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 The Incomplete Depths (Nagisa - Quinn - ???)

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PostSubject: Re: The Incomplete Depths (Nagisa - Quinn - ???)   Fri May 27, 2016 1:25 pm

Oki would pause a few steps up its eyes at first looking upward and towards where the women and those at the top of the steps were. Its hearing wasn’t super sharp, but it was sharp enough that even with the chatter around it, it could hear what sound like conversation above though it wasn’t near enough to make out the words clearly. Honestly, it wanted to go further, but for the moment decided to play follower rather than leader. So blinking it would turn its attention back to the chatter below.

Blaez, Nagi, Tremora, Quinn, and a member of the one that belonged to its own group. Right. So that just left the two ladies at the top of the stairs to find the name of, but for now that would have to wait. It seemed that the others were discussing plans and Nozomi was asking them to trust each other. Heh. Easier said then done. Oki did not know any of these people and so had no reason to trust them and the only reason, it was working with Nozomi at the moment was because he happened to have a common goal as itself and held some interest to the creature and its mission. Without such qualities, it was unsure where it would’ve been at this very moment. Even so the creature did not seem to rebel against the idea of working together. Though it had to wonder with a large number of people just what would happen here. It prayed this gathering would be better than the one they just came from.

Anywho. Nozomi wanted to be cautious with all this and take it slow.

“….” The creature would give the other a blank expression. It was not pleased with that idea, especially when it wanted to find out what was going up there. Even so, it would submit to the suggestion as it closed its eyes with a light sigh. “We suppose…” it would say as it gestured for Nozomi to take the lead before falling silent once more. It would let him get in front before moving to trail behind him keeping an eye on whatever else was going on around them.

It would continue to follow along in silence letting the other (Dio) go past itself. It would observe how he seemed to be messing with Nozomi, but why he did this it did not know. Maybe it would’ve continued to observe the situation if something new hadn’t come up. Pausing as light caught its attention it turned to observe this new thing.

Hm? Now what?

When the light cleared and a girl was revealed, Oki would take in her air and actions carefully, her solider like way automatically knocking her down on the trust ladder for itself. It kept running into warrior types and every time it seemed something insane happened before things got better...ish. What she did after appearing only worsen the situation. She asked her question and it seemed at least one in the group was eager to answer.

Oki would sigh inwardly not sure how wise that was, but it was done now. Besides it was not like the guy's words had confirmed its own position on the matter, so it would not bother confirming it either as it left things in the air as to what happened there. When the woman came forward, the creature would let her pass, only moving a bit to watch her as she approached Nozomi...and stopped. It didn’t like this new development and to make matters worse, they now had a road block to contend with. Three people in the middle of the stairs because two decided to mess with Mr. Popular. How infuriating…and the last straw for the being’s patience ladder apparently.

While the creature didn’t do anything hostile, it would shift its weight to the right as one gloved hand went to its hip as the other raised slightly as it brushed its bangs back a bit. From here, it would sigh lightly before pushing off the stair it was on and pretty much moving pass those blocking its path. This would put some in an uncomfortable position if they didn’t like space bubbles being invaded, but quite frankly Oki didn’t care as it moved passed.

“So you say and so we shall see,” it would say in a voice that was low, calm and devoid of hostility or anger. The words would be directed at the new comer as the creature passed on and finally being away from the road block managed to get to the top of the stairs.

...Just as the lady at the gate fled to a side door.

What the hell?

The creature would come to a rest near the two women that had gotten there first, its shoulders slumping with disappointment.

“Why does that always seem to happen to us?” it would complain lightly as it pulled its hat downward in despair and then remembering someone was next to it, it would relax a bit as it looked over to the two women there. They were probably the only two that could hear its words since they were right there. It would give them a narrowed look as it tried to figure out something.

“You two…we know you from somewhere…but where? Also…since we were late to the party, what did the gate lady say?” it would ask as it consider them a moment longer and then remembering something, it gave them a sheepish smile as it rubbed the back of its head. “Sorry. Perhaps we should introduce ourselves before asking questions. We are Oki. What are your names?”

It would focus on the two women since everyone else seemed focus on each other or Nozomi. Besides it had been meaning to talk to her before hand and just hadn't gotten the chance to with the chaos going on. Even so, it was making notes of what was happening. That woman had fled, but it wasn’t itself that made her run. It was that Nozomi and that other male that picked on the guy. What was the connection there?

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PostSubject: Re: The Incomplete Depths (Nagisa - Quinn - ???)   Fri May 27, 2016 8:46 pm

Hello then, Alright. I guess we gotta approach with relative caution...Though Nozomi was then suddenly cut off by this random chick saying their world called them. I'm uh, pretty confused on what your talking about, if you mean is our world in danger. Then yes, who exactly are you and how did you end up here?He threw out as a question to the other girl who had just suddenly appeared from pretty much out of nowhere right now.In response to what Tremora had said now though, Nozomi would freak out. What the fuck!?I wasn't in Azores the entire time!For some reason I got transported to some weird room with this other girl and I got a new persona and then fell into these weird alternate worlds and then stopped a few groups of people from killing each other and then the big bang happened and we all ended up over here somehow.Well...With whatever the hell is going on, as much as I'd love to rush back. I believe we are here for a reason then and can't just afford to leave.

Despite the implications of azores being nearly destroyed or in chaos, and the potential concern for everyone he knew. Nozomi did not doubt with faces like sharaku and shunnosuke maybe and all of these other people that probably had the potential, Azores was going to be maintained by them. Even though he wasn't exactly there to begin with...It was one hell of a predicament. I hate to sound assertive, but everyone stay close. If you wander off, you could potentially get yourself killed right now.

As Nozomi carefully examined what was going on upon getting near the door. He noticed someone had gotten there before them, someone who appeared to have been with their group. Hey there excuse me, but I happened to notice you from earlier, ish. Listen I don't suggest wandering off from us, you might actually get yourself killed, trust us. We're not here to hurt you or anything ok?I can understand if your maybe scared or paniced or concerned about what the hell is going on, however I assume you have a persona that you can wield yes? A persona being that odd thing you summon out of you. Now then, I myself have experience with these events and so do some of the people with me. For your own well being, I suggest sticking around with us. We want to go back home and solve this just as much as you do.

This was clearly addressed to the duo, however it was mostly mean't at Raina in it's entirety. I see you both somehow entered here together as well...Piece of advice, things get rather crazy around here.

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PostSubject: Re: The Incomplete Depths (Nagisa - Quinn - ???)   Wed Jun 01, 2016 5:44 pm

Yet another person showed up, this time it was a purple haired girl, she was there to help, or so she claimed, he'd keep an eye on her for now, he really didn't trust her, but that applied to most of the people there, for now at least. Blaez continued to follow the group in silence while paying attention to what Angela had to say... that name sounded really familiar...
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PostSubject: Re: The Incomplete Depths (Nagisa - Quinn - ???)   Thu Jun 02, 2016 5:19 am

Well, some of them seemed more eager to answer than others. Well, that was good enough in her book, so she owed them an explanation.

"My name is Danielle Brooks, a Wild Card working for Philemon from the World of Erisia Dysnomia."

She began, looking straight into the blue-haired man's eyes, as she offered him a Handshake. "I've been summoned here, yes. It's a bit tough to explain, as I don't know all the details of this myself, but if you wish to save your world, I think our goals are similiar here. The disaster that has befallen your world isn't restricted to just your own. Other worlds are in peril as well, and I can't say for sure if my home is safe either... but evidently, your world is part of the cause of all this. Seeing as I was tasked with protecting my colony from any and all threats, I can only assume I'm here for that reason. And as such, I'm here to help you achieve your goal." Nozomi himself would recognize the small, silver key hanging from the girl's neck, and that pretty much on it's own should be enough evidence to support her allegiance with them. "Now, would you please bring me up to speed on what's been happening here?  I can't really do much to help if I'm kept in the dark, now can I?"


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PostSubject: Re: The Incomplete Depths (Nagisa - Quinn - ???)   Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:22 am

That was an answer she wasn't quite ready to hear. Ariston Rhodes? That name was familiar, he was one of the teachers of Zela Academy, right? It was troublesome trying to remember the people of that school, after all, her son didn't attend school for very long... Though, why was he the king here? Could it be just a coincidence? It was hard to tell, to be honest...

"O-Oh! Okay! Thank you very much, miss Angela!" wait, that name. It took her a second before something flashed across her eyes. She quickly flipped through the pages of her journal, her son's writing notes and drawings littering the book. There. The angel of the tower was given a name, a name similar to what she really was. Was this that angel? Why couldn't her son be more specific some times...

"E-Eh...?" was the response of the widow as Clarita took a stance next to her. Great, the unwanted cavalry was here. At least she got information only she knew about... Luckily enough, no one was close enough to hear their conversation. A silent thanks came from her sigh, what absolute luck. Information only she knew about was worth more than riches to her. Even if these people would soon find out, she had a ransom for a few seconds... A ransom that couldn't be ignored at all... However...

"E-Excuse me...?" the widow said in a lowering tone of voice. Was she being talked down too? By a kid? It didn't matter what form of supernatural powers these people held. Telling her what to do just because she just so happened to fall into their part of this horrible story was infuriating. She was her own person, her own being. She could very well do what she pleased!

"How dare you..."

"I'll have you know, young man, that I am fully aware of the dangers in these worlds. My son died here during the event with the angels. To think I'm so aloof that I came into these worlds charging for glory and adventure... Because I felt I had too because of newly gained powers... I laugh at your stupidity. Don't talk to me if you're just going to be a condescending brat. I have done much over these past few years, just because I didn't fight last time doesn't make me worthless or afraid. And listen, honey, I'm leaving your ragtag team as soon as possible... I'm not entitled to stick around with you... I know what you are, I know exactly what you are... You're the leader who's going to lead everyone to die. Sticking around with you? I'd rather fight a horde of demons than follow the lead of an unfit leader." the widow would say with a dangerous glare. She was pissed. To think someone would be so condescending so quickly... It infuriated her. The doll artisan would stay quiet though. She wasn't exactly peachy feeling towards this boy either... She had mentioned her dead son... This was the fifth time she'd ever acknowledged his death...

"You're young and still foolish. Emotional and rash. And you plan to lead how? I'm sorry, but even one without powers, such as I, doesn't put much faith in your abilities..." she'd say with a cold glare as well. She wasn't exactly happy with possibly making enemies with this man, but what he said was flat out rude and uncalled for. If he didn't expect a retaliation such as this, then he was foolish. Then he really though he was better than the both of them... But, taking into account of his earlier actions... Hah, he'd either put all the blame on them or apologize like an idiot... Some leader...

"Ah, we know of you as well, Oki. I am Clarita... I have owned a doll shop near where you used to own your antique shop... I do believe we've met a few times before... This is Raina, she is my protege in my artistic pursuit. However, it is up to her to share the information or not, my allegiance is to her and only her." the eye patched lady would say with a gentle nod of her head. She'd turn to her still fuming companion. She seemed ready to break something with how unnaturally calm her face seemed and the white knuckled grip on her journal. She wasn't at all happy.

"Oh, no, honey, I'll tell you but only you. You can't spread the information with anyone else though. These are precious details that can aid you in the future." the widow would say in an almost mocking tone before walking up to Oki and whispering deathly quietly the information she had gathered from the gate keeper. She didn't trust anyone else here but him. That was the plain and obvious truth at this point.

"If it comes down to it, Oki, I'll follow your lead... No one else though." the widow would say before standing upright after whispering to the shorter person. She'd stare straight towards the gate, her arms crossed in anticipation for the gate to open. She was beyond done with this... She didn't come here to deal with stupid kids! She came here to investigate! To help! And yet she was insulted for doing so... The nerve of these people... The ego...


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PostSubject: Re: The Incomplete Depths (Nagisa - Quinn - ???)   Mon Jun 06, 2016 12:44 pm

As they spoke, the gates began to open, the people around them began to walk inside. Angela waited outside near the front, though she would try to stay unnoticed. However, were they to walk in they would find the gates closing behind them. If they stayed outside, they could all see the sky begin to crack, though the people didn't seem to notice the strange anomaly. In fact, it was strange. The cracks would suddenly increase with every step Nozomi took towards the castle. Were the two related? Did it mean something...? What would happen if they walked inside? Too many questions, and not enough answers. Where would this all lead...?


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PostSubject: Re: The Incomplete Depths (Nagisa - Quinn - ???)   Thu Jun 09, 2016 12:05 am

This was a strange thing... This whole situation that had gone from somewhat okay to what the fuck is happening here? It started so to speak with the arrival of the girl that had a commanding air that did not sit quite well with Oki. It wasn’t that it was being rude with its words or anything like that, it simply did not due well when people came in waving authority like that. It was true the girl probably didn’t mean for it to come off that way, but in the end that is what had happened and her narrow focus on Nozomi didn’t help matters either. Yes, she may have addressed others, but at the same it had to wonder if she really cared what they had to say to begin with when she appeared to be more focused on least her gaze was. Maybe she was another forgotten girlfriend then? Heh. What an odd fellow if that was the case. Anyway....

She was a confusing creature, but her approach is what made Oki cold towards her at first, but as it watched the girl become suddenly cheerful and welcoming, the creature would narrow its eyes at the girl. She was speaking odd words and throwing out things that didn’t make sense to the creature…and her eager nature to help only solidified the mistrust the creature had for the girl. What was her deal really? And this place she spoke of what was that all about? Oki wanted to poke and pry, but at the same time did not have time for that as the women next to it kind of exploded at the words spoken by Nozomi.

It was a bit of a surprise by the words that came from the woman. On one hand, Oki could see why Nozomi had said what he said and on the other it could see the woman’s point too. It was an iffy situation there to be honest and when it came to the Nozomi’s leadership qualities well…It honestly didn’t have much to say there either. The kid wasn’t bad. After all, he was kind of the deciding factor in the last issue they had, so it couldn’t agree with all points the woman was saying. Even so it would keep its mouth shut. It wasn’t about to get involved in this me—eh?

Oki blinked a bit as bright green eyes went from lazily drifting about the place to refocusing on the strange eye patched lady as she spoke. To her words, Oki would tilt its head lightly to the side as it thought a bit. It did remember a shop near its old home that used to sell dolls…and it vaguely remembered Sky mentioning the strange lady that ran it. It couldn’t recall face-to-face encounters, but it did remember seeing the one called Clarita a lot more than the latter. Raina was pulling at different strings. Similar traits to a child it had met long ago…How strange. Muddle memories aside, the creature would rub its head a bit as gave the other a nervous smile.

“I see. Well, it is nice to have names to faces we saw once before. As for that information, well...” it would trail off as it looked over at the steaming woman. liked information, but that one looked a bit hostile, so maybe it wouldn’t be getting said information. In fact, it was kind of expecting silence or the woman to keep steaming, but instead of that it got exactly what it wanted in a very bizarre sort of way.

The way the announcement before said information was given had thrown Oki for a loop stunning it long enough that the creature had no time to react as the other was suddenly in its personal space bubble and whispering what had been told to her. As the creature heard the information, it would find that somewhere in its mind something was tugged. The name of the gate guard…why did that name ring bells? The name sounded similar to one it had been told to by an old friend…

Regardless of that, it would seem that things would only become stranger as the woman decided to only follow its lead?

“If that is what you wish to do, Oki will not argue,” the creature would say its tones a bit nervous and confused. It wasn’t sure how to react to that one to be honest. It wasn’t exactly the leader type, but if she wanted to follow it, it suppose she could. Though it wondered…just how far she could really come…

In the midst of all that, the gate decided to open and leave everyone with a choice: Go in or stay out. As much as the being wanted to know what would happen if it did step on the other side of the gate, on the other hand it wondered if maybe this was its cue to do something a bit different...

It would debate about this, letting the others go on ahead of itself if they wished until finally it was left alone or maybe with the two women if they did not move.

It was true it had agreed to go with Nozomi to investigate, but at the same time, it wondered if it wasn’t missing something by sticking to that path. So it would stay outside and let the gate close. As it did this it would take note of the changes in the world. The cracks in the sky that became worse and worse the further Nozomi got away from itself and headed towards the castle. It was still unclear of what all it meant or even if the girl that claimed to be a Wild Card from another world would impact this whole thing.

What it did know was that Nozomi was a key to something that connected this whole mess together. Where he went the being was sure there would be strife and change. His power seemed to be able to make or break the world, so it wondered just what his presence here would do to it.

In any case, it would not see it first handed this round as it instead let its eyes drift across the area until they landed on the gate guard that it had been told was called Angela. Whether it was alone or had company, the being would drift over to the woman after a moment curious if maybe this one was related to the Lady of the Tower of a similar name….and if so what meaning would that add to the already confusing plate?
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PostSubject: Re: The Incomplete Depths (Nagisa - Quinn - ???)   Thu Jun 09, 2016 10:10 pm

You know. Your entire demeanor doesn't make any sense. If this is how you get when someone is genuinley concerned about you. I don't want to imagine just saying hi to you, but answer me this first. Do you think your son would have wanted you to be like this to others in the same situation? In a situation where we could all potentially die?I'm not a random blind kid, I've nearly lost people of my own in these worlds, I've seen people die in front of me, and frankly. I've made mistakes in the past as well. Nozomi would clearly depict a rather serious, and experienced face. that demonstrated the that moment when you know you fucked up look if you were the one receiving this face. I don't mean you any harm, but if you wanna say fuck you to my face. Then alright, I'm not gonna push any further.Nozomi would sigh and look up, before noticing something unusual in the sky. Guys look up!Pointing into the sky,

Nozomi noticed the sky cracking!Just what the hell was going on! He would attempt to take a step or two, and notice the crack expanding in his direction sort of. Hm...This is weird, but It seems to expand with movement I think. Guys, I think we should be really careful right now, I got no idea what's going on, but this doesn't look like something we should tamper with.Standing in his current position, Nozomi would prevent himself from moving in order to be rather careful right now. Now uh...I'm not exactly forcing you to stand still, but I don't suggest we take any unnesecary risks right now. The Kichida said while maintaining his stance very carefully.Also uh...Hi Danielle. I'm Nozomi and I'm a random guy stuck in this place, and I guess I'm under philemon too...?As much as he wanted to get a better introduction, right now the situation was rather stressful, and they had to be careful.
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PostSubject: Re: The Incomplete Depths (Nagisa - Quinn - ???)   

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The Incomplete Depths (Nagisa - Quinn - ???)
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