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 Book 2 of 2: Generator Data Log (Do Not Delete)

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PostSubject: Book 2 of 2: Generator Data Log (Do Not Delete)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:44 am

Log 00: Introduction

The following is a data log that tracks the progression and different variations of the generators that appear in each plot. Each generator has a purpose that is their own, the only connection between them is this data that is gathered here. So then let’s begin...

This book and Sephtis's book are Out of Character Lore used to help me keep fluidness with characters created for each plot here. Each thing noted in this book is a separate independent incident that does not connect to each other outside of research data and progression mentioned here. What does that mean?

Simply this. The characters listed here exist only in the time frame or plot they are listed to have appeared in. They are not aware of the back lore and thus make no mention of it. Each character exist in their time frame and with knowledge of their world only. There is no overflow unless a plot has a continuation to it.

This book is simply a collection of summaries and stories that revolve around my main form of characters in each plot which are various versions of Sephtis or a generator.

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PostSubject: Re: Book 2 of 2: Generator Data Log (Do Not Delete)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 1:06 am

Log 01: The Beginning

The experiments that combine humans with other substances such as machinery or other creatures is an art that has been around far longer than most know. Always kept secret, this darker of part of science was always at play. With no one to bother it , this form of experimentation moved from things performed in basements to a business that was designed to produce weapons and help man-kind become better than what it already was. It grew in various fashions and came in many forms that did not quite meet the standards the world desired. So the Generator Project was created to discover the keys needed to create perfect weapons…perfect humans.

It is uncertain which lab started this project, but pieces of the project can be traced here and there. The very first record of this project came in the form of four individuals simply named: Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man and Queen. These four and the first hunter were the first to be entered into this project. Each individual was tortured and forced to perform various tests in order to find the best way to get their bodies ready to become a host to living darkness.

While the preparations were a success and the darkness fully fused with the group, the scientists found out all too late that what they created was something similar to fire – powerful and out of control. The four subjects became tainted due to the leakage of the darkness within them. The taint drove them mad and caused them to destroy their makers and siblings that were yet to be born. The only survivor of this massacre was the first hunter. While the first hunter did survive, the price was having his shadow forcible ripped from him by the mad group leaving behind only fragments of what was once there. These fragments kept him alive and allowed him to use his powers over time even if they were never up to par again.

As for the four that caused the chaos, they moved out in the world seeking to end it; however, they were finally caught and destroyed before their plan got too out of hand or met its end. Despite this valuable data was collected on the dos and don’ts of experimenting with fusion and live darkness.

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PostSubject: Re: Book 2 of 2: Generator Data Log (Do Not Delete)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 1:47 am

Log 02: Successful Fusion and Evolution (Azores Part I)

Oki in Azores Part I

The Generator Project would go quiet for years, but then one day another trace was picked up. Oki Akumura, a person that was taken by the dark scientist before the world even got a chance to know who or what the being was, was formed by scientists who dug up the old notes on the Generator Project.

Becoming fascinated by the idea of fusing darkness or rather shadows with beings to form something new, the scientists who had these notes went to work on perfecting the art. It took years, but eventually these twisted scientists found the way to perfectly fuse shadows within a host. They found that by taking a very young child around the age of 1 and slowly introducing it to the shadow helped not only the host take better to foreign creature, but also helped the creature not destroy its new home. Of the many subjects that underwent this process, Oki was the only one known to live and escaped from the labs that created it.

Oki was able to make a new life for itself in the Azores Region where it thought it could live in peace. It learned to have friends and to love another; however, the happiness was shattered when the being was swept up in the strange happening known as the Event that was brought about by the angels. Oki became a servant to an Angel called Deva. This angel in turn gave the being power that shifted its shadow into something more. While the power gain was good, the weight of what it had to do altered Oki's way of thinking. The longer the trouble lasted, the further it fell into a dark hole. At the end of the events, the being’s descent over the edge was made complete by the loss of someone it held dear to itself and the fact that friends and angels seemed to vanish from its life completely.

Oki in Azores Part II

The jump from powerful to back to normal coupled with emotional issues broke the already unstable being. The mental break down and negativity within allowed the shadow that still resided in Oki to grow and evolve into something new. With its evolution, the shadow’s power leaked out into the host who naturally should’ve began to decay or suffer; however, this was not the case. When the shadow evolved, it somehow became perfectly balanced with the host, so instead of killing the host, the leakage changed the host into something different. While the host may be at a loss purpose wise and view the world in a nihilistic way, one thing is clear: Oki Akumura was the first to become a full generator – a being that was one with the darkness in it; however, whatever happened to the being after this is a story yet untold. (Will be completed after Azores Part II)    
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PostSubject: Re: Book 2 of 2: Generator Data Log (Do Not Delete)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:15 am

The Two Faced Machine (Tower of Erisia Dysnomia sideplot)

With the data on Oki collected, the scientists of the dark thought their research could go no further; however. They were wrong.

Log 03: Discovery of the Perfect Human As Recorded by Dr. Fang.

Recording 000: Introductions and New Project.

My name is Dr. Fang White. I am researcher that has been working with the government for little over a year now. I have been enjoying the days working within the labs on new creations and while I can go on and on about what I do, the real reason I started this recording was because I am going to be the lead on a new project! And get this, it is a project that I came up with and submitted to the higher ups for reviews. I thought they would not approve of such a wild project, but they did!! Ugh..Oh..yes. I am getting off topic here. *clears throat* Um..anyway my project is called The Perfect Human and its goal is to create the perfect human that can beat sickness, pain, diseases, and even death itself. The being will not age or die unless destroyed in some unnatural way. It will be a timeless piece that can always learn and document what it sees so that future generations can turn to it and learn from it. I can’t wait to get started!

Recording 001: The Beginning
Dr. Fang reporting in.  My work space has been set up to begin my work, so the first step in the process is to create a core for this baby. To create the core, I am going to run an experiment to see if I can lure a soul into a physical vessel, trap it and then fuse it into said vessel. The procedure seems silly, but I will accomplish it.

Recording 002: Failed Attempts

Dr. Fang reporting in. As stated earlier, I did indeed set up traps and lures around the work area to hopefully capture a wandering spirit, but just as my superiors said spirits aren’t real. They say I should give up on the wild fancy and just make an artificial core, but….I cannot. Cannot let this go. I need a spirit, a living energy for this to work perfectly. Without the spirit I simply have another computer…and quite frankly we don’t need that. I will keep trying.

Recording 003: Still No Spirit.

Dr. Fang reporting in. I am at a lost with this spirit capturing device and I am beginning to lose my faith in ever catching one. Maybe my superiors were right. Maybe I should close down shop and just make an artificial core. It has been almost a month now with no results, so tomorrow I’ll tear things down and start on the core. Maybe I can make a machine human.

Recording 004: Got one!

I-I can hardly speak or think straight due to the excitement that flows through me. Just when I thought that everything was lost, I-I actually caught a spirit! The spirit had ignored most of my other vessels, but had decided to take up residence within a bamboo trap. I suppose it tried to escape, but found it couldn’t and so surprisingly became calm and stayed. Even when I opened the small trap up the spirit did not attempt to leave. I am so excited at what this will do for my work!

Recording 005: Spirit Troubles

Well now. It has been a rough two months with my little spirit friend, who I have found to be quite particular about what it calls home. Remember that small bamboo trap it took refuge in? Well, that old thing, despite its looks, is still what the spirit remains in. I have offered it many homes in the forms of shields, swords, and other weapons; however, the stubborn spirit refused all of them. I even offered it a house and still it said no! Can you believe it turned down a house for an old construct of bamboo? I honestly don’t know what to do with this one. I’ll keep trying to persuade it out of the trap.

Recording 006: Interesting

After another month of trying to persuade the spirit out of the trap, I simply give up. If the spirit wants to stay within the trap that is fine. I will find another way to persuade it out when the time comes. However, today my work had to be put on hold as all scientists were called in to help with some weapons for the soldiers. I worked most of the day away from lab and returned late at night bringing some of my work with me. I was finishing the last bit of swords and one spear that I had left before finally crashing on the bed. When I woke up the next morning, I collected the weapons and went to turn them in; however, the inspector returned the staff to me saying I should take a better look at it. Confused that a piece of my work had been rejected, I took the item back to the lab for examination; however, instead of defect or flaw, what I discovered was amazing! The bamboo spirit had decided to make the long elegant weapon its home. Maybe it reminded it of bamboo with its length and twisted ends. Surprised and quite happy, I made a different spear for the soldiers that the inspector took well enough. As for the spear with the spirit in it, I’ll just fine tune it to make the spirit a permanent host of the weapon.

Recording 007: Progress

The wonderful news is that after a few weeks of tweaking the weapon and making all the necessary seals, the spirit within is completely happy with its home. The spirit is so happy that it actually spoke to me out loud. That is right. Instead of a mental message or messing with my computer, the spirit actually made a voice come from the weapon and fill the room. The spirit is male and is named Rokosho. He has agreed to help me with my project in return for giving him the perfect home. I cannot be more excited about this.

Recording 008: The Body

Time slips by me so easily these days as I keep my eyes glued on my screens and research into the perfect pieces to create a perfect human from. None of the common material would do, so after many hard days and reminders from Rokosho to come up for air once in a while, I have found the only way I can be happy is to create the material I want myself. I have gathered the material needed and while it has been a frustrating process, I finally found the right amount of organic and inorganic material to mix to create the flexible, durable, and yet somehow natural skeleton of my art. The skin will be more difficult, but just like this skeleton, I will create the skin.

Recording 009: Out of Control

I…I am surprise I am calm enough to speak at the moment or awake enough to even get my words correct. I have done something terrible. You see…I have been working countless days upon perfecting the insides and outer part of my being. I guess I became obsessed with it because I began to ignore Rokosho’s suggestions to take breaks. His occasional warnings began to get under my skin you see, so I…I locked the weapon in the freezer to shut him up. When I took the weapon out and let it thaw out some hours later, I made my apology to the spirit, but did not get a response from him. It has been three days now…and the weapon remains silent still. Did I chase the spirit away or kill him in my rashness? God forgive me for my sin. Just bring my friend back.

Recording 010: Untilted.

I can’t even remember the days or what my purpose was. I am in room full of pieces trying to make them work, but all I seem to be doing is making bigger and bigger messes. In my tired and dejected state, I made the inner workings of my creation and even gave it an outer shell; however, without Rokosho here, I have no desire to pursue this any further. I think I am going to just turn in for the night.

Recording 011: The Deal
I went to bed in a depressed state and woke up in a confused one. My computers were running and things that should not be moving were moving. Disoriented, I stumbled out of bed to see what was causing such a strange phenomena; however, I found myself freezing as I took note of what was in the center of the room. A glowing orb of pure energy that controlled things within the room. The orb didn’t seem to notice me until I accidently hit a tool with my foot. As soon as the tool made a sound the orb shot back into the weapon and everything shutdown and dropped to the floor with a clatter. A bit shaken, I looked at the weapon and called out Rokosho’s name. He answered back with this message: “Finish her and I’ll forget you froze me.” More happy than upset with such statement, I agreed to finish what I had started, but where on earth did he get “she” from? My model is genderless…or was he perhaps suggesting I make the model female?

Recording 012: Odd Conclusions

It has taken me almost 10 years to complete this mad quest of mine and now at the end of it all, I find myself questioning if I did the right thing or not; however, let me back track. On the day that I cut the deal with Rokosho to finish the project, I took note that the spirit was very specific about how the end product should come out. He requested a female with dark hair and hazel colored eyes. He chose her clothing style and told me to make it so she could be very athletic like a huntress and that her personality should be wild and free. I…am not quite sure why, but I followed his instructions and created the beautiful huntress that I did. I even created a interface where the android and the spirit could communicate flawlessly with one another, but perhaps that is where I made my mistake. While in the lab the pair worked flawlessly with each other; however, when I took the finished product before my superiors, the pair remained unresponsive. No matter what I did, the android nor the weapon responded. As a result the disposal team has taken my work and done who knows what with it, while I myself have tossed to the lowest of lowest ranks for my failures….Why? Why did Rokosho fail to act when I needed him to? Was this whole thing his plan all along? Make me fall for freezing him? Or…did the spirit agree to help me for some other purpose? Will I ever know.

 >> There are no more recordings.<<

Missing Logs
Missing Log 000: The Core of the Machine
Recovered: From Dr. Fang
Message: I have worked on my android for many days now and now that the physical body is completed, I need only to create a core for it. I turned to Rokosho for advice and the spirit suggested I create an interface that would allow him and the doll to become one. He said that if I could make the main frame, he’d provide me with a core. The deal sounded too sweet to pass u,p so I went to work on creating the system and left the core to the spirit. I worked on my interface for two months while Rokosho remained strangely quiet. When I finished my interface sometime later, I turned to Rokosho only to find myself quite astonished. There on the lab table was a strange  aquamarine crystal. A real Dusk Plume and get this. When I approached it, the voice that came from the Plume was Rokosho's! The spirit was the crystal somehow. How this all occurred I am not sure, but perhaps spirits are more connected to the world of magic than I thought; however, I was to excited to have a core to really question the whys and hows of the matter. Sure, the crystal was a bit odd in shape, but Rokosho assured me that as soon as hooked the him up to the interface, he’d be able to power my android. So I took up the crystal and placed it in my doll. In a matter of seconds, the doll became a living thing. How exciting. Now all that is left is to put the finishing touches upon the doll and run a few test to see how it performs. I can’t wait to show this beauty to my superiors!

Missing Log AA218
Retrieved From: The Leader of Disposal Team Alpha
Message: This is Alpha Team calling in to make a urgent report. Subject 2182 – Deshitana Rokosho was handed over to us on Dec. 20th for disposal. As requested by Armand, head of the research group that Dr. Fang is under, we were to take the failed android out of the city to be erased. Upon reaching the destination to perform the task, the still android came to life and attacked my men without mercy before turning its blood red eyes on me. The…thing that attacked me…it was neither machine nor beast. It was something horrific and disturbing. It battered my body and broke my legs, but for one reason or another left me alive. It..It fled. That thing fled into the open, but to where I have no clue. But it is out there, so please…if anyone finds me or this recording know that a new form of monster is loose in the outside world. One we may not be able to handle...What has Dr. Fang done?

>>End of Fang's Logs and Recordings<<

Dr. Fang's monster known as Deshitana Rokosho did appear in the world and was said to have wandered about for a good while; however, the details of what it did was never collected, so this file remains incompleted.

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PostSubject: Re: Book 2 of 2: Generator Data Log (Do Not Delete)   Sat Mar 12, 2016 8:02 pm

The writing has changed - UPDATED

While it is true that the generator project continued, in the end it was abandoned and old ways were taken up again; however, instead of just shadows these mad scientists began playing with other matter to make their twisted weapons. Home-made eggs fused with Shadow or demon elements.

Log 04: Mirror, Mirror.

In two different time universe parallel to each other, this experiment was performed forming two radically different end products.


Azores Part II
Alec a being created from the fusion of shadow with human eggs was born a mixed creature. While his past life was tragic, the man has managed to keep a smile on his face all these years baring his cross alone.  Alec was in Azores to witness the Event that passed by; however, back then he did nothing. Now two years later, a new event has arisen. A bit tired of things trying to ruin his life that he just wants to live in peace, Alec starts a new game to see if he can figure out what has caused the chaos and in the end stop it. How it will all end has yet to be seen. (will be updated at End of Azores II)


Endyimon Plot
Calabus, a woman that exists in the parallel world of Endyimon. Much like Alec she is a being fused with a creature, hers being a demon instead of a shadow. When she was awoken to her power and her past unveiled, she felt the urge to play a game with the world. One that would test those in it to see just how much they valued their world and lives. Sure she would probably be seen as a villain by some, but in a world so full of chains some evils are necessary to free the world and open eyes to the truth; however, how her game will end has yet to be seen.  (Will be updated at End of Endy)
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PostSubject: Re: Book 2 of 2: Generator Data Log (Do Not Delete)   

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Book 2 of 2: Generator Data Log (Do Not Delete)
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