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 Flavia Bellerose [NC for Azores 2]

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PostSubject: Flavia Bellerose [NC for Azores 2]   Mon Feb 01, 2016 5:05 am

Flavia Bellerose

My sweet prince. I'm still waiting for you

The Biography

Birth Name: Flavia Bellerose

Aliases: N/A

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Birth Day: 1 February

Arcana: Devil

Place of Residence: Appartment in San Malarus

Academy Semester: N/A

Part/Full Time Job: College Student


A small cute-looking woman with long orange hair and big brown eyes. Flavia is not particularity tall stranding at 157 cm tall and weighting  a bit less that 50 kg she barely covers enough space to be noticed. She's not particular muscular and her lack of fat makes her look unhealthily thin. Her skin is pale and in nice condition without any marks or moles.

She tends to wear girly prude clothes in bright colors. She likes to wear accessories and various jewels even though most of them are not made from expensive materials. Her favorite kind of attires are summer dresses and skirts while she rarely wears pants or "unflattering" shirts (aka hoodies)

She seems to be a nice person, always polite to strangers and hard to lose her confidence. Her outgoing demeanor had earned her a lot of friends even though she doesn't truly care for most of them and prefers to spend time alone.

Flavia loves romance novels and movies, since she was little she dreamed about her own ideal romance and how her "prince" would make her life a living heaven. She likes home economic subjects like cooking and sewing, practicing to become the "best wife" for her prince, that person is no other than her high school crush Sada.

She also likes chemistry and especially aromatherapy and poison-making, she uses the first often to craft new types of perfumes using flower scent as base but she never had the chance to use the latter so far... save for one very special occasion.

The Potential


Strength Name: Ultimate Wife
Description: Despite the young of her age Flavia's "womanly" skill are without equal. She knows how to cook the most difficult receipts, how to treat the ill, and how to clean any kind of stain. Such a womanly woman

Strength Name: Taste of Venom
Description: Years of practicing it as a hobby made Flavia a master poison-maker able to create elaborate venom and toxins. [Poison skills are 5% stronger]

Strength Name: My prince...
Description: Morihiro Sada is the prince she's been waiting her entire life and she's willing to do anything to be together, no matter how ruthless or inhumane that might be. [Buffs from Flavia that target Sada are 10% stronger (in case of AoE the extra effect only applies to Sada]



Weakness Name: MY PRINCE!
Description: Sada's protection is the most important thing in the world. Sada must survive! SADA MUST SURVIVE! [When Sada is bellow 40% health Flavia will automatically get in the way of every attack that targets him]

Weakness Name: But...the fairy tale was supposed to be different
Description: Unfortunate events can easily shaken Flavia's will and make her lose her hope [Distress aliment is 10% stronger on her]

Weakness Name: Obsession
Description: Flavia's love for Sada might be strong but it's also unhealthy touching the limits of madness and obsession. Flavia's sanity is tied with Sada and even the slightest change may cause her to slip into insanity.


Soul Bound Weapon:

Weapon Name: Viper
Weapon Description: A stiletto knife made of steel with silver hilt. The blade itself is very thin, 5 cm width, and around 30 cm long. It's edge is designed in a way to make penetration easy.
Weapon Image:

Weapon Attack Type: Pierce
Weapon Element:

The Background


Once upon a time in a place known as Azores a young girl named Flavia was born. Flavia the only child of a middle-aged couple. The couple had almost given up hope of having a child and thus Flavia's birth filled them with joy. The girl grew up in a loving family environment, her parents treating her like a princess reading her marvelous stories about knights and dragons every night before she headed to sleep.

The years passed and the girl grew old along with her parents and took interest in her father's profession who was a perfumer for a famous company always coming up with new ideas. Her parents stopped reading her stories at nights but Flavia didn't give up on them, borrowing books from the local library she would imagine herself as part of those stories, but no matter how many of them she read she still couldn't find a prince to take her away, until...

High school was the magical land where all the boys and girls of the kingdom gathered to learn about the world and Flavia was no exception but high school wasn't always peaceful, it was a battlefield mend to turn children into adults. Smaller children like Flavia were often victims of bullying and with nobody to defend them the small children had to endure the tyranny of the bullies. However, out of nowhere a hero arrived, not clad in white armor or mounting a war horse but in simple jersey bearing the number 19 on it's back, establishing a new order and putting the bullies back at their place. It was love at first sight.

Ever since that day the girl kept a close eye on her prince, making sure that he wouldn't never notice her, it was unseemly for a lady to behave like that, the prince should be the one who confesses his love to the princess after all. As the time passed though the princess realized that her prince needed a little push so she decided to talk to him after the final but a group of evil knights moved against her love... hurting him... unforgivable... the princess simply had to take action.

Finding out who was truly behind the attack wasn't easy, many wanted to hurt her prince but she wouldn't have it. Someone had to pay and that one was a knight who seemed to dislike the prince the most. Forging a fake suicide note was the easy part but actually committing the act was tricky, thankfully he was easily distracted by the princess's charm. He was so mesmerized by her sweet words and display of affection that he didn't notice her adding a few extra drops of arsenic in his juice. The princess always wondered if ever realized why he suddenly felt such pain in his abdomen before he started puking blood.

The princess was happy. Her prince was safe from the knight's evil machinations and nobody even suspected her, and how could they? Such a nice and cute girl could never commit a hideous act like  murder, how little they understood the power of love. The prince had more enemies and they would try to harm him again, Princess Flavia just knew it. So she prayed to god, begging him to grand her power to protect her loved one. And he answered her prayer and gave her abilities she could have never imagined. With that power she could protect her prince... Sada Morihiro was going to become hers.

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PostSubject: Re: Flavia Bellerose [NC for Azores 2]   Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:28 pm



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Flavia Bellerose [NC for Azores 2]
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