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Welcome to New Arcana!

Welcome, Welcome! You've probably guessed by now, but this is a text-based Persona RPG site for Atlus fans, by Atlus fans. If you're new to Shin Megami Tensei, this place can still be for you, so no need to dash towards the doors! Your first stop should be the introduction board so we can introduce ourselves. Then right after that, feel free to go through our vital information to get a good feel of the site. We hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here. Ciao!

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Heya! I'm your friendly neighborhood Larsinny, a demon here to keep you updated on the current debacles going on within the site! Okay, maybe not debacles... Anyway! The Endymion Plot, our Third Main Plot, is underway! We also have our sideplot taking place called Junction! If you're a new member looking to join the new plot, you will want to choose Endymion. However, if you're interested in our sideplot, you may also join that one aswell. The choice is ultimately up to you! The Dungeon Master of the Junction plot is CWIS and the DM of the current Endymion plot is Godai and Grantus.

All templates on the site have been updated, and this also includes the rules aswell. When referring to the rules, please disregard any that say "Old" or "Obsolete" as we are no longer using those rules for the Endymion Plot. Oh, don't be mistaken! I love breaking the rules! But in this case, follow them or erasure!

Be sure to constantly check the update thread for any changes to the boards. You can find it ->Here<-

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Shin Megami Tensei and Persona belong to ATLUS. We own nothing, and have simply used their data to create a world of our own. They are the true geniuses behind the scenes.

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 Akio Himura WIP

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PostSubject: Akio Himura WIP   Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:28 pm

Akio Himura
Quote/ETC. Here

The Biography

Birth Name: Akio Himura
Aliases: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birth Day: July 17, 2000
Arcana: Lust
Place of Residence: Zela Academy
Academy Semester: Third Year

Sorority:  Go Club

Part/Full Time Job: N/A

Base Appearance: Akio stands at 5'10", while weighing around 160 pounds.  He has a slightly muscular builds thanks to the training he went through in his past.  He has sharp amber eyes, but his shadow's turn a glowing golden color when he is enraged.  His hair is black with a dyed, crimson streak running through it.  Most of his friends know him for wearing a grey button up shirt with a black pair of jeans and matching shoes.

Transformed Appearance: When transformed into his true form he resembles a serpentine dragon with a pair of arms.  His body is separated into two different colors with his underbelly being pure black and the rest of him being a rusty red.  The top half of his face is covered by a red mask with a pair of jagged horns stretching out behind him.  His lower face matches his underbelly and is pure black.  Beneath his mask two golden serpent like eyes can be seen staring at his target.

Personality: Akio is known for being a stoic individual who often over stretches himself by taking on too many things. He does not hesitate to assist a friend in need, but refuses to ask for assistance himself.  On top of that, he always keeps a cool head rarely getting upset or showing signs of stress.  His shadow on the other hand views people as possessions and would rarely assist someone without a reason.  He is very manipulative and takes pleasure in breaking people down and asserting his dominance over them.

The Potential


Strength Name: Martial Artist
Description: Akio was trained in the martial arts since a very young age and is well versed in hand to hand combat.

Strength Name: Calm Mind
Description: Years of playing go have helped developed a mind that remains cool under pressure.

Strength Name: Sadistic Tendencies
Description: Akio's shadow has developed a keen eye for noticing emotional weak points in people and exploiting it to utterly crush them.

Strength Name: Go player
Description: Go is his favorite hobby and as such he has gained a great deal of experience with the game.


Floating Strength Name:


Weakness Name: Insincere
Description: Akio's shadow lacks sincerity making it harder to sound sincere when trying to persuade someone.

Weakness Name: Lack of Interest
Description: Akio's shadow cares little for things that do not affect him.

Weakness Name: Overly Cruel
Description: As stated above Akio's shadow is sadistic and has a bad habit of dragging out fights for "fun"

Weakness Name: Overconfident
Description: Akio's shadow is entirely over confident and prone to underestimating his opposition.


Floating Weakness Name:

Soul Bound Weapon:

Weapon Name: Dragon Talons
Weapon Description: A pair of scale gauntlets that have clawed ends on each finger similar to his hands when transformed into his true self.
Weapon Image: N/A
Weapon Attack Type: Slash
Weapon Element: N/A

The Background

History:(At Least 2-3 Paragraphs)

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PostSubject: Re: Akio Himura WIP   Wed Jan 06, 2016 7:39 pm

Hey there. The Azores plot is currently over, however there will be a part 2 for Azores if you want to join it eventually. Until then right now we have the Erisia side plot, the boards for the plot are further down near the bottom. The info of the plot can be found here:

Aigis is currently running it. If you have any questions, be sure to ask her when concerning Erisia. Sorry about the misunderstanding. Like I said Azores will come back in time but right now the only plot going on that isn't close to it has ended is Erisia.
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Akio Himura WIP
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