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 Obstacles (Nozomi - ???)

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PostSubject: Re: Obstacles (Nozomi - ???)   Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:51 am

“Ack!” Another punch to the face and this time it made Sada fly far away. However, he didn’t necessary take the pain into account that this woman was protecting him. Wait, she was protecting him? Why?”…..” In the inside, he was shocked, Sada wasn’t expecting this to happen whatsoever. Oh, so it was a second chance but she wouldn’t refuse Nozomi any longer? Alright, that was fair. “I guess this means I owe you one. “ He wondered if she would ever cash in on it, but then it came to him that oki ended up making a portal for Sada. He knew the way that Oki looked at him, but it didn’t bother Sada in the slightest. He wasn’t ashamed for running away, he was surviving, that all it was.
“Reconsider my path Oki? As if there is no other choice in this world anymore but to be strong! It’s either a desert of refugees here or an army of demons back at Azores. I’m basically picking my poison of Dying now or Dying later right? No, I’m not playing that game. There is no saving anyone, not from this….“He rejected the notion of it entirely, he was going to live and make the most of his new powers. When nozomi spoke up, Sada only shrugged. “I owe your little girlfriend my life and it dawned on me that you’re all human. Not my kind of fight, and it’s not the fight I should be having anyway. But I’ll be back, and only for one reason… until then….i’m going to go back and make a REAL difference…in my own way. “ And he needed power to do that.

Sada would then attempt to go through the portal.

Escape chance



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PostSubject: Re: Obstacles (Nozomi - ???)   Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:21 pm

"What?"Despite his efforts to not hit Lee the woman took the hit for Sada, that woman was way too heavy to be a regular human, maybe another one of those androids, a more convincing one when compared to the ones he knows"Are you really going to let him go even after he attempted to kill your troops?"She of all people should want to see Sada getting punished for what he did.

Blaez was already planning his next move when he heard what Sada had told Oki and Nozomi, it sounded similar to how he thought two years, although he focused his efforts in other directions the similarities were still there. Maybe Sada wasn't worth the effort, he'd let it go this time, he would call his persona back and say"Hmpf, i'm not in the mood for that anymore."He'd turn his back on the two and walk away, this time he'd position himself far away from the group should his persona go out of control.
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PostSubject: Re: Obstacles (Nozomi - ???)   Fri Apr 22, 2016 9:54 pm

And so it seemed the violence had stopped. The widow didn't exactly know what to do at this point. It seemed fool hearty to just walk into the fray. Though, it may do to be near someone, at the least. It seemed all violence would be at an end though. With a steady sigh, her soul bound weapon would disappear from sight, Raina relaxing some of the tension in her shoulders. That could've been very bad... Very, very bad. Thankfully, it seemed peace had triumphed in this case. That was good, especially when the two of them only came here in the first place to investigate. Well, it'd be just swell if they knew exactly what was going on.

Regardless, Clarita would turn her head towards the man that had moved away from the group. What was he doing? Ah, he was the one that had helped Raina up. Could he be trusted? A show of kindness was displayed, this leading one to believe he was indeed a likeable character. However, would it do to bother him?

"Well... Now that that's over, what say we do now? Try and speak to one of the people in that crowd over there, or shall we try and see what we can find from the man over there?" the doll maker would ask her prodigy. She really wasn't in a position to go off on her own. The final decision was up to Raina, in the end. It'd be quite terrifying if she'd do anything but that. Without her aid, she was quite defenseless, despite her former capabilities. As frail as one of her dolls, one might say.

"Hm..." mused the widow. She'd glance at their two options. Obviously, one seemed better than the other. She'd rather not thrust herself into a group as chaotic as the one that had formed. Plus, she still owed that man an apology for not saying thanks. Well, with simple logic, she'd nod her head towards her artisan master, walking towards the man named Blaez. Ideally, it'd take them a while, what with them being a decent distance away from him. Though, it would be obvious they were moving in his direction as long as nothing kept them hidden from the sight of the others.


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PostSubject: Re: Obstacles (Nozomi - ???)   Fri Apr 22, 2016 11:55 pm

At the very least, Sada seemed to learn his lesson, in that he flew straight through the portal and into parts unknown. Lee smiled, and fell forward to her knees from the attack. The motion was quick and while it didn't hurt her too much, she was more overwhelmed by it all suddenly working out. She looked up at Blaez who criticized her actions. "The whole point of this is trying to learn to forgive. If I can't learn, then what chance do they have?" Emmilene smiled, while Mason looked up at his father. Mercer returned his look. He missed seeing the young boy's face. The young woman walked up to Lee and extended a hand. Lee looked up at hers, and back to the sand. She was of course shameful of her performance, though Emmilene looked at her sternly. "I didn't ask for you to look down at yourself. I asked for you to join me. It will prevent something like this from occurring." Lee looked back up at her, and slowly placed her hand in Emmilene's.

"Count on me. As long as Nozomi can help lead."

Soon the rest gave up the fight, and they would all turn to Nozomi. Just what made him so special? Why was he so important? Was it something he never knew about himself? Though before he could say anything, he felt his entire body convulse, though no one would notice it. He would see his vision fade, and return as though he had just woken from a strange dream.

The scene before him was completely different. He saw before him a ruined city. Had he been in the alternate Penecia before, then this would look completely familiar to him. The city was desolate, and deserted save for a strange gathering in front of him.

Countless bodies littered the streets around him, some bloody and maimed and obviously dead, while others seemed not only fine, but barely breathing. Were they fighting from death, or was it something else? The scene flashed before him in flickered images before his body returned to being "stable" and the next time his eyes blinked, he was back in the desert with everyone looking at him. Blaez and Raina wouldn't have this feeling, however Oki could sense that during that moment, this world flickered like a light, ready to go out. They could tell Nozomi was having a strange episode, but something wasn't right. What was he going through...and did that have any connection to the world?
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PostSubject: Re: Obstacles (Nozomi - ???)   Sat Apr 23, 2016 2:21 am

Oki was quiet as it took in the words that were said by Nozomi and then Sada. To the latter's words Oki would frown.  So even when given a second a chance he was still pursing the path of power? Well then…that was that then. They would not be able to see eye-to-eye. Unfortunate, but even so Oki would let him go for now.

As Sada took his exit from the area, Oki had to wonder just where he would land by taking that portal. Sure, it could control where it wanted to go with those portals, but for another could it get them back to Azores by just a thought of the place? Or could it lead the guy somewhere else? Hmmm....

Oki would watch the portal close getting faint traces of something from the other side; however, what that something came from was unable to be pin-pointed since the portal would quickly snap shut when the guy left. Hopefully that odd energy wasn’t a sign of trouble for the other…The creature was honestly not trying to throw the guy into more trouble with that one; however, what happened to Sada would happen.

Oki would push the wandering thoughts aside and focus on the present after a moment. It couldn't afford to worry right now. Well, the good thing was that the warring sides seemed to come together and it looked like the ladies in the distance were now coming closer now that the trouble had ceased. Things were looking up….or so Oki thought.


Just as soon as one thing went right another thing odd thing would occur. It started when it got the strangest feeling from Nozomi. It wasn’t sure what it was, but there was something definitely wrong with him.  Things only seemed to get worse for Oki for around the time it got the odd feeling from Nozomi, it would also “see” something else. While the world did not change any physical fashion, for a brief moment Oki would sense a strange disturbance that made the world seem to flicker like a flame in the wind.

As long as the strangeness from Nozomi came, the world seem continue to flicker like a bad station on television that wanted to go out, but then the moment passed and the world was still again…and with it the boy seemed normal again. Green eyes would scan the landscape calmly enough before its head bowed slightly. The tall collar of its jacket would hide its lower face as a green eye looked over at Nozomi.

“Nozomi, are you okay?” the creature would ask shortly after whatever happened vanished. The words were calm, yet concerned. Oki wasn’t sure what it was about this kid and these worlds. How they were connected or what have you…but if whatever happened to the kid impacted the worlds…then what did that make this Nozomi? It wondered if the others in its group knew anything about this or if this was something it would have to discover on its own?

Last edited by Deshi on Sat Apr 23, 2016 2:22 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Color coding errors corrected.)
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PostSubject: Re: Obstacles (Nozomi - ???)   Sat Apr 23, 2016 8:49 am

It all seemed to be over, but Nozomi would run over quickly to lee as she fell over just now. Hey are you alright!Come on... Then again, I doubt you took much from that headon. . As everyone seemed to converge, having their own little reunion, back together with each other. The Kichida would go torwards the middle of them.Yeah. Let's all work together so we can put a stop to this. There's big things we have to deal with from all the bizarre stuff I'm seeing.... Everyone seemed to look at him now, wondering. While he himself would wonder, just what the hell was going on.?

Suddenly, he would convulse though, and strange visions plagued his mind, as he was whisked away somewhere else. Looking around the boy was speechless. Not even being able to say anything as the oddness of the area overwhelmed him. Everything was so dead, so devoid of life, and there was barely anyone even alive right now. Just what exactly was going on...? The world around him didn't make any sense any more. Just what was becoming of this world!?A s with another blink, he was brought back to reality. Gasping horrendously. He'd be brought back to the real world.

Holy shit!Guys I just had the strangest episode!

Nozomi was incredibly unsure right now of what exactly was going on, beyond what he had just seen. I'm sorta fine Oki,but I got no idea what the hells going on. I just saw the strangest thing. I was in like. Some kind of deserted city, People were dieing around us nearly, already dead, and some were breathing. There was a small amount of people around me... i got no idea what to make of this, but something tells me... We gotta do something quick about what's going on in these worlds right now.

Sada brought up an interesting point however. That Nozomi wouldn't hesitate to ask those around him.

....Anyone got any idea what that guy means by an army of demons in azores?
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PostSubject: Re: Obstacles (Nozomi - ???)   Thu Apr 28, 2016 12:04 am

"Huh?"The women who arrived after him were approaching him, but why?It should be quite clear he wanted to be alone for now, unless they really wanted to talk to him about something, he couldn't think of a reason but they probably had one. It doesn't seem like Bahamut was going to go berserk,so Blaez would allow the two get close, but before they could say anything to him he'd say"What do you two want?"He ended up sounding more rude than he expected to.

Few moments later Nozomi started to convulse, but it didn't last long. The guy claimed that he had visions of a destroyed city, Blaez did not doubt the claims bit if that had any meaning to them or was just a random hallucination he could not tell."Hm?Didn't you came from the same Azores as i did?The islands are getting trashed, some people are trying to defend it though."After saying that Blaez would remain in silence.
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PostSubject: Re: Obstacles (Nozomi - ???)   Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:37 pm

The crowd looked at him strangely. What was Nozomi speaking of? They looked at each other, and several shook their heads. "We never saw anything Nozomi..." Lee walked towards him and placed a gentle hand over his face. "It's alright. It might have been shellshock. We can find safety and-" suddenly, the world stopped frozen. Everyone and everything was completely still, even the winds and sands. The only ones that were moving were Nozomi, Oki, Blaez, Raina and her doll. Soon, the sky would crack, and a bright light would shine upon the gang.

They would be pulled into it by force, and where they would go was unknown. The world that they left behind however, would soon find their time at a standstill, however, you could say that the perspective of the people that were pulled into the light made a new outlook at the world. A strange light would envelop it from the source of the struggle with Nozomi, as it began to spread, covering the world. What would happen to it could not be said, but the gang can take comfort in knowing their actions kept the group together...

Your next step has been taking, and fate has set you on a new course, deeper down the hole. What will you find at the end of it? And what will it all amount to?

Everyone's Judgement has ranked up...

Everyone's social link with each other that are in the party have ranked up...
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PostSubject: Re: Obstacles (Nozomi - ???)   

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Obstacles (Nozomi - ???)
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