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Welcome to New Arcana!

Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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Heya! I'm your friendly neighborhood Larsinny, a demon here to keep you updated on the current debacles going on within the site! Okay, maybe not debacles... Anyway! The Endymion Plot, our Third Main Plot, is underway! We also have our sideplot taking place called Junction! If you're a new member looking to join the new plot, you will want to choose Endymion. However, if you're interested in our sideplot, you may also join that one aswell. The choice is ultimately up to you! The Dungeon Master of the Junction plot is CWIS and the DM of the current Endymion plot is Godai and Grantus.

All templates on the site have been updated, and this also includes the rules aswell. When referring to the rules, please disregard any that say "Old" or "Obsolete" as we are no longer using those rules for the Endymion Plot. Oh, don't be mistaken! I love breaking the rules! But in this case, follow them or erasure!

Be sure to constantly check the update thread for any changes to the boards. You can find it ->Here<-

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Shin Megami Tensei and Persona belong to ATLUS. We own nothing, and have simply used their data to create a world of our own. They are the true geniuses behind the scenes.

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 He's Got the Whole World in His Hands (...Or So He Thinks) [Sada]

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PostSubject: Re: He's Got the Whole World in His Hands (...Or So He Thinks) [Sada]   Sat Feb 27, 2016 9:26 pm

I think the fun is in people finding out if it’s a façade or not. It’s a lot better to agree on that point, what’s the point of anything if everything goes your way. If I found out, its simple, make a better mask. “ That’s all what Sada had to say on that note. “ I don’t believe in miracles Azami, they don’t exist. This is a world of conveniences, the only thing you’re capable of is whatever you can grasp with your own hands. Even if my desire was to cheat death, I’ll find a way to do it. The meaning to life is having a strong desire to live for, living forever with no ambition is a fate worse that death. You live, therefore…. You want something to give your life meaning, find it and take it, or are you so frustrated with me because you’re just a woman who's given up on herself? A lack of desire and will power is quite pathetic, change that for your sake. Now, where’s my food?”



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PostSubject: Re: He's Got the Whole World in His Hands (...Or So He Thinks) [Sada]   Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:55 pm

"I don't believe in miracles either. That's exactly why ambitions such as yours can never come to fruition. Yearn, yearn, yearn, yearn, and yearn... That's all you'll end up doing until your hourglass runs out. I'd rather have a dreamless future than a futureless dream such as yours. So until that nonexistent miracle comes, I see no point in such meaningless wishes. I have no interest in that which I can't change." Azami would reply coldly. As he asked for his food, she'd give a genuine smile for the first time in the day and let out a laugh.

"Finally! I've been waiting for you to say that."

Walking away with the claim to the last word, the woman would deliver Sada's orders and proceed to lean up against a nearby wall whilst awaiting the completion of the food's preparation. With an exasperated shake of her head, she'd look up to the ceiling above and groan under her breath.

"It's going to be a long day, isn't it?"



"Death is the great leveller."
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PostSubject: Re: He's Got the Whole World in His Hands (...Or So He Thinks) [Sada]   Sun Feb 28, 2016 1:34 pm

A Bond as Failed...

Azami Aihara and Morihiro Sada has failed to forge a Social Link...


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PostSubject: Re: He's Got the Whole World in His Hands (...Or So He Thinks) [Sada]   

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He's Got the Whole World in His Hands (...Or So He Thinks) [Sada]
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