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Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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 Hero Otsuka

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PostSubject: Hero Otsuka   2016-03-11, 07:33

Hero Otsuka
"When I realized I was alone in the world, I realized I was dead inside"

The Biography

Birth Name:Hero Otsuka
Aliases: The Grim Reaper, Mr. Hoodie,
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birth Day: 7/8
Arcana: Death
Place of Residence: Sun Maralus
Academy Semester: 2nd
Class: 2-A

Part/Full Time Job: Amateur Drug Dealer

Appearance: Hero is a medium sized individual, standing at 172.5 centimeters, and weighs 58.97 kilograms, and looks particularly skinny. His skin is naturally pale, and Hero bares dark, grey eyes. His hair is a platinum blonde color. Most often, he has bags under his eyes, from the lack of sleep he usually gets. As of his attire, he usually wears something that is black, save for a white T-shirt. Generally, Hero is wearing a black hoody with black track pats. He wears a black necklace of the symbol of infinity.

Personality: Hero is a calm and quiet person. He doesn’t say much, and is usually in thought. His demeanor is not very joyful, and seems to almost never be in a happy mood, or any mood at all. He is almost lifeless, as some would call him. Hero is a self-promoting person, who only wishes to help himself.

He is very blunt with his words, and will not hide his feelings on any subject matter. He usually doesn't care about the feeling of others, and won't mind if there is collateral in his attempts to further his goals. Hero almost never looses his composure, and is not easily excited, nor is he easily upset. Hero will usually shrug off those who insult him.

The Potential

Strengths: (Anything your character is skilled in, such as Martial Arts/ Drawing/ etc? You are allowed a maximum of five strengths and a minimum of three.)

Strength Name: Narcotics Excerpt
Description: Hero takes long hours experimenting on many types of drugs that effect pleasure responses, or give them a certain boost for whatever reason.

Strength Name: Intellegence
Description Hero has a high intellect and is quick to learn something new when taught.

—[b]Strength Name:
Strong Willed
Description: Hero is very bold. He is almost impossible to intimidate.

((A floating Strength is a strength you've gained inRP. For example, if you were on a Kendo team for some time, you'd naturally know Kendo which is where this strength would come in. However, be aware, it will not be as strong as any of your actual strengths and is a small plus)

Floating Strength Name:

Weaknesses: (You must have the same amount of weaknesses as strengths. These weaknesses pertain to you and not your Persona. IE: Physically Weaker, lack of attention span, etc.)

Weakness Name: Rudeness
Description: Hero’s blunt nature is extreme to the point where he may come off as rude to most other, and will often get himself into trouble with it.

Weakness Name: Dark Aura
Description: Because of his general demeanor and expression, most people find him shady, and uncomfortable to be around.

Weakness Name: No Hope
Description: Hero is generally a negative person, who always sees the worst to come, or doesn't care what the outcome is.
((A floating weakness is one gained in RP. It could be a fear you inherited during RP, or an injury that hinders your character. Some can be temporary while others can be permanent.)

Floating Weakness Name:

Soul Bound Weapon: (This is the weapon you'll be able to summon to your hand while in combat. This weapon is special for your character specifically and allows you to fight Shadows without the need of summoning your Persona. This can be anything but a Gun (Or gun related weapon))

Weapon Name:Soul Blade
Weapon Description: A two handed sword that is thick, and with ruggedly made edges. It has purple streaks flowing on it, and spikes at the back edge. The blade is roughly 1 meter long, and its edges are less than a cm thin, though it remains sturdy and isn't flimsy.
Weapon Image:
Weapon Attack Type: Slash
Weapon Element: (Leave this blank. Only special weapons obtain an element behind its blows.)

The Background    

Hero was born in Standasen, living in the filthy, crime ridden place, danger lurked around every corner for him, and his family of a father, a mother, and a baby brother. He was usually anti-social, and didn’t like most kids. He was often the victim of constant teasing, though he didn’t let it get to him, and just went on with his life. He didn’t usually participate in social bonding activities, like most kindergartens attempted. Hero was an extremely realistic person, especially for a young age. He went along with his parents delusions of them living as a happy normal family, but he didn’t believe it for a second. He was fully aware of their constant arguing, mostly on their financial standing, which was not in the best spot. But even despite all of this, he still loved his family. But when he came home from school he found his house riddled with the dead bodies of his parents and new born brother. They were victims of a house robbery turned into cold blooded murder.

Years later, Hero has moved from foster home to foster home. The only plus side to it was the fact that he was able to leave the place that was known as Standasen, and leave behind the memory of his parents behind. While he loved them, he has forced himself to forget them, or even remember their faces, nor does he even find the need to. He lives in Sun Maralus Island with a man named Takehare, who doesn’t car about Hero one way or the other, and vice verse. Hero still attends school for education, if anything other than amusement. He has took some study into learning narcotics, and has recently started to sell some to local people, and plans to eventually create his own. His social life remains nonexistent, and keeps to himself. His only social interaction is with the people he sells to. He refers himself as "The Grim Reaper" or "Mr. Hoodie" when selling at night, and sometimes wearing a mask to conceal his identity.[/b]

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PostSubject: Re: Hero Otsuka   2016-03-11, 13:52

Alright. This is just a minor thing, but it would be nice if you could add a bit more to appearance to flesh it out. Perhaps detail what kinds of clothes he prefers to wear?

As for Strengths and Weaknesses, there is a minimum of three. You don't need to make the full five, but you need to have at least three of each, and you seem to only have one of each there.

Also, you should add the dimensions of your soulbound weapon. Like the length of the sword's blade.

The rest is okay.


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PostSubject: Re: Hero Otsuka   2016-03-12, 14:49

Alrighty, approved ~


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PostSubject: Re: Hero Otsuka   

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Hero Otsuka
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