skilled in both the art of the Rites and combat. But most importantly, their ability to seek out heresy and mete out punishment is mostly prized and thus making them a fearsome unit within and outside of the Church. Unlike the Knights and Exorcists, they tend to have higher authority to even slay a possessed Bishop, or even arch-bishop, should the situation demand it. These are the people that are more commonly seen as the Persona-Users or the Demon Summoners of the Church as they were given “permission from the Lord”. If the Knights are to defend holy sites and the Exorcists are to save the people, then the Executors are made to destroy what are seen as Evil. The Executors are given permission to wield Black Keys, weaponized Charms of the Church endowed with sacred blades to better destroy demons. Many people see these weapons as a kind of status symbol for them, reminding everyone else in the Church their place within the organization.

Persona-Users, Demon Summoners (focusing on the Divine, and other kind of supernatural potential are exceedingly rare within the Church. And those who managed to awaken are usually given the offer to join the Executors. Each person with awakened potential are acknowledged as “blessed” through the perceived miracles they perform through their given power for the most part. But there have been some secret experiments within the Inquisition to artificially recreate such awakenings with little to no success. But lately they have been growing successful with Forgotten research thanks to a connection to the Endymion government.

After the Eternal Divide took place, the Church’s relevancy skyrocketed as their services became increasingly apparent and invaluable to human society. Within these five years, they have been occupied trying to bring Europe and South American under their strong influence. They have a strong interest in Endymion which granted them greater research and advancement in Forgottens to better equip their members. But they also have a more relevant and hidden goal regarding the City related to the Eternal Divide. As of this current time, Maria Woodsworth and Albrecht Frost are the few Forgottens to have been successfully created under the Church. And both are now under the Black Scriptures, an inquisitorial sect within the Militancy.

The Forbidden Yuri/Yaoi Question Someone Asked:

Black Scriptures

What was once a lesser known inquisitorial and research division within the Church now became a vital unit in the Church thanks to their extremely convenient placement in Endymion. Yet, only a few higher-ups of the establishment were privy to the horrendous experiments that took place downstairs within their basement. Some of these included orphan children that they took in through their orphanage wing of the Cathedral. Thus earning them the name of the “Church of Freaks” from both the Church and the Government. Many of these people helped to take part in quelling the chaos in their general area of Sunlake Palms, yet many ended up being maimed for life if not dead by the end. It was thanks to the Cadets that brought order as they were forced to retreat and rest within the Cathedral walls due to their lack of collective power within the Scriptures. Thus leading the Church to send more members to fill the ranks. Nevertheless, they were the “ideal” group to serve as a connection between the Vatican and the Endymion Government. Recent orders from the Vatican required Maria Woodsworth and Albrecht Frost were provided to the Cadets as an act of good faith.

Maria has a role as an “expendable” Forgotten of the Church Executors to prove the usefulness of the organization’s craft and also to help forward the idea of disposable and mass produceable Forgottens to the Queen. It was with their hopes that if Maria could become a Royal Guard that with time, they can prove the usefulness of their mass production system and gain more of her favor. But, of course, the research for the process has yet to be fully completed and their focus is to show that they can create and provide quality Demon Weapon wielders to the Queen’s liking before fully moving onwards to their central idea. It also explained why the Cadet had to rely on her own resources as a Cadet and not rely on the Church for any assistance under any circumstances. Though even despite these plans, it seems the Scripture’s administration have other ideas as well for the experimental Forgotten.

But like all inquisitorial sects that divulge themselves into the forbidden, like several sects that were given permission, they are viewed upon with much suspicion and thus are put under a very watchful eye as required. Perhaps, it may even explain why Albrecht Frost was chosen to “assist” Maria Woodsworth as a fellow Cadet. But on the other hand, it may be within the Vatican’s intentions to prove the worth of their Forgottens if they had multiple working successfully as Cadets. Additionally, after the massive loss of effective combat personnel, the Black Scriptures were only allowed Maria and Albrecht as the only people with enough supernatural potential to fend off the likes of demons and Psyche-Terrorists as a means to maintain control over this Inquisitorial Division.


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NPCs and the Church:


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Maria's Social Links
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