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 Breaks "Advice" on PVP:Human Skills and etc.

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PostSubject: Breaks "Advice" on PVP:Human Skills and etc.   Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:32 pm

So guys I figured to write out this guide cause I randomly felt like it Hello.


I'm Break:Uh, Yeah.

So basically:PVP is Player vs Player combat. At some point in your roleplaying experience you can and will run into people on the opposite side who will have different goals compared to yours and just may be trying to hurt or even kill you. However the purpose of this thread is to give you a baseline understanding of how to work your way around in pvp based combat. Alongside Human Skills, Skills, Blah. Yeah.

In Player vs Player Combat there are a few key things to remember. Such as your Soul-bounds,Your Soul Skills, Moveset, The environment, Whats going on around you is rather key as well. As all of these things can mean the difference between Life and death for your character.


What does your character have at his or her disposal?Always weigh in your soulbound and whatever real weapon you may be carrying on you with a strength or by other means. Because sometimes you may have the chance to hit em with it for some additional damage. Hey, sometimes in a fight a broken bone is more valuable than some crunching some numbers off their hp bar as well if you nab in real world damage by some means.  Try to weigh in whatever strengths or weaknesses you may have that are relevant to the current battle and work them in your favor. Not every strength a person has is combat oriented of course, but your own zany,wacky and potentially useful talents can make a difference in some situations,PVP or not. A strength or a weakness does not need a Number value bonus to your stats to make a difference!

Like if I had a strength Boosting strength because my character is say...A dedicated Athlete or something, and the other guy happens to be conveniently weaker than a average person in terms of his own physical "strength". Thats an example of how strengths and weaknesses can influence the tide of  abattle if we say clashed in dexterity. Because my Blows would have more force behind them than his. Or if we got into a fist fight. Or used Real world weapons,etc.

Remember as well that you can hit personas with dex if you manage to land it. Never hurts to take a Master skill if your worried about clashing either. Some people ICLY may have bats,guns,Knives,whatever that they can use to inflict real world damage, or even their own body,etc, as long as its within the range of the character.

Human Skills/Soul Skills

Soul Skills are basically skills that you can apply when you no longer have access to your persona!They can vary in all kinds of fun ways. Dont be afraid to think of something big or complex either. As your Soul skills should fit whatever your character does or whatever kind of build are you going for. Don't be afraid to experiment either, it never hurts to try out new things you didn't try out before. A Soul Skill is capable of having a PVS(Player vs Shadow) and a PVP (Player vs Player)/Real World Effect as well. So design them carefully. A few examples of Soul Skills are.


^This for example is what you should not do for a HS.(Awful Mistake I myself made) As its rather Limited in Usage, Only has a PVS effect which also applies to pvp and could have been designed better. Try to prevent your Soul Skills from being anything generic and make them more customized or Unique for whatever you need.

Then:There is an example of a more complicated Soul Skill,Such as this


^This was a Soul Skill I designed originally for a dexterity based character of mine. As you can see it has a PVS(Slightly odd) effect and a PVP one as well and works with her. Try to make your Soul Skills as practical as possible within their Limits. As Tier 1-4. You have varying levels of strength. T1 is incredibly basic, T2 is rather Normal/Not too strong at all. Tier 3 is Pretty good, and Tier 4 Is essentially the Highest form of Power a Skill can get in terms of Soul Skills.

Actually Fighting

When it comes to PVP:The Main thing your worried about is well. The actual fight lmao. Always read your opponents moves and decide your own carefully, you don't have to post immediately if you can't think of anything in the moment. Take your time and think carefully on what you want to do. Understand the limits of your attacks as well, because Tier 1-4 have varying degrees of range too. Your Soul Skills can be rather life saving in PVP as well or give you the edge you may require. PVP puts your own moveset and the opponents moveset to the test. Carefully consider your conduits for attacks or forms of your element as well. If you just blast generic attacks at the enemy, you wont achieve much. Like,Let's take something example such as say. Fire. Fire can be shaped into multiple things, It's rather bright, It moves at a good speed as well. A rather well rounded element. Your moves in PVP are limited by your creativity.

An example with attacks is say. Lets use Ice for example. I could Freeze the floor to trip up the enemy, Maybe freeze the air in certain areas, Shoot Ice at them, It varies. Try to think of applications of your element or whatever your attack is in your head before pvping. So you understand how to use what you got at your disposal. Never grab something you won't understand how to utilize. As it'll screw you over sooner or later. Keep it simple and familiarize yourself with what you intend to use.

LK is a important thing to consider as the speed of both characters will affect how you both react against each other. Remember. if your LK stats are 20 digits within each others range. Your at the same speed unless someone else has a speed strength. If anyone is higher or lower than the other by more than 20, then its safe to assume said character will be faster by margins depending on how great of a difference. LK effects how fast your persona is as well... So if my persona is clashing against someone elses and I have say...120 LK and they have 80. My personas gonna be moving noticeably faster and this could give me a few opportunities.

Alright.Hope this guide atleast helped people understand a few things, Any questions comments of any kind. Feel free to hit me up concerning this thread.

Disclaimer:Do not PVP people On purpose for OOC reasons that don't make any sense. Your breaking site rules and you just make a fool out of yourself. If you have a problem with people,work it out, Talk with them. I cant just randomly attack someone if I have a problem with them OOCLY. IC and OOC are two seperate things.
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Breaks "Advice" on PVP:Human Skills and etc.
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