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Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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 A Great Calamity

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PostSubject: A Great Calamity   Thu Feb 18, 2016 10:25 am

The sky reached a deep violet, as very few lights were now in the sky. All across the island a sort of panic was happening. On top of that, the ocean was being avoided like the plague, as around the islands as far as they eye could see the ocean glowed a bright light that constantly changed color. Following the short while, the water began to move unnaturally, swirling in various areas like whirlpools, and shifting as though something was swimming to the surface from underneath. This was going on for near a full hour before suddenly, all the water grew still. The stars and sky still remained, but there was a sudden tense silence that swept the islands. Everyone was horrified for what was to come, after all two years had passed since any of this happened. All across the islands, radios and TVs would suddenly throw cameras to a woman near a desk at what appeared to be the news tower, who spoke with a grave face. Everyone recognized her as Minister Isla Mullochin; recently elected and now in current power.

She looked fairly calm, though even the Minister couldn't help but feeling tensed up. "People of Azores. I cannot stress enough how dangerous this environment is currently. For your own safety, please retreat to your homes, do not go outside no matter whatever you may hear or see. Repeat, do not go outside. What is about to happen is incredibly dangerous, and something you are not prepared for. Due to the nature of what is happening, certain organizations are working to solve the issue, however for your safety and to those who value their life, do NOT go outside." She said, before it cut to various programs warning people to stay inside and the like. Of course many already had heeded her warning, but quite a few people outside were skeptical of this, shouting around and asking questions. Of course trust in Isla was somewhat strained; it's sort of split down the middle at this point whether she is a proper leader or not, as she was only elected during this year, and as of the near end of Summer, much of what she has done outside of various conferences and budget changes remained a mystery. There was definitely a stance made against the gang that infested Standasen as they made moves to act outside the island, along with plans to reform the police. But was that connected in any way to what was going on? It seemed like some people thought she just took benefits from the position and didn't show for all her talk. Everyone was considering the options, and everyone could feel something supernatural at work here. Though, regardless of everyone's opinion, it would prove that her talk was not without truth...
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PostSubject: Re: A Great Calamity   Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:29 am

Soon after the announcement, while people were making their movements, everyone heard the sound of rushing water, rising higher well above some buildings around town. The water did not seem to move towards the islands and looked a little more like a large thin dome of water getting higher and higher, before finally, the water would soon, collapse. And in the water's wake, things were breaking free of the water, and flying straight towards the islands. And soon, everyone started to see the source of the strange event. Many began to scream, and many ran, but soon, many creatures of unknown description began to attack some of the citizens.

Creatures flew from the whirlpools on the islands. Quite the few of them were attacking civilians while many seemed to be making their way towards the Standasen Island for some reason. They were not at all Shadows to those who knew them, but instead they appeared to be monsters. More than that even. They were Demons. The water still had its eerie glow, and if one were to look towards the water, they could hear strange noises that seemed to draw some people towards it. Was it a place worth investigating? But then, there was also Standasen Island....was it also a place to go to? That wasn't even all however, as the broadcast was cut off. No words came from Isla on the radio either. Meanwhile,  the Demons would still descend to attack whoever they felt like; these creatures seemed like they had not a care for anything that happened around them. Everyone awakened could feel their powers return to them, which in truth was a scary thought. In previous trials they only had their powers in the other worlds and only in certain situations here, but now they had them no matter where they were. What was going to happen now...? There was simply no time to think, as those who felt their powers return would see that they would be hitting the ground running before they could even make a proper decision.

. . . .
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PostSubject: Re: A Great Calamity   Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:27 pm

As the madness continued, soon the Demons would have made a complete circle around the island of Standasen. Everything seemed at a standstill, until soon, a small tremor now seemed to spread from the island of San Malarus on. And then soon, the air in the island changed into something much clearer than before. Above them, a strange dome seemed to be forming that stretched across the island, which would bring forth cries from the Demons that still remained, and caused them to flee immediately from the strange phenomena.

The dome would spread across the island, cutting off the vision of those inside from the outside and vice versa, for a little while, until the dome began to become see-through. Those who might be travelling through the tunnels would find that San Malarus was not unreachable from the outside and would walk headlong into the barrier. Soon, those on the inside would find their radios and TVs returning on, to see Isla back on the news.

"I know what all of you are wondering, and I implore you to remain calm. What you just saw were Demons, monsters that came to attack you and anyone they saw fit. They were not going to show any mercy. I implore all of you to remain inside until further notice. What just happened repelled the Demons from this island, so they will no longer disturb you. We know it to be a combination of someone and something that has caused this, but they are not on this island. Moreover I am responsible for that phenomena made to protect San Malarus," she said, holding an open palm out and revealing a strange symbol on her hand.

"I am sorry for not saying anything. This is for your safety and the future of any population in Azores. If anyone is still outside, including near the tower, please return to safety. Soon however, the threat will be dealt with, but for your safety, do not attempt to leave the island, for if you do you will not be able to return. This is my request as Minister of Azores. You must trust me, and understand that some things need to be done in order to ensure a future." There was a pause, and during the pause, many people both soldier-like and police began to flood from the Radio Tower and form a perimeter. Anyone near the tower still had time before they would begin to be confronted by them, for now they were forming a circle around the Tower as if to protect it. A strange grip from a now strange woman had suddenly grasped the island, but what of the fate of the rest of Azores? On the island located with Demons, a single man, and his very large crew began to funnel out into the streets near the Lumiere District, easily taking the space. The single man was atop the largest building in the area speaking out with a device and speakers that echoed his voice, and a fuzzy voice over the radios on Standasen.

"People of Standasen Island! The time is now! This island has been taken by me, and those who want to earn back the lives they lost by living in this wretched waste, stand up! Our enemy has been made clear, and it is up to us to use whatever is necessary to take the islands, and the power of the worlds that are now threatening us! Our realm is connected to all others, and this is an opportunity to reap the benefits of our cursed existence!" He spoke hardened, though his face conveyed a strange kind of distress, almost manic. Regardless, everyone cheered his name. "Zackary! Zackary! Zackary....!"

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PostSubject: Re: A Great Calamity   

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A Great Calamity
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